tagErotic HorrorLady of the Manor

Lady of the Manor


"Oh, my God! It's beautiful!"

The two-story Tudor house and grounds known as Nottingham Green stretched out in front of Amber Whitley and she could do nothing but sigh in response. Everything had been a surprise: the reading of her biological father's will, the financial windfall and now, this gorgeous estate tucked in the fog-laden hills of England.

"Why didn't I know about this before?"

Claire Anderson, the real estate agent shrugged. "Can't tell you. I just know what Mr. Bromley's wishes were. It belongs to you." She dropped the skeleton key into Amber's hand and smiled. "You're the new Lady of the Manor."

Amber grinned, fingering the key. "Wow!"

Claire returned her smile. "Well, I've got to get back into town. I'll drop by later to see how you're getting along."

"Great. Thanks!"

Amber watched the woman drive away, then turned back to the huge house. It was just too beautiful for words and she had no words to speak when she entered the huge expanse of wood and crystal, standing in awe of the exquisite workmanship. It was like nothing she'd ever seen before.

"Miss Whitley?" Amber whirled to see a uniformed butler standing just inside the doorway. "The Master's waiting for you upstairs."

Confusion ruled Amber's brain but she stammered, "Uh, okay. Thanks." Didn't Claire tell her that the house was empty? Amber came to the conclusion that she must have been wrong and shrugged, taking the grand circular staircase to the upper floor. Here, more beautiful, gleaming wood met her, along with a uniformed maid who gave her a tiny curtsey as she headed away with a handful of soiled bedding. She thought she saw ... blood?

She continued down the hallway until she found a set of double doors that heralded the Master Suite and pushed them open. A handsome man lounged in the king-size bed, his blonde hair falling into his blue eyes and he sat up when she stepped forward. The doors quietly closed behind her.

"Ah, there you are!" He was tall, quite tall and quite naked. Amber stared as he swung out of the bed and came over to her, grabbing her hands and leading her back. She stumbled along, not quite sure of what the hell was happening. "I've been waiting for you."

"Waiting for me?"

"Yes! You were supposed to be here three days ago."

That much was true. She had had some things to take care of and delayed her trip to make sure everything had been handled. "Do I ... Am I supposed to know you?"

"I doubt it. Your father was a shit at taking care of details. I'm sure you've discovered that already." Amber nodded. Yes, he was correct. Some of the real estate information was woefully out of date or worse, incomplete. "But that's water under the bridge. I'm Peter. Peter Woollsley."

"Amber Whitley."

"Well, Amber, you are one thing your father did right." His gaze traveled up and down her body, resting for a long moment on her breasts. "You are a knockout!"

She laughed. Not once in her life had she ever thought that she was a knockout. Red hair, freckles, green eyes ... none of them had ever combined to make her a stunner. "That's a first."

"What do you mean? You are a knockout. Your hair is so beautiful, deep red and it plays wonderfully with your eyes." His eyes dropped again. "And your breasts ... " He reached forward and cupped one, rolling the nipple quickly.

Amber smacked his hand away. "Don't touch me!"

"What do you mean, don't touch you? You belong to me."

The saliva in her mouth dried up quickly. "Wha-what?"

"Your father didn't tell you that, either, did he?" Peter's laugh made her hackles rise. "You're the new Lady of the Manor. It's time to take your rightful place."

His face began to change as he reached for her and she screamed. The blond hair was replaced with white fur, his nose elongated and his body grew, thickened with muscle and sinew until she was looking at a human wolf. He threw her onto the bed and used his razor-sharp claws to rip her clothes off, letting his long tongue lick his lips.

"Your father was a werewolf, Amber and I was his favorite. He knew that you existed all these years but he wanted you to remain pure until I was ready for you. Unfortunately, he was killed before he could bring you into our fold."

How could he know that she was still a virgin? Amber lay still, partly mesmerized by his deep blue eyes and partly in a state of shock. "I ... I don't understand."

"You are a female, my mate. After tonight, you will begin your transformation and become a beautiful red wolf." He bent, blowing hot breath on the side of her neck and smiling at her response. "Just imagine, Amber, running free under the cover of night, fucking under the stars." She whimpered, shivering with the passionate force of his words. "Taking each other whenever and wherever we want ... "

Tears filled her eyes. "I don't want to kill anyone."

"It's not like what you see in the movies and that's the reason why we have this huge chunk of property. We have a gamekeeper who makes sure that the woods are filled with animals for us to eat." His long tongue licked her neck, tickling the hollow and making her gasp for breath. "I do not wish to take you by force. Will you join me?"

Amber closed her eyes for a long moment, then opened them and Peter's heart thumped in his chest, seeing the retinal sworls that signaled her acknowledgement. Her werewolf essence had been released and now, she was his. "Yes."

Peter raised his head and howled, a deep guttural sound that was echoed by others in the house and he snarled at her. She raised her hands, cupping his lupine head in a show of fearlessness. It was what he was looking for. He bent to her neck, licking and moving down to her heavy breasts, rubbing the edges of his teeth across her nipples. She moaned, arching against him and opened her legs widely when he pushed he muzzle between them.

He thrust his nose into the crack of her ass and took a long sniff, memorizing her scent, then used his long tongue to slide between her pussy lips. Amber moaned, squeezing her nipples and grinding her pussy down onto his snout. He reacted by pressing back and she came with a gasp, shaking with its force and trembling as his tongue lapped up every bit of her escaping juices. He flipped her over then, again sniffing her ass crack before lining his long, thick cock up to her opening.

Pain blossomed in Amber's stomach and she shouted out, her cry becoming a wolf howl as he broke her barrier. As he pumped, silky reddish brown fur grew on her back and her nose widened and elongated, her growl deepening as she urged him to fuck her harder and faster. He obliged, nipping her with his long teeth and slamming into her accepting body. She climaxed first, her pussy squeezing his cock and forcing him over the edge, pumping loads of thick, white cum into her hole.

Peter howled again and was answered by a woman sitting in a car near the front of the property. Claire Anderson's human nose slowly returned, along with a wide smile on her face. The Lady of the Manor was home and all was right with the world again.

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