Lady Godiva


Roger's favorite holiday is and has always been Halloween. Unfortunately, last Halloween was the end to how he had celebrated it for so many years. This is the story about how Roger's Halloween holiday suddenly changed forever.

Roger looked forward to Halloween all year long. Halloween was the one day that he could walk around wearing a mask to disguise his identity without raising anyone's suspicion, as to what he was doing. It was best his victims didn't know what he was about to do. For his flashing to work and to not scare off his prey, he needed the element of surprise on his side.

A well known businessman in his community with a reputation he needed to preserve and protect, he didn't want to be recognized, if caught flashing someone. Even though he traveled to distant communities to flash, the chance of bumping into someone who knew him was always a distinct possibility and his worst fear. He'd be ruined if he were arrested and his name and photo was published in the local newspaper and he was shown as being a pervert.

Certainly, it would be far more exciting if his victims were by his choice and he were familiar with them and could flash them at will, instead of having to find his flashing victims by chance, wherever and whenever the opportunity presented itself. He was taking a huge risk by doing what he was doing, but the exhilaration he felt just before flashing, during the time he exposed himself, and immediately thereafter, was all part of the excited feeling that he needed to become aroused later. Confining his degenerate behavior to one day a year, Halloween, much like the bizarre personality transformation of a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, or Jack The Ripper, flashing was the elixir he needed to continue living a normal life the rest of the year.

He wished he could flash his cock to some of the women he knew, those who had crossed his path and who he secretly admired and lusted over. He wished he could flash the cute blonde cashier at the supermarket, Jolene, his sultry dental hygienist, Denise, the pretty teller at the bank, Christine, his shapely dog groomer, Joanne, and the sexy hairdresser, who cut his hair, Yvonne. Secreted under the cloak of darkness and hidden behind his mask for Halloween, he enjoyed walking around various neighborhoods and flashing his cock to unwary women.

"Trick or treat," he'd say, as they approached and just before opening up his raincoat to show his exposed cock to an unsuspecting woman.

Always he'd stare at their face watching for their reaction and recording that image in his mind to use later while masturbating.

"Degenerate," she'd say.

Quickly, he'd close his coat and disappear in the shadows.

"Trick or treat," he'd say to women walking by him and that he surprised by stepping out of a doorway, when rounding a corner, and women busy loading their groceries in the trunk of their car, before disappearing as quickly as he appeared.

"Pervert," they'd say.

Planning his escape routes ahead of time, taking them by surprise, by the time they reacted and reached for their cell phone to report him to the police, he was gone and so wasn't any perceived threat that the women felt from him. Once it was over and he was gone, most women didn't bother calling the police. Most women just hurried home or left the area.

"Trick or treat," he'd say to an unfortunate woman with his cock pressed up against the driver's side glass, who was sitting in her parked car drinking her coffee and/or talking on her cell phone. Careful not to leave his DNA evidence on her window, with her as a captive audience, he'd even take that opportunity to masturbate, while she hid her face or hopefully watched.

"Asshole," she said giving him the finger, while feeling confidently safe behind the safety glass of her window and locked car door.

He was careful not to expose himself to children. Exposing himself to children wasn't what he was about and did nothing for him, but exposing himself to women aroused him sufficiently enough, now, to give him plenty of masturbation material, later. As if it was an endless streaming video loop running through his mind, while masturbating, he loved thinking about all the women he had just flashed, along with all those favorite flashes he had done in the past.

There wasn't a woman in Roger's life who hadn't been flashed. From his sisters, to his mother and mother-in-law, to his aunts and cousins, to his family friends and neighbors, to saleswomen going door-to-door selling their products, and co-workers, even. If you were female and knew Roger and had been invited to his house, then you've seen his cock, no doubt.

Careful, so as not to be blatant about his sexual peccadillo to flash, as he would with a stranger, and be suspected of having such a fetish and being deemed a flasher, he always made his flashing appear accidental to those that he knew.

