tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLady Godiva - The True Story

Lady Godiva - The True Story


She rode naked as a 'Fuck You!' to her cheating husband

Every wonder about this story? Today, we separate fact from fiction. All characters are 18 or older. There is a lot of nudity in this story: nude in public, nude on a horse, nude with family and friends, nude while getting waxed, and, of course, nude while having sex.


^^^May 10th -- A beautiful day ruined^^^

"Oh! . . . Oh! . . . Oh!"

Every time Megan, a pretty blond coed, dropped herself down on her lover's steely dick, she cooed.

"My angel, I love the look on your face and the noises you utter when we make love," Leo, her partner of six months, said.

As Megan rode him girl-on-top style, Leo raised his hands, caressed her small, firm breasts and said, "Angel, thank you for no longer tanning topless. When I see your whiter than white breasts, I smile and know you love me. Your pale skin is a symbol of your fidelity to me. Not only don't you have sex with others, you don't lay out in the sun and allow other men to view you. That is a great gift that I treasure."

He lifted up and kissed each of her petite, well-formed breasts and then said, "Your breasts are wonderful."

The young woman smiled and said to herself, "He likes my boobs! Finally, a guy who isn't disappointed by my small breasts."

She was so anxious about her small tits and hungry for any compliment, that she didn't hear the possessive way he spoke about her body. If she had the ability to read his mind, she would have heard him chuckling and saying, "Girl, your body is mine. Exclusively. I demand it not be sullied or even viewed by any man."

He reclined on the bed and pumped his ample dick in and out of her tight hole.

She rode his cock with urgency and said, "Oh, God! Leo! Don't stop! You're going to make me cum again!"

He said, "I'm going to fuck you until I feel your sweet pussy clench my big, fat dick."

The twenty-five-year-old man picked up the pace and drove the beautiful, twenty-one-year-old college junior to her second glorious orgasm of the day.

"Oh, God. Oh, God! Oh, GOD!" she screamed and grabbed the sheet on her dorm bed. Her grip was so strong that her fingernails almost punctured the cloth.

Her body froze. She stopped breathing as fireworks went off in her brain and endorphins were dumped into her bloodstream. The fit woman with long, blond hair was overwhelmed with a sensation of pleasure that radiated throughout her body.

As her hairless cunt spasmed and grabbed his dick, Leo cried out, "Oh, my Angel!"

He thrust his cock deep inside her, held it there, and blasted cum on her innermost parts. The couple lay in silence and basked in their post-orgasmic glow.

Several minutes passed and then Megan kissed Leo loudly on the lips. "Mwah!" I love you! You make me cum every time. You have more stamina than any man I've known."

"Practice makes perfect," he said. Then, he added a laughed and said, "Just kidding."

She got up and walked naked to the bathroom. Her long, loose blond hair touched her ass. She pissed, cleaned up, and washed her hands. When she stepped out of the bathroom, she had a wet washcloth.

"Catch," she said as she threw it at him.

He didn't. The wet rag hit him on the shoulder and fell into his lap. He picked it up and wiped his messy cock.

"I miss you when you're out of town on business," she said.

"Sorry, Angel. I had to meet with some people about a new app. I hate being away from you, but I have to earn money to pay the rent."

She walked over to her desk, grabbed the coffees he'd brought with him when he came to her dorm for this impromptu, morning fuck session. She said, "You're doing better than just paying the rent. Your last two apps were great. Everyone uses them."

She went to the bed and handed him his cup. She sat cross-legged on the mattress and they both enjoyed the lukewarm coffee.

"What should we do tonight?" she asked.

"Come to my place when you're done with your lab. We can go out for dinner or order take-out, stay home, and watch a movie."

"Cool." She took a sip of coffee, glanced at her vagina, and started laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"My pussy. It's wide open. You fucked me so long and so hard my labia can't close." They both studied her bald, gaping vagina, chuckled, and drank the coffee.

"I'll let you get dress," he said after he downed the last of his drink. They both got up and got dress. He left. She put on makeup and brushed her teeth and hair. Fifteen minutes later, she headed to her 10:30 lab in the science building.

As she climbed the steps, her friend, Abby, exited the building and said, "Meg, class has been canceled. Some idiots got carried away with their laser experiment. They blew fuses, burnt wires, and damaged a breaker box. The building only has enough power for the emergency lights."


"Want to get a coffee?" the friendly redhead asked.


