tagNovels and NovellasLaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 03

LaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 03

byDeckard Kincaid©

When the car finally made its way up to the museum entrance, Michele was still splayed half naked on the back seat of the car, as Kincaid was slowly pulled her form fitting dress back down her body. When Michele was finally clothed, she tussled her long hair, after which she and Kincaid exited the car and said good-bye to Maurice, whom was scheduled to pick them up at Kincaid's apartment in about three hours. This time frame provided Kincaid with a few free hours to give Michele a small tour of the world's most famous erotic art museum, the Paris Institute of Fine Arts, as well as let her meet some very special young men, art students, whom Kincaid had been mentoring, and whom he hoped, during her stay, capture on canvas and in oil both her inner and outer beauty.

Kincaid got out of the Mercedes first and then helped his lovely lady, who despite her tussled hair, still radiated unbelievable beauty and eroticism, as her tight form fitting dress and white pumps framed her body in a pose that he would never forget. As Maurice closed the door and gave Michele her jacket, Kincaid thanked his assistant for the ride, at which Maurice replied, as he looked up and down at Michele's busty frame, "no my friend, thank you!" Maurice then returned to the car and headed back to Kincaid's apartment, which was only about six blocks away across the Seine, where he would begin finalizing the details of Michele's training at the Roissy.

As Kincaid led Michele up the marble stairs to the museum entrance, two dark skinned and handsome young men, whose lean and muscular frames were dressed in jeans and black T-shirts, both eyed the lovely woman that hung on their benefactor's arm. The sun still shone bright in the July sky as the museum had just closed for the afternoon, however, as Kincaid was a museum patron, he had been granted permission to give Michele a guided tour. Upon seeing the young men, Michele was introduced to the Patel brothers, Atikur and Arjun, both of whom were art students from India, whose studies and living expenses Kincaid was financially sponsoring. Kincaid was friend's with the brothers father during his time in the Navy, and after their parents died, he dutifully brought them to Paris to continue their studies. Day's before Michele's arrival, Kincaid had arranged for the brothers to give them a guided tour of a special museum exhibit on the legend of the Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian art of Tantric love making, which Kincaid had mastered during his years in India with the French navy, and which he taught an introductory course there at the museum.

After their arrival several months prior, Atikur and Arjun, who were both virgins, had asked Kincaid to teach them the ancient art, and with Michele's arrival, both men now had a soon to be ready and willing female subject with whom they hoped they would soon be able to practice the ancient methods with, under the tutelage of their benefactor and mentor. The Kama Sutra is a centuries old manuscript from India dedicated to the art of lovemaking and sexual fulfillment. Its chapters contain detailed instructions for stimulating, seducing and satisfying one's partner. It has been considered by many to be the "bible" on the study of pleasure and intimacy and is the most famous sex manual ever written. As the art students guided their benefactor and his lovely companion and walked through the galleries that displayed ancient scenes of Indian men and women making love and practicing the ancient art of love, Michele became flush with excitement at the prospect of learning from Kincaid, and his 18 year old students, the ancient art.

The erotic images, as well as the history lesson she was given about the Kama Sutra, served only to intensify the sexual heat that Michele's loins were emanating, as she walked slowly, while the steel plug in her rear continued to pulsate and wiggle with each movement of her graceful legs, that were perched high on her white heels. Michele was in heaven as she walked and clung to the arm of her lover and listened to his protégés explain the ancient art of the Kama Sutra and the numerous legends behind the Tantric art of sensual love making. Kincaid was extremely impressed at how quickly these young men had learned about the history of the ancient sex manual text and also how eager they were to shed their virgin status and become men, with the gracious help of their mentor's female companion. However, that lesson would have to wait until later in the week, for the students had just enough time to show Kincaid and Michele their most recently completed art projects, and then escort them back to the museum's main entrance and say good-bye.