"Oops. Sorry. I didn't know you were here. Pardon my nakedness. I'll just go and grab my robe."

Growing up in a household of women, after his Dad died, it was easy to flash his three sisters and his mother. He couldn't count the times he flashed them getting out of the shower or being naked in his bedroom knowing they'd open his door without knocking first, sooner or later, in a rush to get something from his room or to tell him something. Sometimes they'd look, stare even, and other times, they'd be shocked and call him a pervert.

"Knock the next time," he's say. "How would you like it if I opened your door without knocking and caught you naked?"

And that's exactly what he did, tit for tat. If they invaded his privacy unintentionally, he'd invade their privacy intentionally. While waiting outside their bedroom door, listening for the feint sound of a zipper being pulled down or a garment hitting the floor, he'd wait to open their bedroom door at the most unfortunate time for them, but the most fortunate time for him. Numerous times he caught his mother and sisters in all manners of undress, topless, even naked, which gave him even more masturbation material. An endless video of his mother's and his sisters' tits, asses, and pussies played through his mind while he masturbated.

With always something to see, panties and/or naked boobs, any time his sisters had a sleepover or a pajama party, spending time looking through the keyholes of his sisters' bedrooms, he used that opportunity to voyeur their friends before flashing their friends. Receiving mixed reactions, some stared, others laughed uncomfortably or giggled nervously, while others looked shocked, disgusted, and grossed out by having seen his prick. The odd thing about it, none of the girls squealed what they saw to his sisters. Basically, he knew which one of them to flash and which ones wouldn't squeal on him. He like to think that maybe they liked what they saw or were too embarrassed to share what they saw with the others.

He expanded his flashing to other family members. With his aunts both divorced and neither one having a man in their lives, any time he saw his aunts and cousins, usually at the family cottage over the summer, it was easy to flash them there, on the pretense that he was getting into or out of his bathing suit. With none of the bedroom and bathroom doors having locks and with some of them not even closing all the way because over the years the doors had warped, it was easy to look into and/or gain entry to a room at the most inopportune time. Timing is everything when flashing and/or when trying to voyeur the naked bodies of his aunts and/or sexy cousins.

Using his much mastered principle of tit for tat, if they opened his door without knocking, and unintentionally caught him naked, even though he had preplanned the flashing of his cock to them, he'd do the same to them. He'd open their doors when they were changing. Over time he saw every one of his five cousins and two aunts topless, bottomless, and naked numerous times. Like fishing in a bathtub, it was easy to flash and voyeur his victims, when he was the only man in the house, especially when the house was a small cottage without locks on the doors.

His aunts were willing victims. They always stared at his exposed cock and when he caught them topless, bottomless, or naked, they never moved a finger to cover their nakedness. They just stood there and continued dressing, as if he wasn't even there, allowing him to have his show of their tits, asses, and pussies. His cousins were more reluctant victims, acting shocked, but they still looked whenever they caught him naked, as well. When he caught them topless, bottomless or naked, they'd scream, cover themselves and yell at him to get out. As was his mother and sisters, he couldn't count the number of times his two aunts and five female cousins saw his cock. A game he couldn't stop playing, he spent his summers flashing and masturbating.

Then, later, after he married his wife, Diane, and had their first child, his divorced mother-in-law stayed with them for a few months. It was easy to flash her, and from what he could tell, she seemed to enjoy the public display of seeing his pecker. Perhaps, because she didn't have a man in her life either, she was horny for and appreciated seeing his cock. He always wondered, if he had made a pass at her, if she would have had sex with him. Only twenty years older than he was, he suspected that she would.

Whenever he exposed his cock to her, she never looked away and always stared. It was more than erotically exciting to be standing there exposing your cock to your mother-in-law with her playing the willing victim by staring at what he was showing. The sight of her staring, of not being embarrassed and looking away, always gave him an erection and a heated masturbation session later. More importantly, she never squealed on him to his wife. Armed with that knowledge that she wouldn't tell on him and that she apparently enjoyed his immoral and immodest behavior of exposing himself to her, he increased his flashing of her, as well as the number of times he masturbated, whenever his wife wasn't around.

