tagLesbian SexLady and her Maid Pt. 04

Lady and her Maid Pt. 04


Author's Note:

These scenes are from a full length novel I'm currently writing. Any feedback is welcome. I have shortened the scene to only include the steamier bits, and I may have missed editing out some things, so I apologize if there are extraneous details that seem out of place.

This part of the story begins several weeks after the others. Lady Evelyn has now married her suitor, and this starts on their wedding night after Evie has been brought to her new husband's home.


Evie entered her new chamber and was cheerfully greeted by Emily. "Evie! How good it is to see you! This home is so beautiful! I think it will be wonderful to live here. Would you like to see my favorite part?"

Evie smiled, "Of course," and then reached out her hand for Emily to take to lead her away.

Emily walked through the large closet already full of Evie's gowns, slippers, shawls, and other clothing items. Evie thought the incredible space with shelves and drawers and room for gowns to hang was what Emily meant, but then Evie showed her a discrete door hidden by what looked like a tower of drawers. Instead, the facade swung open, leading to a staircase.

"This is it!" Emily beamed, almost jumping up and down with excitement.

Evie, puzzled, asked, "Why?"

"Because, my love, it leads straight to my room. I can move between our bedrooms at any hour without fearing discovery. Plus, my door upstairs locks from the inside. I am able to lock the door there so no one is able to sneak down and see us."

Evie's face brightened with realization. It was perfect. Excitedly, she kissed Emily and whispered in her ear, "If I were not expecting James, I would lift up your skirt right now to celebrate!"

Emily smiled naughtily, the saucy smile Evie loved to see on her face, and said, "After your husband visits, I can come down. This is the second best part," Emily grabbed Evie's hand and led her back to the bed chamber and to a place next to the bed where she pointed out a bell pull. "This goes directly to my room. As soon as Lord Cranbrooke leaves, or you return from his chamber, you can pull this rope to summon me."

"Oh, how wonderful! I cannot believe how perfect everything is!" Evie held Emily's hands and pulled her close to embrace her and kiss her one more time, "My love, I am happy beyond words that we can still be together. Though I wish I did not have to say it, I do believe it is time to prepare me for the marriage bed."

Emily smiled, though sadness touched her face, "I know. But as soon as you have done your wifely duty, we can be together. Turn around. Let me undress you."

For the last time untouched by James, Emily's trembling hands unfastened Evie's dress. At every opportunity, Emily kissed or stroked Evie's bare skin. She loosened the restrictive stays and pulled them over Evie's head. She bent down, with Evie's back still to her, and bent down to reach the hem of the light, nearly see through uh the back of her knees to bring her fingers inside Evie's thighs.

Slowly, torturously slowly for both of them, Emily's fingers moved further and further up to the place between her legs. Emily rubbed her fingers along the crease, teasing Evie, denying herself the satisfaction of touching that sweet slit. Her hands moved to Evie's bottom, rubbing and squeezing, then wrapping her arms to the front, feeling Evie's hip bones, the bringing her lips to the dimpled spots on Evie's back.

Continuing to lift the chemise, Emily kissed up Evie's back. Her hands reached Evie's breasts. She lifted the chemise over Evie's head, then kissed her neck while continuing to massage and tease her breasts.

Evie leaned into Emily and moaned, "Oooooh, Emily, my love, I want to feel your tongue on me. I need to feel you."

Emily smiled and jokingly licked Evie's neck. "Here?"

Evie turned and sat on the bed, spreading her legs, "Here."

Emily licked her lips in anticipation and got down on her knees. She kissed her way up Evie's thigh, then gently licked at the wet slit. Tasting Evie's honey, she teased the button hidden in the thatch. Her tongue slid slowly down the slit, then - even slower - back up. Again, she slowly circled Evie's button, then began sucking on it, gently at first, then harder and harder.

Suddenly, when Evie's moaning started to get louder, and her writhing was becoming uncontrollable, she gave the spot one more kiss, then pulled away.

Evie groaned, then fell back on the bed.

"Ugh! I was so close!"

"I know," Emily winked, that saucy smile that Evie hated at the moment on her face, "I was just getting you ready, darling."

"You were being mean, and you know it."

"Maybe, but now I must wrap you up. Like a naughty little present for your husband. I am quite sure he will love that you are already warmed up, my love. Now stand up. Let me see you wrapped up in this beautiful nightgown.

Emily held up a scandalous nightgown made almost entirely of lace. "I cannot possibly wear something so...so...wanton! It is my wedding night, Emily!"

Emily laughed. "I'm teasing, my lady. That we shall save for another time. Now, let me put this on you." Emily held up a more modest nightgown, with lace around the plunging neckline and hem with short sleeves. Evie allowed Emily to put it over her head, and gently pulled it down. She sat at the vanity and unpinned her hair as Emily saw to the garments. When she had finished brushing her hair, Emily returned and began plaiting Evie's it, finishing quickly.

"I am finished with your hair, Evie. Is there anything else you need?"

"My dressing gown, one more kiss, and then I am all set until morning. I will ring when I am finished, but I will not be upset if you sleep through it."

"Yes, dear. I shall see you in the morning then." Emily gave Evie her dressing gown and a final kiss, then went up her hidden staircase to her room.

Evie, now impatient after Emily's teasing, went to her husband's door and knocked. He answered the door, and she was shocked to see him in a state of undress, but quickly recovered and threw herself into his arms.

