tagLoving WivesLady in The Black Dress

Lady in The Black Dress


Every Friday night we would go to the bar and have drinks. We would order a bottle of wine (sometimes two) eat some appetizers...engage in lots of sexual teasing and then head home for an amazing night of sex. Tonight was to be different....very different.

The evening started out no different than the others....bottle of wine and a toast to the sex that was to come. My wife was seated in front of me and behind me at another table was a beautiful woman with dark black hair and a very short black dress. She was also enjoying a glass of wine and to my amazement she was sitting alone. My wife was lost in a blank stare and it was not into my eyes she was staring. I enjoyed the wine and the music that was playing and thought of how much I looked forward to tasting my wife's sweet pussy when we got home.

As the waitress passed I turned to flag her down to order another bottle of wine and realized what had caught my wife's attention. The woman in the black dress had her legs parted and she was exposing her pink panties to my wife. The sight of that instantly turned me on. I turned back and my wife was still locked on the woman....but not locked on her eyes but the treasure below the table....the parted legs and the pink panties.

I could tell by my Wife's movements that she had begun to rub her pussy over her pants. Her movements were slight but I knew what she was doing....the rubbing was slow but constant. I needed a reason to turn around again and immediately turned to chase down the waitress. As I did I was rewarded with the sight of the woman also rubbing her pussy....but she was rubbing over her panties. She had no idea I was watching....see was lost in the sight of my Wife.

I excused myself to the restroom....at least that was my excuse for leaving the table. But instead I positioned by self near the restrooms so I could watch my Wife without her seeing me. The Bar was now a little darker....giving my Wife a little more courage. From the distance I could see that she had unzipped her pants and move her hand inside. I do not know if she was on the inside or the outside of her panties but I could tell that she was rubbing with a little more intensity. And as I glanced at the woman in the black dress I could see why.....she had now slid a finger inside of her panties and from my vantage point it appeared that she was fingering herself.

I was now staring directly at my Wife and could tell...even from a distance....that her breathing was becoming short...her hand moving at a rapid pace inside of her pants...a slight arch of her back and there was no doubt in my mind that she was cumming....but I could not tell if she was fingering herself or just rubbing over her panties....as a smile stretched across her face I moved my attention to the woman in the black dress...her breathing also short and back arched...she was cumming as well. As she removed her finger from her pussy she picked up an appetizer from her plate and placed it in her mouth....licking her fingers in the process.

As I returned to the table my Wife says that she is going to the restroom and when she returns she wants us to leave so we can go home and she can "fuck my brains out." Who was I to argue? As I turned to call for the waitress I notice the woman in the black dress is following my wife to the restroom.

A few minutes later they are both leaving the restroom. My wife walking in front of the woman. But I can tell that my Wife's hand is behind her......holding the hand of the woman in the black dress....As my Wife returns to the table she whispers in my ear...."I hope you are ready for a night you will never forget."


The drive home from the bar is a short one but my Wife could not wait. No sooner than the valet had the door closed her pants were undone and her hand inside her pants. This time I could tell that her hand was inside her panties and she was working what was sure to be her throbbing clit. She reached her hand over and rubbed my growing cock. She was pleased to see the impact she was having on me. As we turned into the auto court to enter the garage her body was hit with a massive orgasm. I had never seen her cum that fast. This woman in the black dress was having quite an impact on her....and I would soon be the beneficiary of that.

We headed straight to the bed room and soon articles of clothing were flying everywhere. The only clothing that remained on her was her black bra and silky pink panties. She had instructed me to get naked. It had been a long time since we had kissed so passionately. We kissed as if we were high school sweethearts that were experiencing their first love. I let my hands roam and soon my left hand was caressing her tits through her bra. Her nipples were ripe and hard. Slight moans were escaping her lips as I continued to caress those wonderful breasts.

As we continue to kiss my left hand begins the trip down her body to the waiting treasure. I slowly rub her pussy over the outside of her panties. She is very wet and her clit is very responsive. As we continue to kiss the focus of my attention is on her clit. Rubbing a little faster now on her throbbing clit I sense that she is close to what I hope is multiple orgasms on this night. Back arching and hips raised she proclaims...."I am cumming"...."Oh I am cumming....I whisper in her ear....tonight is all about you....and she responds..."it is about us"....

As she lay on her back she removes her black bra and begins to slowly caress her breasts. The caressing of her breasts by her hand is quickly replaced by her tongue. A breast in each hand she is kissing and licking her hard nipples. I reach over to the dresser and open the top drawer and remove her favorite purple dildo. I place the dildo in her mouth to get it ready for her pussy....she takes that dildo in her mouth and is soon performing oral sex on the dilo as if it were me......As she does she begins to slowly stroke my now very hard cock. With all the excitement that had led up to this point it will not take me long to cum. She removes her hand from my cock and replaces it with mine...."Masturbate for me." As she continues to perform oral sex on her purple friend I obey her orders and masturbate for her. Seeing her with that dildo in her mouth...on the bed wearing pink panties...thinking of what happened in bar....It takes no time at all for me to cum....what an amazing feeling....

I now take the dildo and run it along her pussy lips over her very wet pink panties. I love seeing her in her panties and try to keep them on her as long as I can.....I move her panties to the side and slip the dildo slowly into her inviting wet pussy. I slowly push the dildo far inside of her....Once inside I begin to fuck her with it. Her hips are bucking as the dildo gets deeper and deeper inside of her. I am hoping that the dildo can find that magical spot that will bring her complete ecstasy.

To my surprise she has reached into the same drawer and has presented her new lip stick vibrator. She placing the small vibrator on her clit and begins to move the small vibe in a circular motion. She is now moaning and instructing me to "fuck her hard" with her purple friend. As I continue to work the dildo inside of her the small vibe is in a stationary position on her clit. Her back arches and her breathing become short and shallow...The time is here....her body his shaking...She is having the explosive orgasm I was hoping she would have...she has not moved the vibe and I continue to work the dildo inside of her...The orgasm continues...The sound of the vibe is being drowned out by the sounds of her ecstasy...as the orgasm begins to subside she tells me...."That is the best...the longest and most intense orgasm I have ever had"....I move up to her and slowly and sensually kiss her. She breaks away from this kiss and whispers in my ear...."Please taste me"......

With that I position my body between her legs and begin to lick her pussy....once again over her wet pink panties....I pull the panties to the side and begin to work her clit just as the vibe had just done. While my tongue dances on her clit I place two fingers inside and begin to slowly finger her. As I do this she has the purple dildo in her mouth...first to taste herself and then to make love to it.....

As I continue to finger her I am now sucking on her clit.....she is working the dildo in and out of her mouth with the skill and talent that I know she has....I can feel her pussy begin to contract on my fingers....She is cumming again....the moans are muffled as she continues to make love to the dildo.....

She removes the dildo from her mouth..."Thank you" she says....and follows that with..."Now it is your turn"....She picks up the phone and begins to dial...."Who are you calling"...I ask....and with that she speaks into the phone..."You can come over now".....

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