tagNovels and NovellasLady in Red Ch. 08

Lady in Red Ch. 08


Friday found Paula Anderson, her daughters, and Steve in the living room of the O'Leary residence. Amber had greeted them warmly and after a quick sandwich led them into another room to take their measurements.

"Here's the thing, girls. My helper, Ann, and I need to get some very detailed measurements from you. The gowns will fit perfectly, but we're also going to start on swim wear soon and that really needs to be made to order to fit the best way possible. That means I'm going to have to ask you girls to strip down to just your underwear. Would you feel more comfortable being measured separately, or can I do it while you're all in the room?

"I think we could all be in the room at the same time," deadpanned Steve. "No reason for modesty now."

"I bet you do!" laughed Paula, "But that isn't going to happen. You will not be in the room while the girls are measured."

"Sorry, Steve. I think you would've enjoyed the scenery, but Mom can be really strict," complained Kate. "No getting naked in front of boys! What kind of rule is that?"

It was almost an hour before Steve was summoned by Amber. The Andersons were all laughing as he stepped into the room. "Now it's your turn. Take your shirt and jeans off. You can leave your underwear on, however."

Sure thing," replied Steve as he looked at Gwen and saw her and her sisters smiling. He quickly pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Next he turned his back to the Anderson family and began to lower his jeans. Unknown to anyone, Steve had hooked his thumbs into his underwear as well and lowered them with his jeans for a short distance.

"Actually, I went commando today and don't have any underwear on. I hope that doesn't make any difference, Amber," stated Steve with a straight face as his butt slowly came into view.

Steve watched the mirror in front of him and saw a shocked look on Paula's face. Gwen and Lisa blushed while Kate just licked her lips and leaned ahead for a better view.

"Stop right there!" shouted Paula. "Girls, leave right now!"

Before anyone could take a step, Steve pulled his jeans down, but kept his boxers on. He stepped out of the jeans and tossed them aside. Then he turned laughing to face Paula and her daughters.

"Young man, you almost gave me a heart attack!" admitted Paula. "The girls were all set to tease you about stripping in front of them, but you were so willing, the joke sort of died. It looks like the scars on your chest are healing pretty well."

Amber and Ann moved closer to Steve with their measuring tape. Ann held the tape but seemed unsure as to where to begin.

"Amber, I've measured a few guys before, but none of them looked like this! I don't know if the tape's long enough to go around his chest. You'll have to do his inseam. I don't dare get that close."

Paula felt herself flush as she watched the two girls run the tape around Steve. She glanced at her daughters and wasn't surprised to see Kate squirming in her chair. Gwen's face was glowing and Lisa had crossed her arms over her chest.

Steve realized he was in trouble when Amber kneeled down to measure his inseam. She was wearing a low top and a good portion of her breasts was on display when he looked down at her. He felt his cock begin to stir! Just a few feet away were his girlfriend and her family and he was starting to tent his boxers!

"Do you have any water?' asked Steve as he stepped away from Amber and turned his back to Gwen's family. "I'm suddenly very thirsty."

"Steve, I only have one more measurement to make. Why did you ... oh!" gasped Amber as she knee walked around Steve and raised her tape back toward his crotch. Amber was eye level with Steve's raging erection. She suddenly went silent. Behind her, Ann's eyes seem to bulge as her breathing sped up.

"What's going on?" asked Kate. "Did something happen?"

From her vantage point, Paula was able to detect the front of Steve's boxers extended in front of him farther than would seem likely. It only took her a second to realize what had transpired.

"Okay, girls. Let's go get an early dinner and check into our hotel. Come on, we've got lots to do. We'll wait for you in the kitchen, Steve. Kate, get over here. We're going to the kitchen!" insisted Paula.

Gwen was mystified by Amber's sudden silence and her mother's demand that everyone go to the kitchen. She knew something had happened, but had no idea what it was. As she was passing through the doorway, she took a quick glance back. Steve had turned away from Amber as soon as he saw the girls leave the room, but in his haste to remove his embarrassment from Amber's eyes, he spun around before Gwen was completely out of sight.

Paula heard Gwen's audible gasp and knew exactly what had prompted it. She turned to see how Gwen was reacting, only to find Lisa smiling broadly, while Gwen blushed furiously.

'What happened?" demanded Kate again. "Will someone tell me what's going on?"

