tagFetishLads Holiday Ch. 02

Lads Holiday Ch. 02


I woke up the next morning with a thumping headache and a sheen of sweat all over my body. The room was boiling hot and stuffy, ripe with the smell of two drunk lads exhaling booze all night. I'd pushed off my sheet in the night and the grey briefs I'd managed to pull back on were damp and creased, half wedged up my arse on one side. I immediately remembered the crazy antics I'd got up to during the night and blushed with shame while simultaneously feeling a thick ooze of arousal juices spurting from my half-hard cock to soak through my pants onto the bed sheet.

Cautiously I turned my head to look at Rich's bed. It was empty, the sheets rumpled and twisted. I noticed the balcony doors were open and smelt a whiff of cigarette smoke. Rich's morning ciggy. Clambering out of bed, wobbling a little bit, I quickly checked under his bed, remembered the copious quantities of jizz I'd unexpectedly squirted there in the night. Most seemed to have dried off in the heat, but I wiped up a few telltale sticky puddles with one of my discarded socks which I quickly threw under my bed.

Just before I straightened up I caught an intoxicating whiff of Rich from the damp sheets. It was a ripe mix of sweat and something more earthy and personal. With my hangover rapidly becoming feral arousal I felt my dick lurch again in my underpants. Standing quickly I rearranged my underwear, but could do nothing about the ludicrous, heavy bulge sagging in them.

I was about to dash into the bathroom when Rich appeared at the balcony doors, exhaling cigarette smoke and beckoning me with a serious expression on his face. My heart started to thump and all the shame of the night rushed to my head. He knew. Anxiously I obeyed, following him onto the terrace.

Rich was stood smoking dressed in only his briefs, his short blond hair tousled from sleep. With a thrill I noticed the briefs were the same ones he'd been wearing in bed, simple white jockeys. I glanced across his lean, slim body with the slight suggestion of muscle, still almost white but with a pinkish tinge to the skin on his face and arms. The smallish white briefs barely contained a heavy, sagging pouch with unmistakably dirty, yellowish stains and a darker patch of fresh moisture.

I realised with embarrassment that the dark patch of juices on my own grey pants was now undeniable, but Rich seemed neither to notice nor to care about the state of either of our undies. With a grin he gestured at the side of the terrace and said: "You gotta see this mate."

I padded over in the morning warmth, the sun already brilliant in a fresh, blue sky. Rich pointed over the side of the terrace with a finger to his grinning lips. The terrace below stepped out further than ours, and I looked down on a mess of female swimwear hanging from the backs of chairs and a plastic laundry rack where they'd been left to dry. Also on the terrace, oblivious to our presence, was one of the women we'd seen the day before.

Sat on a plastic patio chair with her back to the sun she was wearing a robe and concentrating on painting the nails of one foot. The foot was pulled up with the heel on the seat of the chair, causing the robe to fall open around the sides of her thighs and bum. With a sudden shock I realised she was naked under the robe, and I had a perfect view between her legs. With one leg bent with foot on seat and the other slightly spread with the foot flat on the floor a neat, pinkly shaved pussy was perfectly framed between her thighs.

The blood instantly rushed to my cock. There was something incredibly erotic about watching this beautiful young woman, slim with tousled brown hair, casually exposed and unaware of her audience. In my hungover state it was almost more than I could take.

"Fit isn't she," whispered Rich. "Right, that's enough you perv. Give her some privacy."

With a wink Rich padded over to the patio table and sat down to finish his cigarette.

"Bit of coffee here if you want it mate."

I realised that while I'd slept, Rich had been up and about using the kitchenette to make some coffee, and there were a couple of glasses of juice on the table too. I was starting to see a different side to Rich, something more than the laddish moron I was used to in the pub. I padded over and joined him at the table.

"These two won't be up for hours, they were on it till about five this morning. Fancy hitting the pool for a bit?"

"Yeah, definitely," I replied, my hangover slowly lifting.

"Great. Hit the shower first buddy, we're a mess haha!"

