tagIncest/TabooLake Cabin Ch. 03

Lake Cabin Ch. 03


Julie was shocked. She didn't know whether to believe her parents or not, but from the serious look on both their faces she knew they weren't lying. Needless to say, finding out that your whole life was a lie, and the person you loved wasn't who you thought they were, she took a bit of convincing.

"Honey, I'm so sorry. I've always wanted to tell you, but I respected your mom's wishes. I've always loved you like my own, and to me you are mine. Your mom and I love each other very much, so I did what we thought was best. I've never felt bad that you weren't my flesh and blood because I've never looked at you as the kid from her past relationship. This has been tearing Sandy apart for years, and now that you and Jim are obviously in love, we had to tell you our secret. I hope you'll forgive me," Joe said with a tear running down his cheek.

"Of course I forgive you, Dad, I understand why you did it. This doesn't change how I feel about you because you've always been my dad and always will be. I am mad at mom, though, because for these past 3 years I wouldn't have had to feel ashamed of who I was with. It's gotten easier over time, but at first it was so hard for me to lie to people about Jim. I felt so dirty. And all this time he wasn't even my blood relative!" she yelled at her mom.

"You have every right to be mad at me, dear. I was selfish, and in that selfishness I hurt you deeply. I'll understand if you don't want to talk to me anymore," Sandy said with obvious sadness.

"Yes, I'm mad, but that doesn't mean I don't understand why. I'll talk to you, I just need some space. Do Dan and Cheryl know about this?" she asked.

"No, we never told them. I doubt Dan would have ever accepted Sandy if he knew, so I've kept this from my brother the whole time. I'll tell him tonight. He'll be disappointed, but when he finds out about you two he'll understand."

Luckily Julie replayed this whole conversation for me later. Was I shocked that we weren't actually cousins? Hell yes, I was. I was angry too, but definitely not as angry as Julie. I totally understood her anger, and it was hard for her to come to terms that she wasn't who she thought she was. She made it thru her last semester of college just fine, so she was able to compartmentalize that part of her.

Her parents came to graduation to see her, but it was obvious that there was still a lot of hostility towards her mother, and Julie's treatment of her mom was cool at best. I could tell it was killing Sandy to have to go through this, but she did what she had to do and I didn't hate her for it. I actually thought she was pretty brave to finally come clean. Just don't tell Julie I said that.

Uncle Joe was still Uncle Joe to me, and things with him and Julie were as natural as before. We all went to supper after graduation, and Julie announced that she was moving to Minneapolis. It was assumed that she was moving in with me, but she still wanted to make sure they understood.

"I'm moving in with Jim. Most of my stuff is already there, and the rest we'll take tomorrow. I'm sorry I didn't ask your permission, Dad, but this is what I want. I just can't move back home. I hope you'll understand, and if you hate me, you hate me," she told them flat out.

"We kind of thought that you would, and we support your decision, Jules," Joe said. "Your mom does, too, in case you were wondering."

"Can't Mom dish out her own zingers, or did you guys practice that?" she snapped back.

"Julie, I'm sorry, but I love both of you, and I hate to see you not talking. This affects me too, you know," he said in a resigned tone.

"I know, Dad, I just need some time. Now that school is done it should be easier to absorb."

"So how about them Vikings? They sure suck, don't they?" I said to change the subject. This is pretty much blasphemous talk in Minnesota, but it got them to quit bickering.

"They have a good record of late, so how could you say that?" Joe asked me.

"Hmm, they are playing now? Couldn't tell you, as I don't watch football."

Joe laughed, then added, "you smart ass. I do see why Julie loves you so much. Take care of her. Promise?"

"I always will, Joe, you never have to doubt that."

Sandy reached across the table and squeezed my hand, saying, "we know. Thank you, dear."

Julie smiled for the first time since we sat down, and I actually stayed modest for the moment and didn't say anything stupid. She actually hugged her mom goodbye, and I took my girl home with me. She'd had a few to drink, so we'd just pick up her car the next day when we finished moving her out.

Julie was running the full range of emotions that night, and I enjoyed the good ones and supported her during the bad ones. She was elated at graduating Magna Cum Laude from a prestigious school, yet sad it was over. Sadness over her mother, yet delighted she was now living with me. I took advantage of that one, too, by making love to her slowly and passionately soon after arriving at my apartment.

She awoke the next day content with who she was with, and a little nervous about being in the real world now. It would have been nice to stay the whole day naked with each other, but we did have to go back and get her belongings. Julie hugged me tightly after we finished loading her things, and I knew she was going to miss her college days, but then she kissed me and said she was glad to be starting her next chapter with me.

Her mood changed for the better once we settled in to our apartment, and our love life was as passionate as ever. Now we also enjoyed introducing each other as boyfriend/girlfriend and not feeling any shame about it. None of our friends know the whole story, as we figured it was none of their business anyways, and the past was past. Right?

