tagSci-Fi & FantasyLady Sheba and The Wizard Anniston

Lady Sheba and The Wizard Anniston


Lady Sheba lives in the mythical time of Lords, Wizards, Knights, Majesties and the most evil of all, the dragon. Living in the castle high up on the hill, her castle looks over the entire land. Although Lady Sheba is a beautiful woman, many look upon her as evil as she herself holds that power that many of the women in her land desire to have. Lady Sheba is Law and her words speak in volumes. And even though Lady Sheba has everything she could ever want, and she has the power to have any man in the land that she so chooses to, there be only one man that has silently beckoned her attention.

He is an older, much wiser man with a wonderful way about him, a sweet loving smile that's not always easy for anyone to see, for he is a Wizard and that Wizard doesn't much let his emotions come forth as the people of the land look to him for guidance, and wisdom and strength and to them a Wizard isn't supposed to show his feelings, he is supposed to be strong, and stern and yet powerful in his own right. Each and every time he is summoned into her lady's castle just the sight of her beautiful brown eyes, her long red hair, or even just her soft, sexy, sensual smile even if only from a far somehow brings his smile forward. Walking into her Chamber, Wizard Anniston sees this beauty sitting upon her throne. Standing back from her he waits for her to call him forward.

"You summoned for me Mi'lady?" Anniston asks.

"Yes Wizard Anniston in fact I did, step forward please." Stepping forward he kneels before her. Looking at the guardsmen she dismisses them. "Wizard Anniston, I summoned you to me today to place a task upon thou, although thy task shall be in difficulty, you are the almighty Wizard of my land and thou shall not fail me, for if thou should fail, he will be doomed to his death, and a new Wizard shall be sought. The task that I lay upon thee is to find me a love, not just any love, the kind of love that will love me, not for my power of being Lady Sheba Ruler of this Land, but for the lady that remains deep inside me, One that will treasure me not my fortunes, one that will show me the love and the many pleasures that I am seeking so. I ask of thee now, can thou complete this task without fail?"

"Yes Mi'lady I take upon thee thy task that thou has given to me, and as your Wizard I will not fail. I will find you that great love that you are in search of."

"Very well now off with you, and complete thy task. Do not return to me until your task is complete." He stands and bows before her as he turns to leave. Anniston knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to tell Lady Sheba that she wouldn't have to look any further, that the love that she so seeks was right in front of her but it wasn't his rightful place to do so.

For three days after the task was put upon him, he searched and he searched, the more that he searched and thought about her and what she wanted, the more he came to realize that it was in fact him that is that love that she is looking for. He stopped his search and returned to the castle the following day. As he arrived at the castle door, the guardsman stopped him.

"What is your purpose here?" he asks the wizard.

"I have come to see the Lady Sheba with a completed task."

"Lady Sheba is out in the northern meadow, if you will follow me I will take you there and announce you." The wizard follows the guardsman to the meadow.

"Wait here, I will announce you."

"Very well."

"Wizard Anniston to see you Mi'Lady, he says he comes to you with a completed task." The guardsman announces.

"Approach Wizard Anniston, come forth with your completion." The wizard approaches Lady Sheba, kneeling in front of her once again.

"Lady Sheba, I come to you now with a completed task." She looks around and sees nothing.

"Well where is my love that I asked of you to find for me? I don't see him, are you sure you have not failed me?"

"Yes Mi'Lady, I am sure. I have searched and searched for three days straight. In the course of my three days of searching, I have come to realize that the one great love that you are in search of kneels now before you." In an instant Lady Sheba was angered.

"Stand and face me Wizard, you have brought great shame to me, I told you to find me my love, and you have brought me nothing. I should have my guardsman bring you to your death now. Guardsman, take Wizard Anniston to the dungeon, and feed him to my dragon." The guardsman takes hold of the Wizards arm.

"Mi'Lady please, I beg of you please hear what I have to say. You asked of me to find you a love, a love that would treasure you for you, and not for your fortune, and one that would love you not for being Lady Sheba, Ruler of the Land, but for the lady that you are inside. Well I have in fact done just that, the man that now faces his death to a dragon, is the love that loves you for who you are inside, and doesn't bother with your fortune. The love that you so wanted is I Wizard Anniston." Lady Sheba just stands and ponders all that has been spoken to her from the words of the Wizard.

"Release the Wizard. Wizard come forward." Again Wizard Anniston walks before Lady Sheba. "How do I know that what you say is true, and that you didn't say all those words just to keep yourself from the mouth of my dragon?" kneeling before her, he takes both her hands into his and kisses the top of each one.

"Mi'Lady if you please, the people of the land come to me for guidance, for strength, for wisdom and for direction, yet there isn't anyone higher than I and there is no one to direct and guide me. I must fend for myself in my life's decisions You asked me to find you a love, a love that will love you not for your power as Lady Sheba, Ruler of the Land, but as the lady who is deep inside you, A love that will treasure you and not your fortune, and one that will show you the love and pleasures that you seek so. I haven't ever loved another for my love and my heart has been in only one place, and that's with Lady Sheba. I knew the King wouldn't ever allow my love for you to be shown, as my age is maturity to yours, so I had no other choice but to take my rightful place and stand back and adore you from afar. I have always loved the beautiful Lady Sheba, and now I ask of her a chance to prove my love for her." Lady Sheba knelt with him and placed her hands onto his capped shoulders.

"Look onto me Wizard Anniston, tell me what thou sees as he looks upon these eyes." The wizard looks into Lady Sheba's eyes and just stares, feeling his phallus beginning to come alive for the first time in a long time. He lifts his hands wanting to slide them into the sides of her hair, when he suddenly stops himself. "May I?" he asks. Lady Sheba nods her head in approval. Gently he slides his fingers into the sides of her hair and looks deeper into her eyes.

