tagBDSMLady Arndale

Lady Arndale


The original idea was that I would have gone to another of England’s big country estates to have honed my craft, but when Lady Arndale discovered my other particular talents, plans changed.

I was an apprentice gardener by trade, working at Lady Arndale’s home deep in the Cotswolds countryside. I’d been working there since I was sixteen and a chance encounter one evening in May had lead to me staying. I didn’t mind of course. Lodgings were free and there were numerous other advantages...

It was now July and the majority of my time had been spent repairing damage done to the estate by various fairs and gymkhanas that had entertained the surrounding area of over the spring and into summer. Today was a little different however. I’d managed to get out from the lawn repair work and instead had found myself tending to the plants in the tropical house. Needless to say it was hotter than hell. I’d managed to get away with wearing shorts and an old t-shirt ripped down its centre. Despite my clothing the sweat still trickled down my brow as wiped the back of my hand across my forehead. My fingers were coated with earth from the potting I’d been doing.

I was kneeling on the floor collecting empty pots when I heard the door to the Tropical House slam shut. In walked Lady Arndale. Her svelte figure dressed in a pink two-piece skirt suit walked towards me. She was just under six foot with blonde, tied up hair, great looking at almost forty. She came towards me through the fine mist of the condensation and sprays. I went to get up.

“Stay where you are,” she commanded. I remained on my knees looking up, placing the plant pots by my side. Lady Arndale stopped in front of me; her gaze still fixed on mine and then leaned back on the table. She carefully placed her foot, wearing her dainty pink mules, onto my thigh. I looked down at the shoe and all the way up her tanned bare leg; she gripped the edge of the table. “What have you done?” she asked me. I went to answer but she told me not to say a word. Both of her hands had moved down to the edge of her skirt, a little above her knees. She fingered the pink material. “It’s very difficult to address to a meeting of the local WI knowing that moments beforehand I was wiping your cum from my face…”

Slowly she lifted the skirt up her thighs. I watched as her beautiful tanned thighs were revealed. “I really, really hope you know what you’re doing,” she continued. Lady Arndale moved her skirt up to her waist. She had on no panties, I faced her pussy, pouting, inviting. Her legs shifted a little further apart, I could see how wet she was.

“Get on with it,” she ordered. I placed my filthy hands on both of her thighs, considered her smooth, hairless cunt and then leaned forward to deeply kiss her. Lady Arndale gasped, her grip on the table tightening. She moved her legs apart a little more as my tongue slipped in to her pussy with ease. I tongued as far as I could inside her as she moaned a little. I withdrew my tongue and, gaining my balance, began to lap at her pussy for all I was worth. My tongue moved in long, lavish strokes against her mound. My mouth roamed over the tops of her thighs and then back to her pussy lips as she shuddered against me. I glimpsed her opening her jacket and reaching inside her bra for her breast. She was fondling herself, pulling on her nipple. I responded by circling her clit with my tongue before taking that sweet spot into my mouth. She was moaned and banged the table. A plant pot hit the ground and smashed as I sucked on her clit, she ground her pussy into my face.

She was crying harder as my tongued flicked back and forth over her clit when I suddenly her hand on my forehead pushing me away. I let go of her and paused to catch my breath. Her flushed face looked down at me and then she carefully turned around. Her hands spread out on the table pushing back the remaining plant pots. Her naked arse pushed out at me as she leaned over. “The same,” she managed to say as her began to finger herself. I needed no other invitation. My filthy fingernails dug into her arse cheeks pulling them apart as my tongue dove between them. I became like an animal, a dog lapping at its mistress. I grunted and moaned as I ran my tongue over and inside her arse, darting in and out of her anus. Lady Arndale cried out even more as she massaged her clit, rocking the table back and forth. As I wriggled my tongue in her arsehole she let out a huge cry, more plant pots hit the ground and my Lady came. I lingered in her arsehole as her body straightened at the waves of pleasure riding over her. She shuddered and slumped forward.

My own cock was straining at my shorts, but she turned back around and pulled her skirt down. I was to be denied – for now. Regaining composure, Lady Arndale told me to get the mess cleaned up. She walked out, back through the mist.

My immediate boss was the head gardener Dave. He had been carrying out a relationship with a local girl named Sian. Sian often liked to visit Dave and this afternoon was no exception. I’d managed to sort out the greenhouse and had then had to join Dave wood chopping. Sian had arrived in a floaty summer dress, which her considerable chest almost fell out of. Dave greeted her arrival with a long kiss and then, seemingly ignoring me her groped at her arse and breasts. Sian giggled and ran her hand over the front of Dave’s shorts. The lascivious manhandling continued until a voice cut stopped the lovers short.

“Excuse me!” Lady Arndale stood, arms crossed, on the edge of the lawn. Dave broke away from Sian and began stammering a reply. Lady Arndale interrupted “When you are in my employ, working on my estate, especially in broad daylight, such lewd behaviour will not be tolerated! Do you understand, Dave?” Dave nodded in response. I pretended not to be listening, suppressing a smirk. “And you, young lady, letting yourself go like that in public. Have some decorum, please. Consider that a warning, Dave,” and with that Lady Arndale marched back across the lawn.

Dave waited until Lady Arndale was out of earshot before saying “Stuck-up bitch.” He kissed Sian on the cheek goodbye and they agreed to meet later. He turned back to me. “I bet she’s never been shagged in her life.” I agreed that was probably the case and went back to the wood chopping.

