Lady Eleanor Found Real Love


'Oh yes Anna, it, it, its wonderful,' at those words Tom raised himself up to climb over her.

Elle opened her eyes and saw her dream lover above her, she gasped, was this a dream somehow, or was he really there, above her? His cock was at the entrance to her slobbering salivating dripping pussy. He was now in prime position, Elle tried to speak, his prick slid in and silence was upon her, her words, protests, denial were stuck in her throat.

Anna had laid down next to her, to comfort her and pet her, 'relax baby,' she whispered to her, 'let it happen, let it go, go with it honey, relax baby, enjoy the gift to you from us my angel, shhhh,' Elle was mollified immediately, she looked at Anna with love, lust and arousal plain on her gorgeous face, and in her beautiful astonished blue azure eyes. This was the first time in her life she had ever been shown real compassion, all she had known were rules, and how to obey, behave like a lady.

Tom drove himself into her, not violently, but securely, his hands hooked under her shoulders and now holding them, his masculine super hot body tight above hers, but not weighing her down. There would be no way in hell Elle could have pushed him off, but once he had bottomed out and his almighty cock had secured her total attention, his balls slapping gorgeously on her lower regions, he pulled back and in again 3 or 4 times Elle's resistance, if there ever was any was gone.

Elle was looking up into his dark god like eyes, his mouth above hers, her knees parted and then lifted. 'He really is beautiful isn't he?' she asked herself amazingly. Tom went to work, this wasn't about him getting his rocks off, this was about giving Elle everything he had to give, not knowing she had led the life she had and was begging all around her for the love and attention she craved, and wept sometimes for, when she was laid in her bed alone, and unloved. His mission, as directed by Anna was to make her want more, and to come back for more.

Elle raised her gorgeous head and buried her face into his neck, her slim arms tight around him, her feet were hooked into his thighs and muscle powered buttocks, Anna squeezed her finger up her rectum, Elle howled and an orgasm of such unknown quantity and desire filled her from top to toe, she cringed from its power, but there was no way she could hold back the death like grip it had on her.

Elle wailed, it was too much, she burst like a dam, her insides turned to liquid, her pussy expanded with the thrust of it and squashed out lots and lots of her own cum. Her nails were dug deep into Tom's back, he had to grit his teeth to stop his own howls emitting. He powered into her now, he was on a high, Anna had been and was right, this girl, this married royal, was better than special, and doors could be opened to them hitherto unknown.

Tom fucked her long and hard, he went past the point of no return in her life, there would be no way back for Elle after this. Tom roared that he was cumming, 'Oh god yes yes yes,' Elle screamed out, Tom's fabulous thick middled, bulbous ended prick was doing it work, as usual, It pushed everything in it's path aside as it thrust past her inners. Its thick veins rubbing and caressing as it went. The tip easily reaching her cervix, giving her palpable moments of anguish as hit thudded home, each time was like new, it took her breath away, it was a feeling she had never experienced, nor imagined such intense wonderful feelings as this, she was clung to the mountainous man like a limpet.

Anna's fingers were killing her arse from the inside out. Another final orgasm washed Elle away; she flopped under Tom, as if life had left her.

When she came to her senses, she was turned to and wrapped up in Anna's warm loving arms; Tom was no laid at her other side looking intently at her.

'Where is he?' she asked softly, her eyes level with Anna's beautiful breasts, her dark skin made Elle's nipples harden and tingle immediately, she inspected her lover, she was really stunned and enchanted by the contrasts in skin colour, and her blond hair on her shoulders made her shiver with untold anticipation, she loved it, and she loved Anna, but the man who had driven her insane with his fabulous lovemaking was a different feeling. 'Who is he Anna?' she asked softly.

'He,' Anna replied, 'is Tom, and he's my lover, my best friend, my soul mate, and also my loving husband.'

'Your husband?' she gasped, 'oh my, goodness me Anna, I don't understand, you seduced me, and for that I will always love you for, but what's going on, is it a thing with you?'

'Come,' whispered Anna, 'lets shower, come back to bed, and we'll talk more okay?' They climbed off the bed; Elle still had no notion that her man lover was laid there. They both had a shower amid lots of kissing.

As they stepped out, dried off, and Anna slipped her arm around her, Elle did the same, but she stopped in her tracks when she caught sight of Tom laid there with his big black prick waving at her, or them, he smiled beautifully, 'hey?' he said, 'hope you are okay Elle?'

