tagNovels and NovellasLaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 06

LaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 06

byDeckard Kincaid©

Meanwhile, back in Kincaid's Paris apartment... Michele stripped down the sheets to pay homage to the soft cock of her sleeping lover, which, even when it was flaccid was still an impressive sight. Her stomach was empty, but instead of food, she craved cum, for never in her life had she ever been so desperate to taste the salty spunk. As she sucked in and savored the musky aroma of Kincaid's cock, Michele felt Monique's presence and offered her upturned ass to her lover's African servant girl. As Michele slowly sucked she brought Kincaid's cock to life as he awoke to the erotic sight of his lover and maid in a daisy chain lust, to which he propped himself up on the pillow and enjoyed the spectacle as he ordered both of his women to suck only his cock and balls, after which he planned, after cumming and feeding Michele, to fuck both women in the ass, after which he planned to watch Monique pleasure Michele.

Several hours later, after having fucked Michele senseless, Monique whispered into her ear, "Bon jour, Madame Michele! Or should I say, good afternoon?" as she stood before her with a tray of French toast, coffee, and croissants.

Monique had a knowing smirk on her pretty face as she placed the meal on Michele's lap and then kissed her deeply. The lesson in love that Monique had given Michele had been truly memorable, especially since Michele learned the proper techniques of what Kincaid called the "Art of Lesbos!"

"Good Afternoon my Love," said Kincaid as he came in to the bedroom and kissed Michele, as she sipped on her coffee, on the cheek, and headed toward the bathroom. When he returned, after about 20 minutes, Kincaid was freshly showered and shaved as Michele finished eating her breakfast, or was it now dinner? Either way though Michele was content, full of sexual energy and ready to step out and enjoy the remainder of Paris day, and later, as promised, the Parisian nightlife. It was another hot and humid day in Paris, and Kincaid had special plans for his lovely lady for the evening, but first, he announced, it was time for them to head to the gym, as he stepped back into the bedroom wearing a pair of tight black spandex bicycle shorts and a gray sweatshirt.

"I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of arranging you to meet with a personal trainer at my gym across the river." Kincaid said, as Michele looked at him dumbfounded.

"But Kincaid, why do I need to workout?" asked Michele.

To which Kincaid just smiled and winked at her and said, "Because you must; however, I promise you will not be strenuous on your first day, but believe me you will definitely benefit from having a personal trainer,"

After Michele got up and finished her shower, she found on her bed what Kincaid had chosen to be her "workout clothes."

Michele's eyes got wide as she picked up the outfit, which he laid on the bed, as she said to herself, "You must be joking Kincaid, these are not the workout clothes I am used to wearing!"

The outfit that Kincaid had chosen for Michele to wear to the gym was a one piece sheer white thong backed leotard, the fabric of which molded onto her body, and when wet, became sheer. Kincaid had also had Monique lay out for Michele a pair of white bobby socks and a new pair of white Reeboks.

15 minutes later, as the traffic roared by, instead of being excited and exhilarated, Michele feared that someone might down as they drove in Kincaid's convertible through the center of Paris. Even with the oppressive heat and humidity, Michele felt naked, for the meager clothing that clung to her body still made her feel uncomfortable. The even thinner clothing that was stretched taught over her chest, and exposed her nipples, made her feel completely exposed. Yet, even though Michele felt somewhat humiliated, she also had to admit to herself that wearing the barely there outfit also gave her a thrill - just like Kincaid had hoped it would.

Still Michele had ample reason to be afraid, for the one piece thong workout outfit left little to the imagination. Which she quickly realized as semi truck suddenly pulled along side, at the traffic light, and out of the corner of her eye she saw a man sitting in the cab, as he looked right down on her. Feeling the stares, Michele suddenly made the mistake of glancing up, and in response, the leering men in the truck puckered their lips and gave her a whistle.

Suddenly the red light finally changed and Michele breathed a sigh of relief.