The two juniors talked about their classes and their lives as the walked to the school's cafeteria. They got a fresh, hot cup of Joe. Megan yawned and took a sip. Abby laughed and said, "It looks like you need some caffeine, sleepyhead."

Megan smiled broadly and said, "Yes, my sleep was interrupted. Leo got back in town and came by. He ate me to a screaming orgasm and then, I rode him to a second."

"No wondered you're tired!" Abby said. She laughed and said, "I'm lucky if I have two orgasms in a week. Do you like this guy? He sounds like a keeper."

"I like him and he is a keeper," Megan gushed. "He's out of school, has his own business, and makes good money. We go out to restaurants and clubs. We take trips together and he's always buying me gifts. He set up an account for me at a spa. Every month, he insists I go and get a manicure, pedicure, and a Brazilian. I've also had massages and had my hair done there. It's great."

"So your guy likes a cleared field!" Abby teased. "I'm kidding! I'm jealous. I can't afford to go to a salon to get waxed so I shave. I have to put up with cuts, razor burn, and those damn bumps."

"He takes care of me and he TAKES care of me! He's a great lover. You know how guys our age get excited and spurt just when you're getting into it?"

"Absolutely. Too often, they've left me unsatisfied. I've had to finish the job after they've left more times than I care to count."

"Right! Leo makes sure I cum first. Always. Usually, I cum twice before he has an orgasm.


"Yes. And the best part is he loves me. He's never made a crack about my little boobs."

"You're beautiful. They are perfect," Abby reassured her as any good friend would.

Megan accepted her words in the spirit they were offered. She didn't gripe that that's easy to say when you're the woman blessed with big, beautiful C cups. She replied, "Thanks."

Abby wondered if Leo was such a considerate lover and accepted her petite boobs because he was small downstairs. She asked, "I'm glad to hear that Leo takes good care of you. Does he have a big dick?"

Megan giggled and said, "No. It's an average length and thickness. What's remarkable is he has such control. You know how sometimes your orgasms eludes you? It's building, building, building and then slips away."

Abby nodded and said, "Yes. That's annoying as hell and most guys I've been with can't go the extra mile and get me off. They shoot their wad before I cum."

"That doesn't happen with Leo. If I cum in five minutes or if I need twenty, he waits for me."

"Wow! We have to get him to teach a class."

"He's a wonderful lover and it's great he has money, but he's not without his quirks. For one, no sex when I'm on my period."

"I like that rule. It's messy and usually my cramps are so bad I'm not in the mood," Abby confessed.

"And no anal anything," Megan said. "I don't miss a guy shoving his big dick up my tiny butthole without the proper amount of lube, but you know, it's nice to be surprised now and then, with a finger up the poop chute. I've had some great orgasms that way. But for him, my asshole is strictly off limits."

"Huh," Abby grunted. "Usually, guys like to probe. I'm not an anal queen, but I do enjoy an occasional trip on the Hershey Highway."

"Lastly, he doesn't want me to get a tan. He says I'm sexy looking with pale, white skin."

"It is a good look. It makes your red lipstick pop. And it's better for you. No skin cancer. As a melanin-challenged redhead who can't tan, burns easily, and get these ridiculous freckles, I'd be glad if pale and pasty became the new look!"

They finished their coffee and went their separate ways. Megan was heading back to her dorm when she thought, "I don't have any school work that needs doing. I think I'll go to Leo's place and surprise him. His apartment is much nicer than my dorm room and I can soak in his fabulous spa tub if he's busy."

She caught a bus and then, walked to his apartment. She used her key to let herself in. She heard sounds coming from the bedroom and headed that way. The door was open. She saw two naked people. A curvy, brunette woman was on her hands and knees on top of the bed. Leo was behind her fucking her doggie-style.

Megan was gobsmacked. She could move or speak. She stood there staring and not believing what she was seeing. Leo leisurely fucked the pale, voluptuous woman. She moaned and cooed. They were comfortable together. Meg got the vibe that this wasn't the first time they'd had sex.

He said, "My angel, I love the noises you utter when we make love." He reached around and grabbed one of her huge, hanging breasts and said, "God, I love big tits." He played with the soft flesh and tugged on her nipples causing her to moan loudly.

"Oh! Oh!"

"My angel, thank you for no longer tanning topless. I love your whiter than white breasts. Your pale skin is a symbol of your modesty, chastity, and fidelity to me. Not only don't you share your body with others guys, you don't allow other men to view you. That is a great gift. I treasure it."