'Darling I have to be honest with you,' Anna said to her, as they climbed back on the bed, Elle very hesitantly, 'you are too special not to be truthful to, I targeted you solely for the purpose of seducing you into my bed, when I saw you in the shop today, I almost wet myself!' and she giggled, 'and yes what happened here tonight was the plan, but now both Tom and I want to see you again, it will always be at your discretion, we will come to you, but you will share us, as we will share you, its as simple as that, its up to you Elle?' Anna squeezed and sucked in a hot nipple, Elle's head nearly snapped as she threw it back in immediate arousal.

'Oh Anna, how can I say no to this?' she moaned loudly, as her fingers disappeared into her still steaming pussy.

'Ooooh Aaaargh oh Anna!' Anna jumped over her and straddled the royal face, and dove her mouth onto and into Elle's susceptible hot hole, her fingers went under her and probed her bum hole again, preparing it for Toms prick later.

Anna lashed Elle's clit mercilessly, she sucked up mouthfuls of pussy lips, her tongue deep inside cleaning her out, Anna's own pussy was tight over her face and Elle did what came naturally to her, her hands holding tight to Anna's upturned arse, as she forced her own head almost inside of her beautiful black lover.

As the came down from the high they had achieved, Anna gave Tom the nod, she slid off the bed, and headed for the shower again, and before Elle had fully regained her mobility, Tom was turning her over, making her gently get to her knees, her head was already down, and now Tom had his first view of the beautiful royal ladies arse before him.

Taking hold of her hips he gently slid his slightly upward curved black saboteur back into her soaking pussy, he immediately slid right in and up, he felt it touch her all the way, Elle, moaned into her arms as she rested her head on them her lover had her, there was nothing she could do to resist this.

This morning she had been wandering around flashy expensive shops, spending her husbands money wholesale, she refused to spend hers, she had told him, 'if I'm on my own, it's your credit card that's going to take the hit, okay?' He had reluctantly agreed, and now look where she was, and what she was doing, or rather what was being done magically to her!

Her moans of arousal filled the room, her hands sliding around, her knees lifting as he rutted her. She reached back under her and collected his balls in her hand and played with them. An orgasm rolled through her, followed by another one that thundered and banged its way around her static luscious body.

She cried out in ecstasy, her mind went blank again, she would never know another man like this, and the fact that he was a black lover enhanced the feeling as the thought came to her. 'I would love you to see me Rupert, right now!' she thought deliciously to her self, as her knees lifted again and again.

Tom fully in control of his passion, and building Elle up into the most deniable state of arousal she would ever know, looked across at Anna stood in the doorway fingering herself as she watched him in action.

She nodded her head; she knew what he was alluding to, he was saying, 'shall I fuck her arse now Anna?'

'Yes,' was the silent answer?

Tom slid back as Elle tried to ready herself again for another thrusting pile drive, instead she suddenly felt empty. 'Why has he stopped?' she said to her own needy mind.

Tom had it lined up to her virgin arse, he was about to plunder it unassailably, he held her hips, his grip was tight, he knew what would happen, Elle's first natural reaction was her body would try and throw itself forward, he would deny her.

He pushed in, the onion head popped her open, Elle squealed in surprise and immediate pain, she tried vainly to pull away, there was no where to go, He had her, he wasn't letting her go.

'Easy Elle, easy,' he told her, she cried out.

'Please you are hurting me please stop, please?'

He held her in place, his prick securely lodged in her, he allowed her time to relax, he never forced himself into her, her knees were off the bed, her legs almost straight out behind him, he held her upright.

Slowly she lowered herself unknowingly to the bed, her elbows and feet making contact, then her knees, Tom behind her, was caressing her mind and her fears, 'its okay Elle, relax honey, let me take care of you baby, do what I say honey, okay?'

Elle heard the words, but her mind was filled with dread, Tom held her, then gently moved a knee, it caused Elle to feel him again, 'please,' she whimpered, but inside her mind, she knew now, what he was doing, what he was going to do, and she understood his words, he was going to do it, he wasn't asking, but his consideration calmed her.

'Oh Tom, oh Tom, Urrrgh,' her head fell down again onto her arms, her knees worked themselves back under her, she was as ready as she could be now. Tom set himself, he was taking as much time as it needed, he slowly edged forward, he slid in a little, Elle moaned, a little more, Elle continued to moan as little by little he went deeper and deeper, her moans filled the room. Anna was stood to the side watching her accept his dominance, as many other women had, her own pussy was on fire for him.

