tagFetishLady with Surprise

Lady with Surprise


It was another dull friday night at the bar sitting by myself. I was getting ready to leave when she walked thru the door. She was good looking, wearing high heels with a very short skirt and a white blouse. From the way her tits bounced when she walked, I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. As she walked past me on her way to the bar, I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops and white panties.

Pushing between the only two guys at the bar she orders a beer. The guy on her left starts talking to her, paying for her beer when it comes. I hear him say, my buddy and I are looking for some fun and you my dear, look like you could be a lot of fun. Laughing, she says thanks for the beer. I'll think about the fun.

Getting change for a buck she goes over to the juke box. After putting the quarters in, she bends over to pick her songs. This gives me a view of her panties and tight little ass. Looking over her shoulder she catches me staring. She smiles then looks away, her ass swaying to the music as she picks her songs.

When she walks past me on her way back to the bar she stops. Touching my cheek she smiles, then continuing on to the bar she squeezes between the two men. They keep buying her beer making sure she never has a empty bottle. She turns and leans against the bar. Seeing me looking at her she smiles, her hand comes up and cups her tit. Squeezing her nipple, she blows me a kiss.

Seeing this, the man on her right whispers in her ear. When she smiles, he places his hand on her tit, squeezing it. She responds by kissing him on the lips. Reaching down she squeezes his cock thru his pants, shocked he pulls back. As I our eyes meet she smiles. Not looking away she takes his hand and places it back on her tit saying, Come on baby don't be shy, pinch my nipple. It feels like she's talking to me, when she squeezes his cock, it makes my cock jump, just like it was my cock she was touching. All this time her eyes haven't left mine. She moans when he squeezes her tit. When he pinches her nipple, I can see her body shudder.

The friend joins in by kissing her neck. When she doesn't stop him, he put's his hand on her other tit, squeezing it. As he whispers in her ear, she Laughs and reaches for his zipper. Pulling it down, she puts her hand in his pants. All the time looking in my eyes and smiling. Putting his hand on her ass he tries to pull up her skirt. She pushed his hand away, saying no my tits only.

Leaning back against the bar, she loses herself in the pleasure as they play with her tits. Suddenly she pushes them away and turns to finish her beer. Smiling she says, ok boys thanks for the warm up but now I need a real man for the finish.

Walking over to me, she leans over and kisses me on the lips. Looking in my eyes as she places her hand on my now hard cock. She smiles and whispers in my ear, I think your cock is perfect lets go.

Taking my hand as she turns to leave, she pulls me behind her. As we walk past the two guys I can see their pissed, but I don't give a damn. Watching her ass, I can already feel how tight it will be when I push my cock in her tight little asshole. So screw'em I'm the one getting laid tonight. At the door she tells me we'll take her car. I could care less I just want to fuck her. I'll crawl back later if I have to.

At her car she turns and pushes me against the door. Kissing me, she slowly pulls down my zipper and takes my cock out. Dropping to her knees, she strokes my cock with her hand while she licks the head, tasting my precum. As I push my cock into her mouth, she slowly takes it all in, teasing the shaft with her tongue until I can feel her nose against my pubic hair. As I start fucking her mouth, I grab her hair forcing my cock in as far as I can. Her hands on my ass, are pulling me in, burying my cock in her throat.

Suddenly, just as fast as she started, she stops. Standing up she tells me, you'll do just fine, now get in the car. As I start to put my cock away she slaps my hand, telling me to leave it out. When I get in the car, she leans in the door and licks her lips. She tells me to stroke it for her, saying, come on baby make it good and hard for me. Squeezing her firm tits and pinching her nipples, she gives me a show as I stroke my cock for her.

Getting in the car she pushes my hand away, then starts jerking me off slowly. Leaning over, she flicks the head of my cock with her tongue. As she opens her mouth wide, she slowly sucks my cock into her mouth. Fucking me with her mouth, going faster and faster, she is quickly bringing me close to cumming. I'm so close now, that when she reaches up and pinches my nipples I go over the edge, and start to cum. She stops sucking, squeezing hard at the base of my cock she stops me from cumming. Looking at her I ask, why the fuck did you stop me. She just laughs, saying I'll let you know when you can cum, if I decide to let you.

