Lady Hideaway Ch. 07


“You know what I mean.” Katrina insisted, “How long has he been staying over here? I know you said you were dating but…”

“Kat, just drop it, please? We took a nap this afternoon and we never woke up, that’s all.”

“And why did you need a nap in the first place?” Katrina smiled.

“Kat! Jesus! Isn’t it supposed to be the older sister’s job to torment the younger one? Not the other way around!”

“You did torment me.” Katrina laughed and then left her seat to help Tessa with the cooking. “This is payback.”

“Well I’m not talking.” Tessa huffed, “It’s none of your business.”

“Fine.” Katrina sighed, “I’ll just ask Conner when he comes back.”

“Don’t you dare!”

Katrina smiled at Tessa and reached out to briefly touch her older sister’s face.

“God, look at you, Tess.”

“What?” Tessa demanded.

“You’re happy.” Katrina shrugged. “So I guess…Conner, he’s pretty great huh?”

Tessa didn’t have to answer; her smile was answer enough. Katrina shook her head and released an exaggerated sigh, but turned serious when Tessa seemed to.

“He really is, Kat.”

Katrina watched as Tessa stared straight ahead, becoming lost in her own thought. Katrina also recognized the look of self-doubt that crossed her sister’s face and she quickly reached out and put an arm around Tessa.

“Hey,” Katrina smiled, “It’s alright to be happy, you know. And… I’m happy if you are. But seriously Tessa, if you really like him, it’s okay to be happy. You know that, right?”

Tessa let out a breath and slowly turned her blank gaze on her sister.

“I am happy Kat.” She admitted, “I am. I like Conner and I’m happy. But isn’t this about the time, when things start to go wrong? When I’m happy?”

Katrina opened her mouth to protest but never got the chance as Conner returned and Tessa quickly turned back to her cooking. Katrina lifted some eggs to help, bringing her own work back to the table as she watched Conner stalking Tessa as he attempted to help her with the pancakes. At least the way he looked at Tessa was sincere enough. And he could make Tessa laugh. God, Katrina sighed to herself, he could make her laugh. She only hoped that it would last, for Tessa’s sake.

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