Lady V Pt. 03


Chapter 03

The Sheriff

Gloria, Pete and Greg

The Shire was a political unit of land in Anglo Saxon England. The equivalent of our modern day county. The Iff was an lesser shire official that was tasked with, among other things in the hunting counties, preventing poaching.

In Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe is elected.

Lady V's dungeon is in the City of Phoenix's Squaw Peak Precinct of the Phoenix Police Department. That puts us a few miles west of the Maricopa County Sheriff's patrol territory. Seeing a Maricopa County Sheriff's car in our humble neighborhood is a rarity. However it did happen a few weeks ago.

Lady V was cautiously optimistic when she told me about our 9:30 pm appointment. It was a sheriff deputy who wanted the services of the dungeon, but not Lady V (or Igor ). Lady V and I were always present during dungeon time but we would stay out of sight.

He needed a discrete place for a quickie . You just can't park a sheriff's patrol car in a motel parking lot and go rent a room.

About 11:00 pm a Maricopa County Sheriff patrol car pulled into the parking lot and a uniformed deputy got out and extracted a handcuffed hooker looking type female from the back seat. He rang the bell and I buzzed the locks so the two of them went straight into the dungeon. As per Lady V's instructions.

When they got into the dungeon things got interesting.

The deputy harshly pushed the female toward the Cross where he handcuffed her to and facing the cross.

He said, " I have to search you for weapons."

She objected loudly, "No damn way! Keep your cotton pick'n hands off me you perv."

I thought almost aloud, "Cotton picking hands? Where did this person learn to cuss? Shit, I could do better than that when I was 13."

He managed to search both inside her bra and panties. It took him several minutes and he did a thorough job.

He undid the handcuffs and took her to the table where he used the leather restraints to fasten her face down over the edge of the table. He raised her short skirt up over her waist and pulled her panties down.

He said," So you wanta be a street cocksucker and a butt fucker, Huh? Here is what you can expect."

An open handed smack on her round bottom was met with a yelp and a,

"Cut that out you pervert. Let me go. I'll have your badge for this. I'll sue your ass off."

"Shut the fuck up sweet cheeks or I'll find drugs in your snatch" replied the deputy as he reined another slap on the already red cheek.

Her panties were down around her knees and his dick was headed for her pussy. He eased the big guy into the moist pink place and in about one second he was full length fucking her hard. Her objections became fewer and fewer until she seemed to be going along with the pounding.

I thought aloud, "Holy Shit. What the fuck's go'n on here" I tried to contact Lady V on her headset, but got no response. Shit I hope I don't get called as a witness.

After a few minutes of hard pounding, he pulled out and rolled a condom on his hard pecker. There was a tube of lube on the table and her upper hole got a generous dose. He slowly entered her ass as she gulped aloud seemingly unprepared for his anal assault. Once again he started the pounding only this time to a chorus of mini screams/yelps that accompanied each thrust.

He pulled his cock out of the fuckee's ass, whipped off the condom, and shoved the big dick into her pussy just in time for him to go ridged on the down stroke and fill her pussy with a large dose of cum.

Just as he was starting to slide out of her just fucked hole, his radio squawked to life. He reached up to his lapel mic and answered the call.

After getting a bunch of unintelligible numbers, he let his dick fall out , slapped her ass again and said, " I've gotta go Now! Code 30. Love you"

He turned and looked for Lady V as he stuffed his dick back into his uniform pants.

The masked one had moved toward the center of the dungeon and made eye contact with the deputy who said,

" I have an emergency and have to leave. Can you see that my wife gets back to her van?"

"That was his fuck'n wife? Holy shit!" These words rolled through my wee brain several times and silently off my tongue.

Lady V assured him that she would take care of his wife and urged him to go and be safe. I buzzed the doors open and he was gone in a flash of red and blue lights.

The Screwed One, Mrs. Deputy was SO embarrassed because she didn't know there was anybody else in the dungeon. She was a mortified mom that had been bent over a table with her panties down to her knees, had just been pussy fucked, ass fucked by her husband ,cum running down her leg in front of a total stranger (two ,if she knew I was there).

Lady V started talking to calm her down as she unlocked the leather restraints.

The embarrassed one pulled her panties up and buried her face in both hands.

Lady V offered her a towel and a glass of wine and our soccer mom readily accepted both. The towel job was quick as was the first demi-glass of wine. During the second glass Lady V asked our guest what led up to the events of the night.

Mrs. Deputy, Gloria, began slowly.

"Over the years I would sometimes tease my husband about having to handcuff all of the young pretties that he had to arrest. In our love making he would sometimes handcuff me put me on my knees and make me give him a, well, you know. It was kind of exciting.

This went on for years until, Pete, my husband, started making up stories about what he and his buddies did to the cute young honeys that they arrested for drugs and prostitution. At least I hope they were stories.

He and I also went online and looked at the booking pictures of these street honeys. I felt sorry for Pete because he had to deal with these hard looking vile tempered people, so I offered myself self as a fantasy arrest.

We came up with this story line of him arresting me on the street for prostitution and then using me like some of the stories that he and I had made up.