She said, "No other man sees me naked or makes love to me because I know you love me and you do it so well."

"Practice makes perfect," he said with a laugh. "I'm going to fuck you until I feel your sweet pussy clench my big, fat dick."

"Oh, God!" she moaned. "Fuck your angel!"

He picked up the pace. In and out. In and out. His cock rapidly penetrated her. His dick stroked her pleasure sensors and made her cum.

The woman cried out, "Oh. Oh! Ohh!" She shuddered and orgasmed.

Leo continued to pound her big, round ass. When he came, he jabbed his dick deep inside her and said, "Oh, my beautiful angel!"

Megan felt betrayed. Her anger boiled up inside her. She shouted, "What do you mean she's your angel?"

She broke the spell and the two orgasming adults looked her way. Megan's face showed how furious she was. Her teeth were clenched. Her eyes squinted as she stared daggers at the pair. She said, "You bastard! It's bad enough that you're cheating on me, but you don't even bother to come up with new lines and a new pet name!

"Bitch, I don't know who you are and I don't care, but two hours ago, I was his angel. My pale, white breasts excited him. It was my angelic pussy that clenched his dick and triggered his orgasm.

"Leo, now I understand what you meant when you said 'Practice makes perfect'. How many girls are you fucking? I'm not amused. Girl, you can have the smooth-talking, cheating bastard. I'm done!"

She turned on her heels and marched out of the building. She sat on a bench under a large oak tree and cried until she had no more tears.

^^^July 11th^^^ Home on summer vacation

"I didn't know I had a Great Aunt Elswyth," said the pretty, twenty-one-year-old woman. Megan brought her hand to her ass-length, blond hair and tucked it behind her ear and over her shoulder. She was in her mother's living room.

"I met her once when my mother and I visited our relatives in England. She was old then. I remember her because she asked me if I knew what my name meant. I said, 'No.' She said, I was descended from Anglo-Saxon royalty and that Cyne meant a royal person. I liked having a name with a meaning. When you were born, I chose an old Anglo-Saxon name for you. Megan means a strong and capable woman."

"Cool. Does Elswyth mean anything?" Megan asked.

Her mother laughed and said, "It means elf from the willow trees."


"Yes. Before science, people came up with some weird ideas to explain why things happened. They believed in magic and supernatural creatures."

Cyne handed her daughter a gold ring. "This is for you. Your Great Aunt left it to you in her will."

Megan took the jewelry and studied it. "It's beautiful. What do these symbols mean?"

She held it out so her mother could see them. Cyne said, "The marks are called runes. It's a Germanic alphabet. The Egyptians had hieroglyphs. They had runes. Let's look them up on the computer and see what it means."

Megan fired up her computer. Together, they sat on the sofa and compared the symbols on the ring to a chart online. Cyne said, "Let's see. The first means 'hero'. The middle one is 'horse' and the last one is 'ride'."

"Hero horse ride? I don't know what that means," Megan said, "but the ring is pretty." She slipped it on the ring finger of her left hand. "Look. It fits."

Her mother smiled and said, "I guess it was meant for you." She put her arm around her daughter, hugged her, and said, "I'm glad to have you back home for summer break."

^^^July 13th^^^

Megan came into the kitchen and joined her mother for breakfast. Cyne was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. She had on a loose, untied, royal blue robe over her cotton nightgown. The thigh length gown was covered with images of horses. The v-neck showed the top of her modest, braless breasts.

Megan was wearing a cute and comfortable romper. Across the top was printed "I'm not a Morning Person". Her erect nipples dented the soft cotton fabric. Her mother glanced at her, read the message, laughed, and said, "Ha. The words on your shirts have never been truer. You looked like you didn't sleep a wink."

An exhausted looking Megan slid into a chair. Her mother got up and poured her a cup of coffee. Megan said, "I told you I haven't been sleeping well since my break up with Leo. I dream and see him screwing that other girl."

Cyne's heart went out to her daughter. She placed the cup on the table and squeezed her daughter's hand.

Megan continued, "This time I had a different dream. I was out in public naked."

Her mother said, "You know, that's one of the most common dreams. It could be because of your breakup. Experts say this dream can mean you feel vulnerable or insecure."

"I'm over him. It's been six weeks. I'm done crying and wasting time wondering why he cheated on me. He's an asshole. Case closed."