The newlyweds kissed passionately. James pulled away and led her back to her chamber. He playfully tossed his bride on the bed.

At this point, James was only in his breeches. Evie shifted to her knees on the edge of the bed and reached for the buttons on his pants, "Now, let me help you with that so you can join me in bed sooner."

The newlyweds continued their lovemaking well into the night.

Evie was excited to learn more of lovemaking, and thought how exciting it would be to tell Emily of the new positions she was learning, plus how she had been entered and filled by something much more satisfying than only fingers. She felt the welcome rush of relief she had been craving all day several times over, as did her husband, but they were not yet ready to stop enjoying the pleasures of the marriage bed.

She imagined Emily's legs spread in front of her as her husband took her from behind. At one point, Evie's legs hung over the edge of the bed, and James stood as he pounded into her, while her legs tightened around his waist and her hands pinched and kneaded her breasts. She imagined Emily's legs on either side of her head, and that it was Emily's hands on her breasts. The idea of tasting Emily while Emily was kissing James was too much and put her over the edge. She cried out and felt herself lose control of her body.

The sight of his wife in the throes of ecstasy, and the feeling of her sheath contracting around his manhood was too much for him as well, and he spilled his seed into her, filling her to the brim. He pulled out and collapsed next to his wife on the bed. It took them a few minutes, but after a bit, they stopped seeing stars, and they slowly regained sensation in their limbs and the ability to form actual thoughts.

"You have ruined me, wife. I will never be able to leave this bed so long as you are in it."

"Good. I have you exactly where I want you, husband.

They laughed and talked together, every so often stopping to kiss and fondle, though both agreed they were far too exhausted for much else. They curled around each other, just like how Emily and Evie would, and fell asleep.

In the morning, Evie awoke to the sound of her chamber door closing. She raised her head and saw that she was alone. Immediately she rang the bell for Emily to attend her.

As soon as Emily entered and realized they were alone, she jumped into bed and pounced on Evie. It was a manic tangle of hands and hair and fabric as they attempted to strip away the layers of Emily's clothes between them. Finally stripped, they fell between the sheets, kissing and touching each other all over, moaning between kisses, until Emily pulled away, breathlessly smiling at Evie.

"I missed you desperately last night."

"Last night when James was thrusting into me, I imagined you joining us."

"Tell me exactly what you imagined!" Emily insisted.

Evie told Emily everything she could remember, illustrating each position with their bodies. How James had started out on top of her, the pain that came at first, but soon turned to pleasure. Then how he thrust deeply into her, causing her to cry out. How she dug her nails into his back and ran her fingers down his arms to feels his hard muscles rippling underneath the skin, and how she wrapped her legs around him, urging him deeper. How she imagined being able to reach over and touch Emily's wetness and hear her moaning next to them.

She told Emily about how he rolled her over so she was on top, straddling his hips and matching his thrusts, holding his hands to her breasts, as she deftly did the same to Emily. Evie teasingly thrust her hips up, and Emily leaned forward for a kiss. As she did, she began grinding against Evie. They both moaned in unison, and, realizing they had discovered something new, threw themselves into it with abandon, humping and grinding, then switching position for better access.

Emily moved one leg between Evie's, and again started to rotate her hips. She threw back her head and moaned, grinding faster and faster, feeling her juices mix with Evie's. Evie attempted to match Emily's rhythm, but was no match for the near animalistic way Emily's body and need for release had taken over. Instead, she watched Emily and enjoyed seeing her lover as she felt her own pleasure begin to build. She watched Emily's breasts as they moved in time to Emily's grinding.

All of a sudden she felt her pleasure reach its climax, and her entire body contracted, lifting her from the bed. Emily caught her head as it was raised and pulled in for a kiss.

Emily held Evie's head with one hand and kissed her hungrily, desperately groping Evie's breasts with the other before moving her hand down between them. With two fingers, she deftly entered herself and rapidly pumped her fingers in and out. Evie reached out and pinched one of Emily's nipples as she watched her lover moan and writhe, desperate for release.

"Harder, Evie, do it harder," she breathed.

Evie obliged.

"Oh, Evie, oh, my love," Emily moaned, falling back against the bed.

Evie tugged and pulled and pinched and Emily pulled out and began rubbing her engorged button faster than she ever had before. She felt her pleasure build, though it felt like a wave refusing to crest. Finally, as though crashing to the shore, she felt powerful sensations of pleasure unlike any she had in all of her and Evie's exploration. It felt as though fluid gushed from her, then that familiar, tingling, warm, buzzing sensation overtook everything else.

"Emily!" Evie said, shocked. "We shall have to change the sheets!"

"What?" Evie mumbled. She was not quite ready to raise her head.

Evie, realizing Emily's state, replied, "Just lay down as long as you need, darling. I shall get myself ready for breakfast."

It took several minutes, but Emily finally recovered enough to raise herself from the bed. She looked between her legs to see a wet spot on the sheets. Horrified, she immediately jumped up and began peeling them from the bed. She checked the mattress below, and noticed there was no stain. She sniffed the sheets and realized the scent was her own.

How odd.

She had never experienced that before, though it explained the rush she felt during the climax of her pleasure. Though strange, she had enjoyed the sensation immeasurably and felt a tingle of arousal at the idea of watching Evie burst in pleasure in a similar way.

"Evie! We need to see if you can do this, too!"

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