tagRomanceLady Peasant Ch. 03

Lady Peasant Ch. 03


Agony was certainly waiting for the evening... all day Lady Gwendolyn had been distracted, unable to pay close attention to any of her embroidery or the chattering of her maid. During dinner she was barely able to eat, her stomach was fluttering with excitement... only a few more hours and she'd be away from the keep.

"Ahh, my Gwendolyn is the perfect young maiden," her father's boasting voice interrupted her reverie as he listed her virtues to a visiting merchant, and she smiled as she listened to him. He was so proud of her... it made her heart quail a little to think of what he would do if he ever found out her new extracurricular activities... but as she smiled at the big brawny man with dark black hair she didn't feel any fear. Obviously he had no clue otherwise he wouldn't be extolling her virtues in such an enthusiastic manner, and why should he guess? She had been very careful not to let anyone catch her. Not even her personal maid suspected, much less her father whom she only saw at mealtimes.

Before bedtime Gwendolyn sneakily snuck some sleeping powder into Brandy's evening cup of milk, wanting to be sure that her maid slept through her Lady's exit. Brandy didn't wake easily anyway, not until the sun's rays slipped into her window, but Gwendolyn wanted to be absolutely sure. At night only Brandy would be able to possibly catch her, their rooms being connected by a door in case her mistress had need of her in the night. It was child play for Gwendolyn to slip the powder into her maid's drink, she sent her out of the room to look for her favorite brush (conveniently hidden in her closet) while she poured it in and mixed it. When Brandy returned empty handed she forgave her maid and sat quietly as Brandy drank her milk and tucked her in. The pretty maids eyelids were already getting heavy as she bade her mistress goodnight and stumbled a little back to her own room.

Quietly getting out of her bed, Gwendolyn pulled on a new outfit that she had taken from the laundry room. The pretty pink blouse gave her cheeks more color, and the light blue skirt flowed about her legs as she walked. Putting a dark, light summer cloak over her new apparel, she snuck out of the keep and out towards the meadow.

Looking up at the stars as she walked through the meadow, she sighed happily, scanning the dark woods ahead for signs of her "Knight". There seemed to be a dark figure over to her right, back turned away from the meadow, and she walked quietly over.

"Al?" she asked when she was close... and the man turned with a start of surprise. No, it was not Al, this man had black hair and cruel looking green eyes; as he looked over the equally startled maid his lips curved in an evil looking smile.

"Hello pretty maid," he said, quickly advancing towards her as she stumbled back towards the meadow, "Don't leave... I can think of plenty of things for us to do while you're here..."

Gwendolyn opened her mouth to scream for help... but just as she did she tripped over a protruding root and fell back heavily, knocking the breath out of her so that all that emitted from her soft lips was a gasp. The man's eyes widened in anticipation as her fall caused her cloak to fall open, revealing the luscious heaving breasts encased in soft pink cotton, her skirt had fallen back to expose the smooth creamy curves of her ankles and shapely calves.

"Very nice," he murmured, and Gwendolyn chocked, on hand on her throat as she tried to make her voice work, trying to push away from his slowly advancing form. The look in his eyes let even her in her innocence know that nothing could come from him but harm.

When he was almost atop her she tried to kick out at him, but his hand caught her ankle, and he smiled down cruelly at her, sliding his other hand up her shapely calf and pulling her leg high in the air so that her skirt slid further down, revealing half her thigh. Gwendolyn sobbed inarticulately, too terrified to scream although she now had her voice back.

"Don't be afraid," he said, "We're going to have a lot of fun together." One hand had strong grip on her ankle as the other began to undo his breeches.

Suddenly something big slammed into him from the side, making him release her ankle. Grunts and gasps filled the air, along with the sound of flesh hitting flesh, and Gwendolyn pulled her cloak over her, sobbing as she hid herself from view. Peeking through the folds of the cloak she watched as two figures in the moonlight hit and flailed at each other, occasionally knocking each other down. Finally, as she held one hand to her mouth in fear, one of them stumbled the other way, groaning and clutching his stomach as he retreated swiftly through the trees. The other stumbled towards her, and she gasped as Al's features became clear in the moonlight.

Jumping up she went to help him, using her skirt to blot away the blood from his swollen lip.

"Are you all right?" she asked, voice shaky as she cradled his head in her arms, supporting his body with her legs as she kneeled on the ground, his upper body propped against hers.

"I'm in the arms of my Lady," he said, smiling up at her, "Of course I'm all right... are you all right?"

Numbly, Gwendolyn nodded. Scared, shaken, but unharmed.

"I'm sorry I was late," he said, grinning sheepishly, "It was harder for me to get away then I thought it would be."

"As long as you came," she smiled down at him.

Eventually they got up and went back towards the meadow, where he sat with his back against a tree and held her in his arms as they looked up at the stars twinkling in the night sky. In his embrace, she felt safe again, completely secure in the knowledge that he would protect her. It was a nice feeling. She stroked the muscles through the fabric of his shirt as her head tucked itself under his chin. They talked, softly, just enjoying each other's company.

As the clock struck midnight she pulled back a little from him. "I have to go," she said softly, "I must get some sleep."

"I as well," he replied. But before she could move, he pulled her closer to him, his arms wrapped strongly about her slender waist as their lips met. Kissing her gently, he began to press his lips more firmly against hers, her hands clutching his shoulders as her breasts flattened against his chest. Her lips parted beneath his and he slid his tongue into her mouth, startling her (what did gentle ladies know of passionate kisses?) and then she moaned as she leaned into the kiss, her own tongue moving with his. Molded together they kissed like that, basking in the glow of their passion... Gwendolyn could feel something hard under her buttocks where she was sitting in his lap, but most of her attention was on the sweet passion of his kisses, intoxicating her.

Finally they parted, her lips feeling bruised and swollen so intensely he'd kissed her.

"Meet me here two afternoons from now?" he asked, whispering, and she nodded. Pressing her lips against his for one last kiss, she got up and he walked her across the meadow to the gate, where he kissed her hand and watched her as she retreated through the village, back to the keep.

Gwendolyn snuck back up to her room, her body tingling with new sensations. Although they had been kissing, there was a feeling in the pink wet lips of her love spot that she couldn't quite describe. Shivering a little, she let her fingers brush her pinkness, and shuddered with the pleasant feelings and the naughtiness of touching herself down there.

In bed she fell deeply asleep, dreams filled with a laughing brown haired knight, riding a white steed.

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