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Ladyboy DP for Thai Wife


Part five of the erotic photo journals of an English Teacher in Thailand.


Dear Reader: Some people are not comfortable with their own sexuality and they object to cuckold and bi-sexual stories. That is okay - To those people I would suggest not to read this story or to leave your negative comments.


I opened my eyes and lay still in bed, awake unusually early. I could feel the warm presence of Noi snuggled up in bed bedside me. She was sleeping face down with her little bottom next to my right hand. I reached out and touched the warm butt cheeks of Noi's tight and shaped ass. I gave them a fond little squeeze and felt my cock stirring with desire.

Noi was your typical lovely pleasure loving Thai woman, very petite with a slender shaped body and girlish hips. She had lovely soft silky brown hair and a wonderful pair of red lips that were delicious to kiss, as feel heavenly wrapped around ones cock. I had met Noi at University, the best place to have free sex in Thailand, and we had ended up living together. Like many other students in Chiang Mai, the only thing on her mind apart from her studies was sex, and that suited me perfectly.

Chiang Mai is a lovely city for sightseeing and romance, sure, but the myriads of sexy students attending university here also make it a haven for free sex. When I had started teaching in Thailand, I felt like fish bait thrown into a pond teaming with starving piranhas. The simple scientific fact is that the Western cock is just bigger than the local variety so that those poor sex starved girls cannot wait to feed off something more substantial. Who am I to deprive their tight little brown pussies of a well-deserved meal? I mean, those female Thai students in their short sexy skirts, shiny belt buckles and white blouse uniforms are simply the product of some Playboy wet dream and impossible to resist. (Photos on request.) Unlike the bargirls from Isaan, the lovely milky white-skinned Chiang Mai beauties are born horny with an itchy pussy and many are rich to boot. If they love you, they will most probably buy you a house, care for you, pay for everything and spoil you in all sorts of wonderful ways. I still cannot understand why travellers have still not worked this out and are actually pay for a bargirl.

One of my readers asked me if I have gone back home yet - I admit I had been complaining of limping around with an aching cock due to over use. You must be kidding me! Go back home? Never! They will have to ship me out dick first. The girls here are all really cute and dying to fuck your brains out. Now you can call me dick-brain if you wish, but dick has never had reason to complain from lack of a delicious sweet and sour Thai pussy in Chiang Mai. Well, at least not until recently when Cindy, the heavenly Ladyboy, came into our lives... For those of you poor souls who do not know what a Ladyboy is -- it is simply a lovely Thai girl with a dick.

I had found out early on that the local attitude towards Ladyboys/she males in Thailand is very different to that of people Western culture. Thai people are very accepting and treat being a ladyboy as normal. I met Cindy in one of my classes and after some prodding on my behalf, Noi had given in to her temptation and curiosity and begun exploring the pretty Cindy's exciting sexual differences (see Ladyboy for the Thai Wife). Now Cindy is a very attractive girl in her young twenties with a lovely slim body and small breasts (photos on request). I could not tell the difference until she spoke in class. I am told she has not had that operation yet. Apart from being a very attractive Thai girl, she is also built like a stud with the biggest horse-cock you have ever seen. Even with my eight inches, I get to feel inadequate around her.

I sent my roaming fingers down between Noi's thighs now. She had not woken up yet but she stirred slightly as my hand travelled down the groove of her butt cheeks to arrive at her wonderful moist furry soft ripe fruit below. Her pussy felt warm, soft and wet. I swallowed hard. She had come home late last night while I was sleeping. She had told me before that she needed to go over to Cindy's to do some homework, the little fox, and now this... As my finger delved easily between her unusually loose vaginal lips, they easily sunk into the warm wet velvet like a hot knife through butter. I could that her naughty little sleeve was pregnant with spunk trapped deep inside her fruit. Her pussy was so ripe and just dying to be eaten.

Her eyelids opened and she looked at me for a moment but she did not make a move the stop me kneading her little pussy.

"I want to lick out your pussy," I told her.

"You don't have time, Teelak. You have to go to teach now," she replied, but I felt her open her legs wider to give my hand better access to her female parts. After all, I thought, Noi was Thai after all and she could not resist a good cock in the morning. I gave her pussy a quick kiss. It tasted salty musky and sweet. I licked up a little of the sour love juice syrup.

She smiled at me then moved down the covers to my cock, the good girl. She looked at me seriously and began to give me one of her slow, gentle blowjobs, deep throating my cock all the way to the base, her little tongue darting around the head as she and cupped my balls in her hands. This girl looks innocent but she is a cock-sucking expert.