Starting the car she heads for her house, playing with my cock as she drives. As she slowly strokes my cock, she looks over at me and says, I would love to spank you, HARD. This catches me off guard, when I look at her I get the feeling she means it. Hell, I've been spanked before, It wasn't that bad, It even turned me on a little. Besides she was a small girl, five one or two, how hard could she possibly spank me.

But it didn't matter, she was hot, I would do anything she wanted. So I tell her, I'm game for anything. Good, she says as we pull in her drive way. Turning the car off she says, come on in, but leave the cock out. By the time I get out of the car she's waiting by the back door. The flood lights come on, turning night into day.

Telling me to stop she comes over, dropping to her knees she starts sucking my cock right there in the middle of the back yard. When it's good and hard again she stands up. Holding me by my cock she leads me into the house. We go straight into the kitchen where she pushes my back against the island and we start to kiss. After pulling my shirt off she pinches my nipples hard, shocking me, the pain almost making me cum. I can't believe this is turning me on. When I try to tell her, she puts her finger to my lips and says, no talking.

Opening a draw she takes out a blind fold. She puts it on me as she turns me around and bends me over the island. I can feel her putting something on my wrists. Suddenly my arms are pulled above my head and I find myself tied to the island. Telling me not to struggle, she walks away. A few minutes pass and I'm starting to wonder where she is, when I hear her coming. Slapping my ass, she says good boy, your still here. Then she walks to the other side of the island.

When I start to say something, she pushes a gag into my mouth and my arms are pulled even tighter. Leaning her head next to my ear, she tells me to shut up and do what I'm told. I'm thinking I might have made a mistake coming here. But, at the same time, I feel my rock hard cock pushing against the island and I realize that yes, I really want to be here.

Hearing her moving around behind me, I wonder what she's doing. When she reaches around me and unbuckles my pants I find out. When they drop to the floor, She caresses my ass as she reaches between my legs and squeezes my balls. Then, letting them go I feel her finger, slowly tracing it's way back to my asshole. Stopping there she asks me, do you want me to push my finger in. I shake my head no. Laughing, she says too bad, you don't have a choice. As I feel her finger slowly pushing in, I can't believe how good it feels in my virgin ass. I'm surprised, I'm pushing back, wanting more. Asking me if I like it, I shake my head yes. She laughs, saying maybe later as she pulls her finger out slapping my ass.

As she walks around the kitchen I hear her opening drawers and putting things on the counter. Then she walk over to me and that's when I feel it. Hard and cold, It takes me back to high school. As she starts tapping my ass with the paddle, it feels huge. Now I'm worried, I thought she was just going to use her hand.

I try to spit out the gag, I want to tell her that this is over,I've had enough. When the first one connects I try to yell, but with the gag it comes out as a moan. All I can think of is damn that hurt. Laughing she says, bet you like that didn't you. Before I can answer her she does it again, this time harder. As her hand caresses my ass she leans over and whispers in my ear, relax, this is only the beginning, we have all night.

Taking her time, she alternates between the paddle and her hand. Sometimes she walks away, giving my burning ass time to cool down. Sometimes she caresses a lotion onto the punished skin of my ass. When she puts the paddle away I think she's done and I let myself relax. Seeing this, she laughs and grabs my hair, pulling my head up. In a deep lust filled voice she says, that was only the beginning.

Hearing this, I feel my cock getting hard again as my body starts trembling. I can't wait for the feel of the paddle. She pulls the gag from my mouth and asks me what I want as the paddle connect with my ass. I beg her for more, saying, please give me more, spank my ass. Laughing she says, I knew it, you looked like a man who would love a good spanking. And now your going to get it, I'm going to turn your ass red and raw.

I couldn't tell her to stop if I wanted to. The paddling she gave me took my breath away. It just went on and on, harder and harder until suddenly, she gave a long moan and put her pussy against my leg, fucking it. I could feel her panties were soaked. Leaning on me, her body shaking, I feel her cum running down my leg. This causes me to let go and cum. In the excitement, I think I feel something else. Something that makes me tingle with excitment. Something long and hard. Laughing, I say to myself there's is no way this chick's a guy, she can't have a dick.

Looking at her over my shoulder, I see she looks flush and is breathing hard. When I ask her to let me loose she looks up and smiles, and says she's not done with me yet, in a little while maybe, when I'm finished.