Cyne smiled. She was happy that her daughter was putting the incident behind her. She said, "Dream interpretations are pretty fluid. Your new dream can also mean the opposite. It could symbolize that you feel confident. That you don't care what others think. That you're strong and proud. How did you feel in your dream? Guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, or free and confident?"

"I didn't feel any of those things. Actually, I felt nothing. It was like the woman with the long, blond hair wasn't me."

"I'm taking it as a good sign. That you're over him. He didn't deserve you. You're a great girl."

She smiled at her daughter. She stood, turned away from her, and looked out the window. She did this because she was losing the fight to hold back her tears. She was sad her little girl had been hurt. Tears rolled done her cheeks. She grabbed a dish towel and dabbed them while her daughter was distracted looking at her phone.

Cyne took a deep breath to settle herself and said, "It looks like it will be a bright, sunny day. Don't forget, you promised to go to the art museum with me tomorrow."

"Yes, ma'am. You're on my calendar."

"I've got to leave for work. Will you be home for dinner?" Cyne said.

"Probably not. I'm running errands this morning. After lunch, I'm going over to Abby's house. We're going to swim and lay out in the sun."

"That's a good idea. You're as pale as a ghost."


Jenny, a friend of Abby's, was with her at Abby's pool. Both had on bikinis. Abby was sitting on a chair in the shade provided by a large umbrella. She had on a white bikini. It was a good color for her. It contrasted well with her red hair and gave her skin the appearance of a tan. Of course, great boobs are always an asset when you wear a bikini. Abby had a nice set.

The bikini of her chubby friend had trouble containing her curves. Her big breasts looked like they would burst out of her halter top. Some of her stomach fat rolled over the front edge of her bikini bottom. The skimpy material in the back couldn't hide all her cellulite.

Jennie asked, "When are the guys coming over?"

"Around three. I invited Megan too," the perky redhead said. "Be nice to her. She was devastated when she found out Leo was cheating on her. "

"Her rich, handsome dream boy turned out to be a nightmare," Jennie said. "I knew he was too good to be true."

Abby gave her a hard look. Jennie said, "I'll be nice"

"Good," Abby said. "Tom is bringing over a friend."

Jenny laughed and said, "Oh. So you're setting her up with someone? You're going with 'The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else' strategy."

"Yes. It wouldn't be a cliché if it didn't work. Haven't you ever put a 'dick bandage' over the hole in your heart?"

"Yes," Jennie answered and giggled.

"Here she is," Abby said. She got up and greeted her friend. "Hello, Megan. I love your suit."

"Hello, thanks. Hi, Jennie."

"Hi, Megan," the fat girl said. She got up and walked toward her.

Megan joined them at the pool. She was wearing a simple, blue and white striped bikini. It wasn't super sexy, but it was perfect for tanning. It didn't have cute cut-outs or crisscrossing straps that would lead to weird tan lines. She'd brought her sunglasses, a hat, a towel, and was wearing flip-flops. Her long, blond hair was in a braid and hung down her back.

Hugs were exchanged. Everyone got a beer and lay on a lounge chair by the pool. They put on suntan lotion, sunned themselves, drank, and caught up. Abby asked, "Are you okay? Are you over Leo?"


"He was an arrogant prick. I never liked him," Jenny said. "Even before he hit on me."

"What? When? Why didn't you tell me?" Megan asked.

"It was the night you announced you were a couple. He saddled up to me and said, 'How ya doing?' Then he put his hand on my ass and said, 'Want to slip away for some fun?'. I said, 'No.' and got away from him."

Megan had a sad look on her face. Jenny explained, "I didn't say anything because earlier that night you'd told me you were so happy, so in love. I didn't want to ruin things for you. I kept quiet. He'd been drinking. I gave him a pass and hoped it was the alcohol talking."

Megan sighed and said, "Three weeks later, I caught him banging a brunette after he left my bed."

Abby said, "Sorry. I know it hurts. Sadly, we've all been there. The experts say it takes six weeks to get over a bad break up. Are you coming around?"

"Yes. I've cried. I've cursed him. The worst part was I doubted myself. I ask myself questions like, 'Did I deserve it? Should I have seen it coming?'"

"No. No. No!" Jennifer said. "He cheated. It's all on him."

Abby said, "After my last break-up, I found it helpful to meditate a few minutes every day and to focus on loving me. That kept me from doing stupid stuff, like binge eating or drinking too much."

Megan nodded. Jenny looked over her shoulder and saw that the boys had arrived. She gave a sly smile and said, "When you fall down, you have to get up. You have to get back in the game."

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