Soon he was all the way in, if Elle could see what Anna could she would have been stunned for ever more. Tom looked across and smiled a love smile to his wife, 'I love you,' he mouthed to her. Anna smiled and blew him a kiss. Now she nodded her head sideways, it was the instruction for him to fuck now, he obeyed more than willingly.

He slid out, and in the smoothest of motions, he slid back in, Elle wailed, but stayed where she was, she was completely subservient now, he had mastered her totally. Tom began a gradual build up of speed, their own secretions being the lubrication they needed, he let go of her hips, reached under and took her nipples for the first time, it shocked Elle into a small but definite orgasm, then he attacked her clit, she exploded, it shattered her.

'Oh my God, oh my God, oh Jesus, Arrrgh, OOOOOh, Fuuuuuuck!' She lid down onto her stomach, she was laid prone and gave herself over to him. Tom started to fuck her then, her arse had opened and expanded to his length and girth, she was his to fuck when ever he called her, he knew, and in her mind somewhere, so did Elle.

Tom roared loudly as he shot his load deep into Elle's already drum like backside, he pumped glob after glob, seemingly forever into her before he finally dropped onto her back, spent.

Anna stepped to the bed, her own nectar running down her legs after witnessing the scene before her, she actually felt privileged, and somewhat sad to have been here to see it, but not to have been the recipient of Tom's prick, but her turn would come soon, she smiled at the certain thought.

She looked at the clock, it was midnight, she helped Tom off her, and his prick plopped as it yanked out of the gaping hole that was now Elle's arse.

Tom rolled onto his back, looking at Anna; he said softly, 'fucking hell Anna, that's the best ever, the very very best!'

'Yes I know baby, I saw it, I know?' she smiled as she held a limp Elle in her arms.

'Elle, Elle?' she whispered.

'Hmmm?' she answered dazedly.

'You have to go back to your room, will your husband be ringing you?'

'Yes, what time is it?'

'Its midnight baby.'

'Oh well that's okay then, he won't call before 1:00. But I want you to come with me, he won't be anywhere near until lunch time tomorrow.'

'Are you sure?' Anna asked happily, wanting to have more of this luscious beauty.

'Yes Anna, believe me, I know.' She stated.

'Tom will stay here, there are things he needs to do baby, okay?' She knew Tom would want to sleep, 'he had really excelled himself tonight,' she thought.

They collected their things and took the elevator up to Elle's floor, and her bed. This time it was Elle who took the lead, she wanted to know more and more of this fabulous woman, this black Goddess that had opened her eyes to the world, and taken her heart in one single day.

She dived on Anna, and straddled her, as she had done, and attacked her pussy with all she had, Anna was moaning and mewling below her, her orgasms were long, deep and hard, she loved letting her self be dominated by Elle.

Her husband had rung, apologising for the late hour at 4:00 he was drunk, she told him she was having a good sleep an to leave her alone.

The morning sun woke them, in a tangle of arms and legs. It was 11:0 am. Elle peered at her wonder woman, she was just so beautiful, she said to herself, 'what will I do if I can't see her again, or Tom for that matter?' Tears filled her eyes.

'What's wrong baby?' Anna asked, reaching for her.

'I was... thinking about if... I I I will see you again?'

'Is that what you want Elle?'

Oh yes Anna, I do, I honestly do.'

'Then you will baby.' She told her, 'don't cry honey, I nor Tom will leave you, I promise. Elle cried some more, then came round.

'Anna, I'm famished,' and she laughed so raucously. Anna joined in.

Elle jumped out of bed, and hit the floor in a heap, her back and her arse killed her, the pain was excruciating. Anna helped her up, and said smilingly, take it easy honey; you have to get used to what happened last night?' and winked, then kissed her.

They ordered a huge breakfast for three, Tom came up, Elle went to hold him and give him a massive kiss square on his sexy mouth, then caught herself, she looked at Anna, who was beaming.

Over the following year Elle left her husband, she didn't move in with Anna, and Tom, but she was a frequent visitor, she also sometimes met other women. Eventually they told Elle what they did for a pastime; Elle said to them, 'can I join in please?' Anna looked at Tom who smiled his consent. Elle became pregnant, and it caused a huge stir when her family and peers were given sight of a beautiful, but very brown baby!

Tom and Anna became a part of the countries jet set, and well to do influential people, and had many successes, a lot on camera for safety reasons, but most of the well to do wives, mothers and daughters who were seduced, all promised silence when they found out that it was Elle who was with Tom and Anna taking them to heaven.

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