Lady V Pt. 01


Dear Readers, this is my first submission and I would really like to thank my editor extraordinaire whyte_wyvern for his assistance. Any errors that have occurred are after his gracious help.


Part One

The tale of a modern day Dungeon Assistant

My name is Igor (Ygor). Well not really, it's actually, Jake. I like to think of myself as the dungeon's assistant, kind of like Igor (Fritz) was to Dr. Frankenstein or Count Dracula. I help run a part time dungeon here in Phoenix with my partner Lady V. My friend is short and looks like a retired schoolteacher, which she is. When she puts on her costume and her "character," then she becomes, Lady V, Mistress of the Dungeon. OK, sounds a bit cheesy, but such is life.

She has some regular clients, meaning several times a year. One guy, I'll call him Mr. B, was scheduled to have some Lady V time last evening. Before he arrived, I got things ready, supplies and such, and made sure everything was right where Lady V wanted them.

Mr. B's appointment was at 5:30 pm and he was on time. He parked his newer Cadillac in the lot, near the side entrance and pressed the chime to the outside security door. I verified that it was his tall frame and gray hair with the CCTV (monitor #1, outside) and from my desk, I buzzed the lock on the steel door.

Mr. B walked slowly into the dimly lit anteroom as the heavy outside door closed. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust from the bright outside and Lady V timed her entrance accordingly. I buzzed the door lock from the dungeon side and she arrived with a swirl. The black wig and feathered mask showed only her dancing eyes and great smile. Her black dress and low-heeled boots completed her ensemble.

Upon entering the anteroom, she talked softly and friendly to Mr. B, hugged him, as his shirt was slowly unbuttoned. A quick step moved her behind him as her hands rubbed his chest and teased his nipples as she slid his shirt off. He undid his belt and pants and slipped them onto the floor. He removed his shoes but not his socks.

I'm still on the CCTV monitor #2(the anteroom) and It's like two ole friends meeting after months apart. She slid behind him again, reached around with both hands, and pinched his nipples. As she withdrew her hands, she pulled his wrists gently behind his back to get the leather restraints, like handcuffs, velcroed on. He complied easily. She was quietly talking to him, and he chuckled softly.

She put a blindfold over his eyes and looked at camera #2. That was my signal to open the door into the dungeon. She led him inside the dimly lit dungeon and took him directly to the table.

The Table is stoutly built, layered with foam-backed carpet, and covered with vinyl. It sets about 1 metre above the clean carpeted floor Lady V sat him on the edge of the table, unsnapped the heavy leather strap between the furry cuffs and gently pushed him onto his back. Attaching the cuffs to the table brackets took only a second as she spread his arms toward the far corners of the table. Ankles were next and he was then firmly affixed to the table.

Remember, Bondage is consensual, a way to heighten the sexual arousal and release.

A quick glance and nod at the #3 security camera (dungeon A) and I go to work.

It is my job to get his shoes, pants and shirt from the anteroom and take them to the other side of the dungeon to the "recovery room". I also got his car keys and moved his car to the garage on the other side. I backed his Cadillac into the garage and closed the door. After grabbing his clothes and an envelope that was on the passenger seat, I moved quietly into the Rec Room where I left his belongings.

This was all done in just a few minutes without me ever going into the dungeon. The double wall's secret passages are narrow, but functional.

I got back to the control booth, my desk, just in time to see Lady V using scissors to cut off his jockey shorts. This is one of Lady V's requirements, disposable underwear. She took her time, talked gently to Mr. B and when she made the last cut, the boxers fell away and his mostly limp dick flopped out.

Some warm lotion was on the stand, part of my prep work, and she put a modest amount on his Johnson and started to slowly stroke him into a hard condition. The Dungeon Mistress had removed her black zippered dress, feathered mask and Elvira wig. Only her boots and crotch high stockings remained.

Her nicely shaped B- cup tits stuck proudly forward and, after climbing onto the table, and getting on her hands and knees, presented them to Mr. B for his enjoyment.

After quite a few nipple sucks and licks, she slid down to continue her handiwork on his major boner. Her hands continued their magic until the earth shook for Mr. B. As he was cleaning his tube, she straddled his head and pushed her smooth shaved pussy lips into his mouth. It never takes her long to get him off the first time.

