tagNovels and NovellasLaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 07

LaFemme Michele: Paris Noir, Ch. 07

byDeckard Kincaid©

From far away, Barry was now in emotional hell after having watched his wife's gang bang, during which she had been penetrated by cocks that were nearly twice the size of anything that he had to offer. Especially troubling to him, was the sight of the beautiful and masculine hermaphrodite who had been the last to fuck Michele before the video connection was cut. Luckily for Barry, he had recorded and watched, over and over again, the entire locker room fuck session that Michele had been subjected to. For Barry, it was obvious, from the way she had been talking to Kincaid and the fact that he heard her say "I Love You" through her moans, during their morning love making session, that the last person she had on her mind was Barry.

The sexual and emotional feelings of his agreed to and forced voyeurism was the price Barry was realizing that he now had to pay for not stepping up and being the husband he should have been. However, despite his guilt, the site of watching Michele being gang banged was truly remarkable, as Barry approached his fourth orgasm, as he rewatched his wife's workout, the telephone suddenly rang. It was Kincaid, who told Barry to shutup and to listen, for what he was about to say and offer was the price of having neglected the sexual needs of his young and beautiful wife.

Kincaid then proceeded to tell Michele's husband about what he had not witnessed, such as the alleyway fuck, the oral sessions in the back of the car, and Katya's orgy, all of which Michele had been on the receiving end of, and that there was so much more to come. As Kincaid described in vivid detail all of the events Barry had not witness, Barry's mind was boiling with jealousy when he suddenly told Kincaid to fuck off and that he was going to come to Paris and kill him. To which Kincaid calmly replied,

"My friend, do not threaten me. I now hold all the cards. I hold your wife, your career, and your future in the palm of my hands. You will do as I say and you will not disobey. Should you refuse just one simple request, Michele will disappear! So just be a good little boy and stay near the telephone, and check your e-mail (CLICK)."

Kincaid just looked down in disgust and then back to the TV monitor in Luc's office, as he watched Michele rise up off the bench and said simply to his friend and colleague, "I promise you, Michele will never return to America now. No one threatens me like that and expects to live. However, in her husband's case, death would be a blessing. Which reminds me, are the cameras ready at your nightclub?"

To which Luc smiled and nodded yes.

Alone in the musky and dark men's locker room, Michele sat up on the bench and saw that, in an open locker, Kincaid had laid out a dress unlike any other she had ever worn before. Also included in the ensemble were a pair of matching pumps, a white garter belt and stockings, and a white g-string that was barely big enough to cover her patch of pubic hair. There was a note on the locker where the dress hung that left no doubt as to what their plans were for the rest of the evening.

All that the note said was "jazz for dancing, and jizz for dinner! Wait for me at the corner café. Be there promptly at 8:00. Being late is not an option."

After what Michele had just experienced at the hands of the four massive cocks inside the locker room, she trusted that what ever Kincaid had planned for the night would definitely not be disappointing. In the open locker Michele also found a bag full of disposable toiletries and black hair clip, with a small note that instructed her to wear her hair up so as not to hide her neck. Before dressing though she showered, during which she shaved her pubis and underarms. Michele then used a musky smelling wet towel to dry her hair, and then dabbed her body with the perfume from the bag of toiletries. Once she felt she was ready and her hair looked presentable, Michele turned her eyes toward the skimpy white satin dress that Kincaid had selected for her to wear for the evening, as an erotic shiver of excitement went up her spine at the thought of wearing such a daring see through dress in public.

As Michele slipped on the g-string, and prepared herself for the evening, Kincaid and Luc continued to watch her from the back office where Kincaid and Luc had been busy finalizing the plans for Michele's "training" as the spies now officially termed it, at an ancient and famous chateau on the outskirts of Paris in the suburb of Roissy. However, tonight would be the night for Michele's introduction to the dangerous and erotic darkness of the Paris underworld. The plan, as conceived by Kincaid, which was based upon a number of the rape fantasies he had read in her diaries, was simply to allow Michele to experience a seemingly dangerous and uncontrolled erotic interlude in order to help her unleash her sexual uninhibited darkside. Of course the dress that Michele was now getting ready to peel into, would definitely help set the mood for the erotic and dangerous game that Kincaid had now set in motion. The day before, Luc had offered and then arranged for Kincaid the use of a gangster friend's nightclub, and then went about hiring a number of lowlife musclebound thugs and beautiful prostitutes, as well as several other characters of the Paris criminal underworld, to be actors in the "training" of France's newest femme fatale.

