Lady V Pt. 02


I would like to thank my editor extraordinaire whyte_wyvern for his assistance. Any errors that have occurred are after his gracious help. If you read Part #1 first, it might help with the main characters and the setting.

Part 2

The Threesome, The single lady and Diane

We had an interesting session three weeks ago

Two ladies had booked the dungeon for a threesome. A tall blonde showed up at the door, accompanied by a slightly shorter man. It was a usual first time customer thing. They chained each other up in the anteroom and then Lady V invited them into the dungeon.

The woman wanted her companion to be chained to the cross, so with Lady V's assistance, he was soon gagged and bound. His nicely tanned friend then removed her dress and displayed a very strappy red leather undergarment. Her nice ass was on display but her muff and the girls were discretely covered.

She was a hot look'n babe and I was enjoying the show. Scissors were put in her hand and she had him naked in no time. A cell phone appeared from somewhere in her straps, and some buttons were pushed before Lady V could stop her. Cell phones were not allowed. The cute blonde apologized and said that she just had to let her partner know that they were ready. She slipped her dress back on.

She had then started to work him over with the whip and clamps. I winced as I watched her smack his nuts really hard. She had applied about 4 clamps to his nut sack and must have put 9 pounds of weight on each rope

"Damn lady, give the guy a break. " I thought out loud.

The outer door buzzer drew my attention as another blonde arrived, much shorter than the first. I let her into the anteroom and told Lady V, through her head set, that the third party was here. Lady V met and listened to the newcomer for a long minute.

I looked back at our first guest and she was still whipping the crap out of her victim.

"Whoa! What's up?" I said to myself.

The short blonde and Lady V arrived at the cross and the first tall blonde gave short blonde the whip and SHE started slapping the crap out of Mr. Gagged Guy.

He was trying to talk, but the gag was doing it's job really well.

Surprisingly, Lady V wasn't stopping this, so I whispered into her headset, "Hey, what's going on?"

Lady V quietly replied , " It seems as though the gentleman is married to our little blonde, and had been dating the tall one, telling her he was single."

Lady V continued," It seemed both blondes suspected something and after a bit of detective work, on both their parts, they found each other.

Not happily, but much more enlightened."

A short pause then," Today his girlfriend kept him busy all day while his wife had all of hubby's things removed from the house and put into storage way down in friggn Casa Grande. "

The restraining order and the divorce papers were in his wife's hot little left hand and the overworked whip was in her right hand.

Even my ears began to burn under the tirade of profanity and obscenities coming from her mouth. When she stopped to grab a breath, his girlfriend took over his punishment. She was just as articulate, but a little lighter with the cat-o-nine.

I felt sorry for the guy's nuts as the girls were pretty hard on them.

When his wife brutally kicked him in the shin, Lady V finally called a halt to the abuse.

The taller guest turned to Lady V and ground these words through her clenched teeth, "There are two of us here and only one of you. We aim to finish what we started."

Lady V looked at me, held up five fingers on one hand and covered her eyes with the other.

I turned on all five 1000 watt spots at the same time. Three seconds later, I turned the power eaters off. The blondes' low light vision was disrupted just long enough for Lady V to move quickly to safety.

Lady V was calm , firm and friendly as she said, "I understand that you two are upset, but my security team has called a halt to this session. There are actually three of us here and you don't want to cross Igor and Fritz. So please leave."

OK, so she lied about there being three of us, but the two blondes did leave quietly, quickly and very apologetically.

Lady V undid the man's gag and he screamed,

"This is all your fault you stupid bitch. When I get out of here I'm gonna kick your ass."

She quietly waited until he was done then said, "You know, of all the people that you should be nice to, I'm probably the most important right now."

That did not set well with our bound guest, and he spewed his verbal venom on her again.

I spoke quietly to myself, " You fuck'n dick head."

She waited until he was running low on breath and then quietly spoke to him,

"You know, I'm afraid of you right now. I will not untie you. This was not my fault. This is YOUR fault for lying to the two ladies that just left. I'm going to give you a few minutes to calm down and then I'll come back for you."

Profanity started again, so Lady V just went into the anteroom and closed the door.

My elevated control room has one entrance into the anteroom, so she came up the short flight of stairs and sat next to me. I poured us a glass of wine to share and we laughed and talked quietly about the events of the past twenty minutes.

It had gotten very quiet in the Dungeon.

Lady V switched on the PA system and said, "I need you to be civil. Can you do that?"

I think his response was something like, "Fuck you bitch."

I turned off the PA system and suggested that Igor needed to talk with our friend.

Lady V agreed.