His mother-in-law reciprocated in kind by walking around his house in her transparent nightgown without a robe or emerging from the shower wearing just a loose towel that flashed him more of her big tits or part of her ass cheek than what was appropriate between a mother-in-law and son-in-law. When his mother-in-law leaned in the refrigerator on the pretense of looking for something to eat, with the light from the refrigerator lighting her up in a darkened kitchen and making her sheer nightgown even more transparent, she practically flashed him her tits, pussy, and ass, as if she was wearing nothing. Still young enough to wear low cut tops and short skirts, even when fully dressed, she gave him plenty to look at and masturbate over with down blouse views of her bra and up skirt views of her panties. It was a game they secretly enjoyed playing.

Later, while married, between the drunken barbeques and the uninhibited pool parties they had over the long, hot summers, it was easy to flash the wives of his neighbors. Moreover, many of the women were just as eager to flash him their tits, as he was eager to show them his cock. Once the alcohol freely flowed, the inhibitions relaxed and the flashing began, along with the touchy feely groping. He was more surprised not only how many of his neighbor's wives allowed him free access to feel, fondle, caress, and even suck their tits in the deep, dark end of the pool, but also how many of the woman would feel, fondle, stroke, and even suck his cock.

It's outrageous what goes on in the uptight suburbs during the hot summer. Only, he found, that the mutual and consensual flashing of the wives of his neighbors didn't excite him in the way that it did when he flashed a total stranger. Nonetheless, it was always more exciting when he flashed someone he knew for the first time, regardless if it was a friend of the family, a neighbor, or a relative. Flashing someone he knew gave him a better replay of their remembered facial expressions when masturbating. This was what it was all about, after all, flashing and masturbating.

Door-to-door saleswomen or women collecting signatures for petitions to put a politician or an issue on the ballet or Jehovah's Witnesses wanting to tell him about God were his favorite targets. Able to see them coming down his street from a distance, he had plenty of time to plan his flashing scenario. Quickly, he'd strip off his clothes, run in the shower, and wet his hair. Then, he'd quickly stroke his cock a sufficient number of times to give him a semi-erection, before donning a skimpy, short bathrobe.

Opening the door and acting surprised, while rubbing his wet hair with a towel, he'd invite them inside his house, under the pretense that he had just gotten out of the shower. Perhaps, because he was a good looking man and didn't appear to be the pervert that he was, they all accepted his invitation to come inside. Once he had them as a captive audience inside his house, the real show started.

Appearing interested enough in whatever they were selling to not realize he was flashing them, offering them something to eat or drink, he'd invite them in his living room and sit across from them with his legs open just enough to give them a view. Depending upon how they reacted to seeing his cock gave him a cue, as to how much more to show. He had already practiced his sitting posture by placing a mirror across from him, so he was acutely aware of how much he was showing and how much they could see. It excited him that he was sitting across from these women for a prolonged length of time with his cock and testicles clearly visible from their vantage point.

It was as much fun to watch them squirming, while looking and while trying not to be seen looking, as he flashed them. He enjoyed the ones who'd just stare at his exposed cock without saying anything, as much as he enjoyed the ones who'd turn a bright red from the sight of his prick and who couldn't control themselves from looking again and again. Waiting for them to say something or look away, he'd show the ones who stared more of his cock by parting his legs wider, until his legs were practically wide open.

Some were aroused and some were aghast from the sight of his penis, nonetheless, they all were victims to his exhibitionism and had starring roles in his masturbation streaming video that ran through his mind later. If only they knew, he masturbated over them, if only they knew he flashed them purposely, he wondered how receptive they'd be to his sexual advance. He wondered if they'd had known he was flashing them on purpose, if they still would have watched his show and/or offered to give them the loan of their hand or the use of their mouth.

