tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLady Goodnight's Evil Sluts Pt. 02

Lady Goodnight's Evil Sluts Pt. 02



"There you go, miss." The man said, setting down a cup of coffee in front of the girl. He had a nice smile and was actually attractive for an older guy. He must have been about fifty but he still had something boyishly handsome about him. His frame may have softened over the years but he still looked pretty fit and lean, his body resisting the call of middle age spread and his dark hair was still thick with only a touch of grey at the temples.

She knew his name was Simon Russell and that he ran this diner with his wife, Barbara. The girl had visited the place every night for the last few days and in that short time knew the couple were happily married, even after 27 years. The diner they ran echoed their homey, welcoming relationship and was very popular with the locals and tourists alike.

Some of the other patrons had leered at her, ogled at her plump tits and big round ass but Simon had only ever treated her to a friendly small talk and had never checked her out, his looks innocent.

Oublietta sipped her coffee and had to admit it was pretty good for a diner in a small town in the middle-of-nowheresville, USA. She watched as Simon went behind the counter, taking a second to kiss his wife on the cheek. She was familiar with seeing these little public displays of affection by now.

He'd completely forgotten about the quiet French girl in the corner. Of course, he was supposed to. Oublietta was stunningly sexy but the second one's eyes were drawn away all thoughts and recollections of her heart-shaped face, dramatic hazel eyes and full lips disappeared. She could turn it off when she wanted but she'd been sent here to spy.

She'd made the mistake of borrowing a pair of Gethsemane Lee's Manolo's without asking and as punishment the witch had sent her to this backwater town in the Bible Belt. Oublietta would much rather have been out committing nefarious crimes and outlandish schemes but the witch had insisted she run this errand.

Gethsemane's dreary little protégé, Hayley, was about to turn 18 next week and Oublietta was here 'shopping' for the girl's birthday present. Oublietta couldn't stand Hayley or understand why 'Ane cared so much about her. So what if the sorceress had fucked her father years ago?

Seething with resentment, Oublietta took a mouthful of apple pie and jotted down a few notes in her pad and snapped a few pictures of the couple behind the counter with her camera phone. Barbara Russell was a good looking brunette woman, who appeared younger than she was. Good genetics, diet and healthy lifestyle meant her body was still trim and damn, she knew how to cook.

The door opened and Oublietta saw the Russell's 19 year old son, Noah, enter. He was as tasty as the pie and just as hot. The fact he seemed unaware of it added to the appeal in Oublietta's opinion. Sure he dressed in old clothes most of the time, had scruffy hair and wore glasses but what was beneath made her mouth water.

If she hadn't had strict instructions not to touch she might have made a play for him. The glasses made him look intelligent, enhancing the warmth of his brown eyes and his face was a nice mix of masculine brow, square jaw line, cute nose and kissable looking lips. Sporty and geeky at the same time, there was none of the arrogance one usually associated with jocks.

He must have come straight from college soccer practice because he was still in his uniform that hinted he had a nice body beneath it. The shorts definitely showed off his cute tight butt and strong legs.

"Hey Mom, Dad." He called out, with a smile as he took a seat at the counter.

Oublietta only half listened as the pair talked about their son's practice but she could see the love for their son in their eyes. His photographs were scattered over the back wall and it was clear the Russell's were very proud of him. From what Oublietta had seen of him and by subtly questioning other patrons, they had every right to be.

He was polite, well-mannered and was quick to break into the easy-going smile he'd inherited from his father. He seemed happy to help out at the diner whenever his parents needed him to. Noah had been a little shy when Oublietta had first met him a few days ago but it was clear the Russells had brought him up to be a very nice young man.

"You need me to help out? I can go wash up at home and be right back....?" Noah offered. The family lived in a nice secluded house just down the road from the diner, Oublietta knew and couldn't stop herself picturing the boy's lean, athletic body, naked in the shower.

"Your mom and I can manage. We're pretty quiet tonight." His dad replied and fished a couple of twenties from the register. "Why don't you go into town and take Becky to the movies?"

"Thanks, Dad." Noah replied with a grateful smile. His folks were pretty cool. He'd have happily leant a hand but obviously preferred spending time with his girlfriend. "Can I borrow the car?"

