tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLady Mentor's Lesson

Lady Mentor's Lesson


It was another bright sunny spring day in northern Pa. Sue was getting ready to make her rounds of her route as a regional supervisor for a eyeglass company. She had been at this job for a number of years and had become quite successful. Some of her success was do to hard work but a lot was do her ability to manipulate many of the people she worked with or serviced. Sue used her charm and beauty with members of both sexes with equal success. She had everyone fooled as to her innocence so much so that in the last four years she had been able to adjust orders so as to skim some additional profits into her own pocket. Her boss Ron was so taken up with her that the fool never would suspect her ability to cheat the company. The store managers she served were just as stupid in her mind.

One of her counterparts in another area was her friend Linda. Linda was fairly new at the job and Sue was asked to mentor her. Sue and Linda hit it off quite well but Sue liked to make sure that Linda new who was the star performer and who was the trainee. This attitude came across many times in the day especially in front of male customers. Linda was quite attractive with a cute tight body and long wavy brown hair. Sue was no slouch herself with her shoulder length fine light red hair and her lovely ass and legs.

Toady would be the day that Sue would regret as her life would change. Linda was coming over to see how new displays were set up in large retail stores. While she waited for Sue to finish some things around the house a shipment of cards arrived for Sue. As the regular UPS man was unloading he and Linda talked and through this conversation she learned how shipments had increased in recent years but returns were very light. Linda took the paperwork and brought into Sue little office. There she stumbled on some past orders, which showed less sales and greater returns then the orders that were in her folder marked new cards. It didn't take long for Linda to figure out what Sue was up too. There were also some personal banking statements showing larger weekly deposits than the numbers Sue had told Linda she was grossing. Linda realized that somehow Sue was ripping off the company. Linda was not sure what to do but she liked her boss and knew if anything were uncovered he would be destroyed. She also knew that this annoying bitch was really a thief. All the anger of the last several months flushed through her mind, as she wanted to get even for the humiliation and condescending attitude she had lived with from Sue.

Sue came down stairs and saw Linda in her office but thought nothing of it. As she spoke to Linda she saw her holding the files that would show what she had been doing. She yelled at Linda to stay out her paperwork only Linda churned and told Sue to shut up. She quickly told her that she knew Sue was stealing and that she was going to call Ron. Sue started to try and stop her but Linda pushed her away. Months of anger swelled through her body and for the first time she saw Sue look less than the cocky controlled bitch she had been.

Listen Sue said lets talk this out. I think I can help you increase your income too and stupid Ron won't even know what is happening. Linda shot back that she wasn't interested in anything but seeing Sue punished and that she could forget trying to talk her into anything else. Linda then raced out of the house to her car heading home not sure what to do next. Sue called several times on her cell phone but she didn't answer until she got home. By now she knew what she was going to do so when Sue called again Linda told her to come over and maybe they could work t out. While she waited for her to come Linda called Ron and asked him to come by her house as soon as possible as she needed help. Ron told her he could be there in an hour. Sue arrived once again feeling in control. She figured that Linda was willing to talk and she could get her way little scam.

Linda let her in and told Sue to sit in the Living room. She went and got both of them a glass of wine and she sat down across from Sue. She asked Sue why she stole and Sue just said money and it was easy. Linda had arranged for a tape recorder to be playing, as she wanted the confession she figured Sue would give. Finally Sue said okay what do you want to forget what you saw. Linda just laughed and said it 's not what I want but what you will do. Sue looked puzzled but Linda continued and told Sue that she needed to learn what it felt like to be humiliated and treated as child. She told Sue that wanted her to tell Ron that Linda was ready to be on her own which seem like a simple request to Sue. Sue quickly said OK and got up to leave that is when Linda said not so fast. We have a lot of unfinished business. What Sue said?

Sue you are going to spend the next two days while my husband is away serving and pleasing me. If you fail to do as I say or in any way do not please I will release the papers I took and by the way your confession I have on tape. The blood drained from Sue's face you are crazy she said and all Linda said was then leave and you will find out how crazy I am. Sue stopped and Linda said are you going and Sue said no. Linda said I couldn't hear you speak up bitch and Sue said no very loud. Okay are you going to obey me and please me and Sue shoulders slumped said yes. Good, and Linda went back to her chair. She told Sue to turn and look at her and told her to remover her top and slacks. With shaking fingers Sue did as she was told trying to look at Linda who was smiling. She had waited several months for this and she was going to enjoy it.