Meanwhile, in the musky and semen scented men's locker room, Michele had begun to lightly dust her body with the rose scented talcum powder that Kincaid had left in his locker. The dress was so small that Michele could tell it was going to be more than a snug fit, as she took it off the hangar and slowly, like a condom going on a cock, slipped it on her curvy body. The silk was tight, but not to tight, as Michele rolled it down, over her breasts, past her waist, and then over her ass until it finally finished unfurling a few inches above her knee, as she turned around to look at herself in the mirror.

What Michele saw in her reflection was very revealing, but since she had just been the center of attention in two orgies in less than 24 hours, the fact that the white dress did little to cover her shapely body was tame compared to the outfit that she had originally worn to the gym. Michele's dress was especially chosen by Kincaid for the fact that her beautiful body would be clearly visible, through the semi-clear silk. Michele then put on her pumps and walked around and in front of the mirror as she studied herself and contemplated what lay ahead for the evening, after which she check the clock on the wall and saw that it was now nearing 8:00 p.m. As she finished up, Michele decided to be "fashionably late" no matter what the consequences might be. She then put everything back in Kincaid's locker and walked leisurely to the front of the gym and stepped out of the front door. When Michele stepped out onto the dimly lit street, the door slammed shut behind her, which kept her from immediately trying to retreat when she saw the young hoodlums leering at her from the sidewalk.

The Arab hoodlums on the street whistled at her and tried to block her way as they wanted to get an up close look at this beautiful woman who appeared out of nowhere. However, instead of being turned on by her exposure, fear suddenly ran through Michele's veins, as she pensively walked past the young men who were yelling at her, and flashing Euro bills, in the hopes that she was a whore looking for a cheap trick. Ignoring the whistling men, as she neared the café, Michele saw Kincaid's friend Luc. As the street toughs continued to follow Michele to the cafe, the three young punks suddenly Luc stand up and make his sizeable physical presence known, after which they suddenly stopped and backed away from Michele. As the punks backed away and disappeared into the Paris night, Luc held out his hand and asked, "Are you all right? Never mind the boys, they are harmless. Please forgive them, for you see, the sight of beautiful women makes them, how you say in English, stupid. Right?" To which Michele just smiled and nodded yes as Luc pulled out a chair and offered her a seat.

"Where is Kincaid?" Michele asked.

"He's inside taking a piss. I understand that you had quite a workout in my gym." Luc said with a leering and very knowing smile. To which Michele just blushed and nodded in a very submissive type way. Upon seeing the afterglow that still shone in her beautiful eyes, Luc knew that Michele would never leave Kincaid or Paris. As both Luc and Kincaid had planned, Michele had already, unknowingly, begun training for her new role and life as an industrial spy; however, before she could be brought to Roissy, there were still a number of planned scenarios and encounters for her to experience before she could be sent away for her training.

Luc then looked to see if Kincaid was coming, and when he saw that he was not, he lit up a cigarette and said to Michele, "As you know Kincaid told you not to be late. However, Kincaid is not a controlling person, but you must remember that you still are a stranger to Paris, and when you are dressed, such as you are now, I would advise you follow his every word.."

Michele then said nervously, "Oh my. I am so sorry! I didn't mean to be late. I just lost track of time. Is he mad at me?"

To which Luc replied, "Your new lover never gets mad. However, I do expect that you may have to make it up to him." To which Luc just laughed and then said to Michele, "Not to worry my dear, I was only joking; Kincaid actually went to get the car. Oh there he is now. Well, my lovely I will say take my leave and wish you a good evening. Have fun. Au revior!"

