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Ladyboy for my Thai Wife


Dear Reader: Some people are not comfortable with their own sexuality and they object to cuckold stories and wife sharing. That is okay - To those people I would suggest not to read this story or to leave negative comments. To all the many others, and especially my thousands of readers and fans please read on- and enjoy. If you like this story, do not forget to leave positive feedback and check out Sex Tourist too if you have not done so. Thank you again for the hundreds of positive emails you sent me to which I always try to reply.


I remember the first time I went to Thailand. I was one of those poor lost souls paying for sex with bargirls. None of my so-called 'buddies' had told me you can jump their cute Thai skinny bones for free. In fact, the country is bursting at the seams with young hot sex goddesses who would love nothing better than to sex you 27/7. Bargirls look great at night and yes, I admit, the sex is out of this world, but when you wake up in the morning and the cheap beer has worn off and the bargirl's make-up is spoilt, oh boy. The usual reaction as you discover just how ugly the whore really is in broad daylight goes something like this: 'Holy shit! I went to bed with THAT!' Then you look around and think: "Why didn't I have sex with one of those pretty ones instead?"

I finally found the answer, so I retired to Thailand to teach at one of those many small universities in Thailand. Thai University is a fantastic place to find hot young and willing pussy. I believe God put those dishonourable institutions on this Earth to cater to the needs of sexually active males of all ages. I mean, they are simply teaming with sexy Thai girls strutting around in their uniforms straight out of an adult fancy dress shop fantasy. Wearing thin white cotton blouses, military-style leather belts with glaring metal logo belts, not to mention their ultra-short pleated black skirts they are nearly as sexy as bargirls, and certainly more classy and beautiful in DAYLIGHT. For those who have never been to paradise, I feel deep pity for you. I mean they call their capital Bang-cock for Christ's sake, that should give you a clue where to go.

The Thai girl is built for sex and the majority are usually well-schooled in the arts of pleasing a man in every manner and enjoy it too. As if those young nubile and hot students were not enough, there is always the Thai female teachers to go for. Most of them are beautiful and slender, perhaps marginally older, but many are desperate for sex. As you can probably imagine, when I first arrived there I felt like a fox let loose in a chicken farm. Which pussy do I eat first? Answer -- all. Many of the girls wanted to have sex to improve their grades, simply out of curiosity or just because Thai girls are just so highly sexed and want and need our big Western cocks in their tight little brown pussies.

I guess that after a few months of sowing my seeds and an aching cock, I was ripe to settle down with one of those hotties. Noi was a fourth year student in one of my classes. She is one of those very cute petite brown Thai girls with a tight slender body you would like to fuck. She likes to wear her lovely smooth hair straight and long and dyed brown, like many Thai girls. She stands 5ft 1, and weighs 45kg making a small bite, but delicious indeed. In her sexy uniform, her sensual smiling lips and her small tight ass, she is in an instant turn on for many a horny and older western man (p.s. for pic of Noi in her uniform, at least half of it, email me). I was instantly smitten. Noi, like all well brought up young Thai girls is very shy and polite. Fortunately, she has a very high sex drive and likes to get her cunt filled with every inch of my hard dick. She was so hot I would have liked to her cute brains out right there and then, or at least grabbed her by that long hair and pushed her head down onto my hard dick. Fortunately, she asked me for private lessons to help improve her knowledge of English and we ended up having sex and then living together as informal man and wife.

I had found out early on that the local attitude towards Ladyboys/shemales in Thailand is very different to that of people Western culture. Thai people are very accepting and treat being a ladyboy as normal. As for me, I met my first ladyboy in one Noi's classes. Her nickname was Cindy and she was a very attractive girl in her young twenties with a lovely slim body and small breasts. She kept on brushing her hair in class to distract me while I spoke, and was she constantly batting her eyelids at me. I was not used to all that flirting back then. After the lesson, Cindy cornered me and, pushing her sexy desirable body up close to mine and fondling me. I have to admit that I was not unaffected by her charm. I would certainly have accepted her proposal and gone out with her, had it not been for her deep voice. This tell-tale sign alerted me to the fact that she was in fact a 'he'.

I mentioned the incident to Noi later that evening. Noi laughed and told me that Cindy was indeed Ladyboy. I pretended to be shocked.

"Do you find her attractive?" Noi asked, curious.

"Yes, I can see why men like them," I answered.

Noi smiled broadly.

"She is very attractive," I added.

"Ladyboys are very sexy," she said.

"And you?" I asked. "Have you ever had sex with a ladyboy? I mean, before I met you?"

She blushed and shook her head.

"No. But Cindy is very beautiful," she replied. "She told me that she has a very big cock, bigger than her last boyfriend. She is also bi-sexual."