"Kate, it was just a normal male reaction to a situation. We didn't want to embarrass Steve by hanging around and making it worse. Now let's get ready to go. I'm sure Steve will be out in a few minutes."

"I'm no expert, Mom, but I don't think you can really call that reaction 'normal', or at least not average," quipped Lisa.

Meanwhile, Steve was trying to apologize to Amber and Ann. "I'm sorry, ladies. I didn't mean to do that. I'm not some pervert of anything. I'm just..."

"A hetero male with a healthy libido!" laughed Amber. "No need to apologize. I'm flattered that I could manage that reaction from you. We won't say anything to anyone, but judging from the way the other ladies fled the room, you may have been busted already. We need to be sure to include a jock or something for you when you pose with a swimsuit and those scantily clad beauties. You could hurt someone with that if you're not careful. Use that power only for good!"

A few minutes later a red-faced Steve joined the Andersons in the kitchen. It was obvious that he was nervous and uncertain what to say or do. Lisa came to his rescue.

"Steve, don't be so embarrassed. I just wonder what took you so long. That Amber is a beautiful woman and that outfit was no accident. She was teasing you, and you succumbed to her charms. You sure made her day!" laughed Lisa as she hugged Steve and then whispered into his ear. "I hope I have that effect on you now and then. That was so cool!"

Kate was silently watching Steve and Lisa interact. She still hadn't determined what had just occurred but was hesitant to appear too childish by asking questions about things she should already know. She did know that she wouldn't rest until she determined what she had missed.

Steve and Gwen were quiet as they ate their meal. Kate took up the slack by talking steadily about how great their gowns would look and how anxious she was to attend her first inaugural ball.

"Kate, you have to realize that most people never get to attend a single inaugural ball and you talk like you plan on attending one every year or two. Enjoy your first, because it may well be your last," warned Paula.

"Mom, we're friends with important people now. We'll be invited to more. Maybe one of us will get elected governor or something. We'd invite each other, wouldn't we?" reasoned Kate.

After dinner, Paula dropped Lisa and Kate off at her dorm. Kate was staying with Lisa for the night, while Gwen, Steve, and Paula were renting rooms at a hotel.

"Steve, would you carry our bags up to my room?" asked Lisa with a brilliant smile. "I want the other girls on the floor to see you carrying my stuff for me."

"Lisa! Who's you friend?" called a skinny blonde girl as Steve followed Lisa and Kate down the hall.

"This is my younger sister, Kate. She's spending the night with me," responded Lisa.

"Okay, Smart-ass, who's that hunk carrying your suitcase? Don't you think you should introduce us? It's only polite."

"Ladies, this guy is way too good a guy to hang around a bunch of over sexed college girls. I'm having him drop off my bags and leaving as fast as possible. It isn't safe for a handsome hunk like him around here," laughed Lisa as she pressed against Steve and gave him a lingering kiss. "Now go before you get in trouble!"

Steve watched TV for awhile after checking in. He was still embarrassed about his dick thinking for him earlier in the day. He wondered if the entire Anderson family knew about his 'boner'. Should he stop in and visit Gwen, or was she upset with him?

His desire to see Gwen finally overcame his embarrassment, so he went next door and knocked on the Andersons' door.

"Mom? Is that you?" called Gwen through the door.

"It's Steve," he responded. "Isn't your mom with you?"

"I'm not dressed, so I can't let you in. Mom went back to the car to get her phone. She should be back pretty soon, though. She left a few minutes ago," replied Gwen.

Steve didn't feel comfortable that Paula went back out to the car in the dark. They were in a reputable hotel, but the parking lot was inadequate and they had to park in an overflow area a little farther from the hotel. It had less lighting and wasn't even paved. Not one to stand around and worry, Steve started for the parking lot.

He expected to meet Paula on her way back, but she never materialized. Steve walked all the way to the car without seeing Paula so he paused to consider where he may have missed her. She could have gone to a gift shop or stopped in a rest room. He noticed a coat sleeve near the rear end and walked back to investigate. He found Paula's coat behind the car!

Then he heard a muffled cry from behind the last row of cars. Steve headed for the source of the sound at a trot. Behind the parked cars was a depression, and that's where Steve found them. Two men held Paula. She was struggling furiously and Steve heard the ripping of fabric.

