tagInterracial LoveLaila & Theo Ch. 02

Laila & Theo Ch. 02


*Thank you everyone for the sweet comments on my previous chapter, that meant so much! I really try my best to provide the best content possible for you all and I triple check everything to make sure the story is interesting! This chapter won't have sex but the next chapter just might, I like a nice build up, enjoy! Thanks again! -J*


The rest of the week seemed to fly by for Laila. By Friday, she already had already finished her first assigned paper. Her mind always wandered off to Theo, even at the most inconvenient times. They hadn't spoken much since the first day of school with busy schedules but they saw each other in class three days per week. Laila sat at her desk in her room, plotting out next week's due dates when her phone buzzed with a notification. She swiped the screen up and saw that it was Paola.

Paola: Hey girl how's your week?

Laila: It's pretty good. I actually have a date tomorrow -smiley face emoji-

Paola: Oooh with who?

Laila: His name is Theo, he's really cute.

Paola waited a few moments to respond.

Paola: Is his last name Alfond?

Laila: I don't know yet, why?

Paola: I only know of Theo on this campus and he was a huge player. Plus his family is loaded.

Laila: Hm, I don't know, he seemed pretty nice and down to earth to me.

Paola: I could be wrong! Do you wanna link up Sunday nite for dinner or something?

Laila: Sure! I'll tell you how my date goes.

Laila set her phone down and thought for a moment. She didn't know Theo super well yet, so could just be using her. Back home, she avoided a lot of dating because guys were only interested in having sex with her because she was a virgin and she didn't want that kind of pressure from someone. Even her prom date in high school tried to rape her in a hotel room but she escaped before anything could happen. Laila thought back on these memories and a cold shiver ran through her spine.

* * *

Theo sat in his apartment with Tyler and a few other buddies eating pizza and playing Fortnite. He was excited for his date tomorrow and he had the whole thing planned out. Dinner in Newport, a walk along the mansion walk on the side of ocean, and maybe some local stuff. He didn't tell his friends about Laila because he didn't want their harassment for wanting to date a black girl.

"There's this huge MAGA themed party at Lacy's house this weekend," Tyler said. "I heard all these ebony babes are gonna be there for some protest or some shit. I kinda wanna double team them after I get a few drinks in them, you in?"

Theo began to feel visibly uncomfortable. "Nah, I think I'll sit this one out."

Tyler bursts with laughter. "Come on, we all wanna take a deep dive in some black pussy. I heard they're super tight. You never used to turn down parties."

Theo focused his eyes on the screen. "Just not really into it. Don't do anything stupid, can't bail you out."

"Whatever." Tyler laughed.

They continued their game but Theo worried about Laila, would any of her friends be at the party? He didn't want her getting mixed up with someone like Tyler, and although they were friends, he hated the way he spoke about women and he knew he needed new friends.

When Tyler left, Theo locked the door behind him and started his plan for the date. Since money was no object, Theo liked to buy nice things but he was never vocal about it, not like his family. His family made their wealth so known and they were so selfish about it. They kept to themselves and enjoyed yacht parties, as did Theo, but they were hateful people. He only really connected to his sister, Elizabeth. She was getting married in a few months and he was happy for her and her fiancé, Charlie.

He sat and thought about things she'd be interested in. A bookstore date was too cliché, but she might like to spend the morning at an art museum. She said that she wasn't from here, so maybe a tour of Newport? But he had to be strategic, he couldn't run into his family so soon. The Cliff Walk was perfect, a view of the ocean and all mansions and it was really romantic at sunset. So many possibilities.

When he laid in bed, he fantasied about her and her body and how she would look against his tall, muscular him. He tried to forget the other girls, he used to do emotionless hookups but something about Laila felt right and he didn't want to mess this up.

* * *

After her conversation with Paola, Laila showered and washed her hair that same night. She conditioned her hair and braided it overnight for defined, springy curls in the morning. She turned on her purple LED lights and watched as her bedroom transformed into a purple haze. Amy played loud rock music that night and Laila could tell that she had male company that night.

Just as she was able to head to bed, she received a text from Theo.

Theo: Excited for our date tomorrow

Laila's heard began racing. "Oh?"

Theo: Yeah, I have some stuff planned, think you'll enjoy it.