"I see a beautiful fawn locked inside herself, just waiting to come out. I see a lady who does nothing but rule this land, and walks in these meadows, yet walks these walks alone for she has no one to love her. I see that beautiful woman whom cries out to be touched in a way that no man has ever touched her."

"How do you see all of this oh wise one?"

"I see it in the beauty of your eyes, they tell such a story, I see fear, and loneliness, I also see forms of emptiness, and a need for love. I see happiness to a certain degree, and I know if Mi'Lady will allow me I will make that need be no more. For I Mi'lady will love you with all that I am, and all that I have, and that loneliness and emptiness won't ever be seen in these beautiful eyes again. My undying love I profess to you now." She smiles softly as the wizard, looking up at the guardsman she commands,

"Be gone, he is fine here with me."

"As you wish Mi'Lady." As the guardsman turns and leaves the meadow Lady Sheba looks back at Wizard Anniston.

"You proclaim your love for me, well now oh mighty Wizard, show me now what that love you profess for me has to offer."

"Here Mi'Lady?"

"Right here. This is my meadow, no one enters my plain without my approval, and we are alone." Slowly he takes her into his arms, she gasps a soft gasp, as she hasn't ever felt this by any man. His hands rest onto the center of her back as he leans in and kisses the soft innocent lips of his Lady Sheba for the first time. Her arms extend and wrap around his shoulders, as their kiss grows to sensual. His hands cascade the length of her back as he enjoys the feel of her being. Her breathing changes becoming faster and yet shallow, when suddenly she breaks their kiss. She stares into the wizard's eyes.

"Is Mi'Lady in need?"

"Yes, I am in need of you to show unto me the pleasures of which these other women in my Land have enjoyed with their beau's for so long."

"Are you for certain that it is with me that you want to know and learn these pleasures Mi'Lady?"

"Yes Wizard I am certain, when you kissed me I felt a feeling that I have never known, and that's a feeling of love, and although it's not of what I have ever experienced, I want to know and experience it now, and I wish to know it with you."

"Your wish is my command Mi'Lady." Removing his arms from around her for only a moment Lady Sheba sighs as Wizard Anniston removes his cape. Laying it to the grass behind his Lady Sheba. Once again he wraps her back into his arms as he gently lies her back onto his cape, softly kissing the side of her neck, soft moans of expressive passion escape from her lips. Very gently he unties the ribbon from the front of her corseted flowing gown, exposing the beautiful soft skin of his Lady, his soft, gentle lips kiss softly every inch of her skin, his hand cups her bosom fondling gently. Her back arches, her bosom lifting toward his hand. His hand slowly slides down over her belly, along the silky material of her gown. He stops at the top of her mound.

"Shall I go forth Mi'Lady?"

"Go forth my wizard, don't deny me the pleasures that I so seek." Slowly his hand continues its journey into the virgin valley of his Lady Sheba. He looks deep into her eyes, seeing the passion, and desire that's guiding him to what he has been wanting for so long. Kneeling beside her, slowly he removes his garments. Her eyes fill with wonder and more passion as she takes in the beauty of his nakedness. His phallus now standing erect she smiles before him. Sitting up she beckons to him,

"Come closer I wish to touch you." Moving in closer to his Lady she extends her hands placing them upon his bare chest. Feeling a man's skin with her hands for the very first time causes her wetness to become pronounced as her love juices begin to flow. Slowly her hands cascade down the length of his chest, onto and over his belly, only to come to rest as her fingers gently wrap around his thick, throbbing phallus.

"Come be with me now my wizard, please I must feel of this." The wizard once takes Lady Sheba into his arms.

"Do you wish of me to remove thy gown or do you wish for me to remain you proper Mi'Lady?"

"Remove thy gown my wizard, I wish for you to come unto me in the same manner as you are." Slowly the Anniston begins to remove his Lady's gown. Lying her back down onto his cape, as her gown is lowered over her hips and down her legs, he then to removes her undergarments, now only to view her naked beauty completely.

"Mi'Lady is so pure and so beautiful." He whispers to her.

"Come unto me now, show me of those pleasures that we both desire to share together." Spreading her wings very gently, he places his being between them, his hands resting along the sides of her shoulders the swollen, and raging head of his phallus resting at her precious gate, waiting to open it for the first time.

Slowly he begins to enter inside her, she lets out with a scream as his length enters inside. He stops allowing her body to accommodate his girth. She smiles at him as her body accepts him, slowly his hips push forward, moving his shaft in and out of her, he watches each expression on her face as they change rapidly. His pace begins to quicken, her moans turning to high-pitched screams, as he begins thrusting deeper and harder inside her, her breasts heave, her head flails about, her nails rake over his shoulders as he lay atop of her. Feeling his phallus hardening more and his family jewels tightening, her own orgasm rapidly approaching as it builds deeper in the depths of her stomach, their bodies begin to shake together, her internal muscles contract around his phallus, milking him, his moans turn to screams and grunts, as his seed is released, shot after shot deep inside her love channel, coating all her walls, her body racks and withers beneath him as she too releases her juices covering his phallus. As they lie exhausted together, he kisses her passionately. Looking deep into her eyes.

"Thank you Mi'Lady for giving me the chance to prove my love for you, this is a love that will forever be yours."

"Come forth with me now my wizard as I will coronate you a Lord, now come forth and be the forever Lord of my castle." And with that, they got themselves back in proper order, and headed hand in hand from the meadow back to the castle where their new beginning begins.

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