Paula had not worried about going back to her car until she realized how poorly lighted the area was. By the time she reached her vehicle, she knew that she had made a serious mistake. Two tall men approached her as she opened her car door. She tried to jump inside and close the door, but one of the men had grabbed the handle and held the door open. The other man grabbed Paula by the hair and yanked her from the vehicle. She had not bothered to zip her coat and he quickly pulled it off her shoulders. He half dragged her back to the depression behind the lot and pushed her down the embankment. His buddy followed with Paula's purse.

By the time Paula had regained her footing, the two men were on her. The man behind her grabbed her hair and pulled her head back while the other man grabbed a hand full of material and quickly cut it off her with a long knife. Paula was suddenly naked from the waist up!

"You need to leave now", commanded Steve as he approached the two men. "Just drop the pocketbook and let her go. I won't tell you again."

Surprised, the two men dropped Paula to the ground and turned to face Steve. Even as they watched him approach, they scanned the darkness for more people.

"There's nobody else here, Frank. It's just this one kid. We'd better take the money and get out of here," reasoned the taller of the two.

"Are you kidding? Look at those tits! That's some prime pussy there and I want a piece of it," declared his partner. "I'll take care of this asshole and then fuck her brains out."

The man started at Steve with the knife held down low and in front of him. Steve watched the man as he slowly approached him.

"This is assault with a deadly weapon," stated Steve calmly. "I may have to use deadly force to protect myself. Do you understand what I'm telling you?"

"Yeah, you're scared shitless," muttered the man as he lunged at Steve. It was a simple matter for Steve to deflect his attacker's knife hand. Then he lashed out with his foot into the man's knee. Paula heard the horrible sound of bones snapping from her position on the ground. The man dropped the knife and clutched his newly destroyed leg as he screamed in pain. Steve kicked the knife into the darkness and turned to face the other man.

This guy was burly and Steve quickly estimated him to weigh around two-fifty. The man took a swing at Steve's chin. Once again, Steve blocked the blow with his left arm. He then held his hand flat with fingers extended and drove it into the second attacker's throat. The man went down like a rock. He gripped his throat as he lay on the ground making gurgling noises.

Steve walked over to Paula and gently helped her to her feet. Her breasts were fully exposed but Paula was far too upset to consider it. She wrapped her arms around Steve as she cried into his chest. Steve held her with one hand as he pulled out his cell phone with the other. He dialed 911 and requested police and two ambulances. He watched the two assailants for a couple minutes to be sure they wouldn't be trying anything else while Paula sobbed into his chest. Certain that the two men were truly out of commission, he gently picked Paula up in his arms and carried her up the bank.

Gwen had gotten dressed and was surprised that her mother had not yet returned. She went to ask Steve to go with her to look for her mom, but got no response when she knocked on his door. Concerned, she headed for the car, expecting to meet her mother at every turn. When she reached the car without finding her mother, or Steve, she became more worried. Then she saw her mother's coat lying by the back of their car.

Just as police cars, with sirens blaring, began pulling into the parking lot, Gwen saw Steve emerge from between two parked cars. He was carrying her mother in his arms and she was naked from the waist up!

The two police cars pulled to a screeching halt and cops jumped out with guns drawn as Steve walked past their headlights.

"Hold it right there! Stop and put the lady down! Do not try to leave with her!" warned one of the officers.

"Gwen, give your mom her coat," ordered Steve. "She doesn't need to have all these cops staring at her. Paula, I'm going to put you down now. You need to let Gwen help you with your coat, okay?"

Paula sobbed again as she nodded her head. Steve placed her so she was standing with her back to the police and Gwen immediately held her coat so Paula could slip it on. Then Gwen reached down and zipped it closed. Steve turned to face the cops.

"This lady was just assaulted by two men," began Steve in an even tone. "They tried to rob and rape her. You need to arrest them."

"Where did they go? Did you get a license number or a description of their car so we can call it in?" asked the older cop from the closer car.

"No, I didn't. Why don't you go ask them what car they drive," replied Steve with a straight face. "They're over there, down an embankment behind those parked cars."

Three cops quickly disappeared into the darkness while the other cop approached Paula. Gwen had taken her in her arms and was trying to sooth and calm her down. Paula was still sobbing.

"Can you tell me what happened, Ma'am?" asked the officer. "Do you require medical assistance? The rescue squad is almost here. Are you hurt?"