It was 11 o’clock in the evening by the time I was called to Lady Arndale’s bedroom. In bygone days a bell would have rung in my quarters, but these days a text message worked just as well. I walked softly through the corridors of Arndale House dressed only in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. She let me into her bedroom and I noticed she was wearing another of her conservative suits, a dark blue one this time, a skirt of similar length above her knees and higher heels than before, but still matching the suit. I didn’t understand, was she going out? Our previous nighttime encounters had seen her dress in a teddy or else nothing! She walked over to her dressing table and sat on the chair beside it, she motioned to me to sit on the edge of her bed.

I noticed the sheen of her stockings and she crossed her legs and faced me.

“I am fair aren’t I?” she asked. I told her yes. “Firm, but fair.” She absent-mindedly ran her hand down over her leg, my cock stirred. “I had to be firm with Dave this afternoon, carrying on like that. However I did something worse. In the tropical house you didn’t get… satisfaction.” I was about to protest, I’d been satisfied to fuck her pussy with my mouth plenty. She continued, “I didn’t think that it was fair of me to use you like that. I think I should be reprimanded…”

Before I could say anything else she stood up and took her hairbrush from the dressing table. I went to her and took the brush.

“Take off your jacket,” I commanded. She undid her jacket and took it off. I was pleased to see she only had on her bra underneath. She bit her bottom lip. I weighed the brush up in my hand. “Bend over the dresser and hitch up your skirt.”

As she turned around she whispered, “I want to be ruined…” I considered for a split second and brushed her hands away from her skirt. Instead I grabbed it and ripped it in two exposing her naked arse, suspender belt and stocking tops.

“How many do you think?” I asked. She murmured something about “ten”- THWACK! I brought the brush down onto her arse. As I looked at the bright pink mark on her cheek I told her “fifteen”.

I commanded her to stick her arse out further and proceeded to spank her. As the brush fell on her arse she tried to stifle her gasps. I varied my speed, a few light strokes would be followed by another THWACK making her cry out. I let my hand caress her arse and she caught her breath.

“You shouldn’t have left me like that,” I told her as I let my finger trail down her crack towards her pussy. “That was a very mean thing to do… leaving me…”


“All hard…”


“Like that.”


“You bitch.” CRACK!

Lady Arndale squeezed her arse cheeks together in pain, but the look on her face relished the insult. This time I let the handle of the hairbrush nudge up against her wanton cunt. “What are you?”

“I’m a…”


“I’m a bitch,” Lady Arndale conceded. I let her see my sadistic smile in the mirror on the dresser before delivering two swift swats to her backside with my bare hand.

“Get on your knees, bitch.” I ordered. Lady Arndale turned, kicking away the tattered remains of the skirt and dropped to her knees in front of me. I reached into my shorts and released my eager cock. It was hard and bulbous. I told her to get rid of the bra and she complied. Her lovely tits were on display for me. I smiled again. “Now suck me.”

Her mouth couldn’t take my cock fast enough. She grabbed the base and wrapped her mouth around it. I, in turn, grabbed her hair, controlling the speed of her strokes. My reprimand continued, “Look at you, Lady of the manor sucking off the gardener. Not very ladylike sucking my cock is it? Giving head like a common tart. Can’t you have a bit more decorum?” She moaned as I reached down and tweaked her nipple. I then pulled on both. She paused feeling the pleasure. “Don’t stop!” I commanded. She resumed sucking me.

I let her continue her wonderful sucking for a few moments. I resisted the temptation to come in her mouth or over her face. This time I had the opportunity to push her away. She reluctantly let go and stayed kneeling in front of me. “Get the brush,” I told her. Lady Arndale took the brush from the floor. “Now push it in your cunt.”

Looking deep into my eyes she pushed the handle of the hairbrush into her pussy. She moaned a little as the object opened her up. “On all fours.” Lady Arndale complied, keeping the brush in her pussy she got onto all fours. “Keep going,” I told her. I knelt behind her, playfully tapping her backside. “You’re going to get what you deserve, Lady Arndale.” Wetting my index finger I pushed it into her puckered arsehole. She moaned encouragingly. After a couple of strokes I withdrew. “You’re going to get what all bad sluts deserve… An arse fucking.” As I said the last work I drove my cock into her arse.

Lady Arndale cried out as I slowly, but surely began to fuck her arse. I reached around I plunged the brush handle deeper into her cunt. With the other hand I entwined her hair with my hand. Slowly she became used to my cock inside her moved with me, increasing our fucking.

“You’re such a fucking bitch, “I told her. “Such a stuck-up, haughty, posh slut. How dare you criticise anyone? How dare you use me? You’re nothing but a common whore.” I was beginning to punctuate my words with the strokes of my cock. Letting go of her hair, I swatted her behind some more. “You wanted to watch Dave and Sian at it this afternoon. She’s probably taking his cock in her cunt right now, spunking inside her, over her. That’s what you want isn’t it? The posh bitch needs to be spunked on and buggered, look at yourself. You couldn’t stop yourself even if you wanted to you fucking slut.”

Her cries were becoming louder, I worked the hairbrush inside her harder, thrust into her with all my might, buggering her arse, her cute, tight arse. She began to screech and I let myself go, feeling the pleasure electrify both our bodies as we came, my hot spunk shooting deep into her dirty arse. She rocked back and forth with me as I emptied myself, the intense feeling washing over us. We slowly came back down to earth.

I pulled the brush out of her pussy and we collapsed on floor. I pulled out of her arse and rolled next to her. After a couple of minutes she turned and smiled at me. “Thank you… staying with me tonight?” I nodded and kissed her, deeply and lovingly.

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