tagRomanceLady Peasant Ch. 05

Lady Peasant Ch. 05


When Lady Gwendolyn snuck out, it was with her maid Brandy snoring under the influence of sleeping powder again. Excitement fluttered in her chest as she made her way through the streets of the village, bursting into glad joy when she saw the familiar figure of Al waiting for her at the gate. Rushing towards him they exchanged kisses on lips and cheeks, so excited they were to see each other.

Walking slowly through the meadow, they held hands and talked as they looked up at the stars. It was much more pleasant than the beginning of their last nighttime rendezvous, she felt safe and very happy as they walked and talked. The stars twinkled benignly overhead as they made their way to what she now thought of as "their" clearing, the nighttime sky reflected prettily in the pool.

Standing under the stars, he held her in his arms and they mutely watched the nighttime sky, his hands caressing her arms and sides. Occasionally she would raise her lips to his for a kiss, and their tongues would slide passionately into each other's mouths before they'd separate and look back up to the stars.

Finally Gwendolyn gathered her courage, "Al… I've been thinking…"

He turned his head down towards hers, smiling, "Yes Gwen… my dearest Lady?"

Smiling she continued, "I've been thinking about my Lady's chastity… and…"

"And?" his eyebrows were raised in surprise and delight.

"And…" her voice was nearly a whisper, "I think it might be all right…" pulling herself away from his arms a little, she began to pull the pink cotton blouse over her head, hands eagerly coming forward to help her. With her upper body bared to him under the stars, she blushed and looked away as his eyes devoured the sight of her creamy large breasts, hanging globes of temptation, topped with ripe strawberry nipples.

He groaned low in his throat, "You're so beautiful…" and swept her up in his arms to devour her mouth with kisses. Gwendolyn moaned and her knees trembled as his hands stroked the bare skin of her back, moving quickly over the soft silkiness of her flesh. When his kisses began to move down her jaw line, and onto her neck she thought she would faint with pleasure. Lips pressed against her collarbone and she gasped with the strong sensations that were coursing through her.

Hands clutching at his shoulders she told him, "I think I need to sit down." he nodded and carefully lowered her to the ground. Laying her back on her cloak, he stripped off his own shirt to that they were both nude above the waist, and he laid his hard body atop hers, bare chest pressing against her soft breasts. As they kissed heatedly, she could feel her skin flushing with pleasure, his hands running up and down her sides as his weight pressed her into the ground. Something hard pressed against her groin, and she moaned low in her throat as his lips began to move once more down her neck.

Kisses burning a fiery path over her collarbone and shoulders, his hands cupped her heavy globes gently, thumbs brushing lightly over her hard pink nipples. Gwendolyn panted as her whole body seemed to be on fire, her hands running over the smooth flesh of his muscles, enjoying the feel of his bare skin against her fingers. His tongue traced a path down between her breasts, sliding under the sensitive undersides of her mounds. Arching her back she let out a small cry as his tongue ran over her tender nipple, tickling and tantalizing the sweet bud.

Gwendolyn's body shuddered sweetly as his lips closed around her nipple, suckling at it and creating havoc in her burning place of love. She couldn't believe the intense feelings that were running over her, spurred by the nibbling of his teeth on her pink bud, it was the most wonderful thing she'd ever felt in the world. Lightheaded with the intensity of it, she let out another small cry as his mouth transferred its affections to her other nipple, leaving his fingers behind to pluck and rub against the wet one.

"Oh Al…" she whispered, moaning gently and pressing her breasts up towards him, hungry for more attention, more pleasure.

Finally he broke off, leaving her breasts aching and her body quivering delightfully, "I need another moment Gwen…"

"Alright," truth be told she needed a moment too.

Some drink of water cooled the heat in them, and they returned to stargazing, her back pressed up against his… something insistent and hard on his body pressed into the small of her back, but she ignored it as his hands lightly stroked her breasts under the cotton blouse. They were fully clothed again, but his hands had immediately found their way under her shirt now that she'd given him access to her hanging breasts, and he was loathe to relinquish his hold on them. She was also loathe to let him, and enjoyed the intimacy of looking at the stars while cuddling back against him as he touched her. At that moment, everything seemed just about perfect.

Each time they had to leave each other it seemed more and more bittersweet. He pressed her against the wall of a house as they kissed their farewell, his lips rough on hers, hands busily moving under her shirt as his fingers pinched and tugged on her aching nipples, breasts heavy in the palm of his hand. They left each other gasping, hungry for the taste and feel of each other's bodies… and he gave her the sad news that they would have to wait two days before seeing each other again.

But as he left, she was filled with gladness and joy too, because he'd whispered in her ear as they embraced… "I love you my Gwen."

And her soft, joyful voice had whispered back, "I love you too, my Al."

Gwendolyn's heart ached that night as she thought of two long and lonely days without him. Even when he wasn't there his voice seemed to fill her ears, memories of their talks and his gentle teasing and jokes… the heated memories of their kisses and his mouth on her breasts making her flush delicately whenever she thought of it. The days seemed so much longer and lonelier knowing that she wouldn't be seeing him, and she morosely puttered about the castle, missing him with all her aching heart.


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Great Read.

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