"Be home by 11. We've got church tomorrow. " His mother called out from the kitchen as Simon handed over the keys.

"Sure thing, Mom." The boy called back, already on his way out of the door.

Becky had visited the diner several times since Oublietta had begun her spying mission and was exactly what Oublietta had expected her to be. Guys like Noah only dated nice, respectable girls. Sure, she was pretty, perhaps the prettiest girl in town but she didn't seem too stuck up about it. The girl's father was the local doctor and she had hopes to become a nurse after college.

Noah and Becky had been dating for the last two years of high school, Oublietta had found out. The girl was smart and had offered to tutor Noah in math their sophomore year, becoming friends before he'd built up the courage to ask her out. Simon and Barbara adored her and got used to having her around the house.

Seeing them together anyone could see that they were devoted to each other. Oublietta had watched them making out in Becky's car yesterday and they were so good together it had turned her stomach and offended her cynical sensibilities.

Becky was so much the epitome of the sweet, virginal type Oublietta couldn't help wondering if Noah had fucked her yet. He wasn't the type of guy to pressure a girl to do anything she wasn't ready for. Perhaps the sweet teen had just sucked his cock or had he been the one between her legs?

Oublietta's pussy moistened as she pictured Noah's innocent mouth eating pussy for the first time, his face nervous and eager at the same time. The image was so hot Oublietta succumbed to temptation and she started to play with herself under the table.


The next day Oublietta sat at the back of the church. One or two enquiring glances were made in her direction but of course, the congregation soon forgot about her.

The pastor droned on but the villainess paid him no attention. Her eyes were on the Russells; Simon, Barbara, Noah and Suzanne. This was the first time Oublietta had seen the Russell's daughter or husband.

She was older than Noah, in her late twenties and was looking after a 9 month old baby. Suzanne had married her husband, Mark, 2 years ago and started a family together which explained why she wasn't often at the diner.

Oublietta gave the other woman a cursory once over. Suzanne was pretty in an average way, and though not fat, motherhood had left her with a few extra lbs. Oublietta shrugged inwardly, some men appreciated a few extra curves. Her eyes settled on Suzanne's handsome husband. The Russells were all dark and of average height but Mark was tall, blonde and a hunk in his Sheriff's uniform. The fitted material emphasized his broad shoulders, the bulges of the powerful muscles of his chest, arms and thighs.

He had a deep blue eyes and a strong profile, looking like a man who could handle himself if he had to. The serious impression soon broke though; his face broke into a smile as he gazed down at his little daughter sucking on her tiny fingers and wriggling in her carry cot.

Suzanne and Mark should have been listening to the sermon but were actually playfully competing to pull the funniest faces at their child. Mark won for outright goofiness. Something about fatherhood had unleashed the silly part of him; he just loved to see his daughter smile.

A disapproving glance from some old spinster in the next pew stopped the fun though, Mark shooting an adorably sheepish look of apology at his parents-in-law. They didn't seem to mind though, Barbara going as far as sticking her tongue out at the offended matron's back.

They got on well with their daughter's husband. They were so thankful to God that Suzanne had found such a good and decent man and settled down with him. Mark was relaxed around them and they were glad he felt at home with them. He loved their daughter with all his heart and they had welcomed into their family as a second son.

Baby Laura started to cry and her parents' eyes filled with concern. Without spoken communication her daddy picked her up and rocked her gently, whispering smoothing sounds to calm her.

"I think she needs changing." He whispered to his wife as he picked up the baby bag. "I'll be right back." He informed her before heading towards the bathrooms at the back of the church. The quick kiss they shared was chaste but demonstrative of the affection they shared.

Oublietta had surreptitiously pulled out her cell and taken a few shots. The service had been all the time she needed to see that Mark was a loving husband and doting father. Gethsemane would be pleased. She liked the paternal type.


Hayley's Party


"Happy Birthday, sweetheart." Gethsemane said, kissing Hayley's cheek and handing her a dossier file complete with a pink ribbon.

