tagMind ControlLaila and the Glass Armonica: Boys

Laila and the Glass Armonica: Boys


Thanks go to LaRascasse for his editing expertise in making this story better. READER TIP: This story is mostly focused on the men, ie, gay sex between a gay guy and a straight guy both under hypnosis.

Laila writhed and gyrated to the music blasting from the speakers in the Glass Armonica. She'd been there for over an hour, and she was famished. But there wasn't a single human in the club that appealed to her. She was starting to eye the crowd, looking for someone who would do, when he walked in. She stared in shock. His dark hair was styled in a well gelled mohawk, and his button down, orange and pink striped shirt was open two buttons. His jeans were well tailored and his leather and orange sneakers looked like they had been dyed to match the shirt. His glance passed right over her, in spite of the fact that she was wearing her shortest mini skirt and a tight tube top. When it settled on the hot, leather clad bad boy who'd been harassing her all night, she knew her first judgment was correct: the man was gay.

He smelled, however, delicious. Briefly she considered leaving, finding someone else, but the tantalizing odor was causing her to salivate. Her hunger had been building over the last hour and her self control was gone. Sidling up behind him, she tapped his shoulder. He gave her a bland smile, and she touched his chin, tilting his head so that he was forced to stare into her eyes. She gazed hypnotically until his eyes took on a glazed look. Then she smiled sultrily at the nearly panting bad boy. It took much less time to hypnotize him. Then she took both men by the hand and led them up the stairs to the private booth she often used. They followed her like men who were sleepwalking, their eyes glazed, their limbs limp and dangling.

Laila didn't say a word until they were both inside and the door was shut. Turning first to the James Dean wannabe she whispered in his ear.

"You find this man to be extremely sexy. You want to lick and caress his body until he screams in ecstasy."

His slack face brightened into a smile as his eyes focused on the two hot bodies in front of him. Laila smiled and turned to her intended prey.

"You will not see me, or hear me, or feel me. You will only focus on the man who is touching you, and how much he turns you on."

Laila knew better than to try and make him desire her. Most of the human population, whether they admitted it or not, were at least bi-curious. The small percentage that weren't was usually gay or very, very straight. She was willing to bet that the man slipping out of his leather jacket had thought about being with another guy before. She was also willing to bet that the gay man had spent more time wondering why he wasn't attracted to women. It was safer for the psyche to allow people to do what felt natural, even if it was repressed.

Laila began to undress the sandy haired bad boy while he turned to pluck the buttons of the other man's shirt. The darker haired man leaned forward and kissed him, raising up on his toes just a little to press his lips more firmly against the other man's mouth. They both hesitated for a moment, breathing in one another's scent before finally getting the courage to take a taste.

Their clothes were completely forgotten as the kiss deepened, tongues swirling against one another. Laila finished undressing them, running her hands along each man's buttocks to press their groins against one another. The limp, dazed slumber they appeared to be in vanished as both men enjoyed the feel of skin sliding against skin as Laila's hands caressed them both with nimble fingers.

The dark haired man groaned, grinding his lengthening erection against his partner, whose own cock was straining equally towards him. When Laila knelt at their feet, grasping both cocks in her hands, the men sighed and resumed their kiss.

She alternated between sucking one cock, then the other, her fangs lightly grazing the tight veins on top of each one's shaft. Neither man felt a thing beyond the intense pleasure of her mouth and the feel of one another's tongue swirling in their mouth. Eagerly she lapped at the blood that tricked onto their cocks.

The gay man broke off the kiss to cup the other man's face, running his fingers through his longish hair, then sliding his palms down and spreading them along the expanse of his chest. When he reached the man's taut nipples, he leaned down to lick one until the bud flattened against his tongue.

Laila watched the two of them through hooded lids. She was enjoying the sight of the two men making out immensely, but she wanted more. The gay man was aroused, but his blood still wasn't singing with the intensity of passion she desired. Catching the blond man's eye, she pulled him into a deep kiss while the other man continued to suck his nipples. Her hand on his shaft kept pumping as she whispered another hypnotic suggestion into his ears.

"Ask him if he wants you to fuck his ass."

The bad boy shuddered at the thought of slipping his cock into a tight, hot asshole. It was a secret fantasy of his, and none of his girlfriends had ever let him try it.

With escalating desire, he pulled the other man from his nipples and grasped his cock. He kissed him deeply before looking him in the eyes. He didn't notice the glazed look that mirrored his own as his husky voice resonated in the small room.

"I wanna fuck your ass until you scream and call me daddy. What do you say, pretty boy?"

Sweat broke out on the other man's face. He felt nearly faint at the thought of this sexy macho man fucking him. The few boyfriends he'd had weren't nearly as dominant as he'd wanted, and not a one had talked dirty to him. The only answer he could manage was a tight nod. The other man took him by the shoulders and turned him around, bending him down over the arm of the leather couch that was the only furniture in the small room.

Both men hesitated for a moment. It wasn't what they usually did, screwing someone on the first date. Laila knew they only needed a little encouragement. She stroked both of their shoulders, cooing softly.

"You want to feel one another's body slapping hot against your skin. You want to sink yourselves into the pleasure and forget everything but the sensual feelings of a hot cock penetrating you."

The tension melted and the tall sandy haired man pressed his cock firmly against the other man's ass, rubbing pre-cum on the puckered hole. Both moaned as he slowly pushed it inside.

Laila found a convenient spot next to each man, rubbing his balls and slipping the dark haired man's cock into her mouth. His blood was now tinged with his mounting excitement, mixing with his tangy flavor. As the bad boy pumped his cock deeper and deeper into his ass, she could taste the hormones increasing in his veins.

She slipped one hand between her own legs and began to finger herself, rubbing her clit and hole as she watched the men together.

"Oh yes, yes! Do it to me, do it to me! Fuck that gay ass, daddy! Mmm!"

"Yeah, you like it, don't you pretty boy? You like a straight guy fucking your little faggoty hole."

Laila was just a little shocked, but more turned on as the man whose cock she sucked grabbed the couch and began to moan wildly. Both of them were grinding into one another with rapid thrusts, their sweaty skin slapping against one another. Laila began to finger her clit as she watched the men fuck.

As he pumped his cock between the man's soft cheeks, the bad boy gave his ass a light slap, eliciting a moan. He grabbed his hips, fingers digging hard into his hips as he increased his speed, pounding his lover down against the couch arm.

The men reached their peaks together, crying out in unison. Laila was only a moment behind, blood trickling down her chin as she gasped, arching into her fingers as her pussy gushed in pleasure from the blood lust being fulfilled.

She quickly slipped out of the way as both men collapsed onto the couch. They lay there panting as they tried to regain control of their senses. Laila whispered again as she handed them their clothes.

"You will get dressed and leave the club separately and never come back. You will not remember one another if you ever meet again. Neither of you will remember what happened tonight, you will think it was all a dream."

The men nodded mutely as they pulled their clothes back on. In spite of their induced amnesia, Laila knew they would both spend the rest of the night smiling. She hoped that the dreamlike memories they did retain would bring them both pleasure.

As she walked out into the night, Laila sighed with contentment, hurrying back to her apartment before the first lacy fingers of dawn streaked across the sky.

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