The sun was still bright as Kincaid and Michele took a long walk back to the apartment where Maurice and Monique were busy completing their tasks in order to insure that Michele's stay would be perfectly orchestrated. As Maurice rechecked the Internet camera connections, he accidentally pressed the wrong button and, without his knowing, brought down the firewall that kept outsiders from accessing or finding out the IP address of the web site that had been setup for Michele's husband to have a bird's eye view of her sexploits during the first week of her stay in Paris. Additionally, after reviewing the classified data streaming out of Barry's computer back to Paris, the DGSE had sent a message to Kincaid that the agency had approved Michele's enrollment into the agency's special training school at an ancient castle on the outskirts of Paris in the suburb of Roissy. Meanwhile, for Barry, the time on his freedom was winding down, as he would soon be made, and refuse, an offer that for him would unleash a Pandora's Box of nightmares.

During their long walk back to the apartment, Michele and Kincaid held each other's hand as they strolled along the Seine, past the ancient bridges, and past the vendors who sold cheap paintings of the Parisian cityscapes. Michele could hardly believe that, even with a two hour nap and several orgasms, she was wide awake and full of sexual energy, as Kincaid seemed to relish the opportunity to show her his city and his hometown. Maybe it was the butt plug, but then again it may have just been the combination of romance and eroticism that Kincaid had awakened in her, which was causing her to act like a lusty and naughty schoolgirl on her first date with an older man whom she knew that her late parents would never have approved. Thanks in part to the Mahala that had been injected to her at the hospital, there had been awakened such a primal need in Michele that she was now indifferent to the possible dangers and complications that such tryst could unleash. Michele's only concern was pleasing Kincaid, and as she gazed at him, when he presented her with a rose from a street vendor, for he sensed that her submission to him would by complete by the end of the week, and that she would do anything to make him happy and please him.

Before they continued their leisurely walk back to the apartment, Michele asked if she could buy some postcards and then take a break at a café and have an authentic French café latte. The request of which Kincaid acquiesced and picked out from a street vendor several postcards that showed Paris as it was in the 1920's when the City of Lights was home to the "Lost Generation" of writers including Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Hemingway once wrote, "If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young person, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." Hemingway was Kincaid's favorite American author, and he much admired the man's ruggedness and the powerful images his writings provoked. His favorite Hemingway novel was the erotic classic, "The Garden of Eden," which is set on the Cote d'Azur in the 1920's, and is about an American writer and his glamorous wife, and the dangerous erotic game they play when they fall in love and lust with the same woman. It was the very café that they were going, the Café de Flore, which served as a focal point for Hemingway and the other intellectuals of the "Lost Generation."

Michele, who despite her long flight, early morning arrival, and physical exam, was amazingly awake and not the least bit tired as she wrote a short note on a postcard to Barry, which said, "The weather is here, wish you were beautiful!" As Kincaid watched her write several more postcards, he told Michele that he had already called Barry to let him know that she had arrived safely, and that he would have her call tomorrow, after she had "slept off" her jet lag.

After their café lattes came, Michele and Kincaid talked and watched the endless parade of people walking by. Michele told Kincaid that she was amazed to see just how Americanized the city was, as over on a corner was an advertisement for 'The Gap', while on another corner was a McDonald's. Kincaid then commented, with a laugh, that if she thought it was bad in Paris, "wait until you see Tokyo," as he flashed her a mischievous grin and then kissed her deeply.

For about the next 45 minutes Kincaid told her semi truthfully the story about his first and only marriage. It was a sad story really, though completely false, as he told her the tale of how the slowly fell out of love over the course of their six years together. Kincaid admitted that the breakup and eventual divorce was basically his fault, as he opened up about the brief affairs he had and how his erotic desires, and lack of romantic overtures, were just too much for his Japanese lover, Ukiko, to handle, despite her love of the teachings of the Kama Sutra. Ukiko, he said, was the daughter of the former Japanese Imperial Army general and ambassador to France, and that she was a well known actress in Japan, who had appeared in at least 30 martial art action films.

The truth of the matter was that Kincaid was forced to kill Ukiko, during a session of very dangerous session of underwater sex, after he found out that she was a double agent of the Noh, the ultra secret organization dedicated to once again making Japan a world military power. As a Kincaid's personal operative, Ukiko was his willing partner in a dangerous world of sexual experimentation, espionage, and danger that took place in all corners of the globe, and it was those dangerous sexploits and daring that Kincaid wished to recapture and share with Michele. Kincaid was haunted by the erotic ghosts of his time with Ukiko, who, because of her father bore a scar on her face with the word 'Kabuki' that was forced her whole become a woman of disguise, and as a reult a most effective and deadly assassin. He spent many lonely nights writing in his journal about the orgies in St. Tropez, watching the exotic looking Ukiko seduce the dictators of several African countries, and her dominatrix sessions as she tied up, fucked, interrogated and then killed the rogue spies whom she had been instructed by Kincaid to destroy.