With that, Rich hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his briefs, lifted his arse off the chair slightly and peeled them off around his ankles. He sat back completely naked. Unsure where to look I quickly took in the sight of his whiter than white crotch area, even paler than the rest of his body with clearly defined pinkish tan lines. In stark contrast to the pale skin, a darker, thick slab of flaccid penis hung across large, reddish balls, framed by a patch of short, blondish fur. His balls rested heavily on the white plastic chair.

"Fucking hell look at the state of these," he laughed, holding his underpants up between two fingers. "Should've just slept nude like I usually do."

"Erm, not a problem with me, if you want to I mean..." I stammered.

"Yeah, sweet mate. Just us lads innit. It was bloody hot last night."

Stubbing out his cigarette Rich stood up and stretched lazily. His thick cock, half hooded by foreskin, bounced in front of my face and again I caught that unmistakable male scent. Rich turned and walked back into the room, his pants in his hand. I sat watching his firm, pale bum cheeks wobbling slightly as he disappeared inside.

As I heard the sounds of the shower from inside the room I sat back and relaxed, legs spread. Arousal, heat and alcohol were coursing through me - the sight of the beautiful young woman below us, the proximity of Rich and his nakedness. With a sudden determination I peeled off my briefs too, and revelled in the sense of my nakedness outside in the sun. My penis lengthened almost to its full 8 inches, but remained dormant. I had a deeply satisfied feeling of total freedom.

I had my eyes closed and my legs spread, enjoying the sun and the morning breeze across the damp ripeness of my groin, when Rich returned to the balcony. He was still naked, but much fresher after his shower. I opened my eyes and saw him smiling at me, and also noticed that his naked penis seemed to have become somewhat firmer and a little thicker.

"Bathroom's all yours buddy."

Rich and I enjoyed a few hours at the hotel pool before Ben and Steve finally joined us, both looking very unwell. In the meantime Rich and I had also managed to clock the group of girls from the room below us visiting the pool, and we exchanged smiles and shy hellos. The rest of the afternoon was spent dozing by the pool until, one by one, we returned to the rooms to freshen up and get ready to hit the town again.

We had a good meal and fun few drinks, but it was obvious that Ben and Steve were struggling as a result of their over enthusiasm on the first night. At about midnight they reluctantly agreed to call it a night and conserve their strength for the rest of the holiday. We made our way back to the hotel and Ben and Steve crashed out in their rooms immediately.

Rich and I returned to our room, Rich immediately throwing open the balcony doors. The heat of the sun on the room all day had made it almost unbearably stifling.

"Up for a bit more to drink mate?" Rich asked.

"Yeah definitely," I replied, not yet ready for sleep.

"Listen mate," Rich said, "I can't deal with this heat. I'm gonna strip off."

"Yeah of course."

I again felt the thrill of the freedom of having our own space, remembering the morning and the pleasure of relaxing naked on the balcony like it was the most natural thing in the world. I sat on the bed while Rich pulled off his T-shirt and slid down his shorts.

Underneath he wore a pair of pale blue boxer-briefs. With just a brief second of hesitation he slid these down too, bending slightly to unhook them from his feet. The pale globes of his bare arse momentarily winked, briefly exposing the greyish, private hole.

"See you on the terrace bud," he said, grabbing a bottle of Jack Daniels from his sports bag and walking outside. I unfastened my shirt and slipped it off, undid my shorts and dropped them round my ankles. As I pushed down my briefs my cock bounced out, swinging in a semi hard state. In a moment of panic I wondered if I should try and calm it down, but with sudden confidence I decided to ignore it, and walked boldly out onto the terrace, feeling a pleasant, heavy bounce in my penis.

A cool breeze stirred the warm air. Rather than sitting at the table, Rich was reclining on a wooden bench that was pushed up against the side wall of the terrace. Leaning against the wall with the bottle next to him he had his legs spread, his firm, fat cock resting heavily on one side of his ball sack. He watched as I walked over and sat next to him.