He emptied his tool onto his stomach and then relaxed, completely.

His handcuffs were undone, as were his ankles, and he was cleaned and rolled onto his side. She moved into a spoon position in front of "the spent one" and he held her tightly.

Me? I surf the net. The control booth is elevated, and separated by a wall with a narrow opening. The CCTV monitor, the .410s, and all of my controls are handy. My laptop is my conduit to the outside world and a place to transcribe my thoughts.

A bit later Lady V put on a long sleeve mens dress shirt, revived Mr. B and got him to stand at the foot of the table. He was still blindfolded as she guided him safely over to the Chair. The chair is about 6ft tall and has arms like a throne. There are two foot rests. His ankles and wrists were strapped with wide fur lined leather binders. There is a seat, V shaped of sorts, that holds his weight but only under his thighs, not his butt. His tool (screw driver?) and nuts are hanging down and his ass is available. Leather straps pull his knees apart and he is safely at her mercy.

She reached behind his soft piece of equipment and grabbed his nut sack. A long piece of soft large rope was securely tied, and I MEAN securely tied around his sack. Lady V motioned for me to come quietly into the dungeon and pull the knot tighter. Her left hand is suffering from arthritis, and the knot needed to be tighter than she can pull. In only a few seconds and I was behind her and pulled the knot as tight as I could. As I reach my maximum pull, he said, "enuff", which is his safe word. I left quietly and he never knew I was there.

The ends of the rope are run up to another rope that is attached to several small lead weights. This keeps his balls and dick available for her usage. She smacked his dick with a riding crop.

As I returned to the booth I brushed my hand across her shapely ass. She ignored me and grabbed a soft cat-o-nine and began to practice gently on Mr. B's chest and thighs. Her talk was soft and sensual. She told him what she might do and presented different steamy scenarios of sexual situations. He was "shushed" to silence as this was not conversation time, rather a time for him to visualize the drama Lady V was genteelly speaking into his ear.

Nipple clamps are applied and shock corded gently upward. Her voice is quiet and soft into his ear as she rubs her nose against his cheek. He squirms and tries to grab her, but she is too quick. They both giggle. A feather, a cat-o-nine, her hand, and others are the tools of her trade. She worked him toward another climax.

As the clock ticks toward his ending time, Lady V removed her shirt, donned her mask and wig, and returned our guest to the table. His blindfold was removed as were all of the other restraints. This time she put him on his hands and knees and slid under him with her head on a pillow. He began to hand whack his own tool until it squirted hot sticky stiff onto her flat firm tummy.

He collapsed and slid off to her side. They lay motionless for a few minutes and then she wiped herself off, and buttoned her shirt.

Getting Mr. B up and to the Rec Room was quietly done. I remotely opened the rec room door and they both entered.

I watched on CCTV camera #5. After he got dressed, she hugged him lightly, and winked as she reentered the dungeon. The door clicked solidly shut.

He went into the garage, pushed the "open" button and slipped into the leathered Caddy seat. The engine silently came to life and Mr. B was gone.

I closed the garage door. It had been almost two hours.

We had another appointment at 9:00 and I needed to get to work.

Clean everything, change the soft pads and put the old ones into the UV cabinet, make sure there are enough towels, scents, and everything else.

For me? Just business as usual.

Don and Anne

We have a new couple coming at 9:00. Lady V met with them last month and their decision to try the dungeon wasn't made until several days later. The wife was hesitant but wanted to please her husband. She only wanted to watch, but Lady V's rules are simple. If you are in the dungeon, you are bound.

The Marquis De Sade part was agreed upon from a hand written list of experiences that they wanted to try. The wife's list was short, no nudity and no pain; the husband's want list was a bit longer.

The couple was given, by courier, a Garmin with the location programmed into the little guy's brain. I put a temporary sign on the outer door to assist in locating the entrance from the parking lot. Our warehouse location can be a little confusing. We are at the back of a metal fabrication shop north of Sky Harbor.

Their car arrived and they got out and headed for the door. They were in their 30's or 40's, and were pleasant looking. They were wearing "Goodwill"outerwear and disposable underwear. Their going home clothes were in a small bag that she carried. I buzzed the door open and they entered the anteroom.