Run your hands over your breast and as Sue did she was told to remover her bra. Massage those tits and pinch those nipples make them stand out she was told and she did it. Linda then told her to rub her pussy and make her panties wet. Tell me how you want to please me, how bad a little girl you have been, do you want to suck my pussy. Sue answered as despite her shame she was turned on like she had not been for a long time. Lower you panties to mid thigh were next and Sue did it. Put 2 fingers into your pussy and fuck yourself cunt and she did moaning and hips swaying with each thrust. Linda walked to her and before she could cum remover her fingers roughly from her cunt and stuck them in to Sue's mouth. Suck your juices she was told and as she did Linda began tracing her hands over Sue's lovely body. You want to cum don't you she said and Sue moaned not releasing her fingers from her mouth. Well all in good time but first you will please me.

The doorbell rang and Linda told Sue not to move. She remover Sue panties and told her to suck on the crouch while she answered the door. Sue was embarrassed because she knew that someone at the door would see her naked back and ass. Linda quickly came back and told Sue to turn and there was Ron with Linda. Ron was not sure what to say so Linda told him the story and played the tape for Ron. He was hurt by Sue's behavior and comments about him but not as much as Sue who was still standing with her panties in her mouth now being scolded by Linda. Ron wanted revenge and Linda said he was free to enjoy. Linda pulled the panties from Sue's mouth and Sue began to beg for forgiveness. Ron said he must call the police but Linda was able to convince him that this was better and he agreed. Ron had always wanted to make love to Sue now he had her. Linda told Sue to get on the floor and crawl to Ron and beg for his cock, as you want to save your ass. Sue did not care about anything by now all sense of pride was gone. She only knew she needed release and needed to make these people happy to avoid jail.

Ron told her to remove his pants, underwear and socks and shoes. He told her to suck and kiss his feet and move up to his cock. Sue was happy to do as he asked. Once she got to his cock he told her to lay over his lap. Sue was not sure what was up but did as she was told. He stroked her ass and played with her anus and pussy. His touch was wonderful and she was thanking him and encouraging continuing as she felt her release coming. Ron like Linda was not going to allow that. He stopped and she begged for him to continue. He then began to scold her and told her she was going to receive 20 swats and she was to thank him after each one. He then raised his hand and the spanking began. Sue was never more ashamed but was surprisingly turned on. She was grown woman being treated like child but it was hot and she could feel his total control over her as wonderful. She cried a little by the time he reached 20 but it was ok. Her ass was on fire just like her pussy. He ordered up and then led her to Linda's bedroom. Linda was there and she told Sue to lie on her back on the bed.

She took two scarves and tied Sue's hand to the bed and then produced a pair of scissors and a razor. Ron began to trim Sue's natural pussy hair. She asked them to stop but they continued warning her not to move and to open her legs wide. Linda then covered her pussy with cream and Ron began to shave her pussy until there was just a little strip running from her ass to her pussy. They then cleaned the area. Applied some lotion and Ron began to kiss her around her ears and neck. His lips trailed down over her breast, over her nipples, and down her stomach. He then kissed from her ankles to her pussy licking both legs but avoiding her hot box. She moaned and begged for his tongue and she finally received what she needed. His movement over clit and pussy lips was wonderful and she quickly spasm like never before. He continued and she had another orgasm and then he raised himself over her and slid his hot cock between her tits stoking all 7 " up to her mouth. She moved her tongue and lips to try and capture it but he just teased until he was ready to cum and then he shot all over her lips. Sue licked like a woman in the desert not wanting any of it to be lost. Linda came over and took his cock and told Sue to make it hard again and stuck it in her mouth.

While all this had been going on Linda had removed her clothes and been fingering her tight pussy. Once Ron was hard again Linda climber over Sue and slapped her tits until she begged appropriately to eat Linda pussy. Linda lowered herself onto Sue mouth and she licked like a woman possessed. Linda's orgasm didn't take long and she rolled off Sue and Ron untied Sue and told her to climb on to his now rigid cock that was standing straight up while he lay on the bed. Sue couldn't wait to get on top and as she did Ron saw Linda coming back to the bed. Attached to her hips was an 8" black rubber cock and she was carrying some KY jelly. Sue felt her on the bed and as she looked at Ron she could feel Linda's fingers probing her sensitive ass.

She then saw in the mirror what Linda's was going to do. She begged for her not to do this but Linda only laughed and pushed the rubber phallic into Sue's ass. Sue cried in pain and tears flowed but soon the feeling of two cocks pumping in and out took over and she came and came along with Ron and Linda whose orgasms followed from the pressure of the cock on her clit and Sue's humping of Ron. The three of them lay together after their orgasm for a few moments. Sue than thanked them for letting her be their little slut slave.

She knew her life was changing and they reminded her that more was coming as they had two full days. She now knew what loss of control was like and she realized that her nonconsensual sex was better than any other experience she had experienced.

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