Noi said that Cindy even had a Facebook site and that she posted naked pictures of herself, one in particular sporting a big erection jutting up from under her tight skirt. I could see that she had thought about that a lot. The conversation obviously turned her on because that evening she was even more aroused than usual. To my delight, after we showered and in addition to white laced crotch-less panties, she selected a sexy gogo dancer outfit I had bought her: white lycra tank top and lycra micro skirt. It made her look like a cheap Thai whore. She climbed onto the bed and went down on me like a hooker. Her tongue was all over my cock, licking the stem and sucking hungrily on the head. I was rock hard in an instant. She smiled, satisfied at the result and then climbed on me reverse and proceeded to fuck my cock by thrusting her ass backwards onto it. I kissed her smooth young back and ran a small pink vibrator over her slit as I rubbed her clit with the other hand. After a few moments, she was groaning with pleasure. She slid sideways, wanting me to fuck her in that position but my cock slipped out and when I stuck it back in, I realised that I was in her rectum.

"I'm not a ladyboy, teelak,' she admonished, thrusting her bottom against my stiff manhood, but then she told me to keep my cock there and come in her ass all the same.

"Would you like to have his cock in your ass?" I asked her, pumping her from behind.

She moaned as she imagined Cindy's big cock fucking her hard.

"But I am with you now..." She argued.

"I would like that very much if you want to," I insisted.

"I have never done that before," she protested, but I could tell by the trembling in her voice and her thrusting pelvis how aroused she really was at the thought.

"Cindy is a nice girl and you told me that she has a big strong cock. I would like see it in your pussy."

She just groaned and I held her hips and thrust hard repeatedly until we both climaxed.


As I sat there watching my gorgeous wife chatting and listening to Cindy, eyes shining and face glowing with excitement and arousal, I had difficulty believing that we had invited Cindy over for sex with us and that the lovely Ladyboy had actually accepted. There she was, sitting there in our very living room.

I thought Cindy would be very feminine and gentle but in fact, she was quite outrageous.

"You know what I'm going to do with your petite and lovely little Noi, don't you?" She offered.

"No?" I replied hopefully, my dick already hard at the thought.

"I'm going to flip her onto her back, get on top of her, spread her legs and stuff my huge cock inside of her slut twat. Then I'm going to bang her hot little box for as long as I can and make sure I cum as deep inside of her bare pussy as I can. I will leave her with a very messy creampie. Would you like that?" She declared calmly.

I gulped and swallowed, nodding, unable to say anything intelligible. Noi just went red, blushed, bit her lip and looked away.

"Oh, and I think I will fuck her ass too. I always like making sluts squeal as my cock stretches out their ass."

"It's hot in here, why don't we go into the bedroom. We have air conditioning there," I suggested.

The women agreed and the three of us found ourselves sitting on the bed together.

As we sat on the bed, Cindy smiled warmly, put her arms around my wife, and then pulled her close and kissed her on the lips. I watched with disbelief and morbid fascination as they kissed passionately. My cheating wife was kissing her open mouthed with incredible passion and clinging on to her hungrily. Cindy caressed her body then reached over and unzipped my pants. I was shocked as I felt the shemale masturbate my cock while she kissed my wife. I watched these two attractive Thai women kiss and fondle each other.

Noi went down on Cindy. She wrapped her lips around the thick dirty tranny cock and began to suck the ladyboy as eagerly as a Thai hooker. I could only see her head bobbing up and down so I decided to lick her pussy from behind.

Noi had her skirt up bunched around her waist up in no time and she was on top of Cindy, straddling the other girl with lust. Reaching under the Ladyboy's skirt, she extracted the biggest cock you had ever seen and licked her lips with avid anticipation before positioning the thick cock head against her moist pussy lips. I would never have imagined that Cindy was hiding that monster up her skirt. It was obviously exactly what my sexy wife needed. Grasping it firmly, I saw her push her tight little butt down on the incredibly big penis. Her pussy was moist and begging to be penetrated.

I watched as the think cock slid majestically between her vaginal lips and deep into her hot sleeve like a knife into butter. She groaned, humped over and kissed Cindy hard on the lips as she began to slide up and down his long pole, thrusting her girlish Asian hips at his pelvis. I watched with morbid fascination, anger and arousal, holding my erection as my wife bounced up and down on the huge cock, groaning with deliciously sinful passion. Although Cindy was a beautiful and desirable girl and we were both attracted to her, she also had a huge horse-like cock and she was using it to pleasure Noi. I watched stroking my erection as the ladyboy pumped at Noi, her she-cock pleasing my wife.

After a while, Cindy grabbed onto Noi's hips and thrust her big cock hard and deep into her belly as she moaned and came hard inside my wife's pussy.

After she had climaxed hard, Noi collapsed next to my wife. I looked at Noi. Her face tired but glowing with pleasure. I slowly approach my wife and kissed her. She smiled briefly and then weakly returned my kiss. I moved down to kiss her messy pussy but Noi squeezed her legs tightly together and declared:

"Not now, darling. It was wonderful, I want to keep her seed inside me."

I felt disappointment. Cindy smiled at my wife and they kissed again tenderly. I saw that my wife was gently masturbating Cindy to get her hard again.

"Cindy, is so beautiful and well hung," Noi said to me. "I want to suck her she-cock again and swallow her seed. After that she can cum in my ass too."


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