The hardest moment in Kincaid's life was when the director of the DGSE revealed Ukiko's true identity as a double agent for Japan and ordered Kincaid to make his lover disappear. Ukiko's disappearance took place off the Bermuda coast when they were on holiday, for a week of scuba diving and treasure hunting. During his solo dives down to an ancient Spanish Galleon, Kincaid prepared for his wife's death on the deck of the ancient submerged ship. For Ukiko, in Kincaid's mind, her death on board the sunken ship would be a fitting end, as she was now going to know what it felt like to be the fish caught in the fisherman's net. On their final day on the chartered yacht Kincaid suggested to his lover that they make one last dive to treasure hunt.

As they prepared for the dive Kincaid did some last minute checks on Ukiko's oxygen tank. He made sure that she had more than three hours of air in her tank, more than enough to keep her alive as she was bound up in the trap that he had set. He intended her end to be one of complete sexual excitement and terror. In the DGSE Ukiko was known simply by her nickname of "The Zero Woman". Danger and death were an aphrodisiac to both Ukiko and Kincaid, but it was she that seemed to love it the most, while Kincaid got the most excited by watching his lover become entrapped and ensnared in sticky situations and then, at the last minute, barely escaping with her life. For Ukiko, it was the thrill of the chase and escape that drove her libido, and so it was fitting, in Kincaid's mind, that she would die as a trapped fish as she was tortured by him in the deep recesses of the sea.

Ukiko's body was never known to be found after Kincaid had left her struggling valiantly with two eels embedded her ass and vagina. Ukiko had always fantasized about what a snake or eel would feel like, and now there she was, being violated and given nature's own form of electric sexual torture as the man whom she loved abandoned her, as she found herself bound, nearly weightless, hanging from the crows nest of the ancient Spanish ship. Her white T-shirt still clung to her body as she struggled in vain to escape even as her oxygen tank was being caught in the netting causing it to be pulled off her back and tied up over her head as the hose that led from the tank to her mouthpiece was pulled taut. Her limbs were ensnared in the chains of the old ship, and her hands were pulled tight over her head, with the ankle bracelets attached firmly to the same single chain that bound her legs and positioned her limbs so that her ankles nearly touched her ears. Ukiko was splayed open now as fish food for the circling sharks, who were attracted to the scent of her womanly juices that poured from her leaking vagina. However, they did not call her the female Houdini for nothing she thought as Kincaid swam away.

As Kincaid disappeared into the deep and back toward the surface, even though she knew it was his duty to kill her, Ukiko vowed revenge, but first she would have to figure a way to escape her bonds and the sharks that were closing in on her for dinner. However, for Kabuki, salvation and rescue came in the familiar form of Maurice, Kincaid's personal assistant, who had been paid handsomely by the her father, General Kawasaki, to shadow his daughter, after having been notified by a Noh mole within the DGSE of his daughter's termination order. Yet, before Maurice could reach Ukiko in time, the sharks had already marred her beautiful body. Thanks to her father, a team of GENOM, which was a front company for the Noh, scientists and doctors had been dispatched to Bermuda, whereupon, inside the company yacht, they saved the near dead and scare faced assassin, who, because of the permanent scars on her face, would eventually be transformed into the cybernetic samuari known as 'Kabuki.'

For the next several months, back in Chiba City, GENOM's top scientists worked around the clock to transform Kabuki into a dangerous and beautiful bionic lethal weapon. The code name for their project, in which she was the subject, was called Project Kabuki, in tribute to her late mother. During these months Kabuki was placed into a deep artificial coma so that GENOM's top scientists could more easily experiment on her new cybernetic body. By the time her new body was complete, Kabuki had been completely transformed into a lethal and sexy cyborg with all new limbs, which now gave her super hero strength and speed, as well as new breasts, new computerized eyes, and a computer brain implant, which allowed her to access cyberspace directly via her brain.