For whatever reason, Michele felt extra embarrassed because, before meeting Kincaid, she had had little experience in showing off her ample chest. Little did she know how truly beautiful her body was until Kincaid had introduced her, in Paris, to the decadence and wonderfulness of being so uninhibited. As the light turned green she heard the roar of the truck engine as the men attempted to accelerate along side. They wanted to look at her again, she knew, because, in the Paris heat, she had a lot for them to look at. Even though Kincaid had purchases her size, she felt the outfit was too small, for the top looked as though it was designed for a girl with half her cup size, as her breasts filled it to overflowing.

The men kept up with them for only a few feet. It was a lucky thing she sat in a Ferrari, which their Renault semi tractor had no chance keeping up with. After shaking loose from the traffic, Kincaid and Michele drove for a long time, about 20 minutes, until they got off the freeway, whereupon Michele noticed that they were in another part of Paris that was unlike the beautiful parts she was familiar with. As they made their way through the dirty streets, Michele noticed that everywhere there was graffiti and garbage. The buildings all were run down and she briefly worried about their safety until finally they pulled up to the front of a dilapidated building that had word "Fitness de Luc" over the steel gated entrance. Kincaid reached in the back and grabbed the gym bag, which he said held their clothes for the evening, and then said to Michele that this was where he went three nights a week to work out and tone the fabulous muscles on his tall and handsome 6-foot-2, 48 year old physique.

The sparsely populated street told Michele that the gym wasn't very popular at dusk. In fact there were several dilapidated cars in a lot next to the building, which only gave a hint as to the type of gym it was inside. This was not an exclusive club for professionals where one could relax after a long day at the office, but rather it was an old fashioned gym that Luc originally used to train immigrant prizefighters from Turkey, and other street toughs, like the gang members who roamed the underworld and provided protection for his, Luc's, lucrative side businesses.

After stopping in front of the gym, Kincaid decided to park the car in the back lot, away from all the other cars, and as far away from the front entrance as possible. Michele had butterflies in her stomach as she worried about the people who might see her when she got out of the car.

"Seriously, what are we doing here?" Michele leaned over and asked with a knowing and fearful curiosity.

"I told you my love, we're going to work out, of course. What else would you do at a gym?"

As Kincaid let out a slight laugh, which Michele did not laugh along with, he then said- "Oh, don't worry my love, it will be fun. Just do what I say, and I promise you'll have a great time."

Michele was afraid to step out of the car, thinking that some slimy gangster or punk might see her. She could almost picture someone walking past her now, giving her a suggestive look or calling her a whore. But, as she looked around and stepped out of the car, all was clear, and no one was within sight. She then got out of the car and quickly and followed a step behind Kincaid. Much to her relief, they did not walk around to the front of the building, but instead went through a back delivery door, just like the one they went through, at Kincaid's apartment, the day of their alley sex session.

At first it seemed okay to Michele, but it did feel weird walking into a strange, dank, and very dark and mysterious place with no more on than a sheer thong one piece leotard, and a pair of tennis socks and running shoes. At first there seemed to be no one inside of the gym to see her as she followed Kincaid down a short hallway, and past some locker rooms. Despite the cars no one seemed to be working at this time at night, but that suddenly changed when they walked through a fire door into the main workout area of the gym.

What Michele saw and smelled were the dark skinned young men from such places as Turkey, Iran, and the Congo lifting free weights while others walked on ancient treadmills, while a few of the bigger men did specialty work-outs on machines, like leg presses, and curls.

Seeing that she was the only female in sight, due in large part to her outfit, Michele suddenly felt very exposed and turned to hide back behind the door, but before she could escape, she found that the door was already locked behind her.

"Don't be shy," Kincaid told her. "Follow me."

Kincaid then took Michele firmly by the arm, and walked her through the gym, as she felt the eyes of over a dozen olive and coal black skinned men upon her and her thong encased buttocks. Even after all that had happened since her arrival in Paris, Michele still felt very embarrassed, even humiliated as Kincaid paraded her in front of these leering men. However, despite her embarrassment and humiliation, Michele she did admit to herself that there definitely existed an erotic element to the musky and testosterone filled gym.

Michele then walked past the treadmills, and then past the weight stations, but was afraid to look back at the men when they looked at her. She held her head down and acted shy, as she walked amongst the beefy and sweaty young men, almost as if she was in a dream.

"She's a friend of mine and Luc's," Kincaid said, in French, to the old Turk who manned the counter, as Kincaid handed her his membership card.