Laila: I guess you know your way around Rhode Island huh?

Theo: Something like that. How about I pick you up at 10 and we'll do an all-day thing, starting with breakfast, but pack a swimsuit.

Laila: Sounds fun, I'll see you then. Goodnight

Theo: Goodnight princess.

Laila went to bed to be that night with a smile on her face.

The next morning she woke up bright and early at 9 A.M and started her usual morning routine. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she rubbed a generous amount of buttercream scented lotion on herself and sprayed a matching perfume on her wrists and the backs of her ears and undid her braids. Since the date was unpredictable, she wore a magenta colored skater dress with spaghetti straps and walking-friendly black sandals. She wore her hair down over her shoulders and applied natural makeup with just a little bit of gold shimmer on her eyes.

Laila got a text from Theo saying that he was outside, so she grabbed her purse and keys and met him outside. When she came outside, she was surprised to see him waiting in front of a Tesla.

"Laila, hey," Theo said, welcoming her into an embrace. "You look really nice."

She hugged him and felt his arms linger.

"Thank you." she said with a smile. "So where to first?

Theo helped her into his car, she leaned over and unlocked his driver's door. After buckling up, Theo told her about a diner not too far from campus called West Side Diner.

When they were seated, they sat and talked while deciding their order. A young, bubbly waitress came over before the two could start their conversation.

"Heyy Theo!" the blonde said with a sing-songy tone. "So what are you doing here so early?"

Theo shifted in his seat and gestured to Laila. "I'm here with Laila, my date."

The blonde nodded but kept her focus solely on Theo. "That's cute. What can I get for you?"

He nodded to Laila.

"I think I'll have the stuffed French toast," Laila said slightly louder, hoping to get the waitress's attention. "and tea, please."

The waitress scribbled Laila's order but looked at Theo. "And you?"

"I'll have the bacon omelet with black coffee." Theo said. "Thanks, Melanie."

Melanie flashed him a toothy smile and left their table.

Laila sensed tension and she knew that something was up with Theo and the waitress.

"So how do you know her?" she asked.

Theo looked at Laila and he knew that he didn't wanna lie to her.

"We dated a couple years ago," he said. "Nothing serious."

She felt her heart drop just a bit. "Oh."

"But it was very brief," Theo explained. "just a few dates and hookups, I could tell she only liked me for money."

"Money?" she asked.

"Yeah, my family—"Theo was cut off.

Melanie returned to the table with their beverages and winked at Theo. "Here you go. Your food should be out soon."

They both took sips of their hot beverages and Theo cleared his throat.

"My family is pretty wealthy, they own a shoe business, well, shoe empire," he said. "and own half of a yacht company, and who else knows. I don't always like telling girls that because i don't want someone to take me for what I have."

Laila listened to his story and she understand. She couldn't empathize because she had nothing like that, whatsoever, but she knew where he was coming from.

"I get that," she said. "I wouldn't do that to you."

Theo took a few more sips of his coffee. "And to be quite honest, and I hope this doesn't scare you away, but I did mess around with a lot of girls when I was younger. I didn't like who I'd become and I think I've changed."

She sat back in her seat and in her heart, she believed him, but now she knew that she wanted to take things slow. "That's okay. Let's just have a nice time."

Theo nodded.

A few moments later, their food arrived.

They both sat in silence for moments while eating before talking again. Laila enjoyed the strawberries and cream cheese custard in her French toast. After a while, she caught Theo staring at her with a grin on his face.

"What?" she asked.

Theo gestured to her chin. "You're cute, you have a little bit of cream cheese on your chin."

Laila gasped. "Oh! Thanks for telling me."

Theo reached over and wiped her chin. "There you go."

Laila smiled and held his eyes for a few moments.

"So what made you want to ask me out?" she asked.

"When you walked in the bakery, I thought you were gorgeous and I wanted to know more about you," he said. "something about you just drew me to you. What made you agree?"

Laila took another bite of her French toast. "I actually thought the same, you seem sweet."

Theo smiled. "So tell me about you."

"Hmmm where do I start. Well, I'm from Philly, my whole family is. I don't have any siblings, unfortunately. My dad is a mailman and my mom works at a daycare." She took a sip of her tea. "Growing up, we struggled a lot but I saved up for school and got a few scholarships. I went to Temple, but I just wanted a changed, needed to see better things."