A year later, in a Chiba City hotel, the cybernetic Kabuki relaxed with Maurice in her bed, after thanking him sexually for saving her life, and swore to him that someday she would get revenge against Kincaid, no matter how long it took. However, for her to gain that revenge she decided it best to stay in Japan with the GENOM Corporation, where a new assignment and position had been provided to her, courtesy of her powerful father, as the company's director of security.

Meanwhile, back in Paris, as Michele and Kincaid walked the final mile to his apartment, through a dark and deserted boulevard, the butt plug once again hummed to life inside of Michele, for he had just pressed the remote control on his key chain, which was directly connected to the timer in the steel anal invader. Upon seeing Kincaid hold out the remote control, Michele gasped in pleasure as she realized just how the steel bullet in her was being controlled, looked around, and then gave a wicked smiled to her French lover, as she reached down and pulled her dress up to just about the midsection of her abdomen. For Kincaid it was an absolute pleasure to watch several garbage men who were busy down the boulevard, gawking at Michele, who was obviously feeling extremely horny and daring thanks in part to the butt plug that buzzed softly in her behind. The two of them then continued to walk down the deserted Boulevard Saint Germaine as several men stopped what they were doing, whistled and called out to Michele in vulgar French. As they walked a short distance, Michele noticed a small and unoccupied alleyway, and hurriedly pulled Kincaid towards an alcove out of site from the street. The erotic sensations that she was feeling were now too much as she pinned her lover to the wall, kissed him deeply, and then told him to, "fuck me NOW!"

Without any need for encouragement, Kincaid pulled up over her breasts the remaining portion of Michele's dress, and pulled her body to his. The two of them were like two caged animals in heat as Kincaid turned Michele around, pulled off her dress and then grabbed her again and bent her over an old rusty Vespa that was next to an open and half empty jug of cheap Bordeaux, which lay in the alleyway. Kincaid then, in a ragged and panting voice, told Michele, as he unclasped and stepped out of his jeans, "I am going to rape you now, and then, when I am ready, I am going to you lay you over this motorcycle and pour that bottle of wine onto you and drink. After that you are going to suck on my cock swallow my cum, and then wash it down with the remainder of the wine!! UNDERSTAND?"

To which Michele gave out a smile, as she replied meekly, "yes Master!"

Michele's submissiveness, which finally was brought to the surface, was the coming together of Kincaid's domineering words, the buzzing in her butt, the alleyway, and the pure decadence of it all. Michele's mind was now reeling as Kincaid pressed his ten inch cock in her dripping pussy. As Kincaid's engorged prick plunged into her, Michele moaned like an alley cat in heat, as his cock and the steel bullet in her butt moved against each other in a slow rhythm, all the while he held her breasts tight and kissed and sucked on the nape of her neck. As the two of them began their animalistic ritual, several college boys from Canada looked down, from their flat above, in disbelief at their good fortune of witnessing what the brochures meant about Paris being the "City of Love."

Michele's cries of passion echoed of the buildings that surrounded the alleyway, as she yelled out, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!" Her moans were so loud that in no time at all she had drawn a crowd from the apartments above. Looking up, Kincaid saw that her moans were drawing a crowd, the sight of which only caused him to fuck Michele even harder as he got up from holding her bent over body and stood upright, as he held her ass high above the bike, as her head rested on the seat. As Kincaid pounded into Michele, from behind him he heard footsteps, which caused him to turn around in fright, as he thought it might be a policeman, but instead to his relief it was just a dirty bum in the hopes of getting a better look.

As the bum came closer, Kincaid held Michele firmly down, so that she could not see him, and told her to close her eyes, which she unquestioningly did. Kincaid then pulled out of her and told her not to move as yelled in French to the bum, to "Pick up the wine you dirty bum, and stand away until I tell you to come close. When I give the signal I want you to pour it all over this little American whore, and if you do I will give you five Euros and let you watch. Oui?" To which the bum nodded "oui," grabbed the wine, and then moved out of Michele's view.

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