I exited the control booth into the secret passage, my other exit door, and donned my Igor costume. Body armor, like lizard skin, makes me nearly seven feet tall and thirty pounds heavier, literally.

The helmet's face shield has a low light enhancer feature and a voice distortion unit that makes me sound alien. I love it.

I kept my visor up until I was near the cross, then I slammed it down and stepped in front of our potty-mouthed guest.

"I'm Igor", I said. "Lady V has left the building."

"What the fuck do you want?" he snarled back.

"I want to help you get out of here", my alien voice said.

"Then untie me, you stupid fuck".

I slammed his head back into the cross and pinched his nose closed. He looked scared, defiant and mad as hell.

"When you open your mouth to breath, I'm gonna shoot a bunch of this pepper spray in your face," I said as I held up an aerosol can of grizzly strength pepper spray.

"Until you can relax and convince me that we won't have any problems, you're gonna be here and you will be hurt'n."

After a few seconds, he relaxed his major fight/flight muscles and I released his nose.

"Here's how it has to be. You do anything stupid and I'll defend myself. This shit is damn near as bad as CS (tear)gas. Any questions?" I asked firmly.

He shook his head and said, "I'm OK. Just let me get out of here."

His reply seemed sincere so I unbuckled his ankles. I unlatched his right wrist and moved back just a bit. He had decided not to attack me. I untied the left wrist and we moved carefully to the anteroom as Lady V buzzed the door open for us.

A pair of clean Goodwill "scrubs" had been put in the anteroom for our naked friend. He slipped into the bottoms, grabbed his shirt and left with purpose.

Lady V said," That's the first time I've had anything that wild. Here, I poured you a glass of wine."

I took the wine and we chatted for a while. She had to leave for a museum board meeting and, as for me; it was clean up time,

A Single Lady named Jen

Our new client was scheduled in that night. She was a young single woman who wanted to be tied and teased so she could have a BIG O.

As usual for the first time, she chained her wrists together while she was in the anteroom.

Lady V greeted her when she was done and escorted her into the dungeon. Lady V and Jen talked quietly as her shorts were removed along with her blouse. She was taken to the table, strapped down and blindfolded, per her written request. Her legs were spread wide as Lady V started to tease and tap with the jockey quirt. The nice nipples were clamped and pulled as were her pussy lips.

Jen asked for a cock (dildo) in her pussy.

Lady V produced an 18-inch instrument, motioned for me to come down and insert the lavishly lubed phallus into our guest's sweet pink place.

I silently approached the table and diligently performed my assigned task. I know, a tough job, but someone has to do it.

I worked the three inch diameter replica past her panties and into her soaked pussy as Lady V supervised. Jen was only able to accommodate about 4", with rotation. This twisting and turning went on long enough that my hands and forearms were getting tired.

Finally, she wanted her right hand freed. Lady V complied quickly and Jen grabbed the dildo close to her neatly trimmed bush and began stroking her pussy for all she was worth.

I stood back and enjoyed the sights and sounds.

Lady V untied her right leg and Jen crossed her ankles quickly and screamed her way through a couple of long orgasms.

I got the hell out of there as she could rip her blindfold off at any time.

Lady V unstrapped her other limbs and Jen curled up into a fetal position. A cool sheet was carefully laid on the overheated lass and Lady V patiently waited for her to recover.

"Lemonade?" asked the Dungeon Mistress.

"Oh thank you," replied our very satisfied guest.

They sat and talked for nearly 20 minutes, Lady V in her silver costume and Jen wrapped in her sheet.

When they finished, Jen was given a new pair of shorts and top for the trip home. Lady V escorted her to the anteroom and to her car in the parking lot. They hugged and Lady V returned with an envelope

A married lady named Diane

Diane was a married lady that had a secret fantasy to masturbate in front of complete strangers. Her husband wanted no part of her fantasy so Diane had sought the help of Lady V. She wanted to masturbate in front of a small group of strangers, preferably two couples. She also wanted the safety of the dungeon.

Lady V had convinced her to try the first time with just two spectators.

Diane agreed.

Our guest arrived in the anteroom and was met by Lady V in her red sequined mask, red shiny dress and red leather boots. Diane was handcuffed and masked, not blindfolded, then brought into the Dungeon. She wanted a couch to perform on and her two 'strangers' to be seated in easy chairs close by. We had arranged the dungeon as the customer requested.

Lady V's dress and boots were elegant enough for an evening on the town. I had on a black tuxedo and a Zorro mask.

Diane could see us, and she knew that we could see her.

Her handcuffs were removed as I switched on some soft, easy listening music. The three of us chatted about current events, and just like any other cocktail party, shared some wine.