"Thank you? What is this?"The teen asked puzzled and intrigued. With Gethsemane it paid to be cautious. The witch usually marked her birthdays with new spells to learn and made her work on them instead of having any fun.

"Well, a girl's 18th birthday is a special occasion. Open it. Open it!" The older woman replied, clapping her hands and actually looking unusually jubilant, bubbly and excited.

The first thing Hayley saw was a photograph of a family. There was no one she knew in it so turned to the other materiel. There were names and detailed bios of several people and lots more photographs included. "Is this....?"

"I'm giving you this family for your birthday. You can do... 'whatever...' you like with them...." Gethsemane said evilly. The Russells had no idea what wicked intentions were being planned for them or that they were about to become a slut's playthings.

"Thank you, 'Ane! This is amazing. I don't know what to say...." Hayley replied, her face breaking into an evil smile that mirrored her mentor's. She gazed at photos and the good men that would soon be hers. "This must have taken you ages..."

Gethsemane waved a hand dismissively. She had no intention of letting the girl know an underling had actually put in all the effort and that she was getting as much out of this as Hayley was. It was almost sexual the pleasure that Gethsemane got from corrupting Hayley.

She'd been such a sweet child until she'd gotten her hands on her. Gethsemane had slowly manipulated and moulded her, warping her sense of right and wrong. It had been delicate work damaging her psyche and twisting to her own evil ends.

Gethsemane had taught her dark spells and watched as Hayley's soul began to resemble her own. She'd shown her how to affect the very fabric of her being, enhancing Nature's gifts to perfect her face, her tits, her ass....and turned her into a perfect little slut.

But... a small piece of conscience remained at Hayley's core...some small belief in superheroes and goodness. Gethsemane intended to destroy the last piece of hope that remained. After Hayley had corrupted and fucked these three decent men she would be irrevocably damned.


Hayley blinked several times. It had been night at Lady Goodnight's palace, where Gethsemane held her rooms, so it took her a few seconds to the bright Californian sunshine. The teleportation device was always a little unsettling but at least it had placed her in her front yard in a matter of seconds.

The Organisation had property all over the world and it had been a small matter to give one to Hayley at no expense. It meant she could live in luxury that she could never have afforded but Hayley wasn't grateful. Gethsemane had taught her take whatever she could as if the world owed her.

Hayley shared this beach front villa with her best friend Alotta, a slightly older girl who been in engaged in supercriminal activities for several years now. The girl got her moniker because of a special gift bestowed upon her when she was born. Her mother had gone into labour whilst trapped inside a freak anomaly called a reality prism flux.

Her mother had died giving birth to her and Alotta had been left with the ability to create multiple versions of herself. These doppels or 'sisters' materialised instantaneously, were capable of independent action and in any number.

Hayley had once had the opportunity to witness an army of 600 'sisters' defend Lady Goodnight's secret lair from an attack by the superheroes of the Roster. It had been an incredibly impressive sight.


Hayley chucked her keys in the bowl and hung up her thick coat, now unnecessary in the midday heat. The unmistakeable sounds of sex were drifting down the hallway but Hayley didn't bat an eye. She smiled to herself as she remembered the time she'd come home to find Alotta fucking the entire local high school football team. When you lived with a girl who could copy herself over and over again orgies grew to be common place.

Through an open door off the hall Hayley spied three of her roommate's 'sisters' and a naked guy chained between two vertical posts.

"Please...I'll do whatever you want...please ...just let me..cum ...inside you..." The guy pleaded, his voice hoarse with lust. It was then that Hayley recognised who he was. His name was Tom, a nice guy that was a neighbour of theirs.

He was supposed to be getting married in a few days time. She'd gone to his engagement party and met his beautiful fiancé.

"You want to join us?" One of the 'sisters' called out when she saw Hayley standing in the door way.

Hayley's eyes gazed over Tom's well built body and at his large erect cock and was actually pretty tempted but she was feeling pretty tired after visiting Gethsemane. She shook her head, reluctantly.

"Oh well. Maybe next time...Tom will be back for more ..."

"after his honeymoon...."

"when he's a married man..."

"now he knows we fuck better than his wife ever will..."