He passed me the bottle and taking a swing I could feel his slick spit around the rim of the neck. As I spread my legs our knees brushed gently, and I felt the slight bristle of his hairs against mine. Rich lit a cigarette and rested his head against the wall as he smoked. I glanced across at his firm but slim chest, flat stomach and the thick, tubular cock now arched like a banana across his balls, head clearly defined under the foreskin. His muscular buttock was dimpled against the bench just a few inches from my own.

I'd never considered myself gay or even bi, and still don't, but I felt a peculiar thrill at the sensation of simply relaxing naked in the company of a male friend. I could smell a mix of sweat, my deodorant mingled with Rich's, and that faintly erotic and unmistakable whiff of warm, moist genitalia. My cock wasn't so much hard as completely relaxed, unfurled to long, drooping semi which felt completely natural.

"Fit as fuck them downstairs aren't they," Rich muttered. "Especially the brunette."

"Yeah they are," I agreed, remembering casual hellos in bikinis this morning, slim tanned bodies, firm tits and pert bums.

"The arse on her," he almost whispered, a hand on his abdomen.

"Yeah, stunning," I agreed.

"You an arse man buddy?" Rich asked.

"Erm, yeah, I guess I am," I laughed. "I dunno, there's just something about a sexy arse..."

"Yes mate exactly," Rich breathed. "Love them, can't get enough of them. Did you see that way that brunette's bikini was like a thong? Could almost see her whole arse."

I did remember. The sight had been playing through my mind all day, the thin strip of light blue material wedged between two round, tanned, firm buttocks.

"Tell you what mate," Rich breathed. "I'd have a sniff of that thong if I found it."

I was a bit surprised by the crudeness of Rich's comment, but at the same time I felt an uncontrollable stiffening in my cock. I panicked a little as it lurched from its resting place. But thinking about it I couldn't deny I'd had similar thoughts over the years, and hearing them vocalised by another bloke was incredibly arousing.

"Do you know what I mean?" Rich insisted, a slight edge of nervousness in his voice.

"Yeah I totally get it mate." My heart was pounding a bit and I could feel the stirrings of what was developing into an embarrassing erection. "That private scent, sort of intimate and horny."

"Yeah," sighed Rich. I glanced to the right and realised with a shock that his thick member was hovering a good inch above his balls now, curved independently in a stiffening arc. In sympathy with Rich's growing erection my own cock started stiffening out from the root towards the tip, a glistening tear of moisture gathering on my bell end.

Rich passed me the bottle again, our bare arms brushing as I took it from him. I had another swig, again savouring his taste on the bottle. He had his left had laid flat on the bench less than an inch from my bare buttock and thigh.

"You ever lick a girl there mate?" Rich asked.

"The arse?"


There was no denying now the thick, stiff erection gently nodding between my legs, my bulbous cock head slick with juices. I noticed Rich's knob independently flop wetly across the top of his thigh. The truth was, yes I had licked a girl there, a few times.

"Yeah I have actually mate," I admitted.

"Yeah me too, I do it as much as I can. You like it?"

"Love it, if they like it too."

"Yeah exactly. Used to drive my ex wild, she'd get so wet mate. Got me fucking hard too!"

I could see the evidence of this myself as Rich's ridiculously thick cock was now almost vertical between his outspread thighs, bobbing back and forth like a heartbeat with a string of clear liquid hanging from the tip. His hands were still laid flat on the bend but his body seemed to be restless, his hips almost thrusting.

My own erection was now at full length and girth, dropping heavily to the horizontal but long and extremely hard. I could feel my wet foreskin drawing back across the head of its own accord, and was aching to grip my length.

Ignoring my unmistakable erection Rich turned his head towards me.

"Ever had a girl do it to you mate?" he asked, and I felt his breath across my face.

"No never. Have you?"

"I fucking wish. Never mate."