As I open the second bottle, Diane reclined on the sofa and started to rub her herself through her dress. I poured for Lady V and myself as Diane slipped her skirt up and rubbed her hand directly on her fancy panties.

Lady V had a script for us to follow and she and I talked about what we saw happening on the couch in front of us. Diane's fingers were under her panties now and rubbing fast and hard on both sides of her clit. Her ankles crossed and her whole body participated in a very vocal orgasm that consist mostly of a high pitched, "eee..."

When Diane recovered, we continued talking just as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. We mention how we enjoyed watching her and hoped she liked having us watch. She was both excited and bashful and spent. A few minutes later she excused herself for home, handed Lady V a white envelope, said her goodbye's and left.

A week or so later, Diane contacted Lady V and, excited by her last visit, wanted to take the next step; four people this time.

I had no idea where Lady V got her support personal, but a very nice couple, Nancy and Kim, showed up at the dungeon to help Diane participate in her next adventure. As before, an upscale cocktail party was prepared, with the five of us chatting and sharing cheese, crackers, and wine. Fancy masks for the ladies, you know, feathers and sequins; but plain black masks and tuxes for us guys.

Part way through her third glass of wine, Diane stood and unzipped her party skirt. Her mini panties just covered her well-trimmed bush and her thigh high nylons had lacy tops. She sat back down on the sofa and began to gently rub herself. Her legs were slightly spread and as the rubbing got faster; the fingers of one hand disappeared under her panties. Her other hand went to her nipple and she flicked herself through her blouse and bra. The blouse and bra were quickly pushed aside and she pulled and twisted her bare nipple.

The four of us sat and watched as we drank our wine and commented about the events taking place just inches away.

She funneled every ounce of energy into an ongoing orgasm that seemed to last five minutes. Exhausted, she just laid there as we continued to talk.

I poured more wine and refilled the cheese tray. Diane sat up and we all told her what a special treat it was to watch her feel good. She was genuinely pleased that we liked her performance, like an actress after her opening night on live theater. She was embarrassed that her panties were wet, but she removed them before putting her skirt on.

I asked, "Can I smell your panties?"

She blushed and handed them to me. I held them close to my nose and inhaled enough sex to last me a week. I offered them to the other guy, Kim, and he did the same.

The ladies declined.

She left shortly afterwards and I wondered If I would ever see her again.

It would be some time before I could get that deliciously sensual, musky scent of her juices out of my mind.

Several months later Diane needed Lady V's professional help once again. This time it was a cocktail party at her house. Lady V was to supply the guests. There were six of us comfortably seated in the deluxe rental van as we made our way along Garmin's streets to Diane's Scottsdale home.

We had the security code to the gate and soon arrived in Diane's driveway. Our fancy formal wear fit fabulously into the fine house and the neighborhood. The ladies masks were elegant and I'd gotten a blue tux this time.

The introductions were by first name only and we were invited into a very nicely decorated, spacious living room. The music was low and the conversation was pleasant. The husband was away on a business trip so the house was completely ours.

As we started the sixth or seventh bottle of wine, Diane asked me, "Will you unzip the back of my dress?"

I grabbed the zipper firmly and pulled it slowly down until it stopped well below her waist. No bra and only a thong showed under the dress. As I slid the bright material off her shoulders, she grabbed my hands as we both pushed the garment slowly over her hips and dropped it onto to the floor.

She turned, smiled and whispered, "Thank you" right into my ear.

A slow move to the couch and she sat down like any lady would that was wearing a short skirt. She reclined and her right hand went directly into her panties and the other hand to her nipple.

We sat in the chairs that were closest to Diane as she performed a gymnastic symphony of self-pleasure. This event went on for quite some time until Diane finally collapsed on the couch.

Finally, we had finished the last bottle of wine and cleaned the shrimp off the hors d'oeuvres plate.

As she was regaining consciousness, I asked her if I could have her panties.

She whispered, "Yes, if you take them off now".

I went to one knee in front of her and put my fingers into the sides of the panties, and began the long slow journey toward her ankles. She did not raise her butt off the couch to help, so I had to just work them off the old-fashioned way.

I moved my head closer to her delightful aroma and drank it into my soul. She moved her hand over and held it against my cheek. We stayed that way for a few seconds that seemed like an event.

I took her panties and put them into my jacket pocket. I offered her my hand so she could move to a sitting position.

The other couples came close and we all talked about how we enjoyed her performance, and looked forward to an encore. She smiled, blushed and offered the back of her hand for a kiss. How could I resist?

The drive home was full of animated discussion stories.

We would meet Diane again.

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