Lacy B's voice on the intercom welcomed them and asked for the pardon of a small delay. The wide velcroed restraints' hung on the anteroom wall and Lady V asked the couple to put them on each other and for him to remove his shirt.

It took them a short while to complete this task and then Lady V entered. Her small talk was assuring as she lead them into the dimly lit dungeon. His shirt, the Garmin and a small white envelope remained when Lady V took them inside. I slid quietly down and captured the white envelope and the Garmin

Moving slowly they are led to the St Andrews Cross and Don (the husband) is told to chain Anne (the wife) to the St Andrews Cross. Anne is faced out and Don was shown how to chain the nicely shaped wife to the cross. Her ankles were comfortably wide, arms horizontal and extended, and a cravat so she cannot see straight down. As he finished, Lady V pointed to the chair.

Don walked to "The Chair" where he was strapped securely to the heavy frame. The Chair and the Cross now faced each other.

Lady V turned to Anne and read her experience list, "No nudity ,no pain ".

"I know that you only want to watch. Very well, but, you cannot talk. This is my dungeon and you are bound (a slight pause and "the look") by my rules. If you understand, just nod your head." Anne nodded ever so slightly.

"Good, then we can proceed" Lady V pleasantly said.

"Anne, are you wearing panties under that skirt?" she continued.

"Yes", replied Anne

"No talking my dear Anne, just nod", replied the Dudgeon Mistress.

Anne nodded.

Turning to Don she said, "Don, are you wearing underwear?"

Don just nodded.

Lady V said," I see you know the rule about talking already, but if you break my rule, I will gag you". Don nodded again.

Lady V grabbed her best ER scissors and began to cut the front Don's pants off. She cut up the left leg to the belt line and then down around the bottom of the zipper and up the other side so the zipper was like a loincloth as the rest of the front of the pants disappeared. She then grabbed his fruit of the loom and pulled them forward away from his waist and cut them completely across the front. His semi flaccid cock was now clearly visible. The waistband went next.

Lady V turned to Anne , smiled and said, "I think he'll need more room soon".

Anne's skirt came to just below her knees and her long sleeve blouse was loose at the waist. Lady V slowly cut the long skirt into a mini-mini and side slits went almost to the top. The K-Mart granny-whitey's also fell to the scissors. The crotch was removed from the Blue Light specials and stuck between Don's teeth. Don's erection had begun to grow. Anne could see that too and she gave him a curious look and a smile.

"Anne, are you wearing a bra?" Lady V asked kindly. Anne shook her head to mean "no".

Lady V cut off her blouse just below her tits. She then carefully pinned the top part of the blouse up just a bit so as most of both tits showed. Anne was not aware that her tits were visible to Don or me. His boner got bigger. Anne saw this and smiled.

Lady V whispered quietly into Anne's ear. "Now Anne, if there is anything you want, you can ask me, but one question will cost you one square foot of your clothing. My choice of where it comes from.

Anne smiled and said, "Can I help you take care of Don?"

Lady V smiled and said, "I think that would be a splendid idea. Now you owe me a square foot of material and I will take the front of your blouse, right now."

The scissors made the two cuts from the bottom of the side seam to the collar. Anne's entire chest was now available for viewing.

Don's hard on grew again.

Lady V stepped back to look at the nice tits and blushing smile of Don's wife.

"We should move him to the table for your comfort, you wait here and I'll be right back," she said and then turned toward Don. She tied Don's nut sack with a long piece of double knit, much like a bathrobe tie. The one end was long enough to reach Anne's hand and she grabbed the end of the tie and pulled as far as her strapped hand would go.

Don grunted and lost his blue light special mouthpiece.

The Dungeon Mistress then unstrapped the curvy brunette from the cross and chained her hands close together. Anne held tightly to the double knit tie that was secured around Don's nuts.

Before Don was unfastened and hobbled, Lady V put a blindfold on him and a leather strap (leash) around his waist.

"Lead him to the table and lay him on his back," Lady V told Anne.

As Anne pulled Don toward the table, Lady V pulled back. He was being pulled by his nuts to a table where his wife was going to fuck him silly while Lady V (and Igor) watched. Yes, I get paid for this.

When they finally got Don to the table, Anne laid him on his back and Lady V arranged his bonds so as to spread eagle him in the middle of the table. Anne's ankles and hands were freed and she quickly jumped up onto the table, untied the tow strap and impaled herself on Don's most upright member.