As the car came up to the curb Michele got up and walked over to it, as she felt every man, including Luc, watch her silk encased ass walk away and get into Kincaid's car, after which she gave her lover a deep appreciative kiss. This was the first that Michele had seen of Kincaid since he had left her to fend for herself in the men's locker room. Yet, Michele was far from complaining as she found herself saying "I love you," as she kissed Kincaid deep. Seconds later, as their car drove away, Michele gave a wave a wink to her lover's best friend, whom she found to be physically intoxicating, even though he was twice her age. Yet despite the fact he was 55, Luc reminded Michele, as well as most people, of the French actor Jean Reno, with his aging and rugged good looks, all of which Michele hoped that, in time, she would get to know him better.

After giving Michele a brief description about the African men whom had raped her in the gym locker room, Kincaid remained silent during the remaining drive to the La Bastion where they had dinner reservations for 8:30. The silence was mutual as Michele lovingly stroked and kissed her lover's arm. For the evening, despite the oppressive heat and humidity, Kincaid had decided to wear his finest Armani suit. The gray suit was worth over $1,000, which was still far less than the micro fiber silk dress in which Michele's body encased.

When Michele and Kincaid finally arrived at the La Bastion, the valet driver practically tripped over himself as he gawked at Michele. Upon seeing the valet's reaction, Michele became flushed with both embarrassment and excitement as she reveled in being a sexy exhibitionist, all the while never acting if there was nothing strange with wearing such a revealing dress in public. Kincaid was content to watch the men and women who gawked at his lover, as they headed towared their table; however, like a good poker player, he acted like nothing was amiss, pulled out her chair, took his seat, and then ordered wine. As the wine was poured, Kincaid began to seduce Michele with both his eyes and words in order to prime her for what he knew would be an adventurous evening at Luc's club.

During the entire two hour sexually charged candlelit meal, during which Michele, in her short and sexy see through white dress (which truly accentuated her firm and full breasts), teasingly rubbed Kincaid's crotch with her stocking covered foot under the table, As they sipped on their wine, Kincaid looked into Michele's eyes and told her just how erotic she had looked fucking all of the men and women she had encountered since her arrival in Paris. He then fully recounted for her everything that had transpired the last two days, from the time she was examined until he revealed that the last cock she had at the gym was that of a hermaphrodite, after which, as she became flush with excitement, he then told her that her adventure had just begun. By this time Michele's libido was a raging inferno, while on the opposite end of the spectrum Kincaid, who was a master of sexual control, still maintained a cool dignity and composure.

During the course of the meal the subject centered around his time in India with the military, and how he came to read, and become somewhat of a scholar in, the legend and teachings of the Kama Sutra, and how he hoped that she would be willing to sit in his seminar class the day after next at the Louvre. He then told her that the upcoming session would be a practical demonstration by his protégés of what Kincaid had taught them, through their late night discussions at various jazz clubs and café's, and that Michele's presence would only add to the education of his students, all of whom he said were 18 year old male freshman taking a special summer session in erotic art that was now being offered by the Sorbonne.

Michele was a bit confused as to what he meant by the remark of adding to his students education, but in just two days she had learned to expect and enjoy the unexpected, and from what Kincaid had said, she sensed that her experience in his classroom would bring more of the same. During the entire meal Michele said little as her lover did most of the talking, while she hung on his every word and ate her meal as sensually as possible, for her lover's benefit. However, as they waited for their dessert, Michele opened up and began to talk about how, since her arrival in Paris, she had experienced more erotic moments than she had ever hoped to have in a lifetime. Kincaid was of course pleased, because he knew that she had become addicted to the sex quicker than anyone had thought or hoped. Katya originally thought Kincaid's plan would backfire, but here Michele was, submitting to him without a fight.

As the meal ended, and they sipped the last of the red wine, Kincaid asked Michele if she wanted to go dancing, to which Michele nodded her head excitedly yes, after which Kincaid called for the waiter and asked for the bill. As they left the restaurant a number of young men from the La Bastion stood and watched in awe as the practically nude American woman walked with her lover down the cobblestone street until they finally turned a corner toward a club where only invited guests were allowed. As they walked leisurely to Luc's club, Kincaid hinted to Michele that tonight, at the club, she would soon have an opportunity to fulfill more of her dark desires and insatiable thirst for sexual adventure. Upon hearing his words, Michele nodded her head in agreement, and then motioned for Kincaid to stop.

