tagRomanceLady of the Storm

Lady of the Storm


I could see you on the horizon in the distance, standing on the beach. The wind from the approaching storm was stirring from the south, and it was making your gown ripple and flow from your body. From this distance I could just make out the subtle curve of your hips, the strong posture of your shoulders on the windward side. You stood still there on the shore, the white of your robe like a beacon against the rapidly darkening sky.

I was drawn to you. I stepped of the porch of my beach house and began to toil against the thick sands of the dunes to reach you. Struggling to keep my head high enough to keep sight of you I labored on. I knew that if I lost sight, I would lose you.

You were my vision, my hope. Gradually I came closer, yet there always seemed to be one more dune to cross. The wind grew stronger, and threw sand against my face, and the bare skin of my arms and legs as if to protect you from the potential harm an intruder might bring, while you stood out of its wrath on the warm wet sand of the edge of the beach. I shielded my eyes with my arm. I spit the sands from my mouth. I pressed on.

As I reached the inland edge of the beach, lightning struck the sea, backlighting you through the translucent silk of your gown. It knocked me back with its brilliance, yet you stood there, unflinching. The surf pounded the shore with a deafening roar. It stunned my ears with its power, yet you stood again, unflinching.

I regained my feet, and closed the distance between us. I approached from behind you, and when I placed my hands gently on your hips, heard you exhale. It seemed to me that the sound of the wind and the surf just stopped, muted just for me to hear that soft breath, that gentle gesture of comfort.

You leaned back against me and pulled my hands around you into an embrace. I could smell the sweetness of your hair, and feel the warmth of your skin as I softly kissed your neck.

"He is near by." You murmured.

You reached your arm back and pulled my mouth to your neck, where I traced its elegant curve. Your hair covered that side of my face, and again I inhaled as much of its fragrance in order to hold it in my memory. My arms pulled your body tightly against mine, and I grew hard against the firmness of hey cheeks.

"He watches," you whispered.

The storm picked up, and it began to rain. It was a wind driven rain, with little moisture but great for as it careened into us. Now your gown began to cling to your skin, and its translucence shifted transparent. Your chest heaved beneath your gown, and I raised one arm to caress your breast. You turned with the twist of the caress to face me, looked deep into my eyes and reached my lips with your kiss.

It was a kiss full of tender promise. It was a kiss of passion whose power gave nothing away to the crashing surf. Our bodies locked together, a tangle of arms, legs and lips. You moaned ever so gently, then stepped back to slip your shoulders and arms from your gown. It slipped to the sand, its soggy mass no resemblance to the flowing windswept drape in which I first saw your. You slid my shirt over my head and dropped it with your gown. Another kiss, and you slowly slid my pants down my legs. You stepped back, giving me space to step out of the soaking wet, clinging pants legs.

You were a vision, your long curly golden hair lying flat where the rain had pasted it to your skin. Your fair skin looked as it never saw the sun. Your blue eyes nearly lit up in the dark of the storm. You drew near again, turned your back to me as before, and settled into the shelter of my arms, to watch the sea.

The storm surge hurled massive waves towards the beach, but none managed to reach us with more than an ankle's deep ebb. Lightning flashed all around, illuminating our encounter with brilliant flashes of its electric blue. The wind drove into us, between us, and through us with tremendous force, but didn't move us. We simply swayed with it, danced to it, with you holding my hands to your breasts and massaging my naked arousal with your silky skin.

"It is time," you said.

As you knelt before me, you gently guided me to kneel as well. You touched my lips with yours, and gently opened them with your tongue. You tenderly laid the palms of your hands on my shoulders, and began to move them surely but slowly all over my naked skin. I did the same to your, and could feel an arousal like never before.

Without breaking the kiss, you guided me back until I lay on the sand. It felt surprisingly warm. The storm began to lull as the sea looked on at our love. You lowered your self to invite me inside, and once fully there you whispered,

"You will never be the same again."

You kissed and began to move. When I closed my eyes, I imagined fireworks. When I opened them again, it was the storm. It was building again, and the lightning strikes replaced the fireworks of my daydream. You writhed above me, and I felt you milking every bit of my essence from me, replacing it with a warmth I had never known.

The warmth built with the surf. You, my mysterious lover clung to me and I inhaled you again, drink long draughts of your kiss. You stiffened on me in climax, and it forced me to climax as together with you. You accepted me deep within you. Lightning flashed wildly and waves now broke over our writhing bodies, lifting us and filling us with the life force of the sea.

Then the storm suddenly vanished. We lay there physically spent, naked breast heaving against naked breast. You kissed me again.

"He called you. He needed you because I needed him."

I felt sleep overcome us. I awoke as you rose. I moved to stand, but while still on one knee you stopped me. I tried to speak but you held a finger gently to my lips. You kissed me and began your walk down the beach. The clouds were gone, and the moon was huge and brilliant. I followed your down the beach with my eyes. Your skin shone in the starlight. Your hair was drying and beginning to flow behind your in the gentle breeze. As your naked form grew smaller in the distance, I felt that warmth still inside me.

I guess I should have wondered who you were. I guess should have asked you about your mysterious "he." I should have asked and wondered many things, but I didn't, and I never will. Being there was enough. Being with you was everything. Having you within me is forever.

Somehow, the sea just isn't the same.

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