She must have put 193 strokes on her pussy and his dick in two minutes. She was keeping time to 'Staying Alive'. The new hands free CPR rate. He came, she prayed, (Oh God, many times ) and in a long slow minute, all was quiet. They laid there for several minutes.

Finally Anne spoke, "Lady V, thank you for the evening. I need Don to get me home and take care of me, Now."

" You're welcome," replied the 'short one' as all of the straps were removed.

I turned the under table lights up just a bit to make finding everything easier. Even though Don was completely nude and Anne was topless, they seemed at ease with Lady V as she ushered them back toward the anteroom.

I buzzed the latch open and Lady V held the door as she said her good nights. Before they exited into the night Don put on a pair of shorts and Anne wiggled into a tube top.

Now you might ask yourself, "What's a nice guy like me doing with a shotgun in a place of sensual business?" Well, that's kind of how we met.

Lady V's sister had a flat tire in the Wal Mart parking lot and I offered to change the tire for her. She was thankful and thought that I was a nice man.

Her tire had a wear pattern that showed an improper toe setting on the car. I don't do front end alignment but my friend Tim does. I gave her Tim's business card and insisted that she would get quality work for a fair price.

The sister took her car and had the alignment fixed. Tim spent some time explaining what was going on with the car's toe and she thought that he was a great guy too.

A few weeks later when Lady V asked her sister if she knew any reputable guys, sis had Tim get in touch with me.

Lady V called and danced around the prospect of "private security work" until she finally said, "Can we meet for coffee and talk?" I was interested and agreed.

Two hours later we were sipping coffee in a Dennys'. After having me listen to her situation and requirements, she wanted me to see for myself. I was fascinated by the idea. It sounded like easy, fun money. We made an appointment to meet at her dungeon the following Tuesday.

I've always wanted to say this as a parting comment, "See you next Tuesday". She missed it, and I smiled.

The dungeon was a converted 2-car garage that she rented from a single mom with three kids. Her dungeon was the first I had ever seen. The double door for the cars was blocked off and access was through the people door at the rear. Lots of dark material covered the walls and there was some indirect lighting.

A couple was scheduled in about five minutes so I settled into a chair behind the wall hangings and waited patiently to watch the events of the next hour.

A half hour or so later there was a crash as the back door was bulldozed by Man Mountain Drunk. Six of Lady V and three of me wouldn't have been enough to stop this big dude. He was loudly demanding her, meaning Lady V's "fucking cunt" and he was going to "shove his dick up her ass".

Now, that idea had crossed my mind too, but with a different approach.

Lady V launched a verbal counterattack, complete with pointed index finger, and told him, in no uncertain terms, that he needed to leave. Intoxication was NOT allowed and he had to have his wife with him.

Her words went unheeded as he grabbed Lady V and dragged her over to a table. He was doing his best to get her panties off and Lady V was doing her best to keep her silkies on.

I left the safety of the chair and tackled the 300 pounder for all I was worth. I just bounced off and took an elbow for my trouble. Damn that hurt. I was out-weighed, out-drunk and out-meaned, so I headed for my car to get my shotgun.

I had been out target shooting and my trunk was, as a result , well armed. I loaded three rounds into the underbelly of the pump as I ran back into the dimness and the battle. Lady V had been slammed hard enough that she was on her back and groggy.

Her skirt was around her waist and her panties were gone. Mr. Drunk Asshole had his dick in either her pussy or her ass. I hit him HARD with the butt of the shot gun, and all it did was PISS him off. He swung at me and kept pumping his dick into Lady V.

I aimed the .410 at his little toe and pulled the trigger.

DAMN was that loud. He was screaming, cursing, hopping, and fell backwards over a stool. I pumped another round into the chamber, just in case.

I grabbed Lady V, put her over my shoulder and headed for the cars. I had my keys so I shoved her in the passenger's side of my Buick and we hauled ass. We headed for Maryvale's ER.

The parking lot was mostly empty so I parked out far enough to privately check my passenger's lower equipment.

One ass, one shaved pussy, no evidence of trauma to either. Lady V started to come around as I was getting her out of the car. She wanted to just sit up for a minute, so I let her regain her composure.

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