tagLoving WivesLady Charlie's Debut

Lady Charlie's Debut


"Come to room 308" she texted.

"I'm getting in the truck!" I replied.

It was 2:30 in the morning. I was getting in my truck to head over to the local Marriott. Once I arrived, a valet grabbed my key, "I'm in 308."

As I headed inside, I thought it strange I've never been in this hotel before. I've lived here my whole life. Forty eight years. Strange, the first time I get to see the inside, I am in a hurry to get to a room. I quickly move through the lobby to get to the elevator bank.

"Just remember 308." she had reiterated by text. Even more strange, the first time I am in this hotel, is to meet my wife who had just texted me to come to her. He had just left. It was time to hear about her night. Her first as a Hotwife.

A few months earlier we had started reading erotica to each other in a bid to spice things up in the bedroom. She actually did most of the reading as it was something she knew would get me really into our lovemaking. However we'd switch off who picked a story we'd browsed previously. One of her first was a story about a man who set up for his wife to dance on Amateur Night at a local strip club. His wife ends up being groped, fingered, and eventually fucked by men in the audience, in front of her husband, who set it all up.

This got me thinking about my wife with other guys. Guys we know, finding someone online, past boyfriends... I let my mind run wild.

A few years back she had confessed that a man whom we knew and she befriended, that she'd had a one night stand with him. After her reading the strip club story, I asked her to tell me about her night with him as we made love later that night. Just getting the words out of my mouth, dropping the shame the tryst had earlier caused, gave me a euphoric experience upon their release. The excitement died down post orgasm but a door had been opened.

A few weeks later, she told me she got a text from him. He wanted to go have drinks. My wife told him she couldn't for fake reasons, but she didn't think it would be okay with me. After another night with naughty stories and talk, I gave my wife of nearly twenty years the green light to make the plans for which I now approach room 308.

I text my wife when outside of her door and she opens the door. She has obviously had a few drinks tonight. Her hair is misplaced and she is looking pretty buzzed. I give her a big embrace and assure her I love her. We walk over to the bed and she begins to tell me about her night.

Charlie, my wife, left the house looking hot as hell. She wore designer jeans that hugged hes ass as though they were painted on. Her top was chosen to highlight her natural 36Ds. Her plan was to meet up with her friend Kate at her house and drive to the city in my wife's car. Kate thinks my wife told me they were going to a work dinner for Kate's job. Kate thinks that she is the cover to get my wife out for drinks. She's been told by Charlie that if she see's something happening, let it. They are going to meet up with Joe and some friends of his, in the city.

Once the ladies arrived at the bar, they walked up to a group already a few drinks in.. Introductions were made and drinks ordered.

Charlie is a good time when she's drinking. Soon she and Kate are gaining the attention of a Navy brat. That made Joe a bit jealous and they departed to another bar.

After a brief drink at a different place, the trio of Charlie, Kate, and Joe departed and headed home in my wife and I's car. They are headed back to the suburbs to visit bars closer to where the night may eventually lead. It was only 11:00PM.

Kate drove as Charlie was the least designated of the drivers. This left Joe in the center back seat and my wife in shotgun. With no need to focus on diving, she focused on exciting...exciting Joe's cock. With her body turned over ninety degrees towards Joe, Charlie rubbed Joe's cock then entire thirty minute drive back. Kate knew things were happening and played right along. If she's ever allowed to read this, I love you for that, Kate;)

Once they arrived at the local watering hole, Charlie finally calls me. I had been waiting for an update for hours. I'd been passing the time reading "Loving Wives" and Cuckold stories while jerking off to work off my nervous sexual energy.

Charlie told me not to expect anything before the night began. She was nervous and it just may not happen. She didn't want MY expectations to be letdown. I was excited all right. But I knew my wife. She liked to flirt with Joe sober. While drinking I knew she would be irresistible.

Now for Joe's part, he was younger, but also fairly recently married. We didn't know each others families, so contact between us would be next to nothing. So I knew Joe would be a player. He'd already come this far, right?

"We're going to get a room at the Marriott. I can't talk much right now but I will call you when I can." Charlie said. I told her I loved her and to have fun, then I ended the call. I could have pulled the plug right then. Should I have? My cock said NO WAY!

From the bar, arrangements were made for the room. Kate took Charlie's car home and Joe took her to the Marriott. Once in the room, they were all over each other. Joe wanted to see Charlies titties. He was able to paw at them when they fucked before, but that was through her clothes in the back of a car. This time he was going to see and feel her amazing breasts. "Oh, God!" he uttered over and over upon his initial naked inspection of them. But although this part of his fantasy was going great, his next words limited how complete that fantasy could be.

"Do you have a condom?" His words not hers.

"No, you don't need one." Charlie said.

"I can't!" Joe sighed.

No assurances could be made short of running out to get condoms, which apparently wasn't in the cards for some reason related to alcohol. Either way, passion prevailed in keeping the sexual energy rolling along. Conversations with the Almighty continued as Joe ravaged my wife's bosom. Grinding his naked body against Charlie as he enjoys the charms of my wife's beautiful naked body. My wife didn't grow up Catholic, but she could only make out "God" as he came while thrusting onto Charlie's belly and tits.

Since Charlie called me and filled me in from the bar, I decided to sleep, figuring it might be a long night. At this point she could contact me after the sun comes up. If she was fucked like a rag doll, she would likely sleep in, but would Joe stick around?

At 2:30AM she texted "Come to room 308."

Once I was finished kissing my beautiful wife, I asked her to tell me about her night. As she recounted the story, we were peeling off layers of our clothes. She had redressed some since Joe left. From flirting with a Navy brat, to rubbing Joe's cock in the car, to the explosion of cum on her belly and tits, we kissed and fondled. She had wiped Joe's cum off before she dressed, but she didn't shower. So I kissed licked all over her body. When finally I put my cock in her, I was hard as a rock. As I pounded into her, she continued with the details of her night.. I asked her to pretend I was Joe since she wasn't able to fuck him. She did and before long she had "Joe" cumming inside her.

When we woke the next morning and headed to the valet, when the name on the room came up, Joe's, and my card paying for parking, a little confusion was had. Yes a different man arrived with the woman I was now leaving with. Lucky Me!

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by Anonymous

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by 27thNC08/13/18

Those late night texts are great

When the wife is out, you can rest assured hubby is up thinking about what she is doing. Good job. Things can only get better from here.

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by shaman4308/13/18

Decent first try.

As a developing writer I would suggest you look at some short stories like O'Henry or even some of the better Sci Fi writers. Even some of the romance writers do it well. Add a little more developmentmore...

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Thank you to those with constructive comments. Those anonymous responses I couldn't hope to care less. You're anonymous.

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by Anonymous08/11/18

More Pathetic crap for the LW sewer

No one to like in this mess. Just another heartless CUNT wife with w sissy coward husband. LW is now infested with sissy cowards. It's not worth much these days.

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by chytown08/11/18

Nice First***

Get an editor and do complete storyline next time. Still a nice read. Thanks for sharing.

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