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Lady Magnets


Have you ever noticed that a few men have this facility to attract most, if not all, women? I am talking about the kind of guy who does not seem to even try to attract women and yet the ladies rush to him like moths to a flame.

The amazing aspect; at least to me; is that these lady magnets do not necessarily have to be attractive or good-looking men; although they normally are.

I attended college with a small little guy with big ears and wide eyes and a very plain if not ugly face. I would say he looked like Mickey Mouse but that would not do Mickey justice. At any rate Jack could hustle any lady he wished and ended up marrying one of the more desirable women in the town. I acknowledge that he was an outgoing and fun loving guy and the "life of the party" sort of person and in his case this probably made him cute and cuddly in the eyes of some women. The fact that a significant part of his body growth dangled between his legs may also have had an impact.

However, the one of whom I am writing about more closely matches the stereotype. He attended the same college mentioned above. I did not know much about this fellow while in school and did not realize he had this attraction for women during that time.

He and I worked together in a mining town in Northern Quebec following our graduation. The times were exciting and the town was busy. There were numerous mining companies in operation with new ones coming on stream. On top of this the cold war radar lines were under construction at this time and the town airport was the jump off point for flights to the Arctic and Northern Canada. Needless to say the night action was hot and heavy with seven nightclubs and four times that number of beer parlors; operating in a town of 20,000 people.

We were young and single and just out of college and earning money that we could spend without worrying about getting through another school year. Some of our gang where up to three pays behind at the local bars. But we did have a lot of fun. It was a great town for someone in their early twenties. The women in the clubs were dressed impeccably, looked great and were amenable to dancing and accepting a cocktail from men they met in the club. There was never a problem with fighting drunks and it seemed that everyone who attended the clubs went for the pleasure and the opportunity to meet someone.

The name of the lady magnet mentioned above was Ben. He was a very introspective kind of guy, not terribly friendly to anyone that I had ever noticed. He was medium build and not at all athletic or muscular. His skin was as pale as milk and it was set off by his jet-black hair which he wore swept back along the sides and cropped behind like a duck's ass. In fact that was his nickname; "Duck's Ass". At least that is what we called him; I am not sure what term the ladies used. And, oh yes, he wore dark glasses at night in dark places.

His eyes were hooded and sleepy looking at all times and when he did look at you, the look could be best termed as "baleful". He seldom engaged anyone in conversation and his usual response to a question or a statement was a shrug. Despite all of this I got along with him quite well and while we were not close friends by any means we were quite easy in each other's company. I kind of liked him as a matter of fact. I should mention as well that he could drink forever and never show it, at least that I could determine.

The one thing that I did discover soon after my arrival was that Ben never had to look for love like the rest of us. He just got it when he decided he wanted it. Initially I put it down to the fact that this was his hometown; and that he knew a lot of the local ladies and no doubt he did. But it was more than that.

The evening drill was virtually the same for all of us single guys; we went looking every night for a woman to take home and get laid. And I can also tell you that while we got to take many ladies home from the club, we seldom got laid. There were always women to dance with and each night we thought we had found "the" one, but it seldom worked out. We tried hard and had fun. Now Ben did not even try easy and despite this lack of effort he could bed a new woman every night, if that was his wish.

One evening four of us were sitting around our favourite bar trying to decide which nightclub we would honour with our presence that night. The decision would be based on what night of the week it was and where the ladies might be. Occasionally the decision might be based on the club floorshow, but that would automatically also include the best collection of women.

At any rate this night an attractive women came in for a drink and sat down at a table quite close to us. We had all given blood that day at a mobile Red Cross blood bank and we recognized her as one of the nurses; apparently from out of town. A correction here; each of us except Ben had been to the blood bank; he obviously could not spare a drop given the colour of his skin.

Two of the guys took turns trying to pick the lady up for the night. She was pleasant but not at all interested. We decided that it was time to leave for the evening's fun. Ben declined to join us and continued to sit morosely in his chair. We knew enough not to coax him so we just got up and left.

Ben had not taken part in our discussions about the visiting nurse and as far as could be determined he had not even looked at her. But as we left the bar we looked back by chance, and there was that woman who had shown no interest in us better looking guys, carrying her drink over to Ben's table. Ben was never one to speak of his conquests but we all knew what he did that night, and we also knew that none of us had been served the same dish.

This leads up to the main part of the tale. I had a new car; one of the few in this particular group to have one. I was much sought after because of it but usually only by my guy friends who didn't want to spend beer money on cabs! I suspect a few of the women that I did manage to escort out of the clubs came with me for the same reasons.

I met Ben one evening and he suggested we take a trip up to a club at a neighbouring town about an hours drive away. I agreed as I had nothing better to do and despite the fact I had determined already that it was tough on your ego to go out with Ben. If two women joined you at a table, he got to pick his first and the other one sat there with a ticked off look for the evening. It remains a mystery to me how everyone at the table knew when Ben had made his choice without a word being spoken, but we did.

This night unfolded as expected and we were not long at the club when two ladies came up and asked if they could join us.

I should interject here and clarify that in normal circumstances we guys usually had to approach the ladies and ask if they would join us. But with Ben, you sat and waited. Maybe that was his secret.

They were quite nice looking girls who I had seen before in the clubs but had never engaged in conversation. I sat back and waited for the one who would be stuck with me to be determined. However, for some strange reason the first move was made by what I thought was the nicest one and she suggested that she and I have a dance. Ben; by the way; did not like to dance.

We danced several times and by God I really believed I had lucked out and found one who liked me better than she desired Ben. I was quite pleased with myself. By the time we got back to the table, Ben's vibes had convinced this other lady that she wanted to get close to him quite soon. So off we go in my nice new car; me and this wonderfully astute lady in front; and Ben and this suddenly aroused woman panting in the back. We parked at a beach area well known as a sort of a lover's lane in the area. There were two or three other cars around.

I was doing very well in the front seat and while I had not yet touched bare skin in any particularly vital area the necking was very relaxed and pleasant. However from the back seat there was some real action mostly punctuated by female type moans and groans. Finally I was clipped on the head by a foot from the back and as I jerked around to see what had hit me, there was the lady on her back with her knees up and Ben's white ass bouncing up and down between her thighs in the moonlight!

The girl in front with me was all of a sudden very upset and obviously embarrassed. She asked me if we could go for a walk in the dark on the beach. We got out of the car and as far as I could make out Ben didn't miss a stroke. As we walked, no word was spoken and there did not seem much chance that I could pick up with her where I had left off, which was heading for a bra hook!

We drove home finally. Ben had a look like he had just done something resembling his duty and never said a word to me about it, that night or ever. In fact, he and I never joint ventured together again. The young lady with me in the front seat never asked me to call or gave any indication that she would like to see me again.

I was at the same club one night about a month after the above event, sitting with a few different guys from work. I spotted Ben guiding my former "date" out the door of the club. Yes indeed, it was the young lady who had been so terribly embarrassed while Ben had been fucking her friend in the back seat.

Now what do you think that young lady was thinking as Ben moved her out into the night? First she would find out that Ben had no money and that if there was a cab involved, she would be paying.

We all knew that when Ben made this particular move with a lady it would always end up with him getting in her panties. Did she think by giving up her body to this apparently irresistible gigolo that he might marry her? On the other hand maybe she did just want to get laid. I hope it was the latter, because that was all she would ever get from Ben. Go figure. There is no justice in this world for ordinary guys like me. I was looking for something steady so I would not have to do all that damn chasing.

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