Theo listened to her story and he admired her humble beginnings. "Wow, do you think you made the right choice by coming here?"

She nodded. "I think so. I really liked Brown's business department, the beach is a plus for me. It seems like a dream out here."

"Yeah there's definitely a lot to explore," he said. "We'll see all of that today."

They finished up their meal and made the commute to the other side of Providence.


Theo decided to take Laila to the Rhode Island School of Design Museum for their first real stop on the date.

They stood watched different student-made exhibits. Everything was so well-made. During one example

Theo's hand held hers and he stroked the back of her palm. Laila smiled up at him and looked at the exhibit. It was a collection of over five hundred love letters a student's grandparents wrote each other throughout their fifty-year marriage.

When they went through the other exhibits and walked past artsy college students with pink hair and hipster tattoos.

"So you are a fan of art?" Laila asked as they ascended a porcelain staircase to the next exhibit.

Theo held open the door for the next wide space. "Yeah, I always have, but my family wanted me to go into business, and I do like it but art was always my passion."

"Passion." Laila said. "That says a lot."

He smiled at her once again, they walked hand and hand throughout the museum until he saw his former frat brothers Ian and James. What were they even doing here?

His former frat brother, Ian flagged him down in the quiet gallery. "Alfond!" he yelled.

Theo held onto Laila's hand slightly tighter. He wanted to leave right there but he knew he would draw suspicion.

"Hey guys." Theo said nervously.

Ian and James, both bigger and burly walked towards the two, eyeing Laila seductively.

"Wow, you got one for yourself, huh?" Ian said to Theo.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Laila asked, looking over at Theo.

Theo kept his eyes fixed on Ian with a clenched jaw. "Nothing."

Ian held his gaze.

James kept his eyes on Laila.

"So what you doing here?" Ian asked Theo.

Theo gestured to his date. "I'm with Laila today. What about you? Causing trouble again?"

James left out a take chuckle. "Well you know how that goes. We're just here to be cultured, you know?"

The three stood in silence for several moments. Laila was confused and looked over to her date who wore a clenched jaw life a shield.

"I think we should see the rest of exhibit." Laila pried.

Theo met her eyes for a moment, "Yeah, that's a good idea."

They walked away from James and Ian, who stared at them until the left the floor. Laila knew that there was something tense going on but was too nervous to ask*.

The two continued through each floor the museum in mostly silence, when they reached outside, Theo exhaled and closed his eyes for a brief moment.

"Are you ok?" Laila asked, noticing his sudden relief.

Theo shook his head. "Yeah I'm fine, let's go."

The two wandered out of the museum after finishing the exhibit and made their way to the other side of RISD's campus. They both admired the street art and took photos of their favorites. Theo knew he was hiding his secret from Laila, but he knew if he told her, it could ruin everything, but he knew it was wrong.


Later the day, Laila and Theo spent their time in Newport, Theo's hometown. Theo reserved a spot at a private beach near where he grew up. They both changed into their swimsuits in separate stalls in a bathroom and settled onto beach towels near the shore.

"So are we going to talk about what happened at the museum?" Laila said while stretching her legs on the seafoam colored towel.

"Yeah, it's a long story but I'm not sure if you'd wanna hear it." He replied

Laila sat back with her arms crossed. "Try me."

He exhaled. "So, it's a lot to take in. Those guys—James and Ian. They were my frat brothers a couple of years ago. We all lived together and I thought it was pretty great but they through this party in 2016 and these two...black girls came, uninvited. They, and a few members of the frat locked them in a room and raped them during the party. It was really bad. But I wasn't involved, I promise. I wasn't even in the same part of the house, but the court hearing was awful, my family didn't want my name published so--"

"Wait." Laila interrupted. "Two girls were raped at a party and you did nothing?"

"I called the cops when I realized what happened." Theo explained. "There were guys blocking the door. I heard screams and I had a bad feeling about it."

Laila watched in horror as Theo recounted the story. He stared off at the water in a distance.