The old man gave Michele an unfriendly glare, as he pointed out to Kincaid, in French. "You know this is a men's gym?" The old man at first wanted to refuse Michele entrance, but then thought better of it, as he suddenly recognized Kincaid, and remembered that he and Luc were close friends, as he to Michele in English, "Although I guess it's all right for you. At least I know none of the men will complain about your workout attire."

The old Turk then gave Michele a leering smile as he handed Kincaid and Michele clean towels, after which Kincaid laid the bag down by the entrance to the men's locker room, and said, "Let's start you on something simple." He then took Michele by her hand and walked her toward one of the ancient exercise machine.

Kincaid the proceeded to show Michele how the chest press machine worked, as he said "You lie back against a pad that extends up at about a 45 degree angle, and then you take hold of two bicycle like handlebars, and push up." Michele mostly noticed the way Kincaid's chest pushed out at the bottom of each press, which made her realize it would be especially embarrassing for her.

The cool leather stuck to Michele's ass cheeks when she took Kincaid's place, and then took hold, pushed the handlebars forward against the resistance of the machine, and then relaxed it again at her side. She pushed once, twice, three times, as each time she felt her chest stick out when she relaxed her arms. Even worse, she noticed that the machine faced towards the rest of the gym, as all of the men were free to look at her barely concealed crotch, although few of them did. Michele did feel some of the men take quick glances, but most of the men continued to work out as though nothing was unusual about a half naked white female working out along side them. This left Michele with a very erotic hope, as she wondered if there was more to this workout than just exercise, for the men around her treated her like she was just another man, even though they clearly could see she was not.

Elsewhere, on the Internet, and all over the world, word had gotten out, from a hacker in Russia, how to tap in and watch the broadcast of Michele's latest sexual escapade, via the web, from the cameras Luc and Kincaid had installed in the gym and locker room.

Michele and Kincaid did not stay long at the first machine before they moved on to the next. She hardly had time to work up a sweat as Kincaid took her over to a weight bench.

The thick rubber of the bench felt good against Michele's seminude backside when she laid down. Again, she felt it most distinctly against her bare buns, which reminded her of all the men who had just leered at her ass after she had passed by them. A bar supported by two stands was positioned above her with weights on both ends. For this exercise, she needed a spotter, and Kincaid picked what must have been the biggest, and most sparsely clad bald black man in the room.

"Hey Kinja," Kincaid called over to him in French. "Would you mind helping me spot for Michele?"

"No problem," He said, as he walked over to them wearing nothing but a tight bikini brief with a well pronounced budge in front, the massive girth of which Michele could not help but notice as he stood along side her laid out body. Kinja was well over seven feet tall, strong, muscular, and shirtless. He looked like a linebacker for a professional football team, but it was his growing bulge that looked especially menacing.

Kinja then stood behind Michele and lightly gripped the bar with his hands. His crotch was positioned almost directly over Michele's head. As she pushed up the weight, she looked directly at his dark scrotum, and could almost see the outline of his near golf ball sized testicles.

"Very good," He said to Michele in broken English as he looked down on her. "You're doing a very good job Michele. That looks nice."

Michele knew he was complimenting more than her weightlifting ability, for she felt his eyes roam all over her nearly nude body, admiring her tits as she lay in front of him. Michele could sense the African's arousal, as she watched intently as his bulge slowly began to expand. The sight of the African's manhood only served to increase Michele's arousal even further as her heart began to race faster in anticipation of milking from and tasting the juices from the cock above.

As a result of her growing arousal and admiration of Kinja's cock, Michele worked on the bench much longer than the first, and quickly started to pant, as she felt her arms grow tired.

"Why don't you trade positions?" Kincaid suggested, as he winked to his Kinja.

Kinja then helped Michele place the bar back on the overhead rack, and then took her place and laid down on the bench.

"Go ahead and spot for Kinja," Kincaid then told Michele.

Such a suggestion seemed ridiculous, of course, as there was no way Michele could be expected to lift the bar with the two additional disks that Kincaid help Kinja place on each side, but she said nothing. Even though she felt useless as his spotter, the position gave her a perfect viewing angle.