We figured out how to carry out our plan, but It took us almost a year to solve the where part. He can't park that county car just anyplace.

That's where you came in. Pete had heard about your Dungeon and it took him the better part of six weeks to finally track you down and arrange a meeting.

Well you know the story from there."

Lady V picked up the story,

"When we talked on the phone, I suggested a day, time and place for the meeting as well as the book I would be reading for recognition.

When Pete approached me at Denny's, he was sure that his information was incorrect. Even though the book was on the table, he didn't even ask me the Dungeon question.

Instead, he said he was looking for a lady but thought he had the wrong person. As he started to walk away, I ask him if he was looking for a Dungeon?

He could only stammer ,"Yes", and said "You just didn't look like a lady that ran the kind of outfit like we're looking for."

" He sat , ordered coffee and explained that you only needed a secure location, close to his beat so he could use his dinner break to meet you and have your fantasy arrest. "

"I liked him and your Plan sounded like fun. So, here we are".

"Well not quite," Gloria replied.

"I was to drive my minivan to a specific place where Pete would meet me. He helped me create this costume right out of ,what he calls, the Street Walker's Hand Book except he had given me panties that said Nice Ass right across my bottom.

I arrived at the meeting place but Pete wasn't there and he hadn't called me. Finally ,I saw what I thought was his car approaching and felt relieved. I Slid out of the driver's seat, started my hooker's walk away from my van.

The patrol car pulled up just behind me and an unfamiliar voice yelled,

"Hey, you ,get over here. I want to talk to you. What are you doing in this area?" I looked and it wasn't Pete, it was some other deputy. This scared the crap out of me and I was only able to mumble,

"I'm just meeting my husband." Then the deputy said,

"Yeah right, get over here. Do you have any I.D?"

I said, "Yes, right over there in my car" and I started to head for the van. This guy yelled at me to stop and get over by the rear fender of his car and put my hands on the top of the trunk.

I did what he told me, but I also told him I hadn't done anything wrong. That I was just meeting my husband. He didn't believe me and told me I was under arrest for vagrancy because I had no I.D. He told me to put my hands behind my back.

I did as I was told and then he handcuffed me. I told him my ID was in my van. He just said, "Yeah right".

I got scared and started to cry. I didn't know how this would affect Pete's job. My way too heavy mascara started to run. I was a mess.

The deputy said that he was going to have to search me before he transported me to the station. He ask me if I had any guns, or knives, or bazookas , or bolt cutters on me."

Now what kind of a stupid ass question was that??? I told him ,"NO! In this outfit I couldn't hide a breath mint. Look! "

He said that he would trust me about the breath mints, but he did have to look for the bazookas. I had to lean forward over the trunk and in this outfit everything showed, I'm sure.

Then he said, "What does this say? Does that say "Nice Ass?"

At that point I came unglued and yelled ,"What the hell are you doing looking at my panties? My husband IS a sheriff deputy and you can be damn well rest-a-fuckin-sured that he's gonna hear about this".

"Yeah OK lady, get in the back seat of my car. Watch your head."

He put me into the back with the hard plastic seat. Yuk.

I know it was cleaned before shift, but I also know what was cleaned off just before I sat down with my bare legs.

He closed the door and went around and climbed in behind the wheel. He took out his cell phone, and said just loud enough for me to hear, "Pete, I got one in custody".

I nearly screamed with relief. "Who are you?" I demanded. He said." I'm Greg, and Pete will tell me the whole story later."

I felt so relieved that I just chattered.

"Why haven't I met you before?" " Where's Pete? Why are you here? When will Pete be here?

And then I told him, "Take these handcuffs off me."

He just laughed and got out of the car and was opening the back door as Pete's cruiser slid along side.

Pete, Mr. Funny Bones, said, "Looks like you got a bad one there." Then Greg replied, "Yeah, she used the F word on me and she has no I.D. But, according to the graffiti, she has a Nice Ass"

That's when I put my foot down. I told them, "This is NOT funny. Where have you been? Did you tell him about my panties? Get these damn handcuffs off me! I'm so glad to see you."

Pete interrupted, "Did you search her for canceled weapons?" Greg said "No. She seemed honest so I took her word that she didn't have any breath mints hidden on her."

Then he turned to me and asked, "Is that a costume you're wearing or do you always dress like an hourly rate trick?"

" I was kinda steamed and I told them off but good. I told them that this was NOT in the least bit funny, and to get me out of these goddamned handcuffs or I'd show the two of them hourly rate."

Gloria relaxed and continued, " The rest of the evening went as planned except the damn radio call . Code 30 means an officer is in trouble. I hope everyone's all right.

So now I'm here and I need a ride back to my car."

Lady V smiled and said, "That is quite a story. I'll drive you back to your car".

As the two headed toward the Rec room door, I buzzed the lock as usual.

Gloria said, "How did you do that?"

Lady V questioned, "You mean open the door?"

"Yeah." Gloria quizzed.

Lady V, "I'll tell you on the way. Shall we?." (With a hand gesture toward the open door.)

The rec room door clicked shut and as Lady V and Gloria slid into the Silver Benz.

I started my clean up.

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