"The cops came and arrested about six members of the frat, I wasn't arrested but I did testify." He said. "My family didn't want my name getting out in the paper or on campus, so they paid off some lawyers and the press. My old frat brothers didn't even serve time, they had good lawyers but they transferred to other schools and were put on probation."

"And the girls?" Laila asked.

He shrugged. "I don't really know. Last I heard they transferred to schools in New York, the school even reimbursed them."

Laila nodded. "So you're telling me you didn't touch them at all."

"I didn't even know it was happening until I came of upstairs." He said. "I would never do that to anyone, ever."

"Well, it's good you reported it." Laila said. "Are those guys mad at you?"

Theo shook his head and took a sip of his water. "Yeah, they are. For a while I'd receive death threats from them but they stopped. I had a restraining order against the two that you saw but I dropped it last year."

"Thank you for telling me all of this." She said. "My only hope is that those guys don't mess with you again, or anyone for that matter."

He smiled. "Yeah, I doubt anything's going to happen, but I do appreciate trusting you with this."

Laila exchanged his smile, and when she did, he held her hand in the sand. She noticed him admiring her turquoise one piece. Maybe it was the moment or it was just him, but for some reason she felt aroused when she saw his exposed toned chest and gray swim trunks.

"So are we going swimming or what?" she said when she slowly began to feel moisture building between her thighs.

"Hmm yeah you'll have to race me!" Theo said with a devilish smile.

They both made a sprint to the water and braced themselves for warmth when they felt the slight chill of the late August water. Laila was up to her hips in the water, while water reached Theo's knees and they both erupted with laughter from the chills.

Theo held her from behind to and leaned his chin upon her shoulder while they looked at the water ahead of them. With his strong arms around her, Laila felt that same arousal build while she felt Theo's breath hit her neck.

"Would it be alright if I kissed you?" he asked.

Laila turned around in the water and faced Theo. Something in his eyes met hers with intensity and he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. Her mouth moved with his and she never expected to feel this way and she felt chills go down her spine as the kiss got deeper. She could feel his arms tighten around her waist and she felt something hard hit her small mound.

Theo pulled away from the kiss and looked down when he realized he had a huge erection. "I'm so sorry, I-I uh didn't know this would happen."

Laila felt herself turn a little bit red. "It's ok, not your fault. Let's just keep swimming."

She swam further into the water while Theo remained in that spot for some time. Deep inside, Laila felt turned on.


Embarrassed was an understatement for Theo. When they kissed, the moment was too much and he couldn't stop thinking about how good she looked in that swimsuit and at that point, he knew he wanted her.

By the time they reached the Newport Mansion Cliff Walk, they were back in their casual clothes and his erection went down. He felt nervous around her again but he tried to remain cool.

"This is a long walk, just so you know." Theo said while they pulled into a parking space near one of the historic mansion.

Laila unfastened her seat belt and turned to him. "It's ok, I don't mind a good walk."

The two walked hand and hand to the cliff walk along the water with other tourists. There were tall gates on the other side which led to mansion estates. He loved watching her excitement when she started at each one and took photos.

He was nervous about running into cousins or someone in his family, because they could never keep their mouths shut about his personal life.

The cliff walk was very narrow, only two or three people can walk at a time so they had to stop and pause when someone walked in the opposite direction. Theo pulled Laila aside when they reached a small bench area near one of his favorite mansions.

"You see that one?" he said, pointing at a large white mansion with a full garden and circular pool. "They filmed the original Great Gatsby at that one."

Laila smiled and immediately began taking photos at it through the tall gate. "Ok, I'm in love with this place."

Theo chuckled and wrapped his arm around her waist. "Yeah this is my favorite, it's called Rosecliff."

They admired the estate for a few moments and he leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Come on, let's go see the rest."

They continued their walk moved aside for other passersby tourists. Every so often Laila's cheeks would turn red when Theo would stroke the back of her hand. The ocean looked so beautiful and they could see other mansions on the other side. His nerves were high he wanted to kiss her again near sunset.

After a while they reached the reached the very end of the narrow cliff walk and they both admired the water and the way it crashed against the rocks below them. The other tourists followed a guide back to their starting point, leaving Laila and Theo alone. When they watched the sunset over the water, Laila laid her back against his chest while he wound his arms around her curvy waist and leaned into for another kiss as she turned her head.

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