Suddenly, Michele let out a gasp when she saw the tip of Kinja's cock appear above his bikini briefs.

"Are you all right Michele?" Kincaid asked of her with a slight smile.

"Fine," she answered with a high-pitched squeal, louder than what she intended. "I'm just fine. No problem!"

Michele could easily tell that Kinja's cock was not just big., but monstrous! Kinja clearly was a very well endowed young man, as his semi hard cock laid at an angle and pointed to the side. Michele was being blessed with a side profile of its furthest reaches. And not only that, but she could see that he was circumcised and had a thick mushroom on the tip. It was just the way she liked it, long and thick, as she stared at it for several long moments while she practically ignored the weights.

They then worked out her legs next, as she sadly left Kinja behind, but then they walked up to two Iranian men laying on their backs and pushing down with their legs. Michele noticed they were muscular and young like Kinja. Both were also shirtless and wore the same style of bikini briefs. She could tell that they had been working out for a long time, for their bodies dripped in a thick layer of sweat that made them look and smell extremely sexy. She could not help but wonder if either of them were as well endowed as Kinja.

"I'll let you go first," Kincaid said, as he interrupted Michele's admiration of the bigger of the two bulges. "I'll help you get started."

Lucky for Michele the weight bench between the two men remained empty, as she laid down on it, while Kincaid adjusted the weights. The bigger of the two men lay to her right, with a big, burly beard covering most of his face, while the other was clean-shaven and wore a patch over his eye.

Like the rest of the men, 'eye patch' and the bearded one continued to work out seemingly oblivious to the sight of Michele's sparsely clad body when she laid down. She, however, noticed theirs, as she took advantage of the opportunity to admire the bulges made by their biceps, quads, and especially by their dicks. As Michele pressed forward with her feet, her eyes roamed back and forth to the tight mounds that were on each side of her. Like Kinja, she thought she saw the bigger of the two cocks start to grow even bigger, but then she figured it was only the side effect of her now very horny imagination.

"Hi," a thick Arabic voice said to Michele. "How much are you doing?"

She was taken by surprise, as the words come from her left and she did not know what they meant at first, but then I realized he was referring to the weights.

By this time, Kincaid had disappeared from her view, as his phone had rung.

"I'm afraid I have no idea," Michele answered honestly to the bearded one. "My boyfriend set the weights, and I'm kind of new to this sort of thing."

The bearded one then stopped for a moment to look. While she continued doing the leg presses, 'eye patch' got up and looked at the side of the machine.

"One twenty," eye patch concluded. "That's pretty good for someone of your stature." After which he turned, and Michele clearly saw the outline of a long pole pointing up and to one side of his briefs. He looked to be another well endowed young man.

"My name's Habib," the one with the eye patch said, as he introduced himself and got back on the bench and started up again.

"I'm Michele," she said half out of breath. By this time though she was tired, as her legs had started to ache. She wanted to quit this little bench pressing exercise, but then, as she stared at Habib's cock, she suddenly was rewarded with a renewed source of energy. Habib did only two or maybe three leg presses after he laid back down, when suddenly, Michele was left with the sight of her second mushroom cock head of the evening. Unlike Kinja, this one showed more. The action of his feet and thighs allowed it to escape completely. Instead of looking at it inside his briefs, it poked out. A good three, or four inches of dark skinned male flesh sprung out from the top of his bikini briefs, though he did nothing about it and casually ignored the thing.

Like Kinja, he was clearly a very well endowed young man, and his cock was very thick, with a very substantial diameter. She knew it was long too, but that was more difficult to gauge, as Michele could not help but wonder how many more inches remained covered under his briefs.

Michele noticed that the weights did not feel nearly as heavy when Habib look at, them, but they soon made her legs tired never the less.

After hanging up his phone, Kincaid came back to where Michele lay and said, "Lets do a little running."

Michele did not want to leave, but rose anyway, even as she noticed both men were hard now, especially Habib, as he continued to expose his cock. The bearded man looked as though his might even be bigger, but his cock remained firmly locked inside his briefs. Michele didn't know where Kincaid went while she did the leg presses, but she really did not care since the two men provided ample entertainment.

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