Standing beside me, she opens a drawer on the island pulling out a pair of blue rubber gloves, snapping them as she puts them on she reaches back in the drawer and comes out with a tube of lube. Smiling she asks me if I know what's coming next. She squirts some lube on her finger saying, are you ready baby. She touches my asshole with her finger,teasing me, then slowly pushes her finger in, lubing my hole. I close my eyes, the excitement building as she fucks my ass with her finger, working the lube in.

Feeling my ass loosen, she pulls her finger out. Teasing me with just the tip of her finger she tells me to beg for it. Damn it, I can't believe it, I want her finger in my ass so bad I'm begging her to put it back in. She does, but with two fingers now. Pushing in hard, it causes me to yell out in pain and I start to complain. She tells me to relax, enjoy it, the best is yet to come.

Pulling her fingers out she tells me not to go any where, she'll be right back. When she comes back, she's carrying a large stool which she puts on my left side. Stepping up on the stool she says, I know you felt it, now you can see it. As she pulls up her skirt I can see the outline of a cock through her panties. I'm speechless, I'm also so turned on I'm ready to cum.

Releasing one arm she tells me to touch it. With a shaking hand, I reach over and touch it through her panties realizing it's a strap on. It's vibrating and part of it's in her pussy. As I'm stroking it thru her panties she tells me to take it out. Pulling the front of her panties down it pops out, hitting my lips. As I'm doing this she releases my other arm.

As I'm jerking her off she starts to cum, moaning as her legs start shaking. Suddenly letting out a yell she cums, squirting all over the island soaking me. Feeling her cum run down my hands I realize how damn turned on I am. I can't believe it, all I can think of is her fucking me in the ass. As her orgasm subsides she starts to settle down. Taking my hand she pulls me off the island and pushes me to my knees. Holding my head she pushes her cock into my mouth and starts fucking it. Looking up, I see her eyes are closed and she's breathing hard and shaking. Holding my head tight she buries her cock in my mouth and cums, her juices soaking my chest.

Looking down at me she says, I want to fuck your ass now. Pulling me up, she pushes me back over the island. Moving the stool behind me she stands on it. I can't believe it, I want her so damn bad I push back when I feel her cock. She tells me to slow down, she's in the drivers seat now.

I'm shaking with lust as she spreads my ass cheeks apart. When she puts the tip of her cock against my asshole I try pushing back. She pulls back saying, slow down and let me drive bitch. Holding my hips she slowly pushes the head in. It hurts until the head enters, after that it's pure pleasure. She's starts fucking me slowly, taking her time, pulling all the way out, then pushing it in until I can feel her skin on my ass. As I loosen up the pleasure starts building, leaning over my back she says, tell me what you want bitch, tell me you want me to fuck your man hole. I'm saying it before I think it, fuck me, please fuck my ass, fuck me hard until I cum.

She starts pounding the cock into my ass. I'm cumming, she yells, I'm going to cum in your ass. Her legs are shaking and her movements get jerky as she cums, soaking my ass. I'm almost there I yell, begging her not to stop. She fucking my ass hard, pulling all the way out then slamming it home, again and again. Come on baby she yells, I'm ready to cum again, cum with me. As she starts to let go I feel my orgasm build. As she's soaking my ass with her cum again I let go, yelling I'm Cumming. That starts her again, its her biggest, most intense one yet. Moaning and shaking she pounds her cock in my ass.

Pushing me to the floor, She kneels behind me saying, now your really going to get your ass fucked bitch. Her hands are on my hips and her cock is against my asshole. She pushes,and the head enters. Stopping, she asks me how I want it, I tell her to fuck me hard. Agonizingly slow, she pushes her cock in, Every ripple sending waves of pleasure through my body, until at last I feel her hips against my skin. She starts rocking her hips and I can tell she is getting close. She changes to short strokes, picking up speed. Do you like this, you big slut, you like how I'm fucking your ass bitch, or do you want it like this, as her cock comes all the way out and is slammed home, pushing me forward. Not waiting for a answer she really gets into fucking my ass. She goes on and on fucking me harder and harder. My cock's hard again and I feel another orgasm starting again. Just as I let go she has a huge orgasm, flooding the floor with our cum, we colaspe on the floor and the one in charge has just changed.

The rest of the night just got better and better, but that's another story

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