tagRomanceLady Peasant Ch. 02

Lady Peasant Ch. 02


The next day seemed to go by achingly slow as Lady Gwendolyn waited impatiently for the afternoon when she could go to the meadow and meet Al again. Not only was he charming and handsome... but he was exciting... something new that she had never experienced before. Her life had been incredibly boring before, just day after day of the same things, now she had something new to look forward. Freedom from the keep and all its repetitions would have been enough to entice her, but having the excitement that had coursed through her at the end of their last meeting just made it all the more enticing.

Preparing for another afternoon of "illness", the night before she pretended to be feeling a little sickly and to only pick at her food... really though she ate plenty to fill her stomach it was just tidbits and nibbles eaten over a long period of time. In the morning she "tried" to feel better by going out in the garden with Brandy, walking through the sweet-scented flowers and elaborately pruned bushes. Artfully, she sat on a bench every time she came to one, pretending some weariness. It all paid off, by the afternoon her pretty blonde maid was insisting that her Lady take some rest, she would make her excuses to the household.

Hiding her eagerness Gwendolyn got into bed, and told Brandy that she would take her sleeping potion and just rest for the afternoon... her maid was free to go out. Happily, the bouncy buxom blonde scampered out the door, intent on hunting down the stable boy she had been charming. Once her quick steps faded from earshot, Gwendolyn hurriedly changed her clothing and snuck out of the keep. Really, everything was so much easier in these clothes! With her hair covered and in simple cotton clothes she really looked no different from any number of young girls who lived within the keep and the surrounding village. It was quite easy to walk freely down the street to the gate where she could meet Al in the meadow. What she hadn't been expecting were some of the frank gazes and crude suggestions that were made to her occasionally by passing young men, admiring her fit figure in the simple cloth. Any of them would have died of shock and fear upon learning her true identity, but Gwendolyn didn't know that so cheeks just flushed prettily as her steps minced her closer to her much-anticipated meeting.

Running out into the field, she spotted Al waving to her at the far end and she ran laughing to him, actually plunging past him into the forest. Calling after her and laughing he chased her, and they ran happily through the trees and brush, playfully yelling teasing insults at each other. Gwendolyn hadn't had so much fun since she was a child playing tag. Eventually, breathless, she allowed him to catch her, shrieking merrily as he appeared in front of her from around a large tree. His arms flying about her waist, he pulled her to the ground with him, both of them giggling madly.

"I've caught you at last you saucy wench!" he said cheekily, his handsome face only inches away from her own.

"I am no wench," she protested, mockingly insulted, amber eyes sparkling as she was filled with giddiness. Never had she had a man so close to her, and here he was halfway atop her! She certainly felt like a wench... but that was not the game.

"No," he said, his voice lower, softer, with a more gentle quality, "No, you shall be the Lady of my Heart and I your noble and adoring knight. What is my Lady Gwen's pleasure?" The unexpected heat in his brown eyes as he gazed at her made her feel lightheaded, excitement running through her innocent body.

"Well then Good Sir Knight Al," she said playfully, trying to hide these new and intense feelings that were assaulting her behind a façade of mockery, "First you could allow me to stand and stop crushing me!"

He laughed at her audacity and immediately stood, reaching out his hand to help her up, "Ah... but my Lady scolds me so tenderly, it is enough to make my heart weep."

Deftly, as he lifted her up, he pulled her body close to his; with their hands still together he wrapped that arm around her waist so that one of her arms was around her own back, fingers intertwined with his. Her other hand pressed up against his hard chest, as her breath caught in her throat and he pressed two fingers under her chin to lift her eyes to him. They made a pretty picture, peasant maid and lad, both with sun burnished brown hair and sparkling eyes, cheeks flushed with exertion and excitement, framed enchantingly by sunlight and trees... Gwendolyn could feel her heart pulsing madly with the heat of the moment.

Looking deep into her amber colored eyes, he lowered his mouth to hers, and her eyes closed as his lips caught hers in a kiss. Softly he pressed his lips on hers, fingers still tucked under her chin, and she trembled at his touch, her soft body arched sweetly against his own.

Pulling his mouth away from her quivering body, he smiled and laughed, breaking the intense spell that they had been other, "I am rewarded with my lady's sweet lips... now I can die of happiness..." and he fell upon the soft mat of leaves on the ground as she laughed at him, relieved and disappointed that the spell had been broken.

"You brute," she laughed, hands on her hips, "You would kiss and die? What kind of honorable knight are you?"

"The kind that worships my lady's every movement," and his hand caught hers again, bringing it to his lips as he pulled himself up, "The kind that is completely undone by the sweet taste of her skin, the heady perfume of her hair," she gasped as his arm caught her round the waist again and he pulled her close, murmuring as her lowered his head again, "and the intoxicating kisses she gives."

Their lips had barely touched again when the chapel bells chimed... Gwendolyn cursed inside her head even as she was relieved... so unused to this game she needed some time to think, but oh those cursed bells! The sweet sensations running through her body were too new for her to bear even as she craved them.

"I must go," she said, reluctantly, disentangling herself from his clasping embrace, "I cannot make it back here for another afternoon... it will be too hard to get away again."

"In the evening perhaps?" his voice and face were wistful, "Two evenings hence?"

Hesitating she made her decision, "Yes... two evenings hence. I'll be here."

Daringly she pressed forward and let her lips lightly touch his own.

As he let go her hand he called after her, "I'll be waiting, sweet Lady of my Heart!"

She giggled at his silliness as she ran back to the keep.


That night she watched the stars from her window, excited about meeting him again... and yet uncertain as to whether she should continue to do so. As a noble lady she absolutely could not lose her maiden head before marriage... but she could take care of that by telling him that her father was trying to lower her dowry for when she was married. Upper class peasants did that sometimes, following the fashions of the nobility... but her body ached sweetly as she pressed her fingertips to her pink lips in memory of those kisses. Before now her life had held little excitement, and the brunette was loathe to give up this new activity... being naughty and sneaking away would have probably paled after awhile... but with company - and such fun company!... it was going to be a long wait for that evening.

Tucked into her bed, the pretty young maiden sighed and hugged her pillow, remembering her first feel of a man's body pressed against her lithe figure... the way his hard chest had flattened her soft breasts and the way his lips had teased her own, sending tingles through her body. Hazy dreams of a sunny field and a handsome brown haired man made the pretty girl sigh happily in her sleep.

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