Hayley shivered both at the indecency of it and the creepy way the 'sisters' finished each other's sentences. She left them to it and headed to the kitchen and found another two 'sisters' preparing food and margheritas.

"Hey darling. Want to join me by the pool?" One asked. Hayley knew it was actually Alotta speaking through the conjured replica but she nodded anyway. Her friend never actually did anything for herself and preferred to spend her free time working on her tan.


"The dad's pretty fuckable for an older guy." Said Alotta, the original one this time, as she flicked through the folder. Hayley was getting good at spotting the real flesh and blood version by now. "Please, please, please can I come along?"

Hayley pouted as she considered it. She hadn't been a slut for very long and didn't know if she could tackle three guys all by herself. There were also practical aspects to think of too. The family lived in the Pacific Northwest in the middle of nowhere. Alotta and her 'sisters' helping hands could certainly help carry the luggage.



Barbara loved to host parties and have guests over but it was particularly nice when the house was full of family. Suzanne and Mark had driven down with the baby and were going to stay the weekend. Chris, the duty manager at the diner could certainly manage without them for a few days.

She was setting the table for dinner and Becky had offered to give her a hand putting out the good china as Suzanne sat on one of the chairs breastfeeding.

"Old Mrs Tumble's cat was trying to get at the Matheson chickens again. Mark had to stop the old man threatening to go round there and shoot it."

"Oh no..." Barbara replied, shocked. She loved having Mark as her son-in-law but worried about him something terrible. " I know I'm being silly because crime around these parts mostly means rounding up Tim Boston when he's fallen off the wagon again but..."

"Oh Mom, you know Mark can handle it... I sometimes wonder if he's bored now that we've moved back here from the city...." Suzanne answered, shifting the weight of the baby on her lap.

"You shouldn't worry. Mark would do anything for you and Laura and he's happy knowing you're happy." Becky said, adding her opinion. She felt comfortable doing so, since she'd started dating Noah she'd become part of the family.

"It may be selfish of me but I love having the three of you so close and being a proper Grandma."

"I'm glad you said that, actually. There's a concert over in Beeston next Saturday and was wondering if you and dad would mind babysitting?" Suzanne enquired. She was hoping the answer was yes because some alone time with her husband would be great and she had special plans. Her sex life with Mark had gotten back to normal about 3 months after their daughter had been born but they were still getting used to doing with her in the house.

"Oh no! I promised the Pastor we'd drive up to Westlake for some charity donations and I know your father wanted to pick some fishing equipment. "

"We can do it?" Noah chimed in, as he walked in from the den and caught the tail end of the conversation. "It would be good to spend some time with my niece."

Becky nodded her agreement and smiled as her boyfriend wrapped his arms around her middle. She didn't mind that he'd just volunteered away some of their time away. He was good with kids and she couldn't help thinking what a great father he'd make some day.

"Well that's settled then. Is your father still boring Mark talking about that old truck?"

"Yep. Sorry Sis, I tried to save him but it was everyman for himself."

"Mark loves it." Suzanne reassured her brother. "Gives him a chance to talk about something other than Mr Flopsy the rabbit. Something a bit manlier. The guys at work keep teasing him about it."

"How's Douggie Hensley working out? It's weird seeing him walking around in a deputy's uniform, right Becky?" Noah asked. The two teenagers had been to school with the man and never thought he'd join the authorities.

"All my friends seem to like the way he looks in it." Becky said with a laugh. "You can't beat a man in uniform."

"Absolutely." Suzanne agreed with a laugh seeing the slightly troubled look flash across her brother's face. Everyone knew that Becky loved him as much as he loved her and that he had absolutely no reason to feel jealous. It was childish to enjoy it and silly but she'd be teasing him about it later.

"Son, can you go pull the boys away from the garage? Dinner will be ready in a few minutes."

"Sure Mom." He replied easily and exited as the women started to debate who should be the finalists on America's Got Talent.


Becky sat on Noah's bed, after dinner, thinking about different his parents were to hers. Her dad wouldn't even let him up to her room despite knowing Noah and proclaiming to like him. Simon and Barbara were pretty cool about letting her sleep over.

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