"You have to go to work now, darling..." She said, leaving me there with a horse like hard-on.

I got up regretfully, my erection jutting out in front of me. I was rock hard and wanted to fuck her little brown bones out but she was right, I had to get to work. She looked at me coyly, touched her pussy and said:

"Don't worry about me, Teelak. Cindy is coming round in an hour. She is very tender and loving with me, you know. Her cock feels so good in my tight little Thai pussy it drives me crazy. She is so much bigger than you are and she always makes me cum so hard..."

Her finger disappeared inside her vaginal lips as she said this. I licked my lips nervously and replied:

"Okay, cutie, but keep some for me."

She gave me a quizzical look as I disappeared out of the door. I was hot and bothered all day at university thinking about my little Noi enjoying Cindy's cock back at home. My horny Thai girlfriend adores having her tight pussy stretched to the limit by a big cock. Being Thai, Noi will come hard on any cock inside her. Cindy would surely be shooting her load deep inside Noi's cunt. I left work early and arrived to find the two girls sleeping in bed. They looked so goddamn sexy together. I could not help it, I just had to get in bed and join them. I snuggled up to Noi, my erection slipping between her thighs and feeling the wet patch between her legs. She smiled as I kissed her but did not open her eyes.

Holding my dick, I worked it into her dilated pussy from behind. Taking hold of her, I sank into that warm wet sleeve. She appeared asleep, but I knew otherwise. Her hips thrust up against me as I pumped at her lying sideways on the bed. I could hear Cindy stirring beside me. I glanced at her. She was staring at us, a wry little smile on her lips.

Noi obviously quite aroused by now, decided to take the initiative and mount astride of me. She reached beneath her body, took hold of my throbbing dick and quickly inserted my hard cock into her wet sleeve. Her body dropped down and she began to thrust her pelvis at my erection. I was in heaven. I looked up at her and I could see her half-open lips through the mass of hair flowing over my face. He little tight body worked up and down my cock as she rode me hungrily, thrusting firmly at the strong cock wedged inside her small pussy.

Without warning, I felt Cindy's hand on my leg. I glanced over at her. She smiled and said:

"Don't worry, Teacher," she whispered soothingly in my ear. "Relax..."

I was anything but relaxed as Cindy climbed up behind Noi. Wouldn't you be? Then I nearly panicked when I felt Cindy's big dick pushing firmly up against Noi's butt cheeks. As for my Thai girlfriend, she did not seem bothered in the slightest. She just continued to ride me.

"I want you to cum inside of your little Thai cutie again as you watch and feel me fuck her...." announced Cindy.

Noi had grasped my arms tightly and I was pinned down beneath the two girl's weight, unable to move. Noi kissed me hard on the lips, drowning my protests. Before I could resist, the big ladyboy's bareback cock, taking advantage of the wetness of Noi's female sleeve from our combined love juices, slipped firmly in alongside my manhood into her tiny pussy. Noi let out a loud groan of pain and pleasure as her hole was stretched to the limit by this double cock. Cindy was bareback. I knew Noi preferred it that way. Noi always believed that condoms just get in the way.

Cindy had violated my wife while I was making love to her! I could feel the hard throbbing cock squeeze and slip against mine, pushing me commandingly over as it moved deeper into my Thai girlfriend's snatch. It was an incredible sensation, sharing Noi's pussy with this sexy Ladyboy and I nearly came there and then. I guess this is what Cindy had expected because she looked at little disappointed and said:

"Okay, big boy. I want to feel your spunk in her, lubricating my cock."

Cindy reached over and kissed Noi as she thrust her hips into her firm bottom from behind. Noi passionately returned her open-mouthed kiss, sending her tongue darting avidly into the Ladyboy while she pushed back against our combined cocks. My little Noi was Thai after all and she simply adored having a big cock pound her tight pussy. Noi has always liked a good hard fucking. The only thing better than one big cock, was two stuffed inside her belly at the same time. She knew that I too wanted to see cock inside her pussy and like a good Thai, wife she was very obedient and submissive to her man. She had no moral objections to giving and receiving sexual pleasure from someone else as this was very much part of how a Thai girl is brought up.

Noi uttered something in Thai as both Cindy and I fucked her in rhythm. It was simply fantastic and after a while, I could no longer control myself. I bucked wildly inside my wife's pussy, grunted and came hard. Cindy too had reached an incredible climax as she fucked away at Noi's pussy like a locomotive. Bending over now, she kissed me hard on the lips as she came and I could feel the Ladyboy's spunk pumping out of Noi's fully stuffed sleeve and pouring down my legs onto the wet bed sheets. I guess we were both Cindy's lovers now...

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