It was at that moment, as the two of them stood face to face in the dimly lit street, Michele looked up and tearfully said to Kincaid, "I love you! I really do love you. I want tonight to be even more special than last night. I want to make love to you and I want to know that you will never leave me. Make me your love slave Kincaid, but promise me that you will never send me away. I'll do anything I can to make you happy." She then looked at his smiling face, as he gently wiped away her tears and said, "I will never leave you. I love you. It is all I can say. However, before I can make you any more promises, I first need to know that your love is true. That is what tonight is all about." He then bent down and kissed her deeply and took her by the hand as he guided her towards her next erotic encounter.

As they strolled the streets, arm in arm, in the muggy night air, they both could feel the lust building inside of them, the wine feeding the hunger, as their bodies taunted each other. The romance of Paris swept them both away as they wandered for several more blocks, until finally they stopped at a set of small stairs that led down into an unmarked basement jazz and dance club. Kincaid feigned ignorance and smiled at Michele, after which he suggested they enter as he said with a wink that he could feel the adventure inviting them in. Michele looked up at her lover and at the buildings all around and then said to Kincaid that she could feel it to. The romance and eroticism of Paris had now convinced Michele, in her heart, that she would never return to America, even though she realized that her decision was a quick and impulsive decision guided by her libido. Yet, as she followed her lover and they entered the club, Michele had, in her heart, closed the book on the life that she once knew, as another erotic encounter and life changing sexual adventure awaited her arrival.

Elsewhere, as Michele and Kincaid entered the club, across town Maurice sat at Kincaid's desk and hit the send button on his colleague's ancient Minitel terminal, while underneath the antique desk Monique was performing a service that she would normally have charged her employer extra for. The decision to switch sides had been tough, but then again Maurice was never quite the team player his boss Kincaid had so eloquently said he was in his last fitness report. For Maurice, the decision was not about money, so there never could be any investigation regarding that aspect of his life, but rather his decision was based upon his love of Kabuki, the woman for whom he would go to the ends of the Earth to please.

Seconds later, in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, high up in the GENOM Tower, an encrypted file was received and decoded, the contents of which caused the recipient of the message, Kabuki, to smile, as she realized that the time would soon be at hand to have her revenge on the man she both loved and hated. However, now that Kincaid had found a new love, this woman called Michele, her jealousy only made her more determined to see him again and exact her revenge, but first, with the help of Maurice, she had to lay the ground work and lure him and Michele to Japan. As Kabuki contemplated the possibilities of her revenge, it slowly dawned on her that her former lover's greatest strength was his greatest weakness, his voyeuristic tendencies, and if she still knew him like she did, then this woman Michele, who, on the video file sent by Maurice, was now being injected in Luc's gym with a steady steam of sperm, would be the bait whom she would need to ensnare Kincaid and Luc in her grand spider web of deciet, duplicity and revenge, for which there would be no escape…

Meanwhile, as Michele and Kincaid entered, the amber light was so dim that they could not see into the dark recesses of the club. The dance floor was purposely filled with people moving slowly to a penetrating and erotic African rhythm as Kincaid suggested to Michele that they take a seat in one of the darker alcoves that offered a complete view of the club. After they seated themselves in the cozy booth, a waiter immediately rushed over, as Luc had instructed earlier, and set down a bottle of chilled Mahala laced white wine. Michele and Kincaid then sat back, glasses in hand and sipped their wine as they started to softly touch each other while watching the dance scene in front of them. Slowly and softly Kincaid caressed Michele's legs, kissed her neck and whispered into her ear the things that he planned to do to her after they returned to his apartment.

The club was filled with a mixture of young immigrants from Africa to Australia, all of whom were at best just struggling to survive life. The club was at the edge of what many Parisians called the Harlem of France, for in this section of the city, which was the most dangerous. Unlike the red-light district, this part of the city's claim to fame was the urban legends of danger and death. It was also in this section of the city where good girls and bad boys came to meet and fall momentarily in love. The unmarked jazz and dance clubs were yet another of the city's many aphrodisiacs that call out to those looking for a momentary and lust filled moment of pure decadence and sexual fulfillment.

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