Just as he loved the shocked and surprised look on the faces of the women he flashed, he loved the women who used the opportunity to stare at his cock, too. One woman selling Avon, even reached out to fondle his cock. Yet, the women who welcomed his flashes were few and far between. As if never having seen a cock before, feigned or real, most women were aghast and disgusted by his public exhibitionism of nakedness.

Even though it was rare, there were some women who were willing participants in his game of flashing. There were those who stared at his exposed cock and those who even opened their legs wide enough, while sitting across from him, to give him a view of their panties. Afraid to take the next step, he always wondered if they'd have sex with him, had he made a pass at them.

A good looking man, who had been married for a while and now divorced, flashing has always been part of Roger's life and parcel to his perverse makeup. He figured it had something to do with the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. Yet, for whatever the reason, he enjoyed exposing himself. It gave him a sense of excited pleasure to show his cock to unsuspecting women. With the constant fear of being caught always a possibility, he enjoyed the game of being smarter than his victims and smart enough to avoid being apprehended by the police and charged with a sex crime.

It got darker earlier just before Halloween. The street lights that didn't come on this time during the summer, now gave him the right mood light for him to flash and for the women he flashed to see what he was flashing them. It always amazed him that immediately, as soon as he opened his raincoat, every women he flashed looked down at his exposed cock, instead of looking up at his face. They couldn't identify him in a police lineup if they tried. Whether they were shocked, offended, and/or indignant, they were too busy looking, staring even, at his cock to give police a proper description of him. Besides, he wore his mask to protect his identity.

His preferred target was coming upon women walking alone and surprisingly there were still a lot of those to be found. Usually just getting off the bus and walking home from work, preoccupied with what to make for dinner or hurrying home to take their kids trick or treating, he had a window of opportunity of about an hour, from 5pm to 6pm. After 6pm, the streets came alive with Moms and Dads walking with their children dressed in costume.

By then, Roger hoped to be home masturbating over the women who he had flashed and how had seen his prick. Only, this year was different. He was delayed by a sight he had never seen before. He had read about such a rare sight, but having never seen one, he was preoccupied with the sight of her.

There in the distance, partially concealed by a tree was a woman standing with her raincoat held wide open. He looked up to where she was looking. She was flashing a man in the window above. At first he perceived her as his flashing victim but, when she opened her coat, it all happened in an instant. She stopped, looked around, looked up and when she saw that the man in the window was looking down and at her, she opened her coat and flashed him. He imagined she was naked beneath the coat, but he needed to know; he needed to see for himself. There was a chance that she knew the man she was flashing and was just having a bit of fun with him, but by the perception of her body language, he doubted that she knew her flashing victim.

Forgetting about his flashing other women, he was more excited to see what she was showing. He needed to get in a spot where she'd flash him or to be at a vantage point where he could see her flashing from the front to see if she was naked beneath her coat. It was cold and she was wearing a fur, a mink. Suddenly, the images of so many Playboy models lying fully exposed on fur played through his mind. A rare bird indeed, intent on getting a closer look at this exhibitionist woman, he even sacrificed a few opportunities to flash potential targets, just for a closer look of her.

Quickly, he ran around the block, so that he could come upon her and see a front view of her, rather than a rear view. He needed to know if she was naked and if she was, he needed to see her body. Only, by the time he ran around the block and came around the corner, while trying to act like the nonchalant victim that he wanted her to perceive him as, with the hopes that she'd flash him, she was gone. Where'd she go? He looked up and down the street. There! Across the street and down the block, she was flashing another man in another window.

Finally, out of breath but not out of hope, he came upon her. She had ducked down an alleyway and walked quickly ahead of him. He walked faster and then jogged. Just as he neared, just as he had hoped to get ahead of her and, at least, steal a peak at her face, she turned, opened her fur coat, and flashed him. The bold action of her stopped him dead in his tracks. Toned, curvy, and sexy, her body was magnificent. Even though she only opened her coat for a few seconds, he recorded her C cup tits, her erect pink nipples, and her trimmed dark pussy. From what he saw of her, he figured she was 5'5" and about a 120 pounds.

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