"No, no, I'm not hurt and I don't need an ambulance. Those two bastards over that bank will! Steve smashed the one guy's leg and probably crushed the other one's larynx. They dragged me by my hair from my car. They cut off my clothes and were going to rape me when Steve stopped them. The first guy attacked him with a knife. Steve brushed the knife aside and then kicked him extremely hard in the knee. I heard the bones break," revealed Paula.

"The second man went after Steve with his fists and Steve just blocked his swing and then slammed him in the throat. He won't be talking anytime soon.".

Gwen was stunned as she listened to her mother describe the events of the past few minutes. She had been attacked and Steve had saved her. He fought with, and defeated two men! Then one of the officers returned from the darkness.

"We need the ambulances pretty quick, Bob. The one guy's leg is bent at a weird angle and he's going into shock. The other guy is making gurgling noises and can't talk. He can barely breathe. What the hell did you hit them with?" demanded the cop as he turned his attention to Steve.

"The lady just gave a brief account of the struggle. She says he kicked the one guy and used his hand on the other. Did you happen to find a knife anywhere at the scene?"

"No, but we found a pocketbook. Frank has it. We'll bring it up when the ambulance takes those two away. They're pretty messed up for just running into an unarmed school kid," added the cop suspiciously.

Gwen looked in her mother's car and found the keys on the floor mat. "Come on and sit in the car, Mom. I'll warm it up for you. You don't need to get sick over this. We'll be staying warm in the car, officer. Let us know when you need us."

Gwen helped her mother into the passenger seat and then dug out her cell phone. "Lisa, you'd better get over here to the hotel. Can you get a ride? Mom's had a problem. She's okay, but bring Kate and come over. Mom's going to want to see you. Steve's here, thank God. Yeah, he was a big help. I'll tell you about it when you get here."

The ambulances arrived and the medics spent some time preparing the two thugs for transit. Lisa and Kate jumped out of an older car when it pulled to a stop not far from the ambulances. Both girls ran to the ambulances, fearing the worst. Confused when they saw two strangers being prepared for the trip to the hospital, they turned as Steve approached them.

"Steve! Where's Mom? Is she hurt? Is she in the hospital?" questioned Lisa. "Where's Gwen?"

"Calm down, Lisa. Your mom's okay, but she needs you to be calm and reassuring. Don't be too emotional or you'll get her crying again. Your mom was attacked by two men. They dragged her down the embankment and were trying to rape her when I found them. I got her away from them. She's okay, but she's badly shaken. You girls need to reassure and love her. She's in your car over there."

"There's more to this story, isn't there? I see two dirtbags being loaded into ambulances over there. I bet you had something to do with that, didn't you," demanded Kate. "You beat the hell out of them, didn't you, Steve?"

"Come on, Kate," insisted Lisa. "We need to take care of Mom!"

Steve patiently answered the questions asked by the police. He explained in detail how he came to be looking for Paula, as well as how he found her and what her attackers said. Finally, he demonstrated how he disabled Paula's attackers.

It was approaching midnight when the police told Steve that they were done with him for the night, but that he and Paula would have to stop at the police station the next day to make official statements and answer any questions that may crop up.

The girls had already escorted their mother to her hotel room long before Steve returned to his. He crawled into bed and was almost asleep when he heard a tap on his door. He opened the door to find Lisa waiting.

"Steve, please come over to Mom's room right now. She wants to see you. I'm so glad you were there when Mom needed you. I can't even imagine what we would have done if something horrible happened to her."

"Just let me slip my pants on, and I'll be right over. I'm just really glad that I was able to help her. Your mom is one of my favorite people," responded Steve as he stepped into his jeans.

Paula, Gwen, and Kate were waiting for him when he entered the room. Paula stepped up to Steve and brushed his face with the back of her hand. Her eyes were red and a stray tear trickled down her cheek.

"I was so frightened when those bastards held me and cut my clothes off! I was praying that you'd miss me and come, and suddenly you were there. When they dropped me and went after you, I feared that I'd placed you in danger. Then I saw how easily you handled those men and I knew everything would be okay. You saved me, Steve. You risked your life for me, even if your skills put the odds in your favor. To think I was worried about you breaking my family up. I'm so sorry about ever mentioning that stupid idea. You're a very good young man, capable, strong, and so very willing to help those in need. Thanks so much!" cried Paula as she buried her face in Steve's chest and sobbed.

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