tagRomanceLady in Black

Lady in Black


She was dressed in black, with gold jewelry, strawberry blonde hair. A bit older, every bit the successful middle aged professional. Married...

She got on the plane after me, and I had to get up and let her into her seat next to the window. We chatted a bit, and I passed her drink over. We smiled and talked with her about the view of NYC. I told her which side of the plane to look out of to see the sights!

She was very quiet, but made eye contact and smiled. We were both tired, and dozed on and off. Whenever she fell asleep, she would relax, and let her arm rest against mine.

I had an enormous hard on, from her arm against mine, the attractive outfit, and the care taken with her appearance... and her smile.

As she dozed, I scanned her body. Nice cleavage exposed, perhaps b-cups. Not thin at all, but nice. Comfortable. Again, well care taken of. Attractive for sure.

She shifted in her seat,and turned towards me, placing her head on my shoulder, unaware for a moment that I was a stranger. I did not move, but let her rest. When she realized, she apologized. I smiled and told her her to relax and use my shoulder, that's what it was designed for. I told her It felt good to have an attractive woman leaning on me. She settled her head back onto my shoulder, her hand on my arm. My hard on was now actually moving with the beating of my heart. Her eyes were opened, and she was clearly watching. I resettled my hips.

We started to talk. I asked her where she was going, where she was from... We talked about our trips.... I asked her when her meeting started, it was not until the next day. How about supper plans? In the big city, I could suggest some good places to go, out of the way, quiet...... She looked at me and said, she'd love to hear more. Well, why don't I just take you to a favorite place! As we talked about restaurants, I told her about some romantic places in Soho, and touched her knee when mentioning how a quiet restaurant I knew could be very romantic.

She put her hand on my leg and we kissed. Once, for several seconds. The flight attendant was coming down the aisle, so we sat up straight and waited for our drinks.

When we were alone again, we kissed and she found my leg, just to stroke it up and down, not going near my cock. I put my hand on her leg, and pressed my elbow firmly into her breast. our kisses lengthened, tongue's darting, teasing, exploring.....

At the airport, we grabbed a cab, and took it to midtown, to her hotel. I told her I'd wait in the lobby until she got settled and came back down, and we'd find that restaurant....

While waiting in the lobby, she called my phone and asked me up. I knocked on the door, and she opened it... She was dressed in a terry cloth robe, and closed and locked the door behind me... Supper is on its way up here, she said, in 45 minutes. Enough time for us to get freshened up. With that, she helped me put my bags down. She then went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She looked out the door, and asked what I was waiting for, her back needed washing....

I undressed and went in, she was already in the shower, and was washing her hair.... I finished washing her hair, then took the soap into my hands and methodically washed every square inch of her body, from her toes to her ears. I spent extra time on her breasts and between her legs, being sure to get my fingers into every fold, every crease, and to feel her breasts. I washed everywhere. We washed my body together. She washed my cock and told me she had to get it in her hands, after staring at it so much on the plane.....

I dried her off first, and put the robe on her. Then, with a towel around my waist, I answered the door. Room service was there with a bottle of wine, and some light food....

The waitress smiled at my wet body, barely covered by the towel... they're always too small! She openly stared at my exposed chest as I signed the bill. I handed it back to her, and walked her to the door. As she walked out, and the door started to close, I dropped the towel. The waitress turned around and smiled as the door closed...

When I turned around, I found Helen in a camisole and panties.... we kissed and she handed me a glass of wine and a strawberry. Cheese and fruit were the appetizer, and she told me that she was the main course. And she scolded me for showing off to the waitress!

After eating and drinking for a while, she stood in front of me and took my glass away. My hands roamed her body, my first kiss was between her breasts, my hands cupping them, feeling their weight again, loving the feel of the silk and the skin... I kissed her mouth, and down parts of her neck, and both shoulders while fondling her breasts... then kissed and grabbed her erect nipples through the silk.... kissed my way down her stomach and hips to her legs....sliding my hands up and down her legs.... then kissed between her thighs and placed one long, hard kiss directly on her clit, through her panties.

I stood up and she grabbed my cock, bent over and took it in her mouth.... sucking and licking, feeling my body as she explored my cock with her tongue.... I pulled her up to kiss me, and pulled off her top, then stood her up and turned her around to face the bed. I pushed her down, but held onto her panties, so that she slipped out of them as she climbed up the bed. i followed and lay between her legs, forcing them far apart, and grabbed her ass in both hands, putting my tongue right into her pussy from behind.... licking her clit and diving deep into her pussy.... massaging her ass with my hands, I took her past the first moan of pleasure and made her tell me how good it felt.... then I kissed up her back and lay on top of her, nuzzling her face and letting her feel my cock between her legs, teasing her by pressing on her pussy, but not going in.. making her ass reach for me....

I got up and turned her over and started again, with kisses on her mouth, neck and shoulders... then I drove my cock all the way into her wet pussy, and stayed in, letting us both enjoy the feeling.... wet, warm.... straining with each other to get deeper.... her hands exploring my back, my ass, my face, pulling me closer to her and letting her kiss me at her speed. Our tongues flicking with each others, then exploring our mouths....

I fucked her with long steady strokes as we kissed, setting a rhythm that did not disturb our passion, but increased the intensity.... our focus moved from kissing to holding each other, and increasing the pace... harder and faster, dancing with each other.... her first orgasm crashed over me, and I did not waver, keeping the speed constant, driving my cock in and out of her pussy.... she came hard, but did not stop, and quickly headed into her second... at this point, I could no longer control myself.. the excitement of the day, and the raw sexual energy pushed me over the top, and we came together.... exploding, physical need winning.....

We lay spent.... holding each other... my lips and tongue having given her more orgasms, her mouth giving me another.... it was time for dessert, but that needed to wait. Wait for us to regain our strength....

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