We both sat there musing. I realised I was staring openly at Rich's squat, solid cock, then realised he was looking at mine too. There was a charge in the air. I felt like I wanted to do something, but didn't know what. I felt like we were both on the verge of something, but both holding back.

Suddenly Rich got to his feet, his wet cock bouncing in front of him.

"Need a piss mate, be right back."

I was alone on the terrace. I immediately grabbed my cock and gave it a firm stroke along its length, almost moaning out loud with pleasure. I savoured the ripe smell of arousal that immediately rose from between my legs.

My heart was still pounding. Standing up I walked to the edge of the terrace, my obscenely long cock pointing straight out ahead of me. I rested my elbows on the top of the wall and took a deep breath. Things seemed to be getting a bit weird and I was wary of ruining any friendship I had with Rich.

I was suddenly aware that Rich was back on the terrace. I realised that I was leaning over with my bare, sweaty arse presented to him. I felt vulnerable and slighty ridiculous.

I heard his bare footsteps approach and then pause. A thrill of adrenaline shot through me as I felt his warm hand rest on my right arse cheek. We both stood still as statues for a moment. Slowly, tentatively, Rich's hand glided across my arse cheek, gently stroking and cupping it.

My cock was so solid I could feel the veins straining along its length. My balls had tightened up into a full sack. I glanced to my side and could see Rich's thick penis in a similar condition, lurching rhythmically of its own accord. Slowly I leaned further down onto the wall, gently exposing my arse crack as my cheeks pulled apart.

I heard a husky groan as Rich's other hand found my other arse cheek, and soon he was gently massaging both cheeks inwards and outwards. On each outward stroke I felt my arsehole stretch slightly, and each time I felt my cock excrete a wad of juices.

The pauses between each movement were lengthening now, Rich holding my cheeks apart for longer and longer. Eventually he stopped moving altogether, hands holding my cheeks apart, me almost bent over and blushing with excitement. I was aware that Rich was squatting, and suddenly I felt hot breath on my arse crack.

It was all I could do to hold back my cum. The feeling of someone's breath on that most intimate area was electric. I think I moaned slightly as I pushed my arse gently towards Rich, desperate now for him to make contact.

With a jolt of pleasure I felt Rich's wet tongue make contact with my innermost crack. Slowly, deliberately, he worked his tongue from the base of my cock up my crack, across my arsehole and onto the small of my back. I let out a long, involuntary moan of pleasure. Returning to his starting position, he repeated the action, this time rougher, more invasive.

Soon, Rich had his face buried between my arse cheeks, his tongue working wetly around and in my arsehole. Sensations were running down my cock despite it not being touched, building steadily and irrevocably towards an explosion. In addition to the sloppy lickings and groans I could hear an insistent, almost desperate, wet fapping sound, and looking down I could see Rich's fist violently massaging his now soaking foreskin back and forth across his swollen bell end.

I cried out in a mixture of pleasure and desperation as I felt my balls unload independently. My cock head swelled until for a second I was worried it might burst, and then squirt after squirt was lashing from my cock across the concrete of the wall in front of me. I had my forehead resting on my arms looking down at the floor, and saw Rich release his fist from his cock as a long, ongoing fountain of cum hosed out, joining my endless spurts plastering the wall.

Both our ejaculations seemed endless until, eventually, they subsided. Slowly my cock began to deflate, and I felt my legs trembling. Shakily Rich rose to his feet, a friendly hand on my shoulder as we recovered our breath together. In front of us a thickly plastered wad of mingled semen was slowly rolling down the wall to the terrace floor.

Suddenly we both became aware of another sound, a rhythmic beating and insistent grunting from behind us. Spinning round, we were both faced with the sight of Ben stood in the doorway to the terrace. He was dressed in just a T-shirt with a pair of loose boxer shorts round his knees. Cock in hand, he was looking at us desperately, stroking his length up and down. With a gasp he released a good five or six spurts of white cum, which arched up into the air before splattering down onto the warm tiles.

As his orgasm subsided his cheeks flushed red. In the awkward silence that followed all we could do was stare at each other.

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