That Christmas Eve as we opened our presents to each other, I got on one knee and asked her to be my wife. She accepted without any thought, and we were very excited to tell our families the next day. Both sets of parents were to be at our place, so we made the big announcement during supper. My parents took the news about Joe and Sandy fairly well, so they were overjoyed that they were going to have a daughter-in-law now.

Well, I know you're dying to hear what my parents thought of Julie and I not actually being related, so I'll tell you. First off, my parents are kind of old fashioned, and pretty reserved. Before we came out as a couple after Sandy's big revelation, they had pretty much guessed we were together. But being the quiet people that they are, they never said anything bad or preachy about us. They were visibly shocked when they heard Sandy's story, and I could see the anger burn in my dad's eyes. He never made one outburst, but I could tell he harbored feelings that weren't quite nice towards Sandy, yet his feelings towards Julie never once wavered.

While the parents all waited at the table for dessert to be served, I excused myself to go help Julie in the kitchen. This was our first time alone since the announcement, so we had to ask each other how we thought it went. Both of us agreed that it went over quite well, and I kissed her lovingly for no other reason than I was so happy she wants to be with me. She returned the gesture by giving me a quick blow job. I didn't last very long since both of our parents were in the next room, but man, do I love that girl or what?

We were married in May, and by that time Sandy and Julie were on at least speaking terms. It would have been sad if Julie was still not talking to her, so the day went off without a hitch. Well, Julie will tell you that the organist accidentally hitting a note during the service ruined it, but I didn't. I just laughed, which earned a dirty look from my "everything's gotta be perfect" wife.

Our married life never became routine, and both of us were still extremely sexual beings, so naturally we started to explore more and more. We both still got hot thinking back to when Julie's roommate watched us, and we decided we wanted to try it again. There was no way I would share my wife, but someone watching us was definitely a turn on.

We went all out in our search, too. We joined a website catering to adults looking for "friends," which turned up a few possibilities, and surfed the chat rooms looking for someone there too. After lots of creepy single guys, we decided that it should be a couple that watches us. No offense to all the single guys out there, but don't try so hard. Just some friendly advise.

Finally we found someone that sounded okay, and we started exchanging emails and pictures. They were in their early 30's, and he was tall and dark, and she was petite and blond. A very striking couple. They had never swung before, which was good, but they wanted to watch a couple have sex. After more emails they admitted that they would like to be watched, too, if that was okay with us. Hell yes it was okay, and both of us were turned on to see that.

Email progressed to phone calls, and finally we all decided that we would meet in neutral territory. A hotel close to the Mall of America was chosen, and we were very excited when the night finally came. Julie and I had abstained from sex for a week before the meet so we would be ready to go. I, of course, had to do some solo action so I didn't blow it in seconds or something embarrassing like that. It was also agreed that we would rent the room, so we arrived a little early to get settled.

I came out of the bathroom to hear Julie on her cell phone. "Yep, we're here. Room 203. Alright." She hung up and told me they were in the parking lot. My excitement was given away by the visible shaking, and my lovely wife gave me a hug and told me to try to settle down. And there was the knock at the door.

Julie stayed back in the room while I got the door, and while we may have been the young couple, Zach and Michelle, our new friends, were the beautiful couple. "Zach, Michelle, nice to meet you. I'm Jim, and Julie is right behind me. Come on in."

"Hi Jim," Zach said as he shook my hand. "Nice to finally meet you. Hello Julie, nice to meet you too."

Michelle greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and did the same for Julie. "You are beautiful," Michelle said to Julie.

"Thank you, but not as much as you are. You are stunning, Michelle."

We talked about ourselves a little for a while, learning bits and pieces about each other. It was obvious we were all nervous, and the idle chit chat was good for gaining some familiarity. It was my wife, of all people, who jump started the events.

"So, do you guys still want to watch us?" Julie asked our new friends.

"More than anything," Zach replied.

I wanted to sound game, so I added, "then let's go, baby."

All of us laughed, the nervousness pretty much gone, and Zach and Michelle pushed the two room chairs together so they could watch side by side. Julie and I had rehearsed what we were going to do, so I started taking her clothes off. It was decided that we would strip by taking off one piece of clothing each until we were naked.

So it went that her shirt came off, then my shirt, her pants, my pants. You get the picture. It ended with panties and underwear, and we made sure they had a good view as those came off. I could see Michelle's blue eyes locked onto my cock and a smile of approval on her face. It really turned me on to be naked in front of two gorgeous women, so naturally I was soon fully erect.

"How big are you, Jim?" Michelle asked.

"Eight inches. Do you like?" I teased.

"Yes, very much. It's very pretty."

"Thank you," I said with a smile.

For Julie's turn she stood facing them, and I slowly slid her panties down her legs. Zach liked this, and he mentioned how much he likes shaved pussies. As part of our plan, Julie then dropped to her knees on the carpet in front of them and took me into her mouth. It wasn't the tender blow jobs she gives me in private, it was a full out assault on my manhood. The sounds of her sucking and slurping were abundant, and both Michelle and Zach were squirming in their seats.

I finally reached down and pulled Julie to her feet, then gently pushed her back on the bed. My left hand and right knee parted her legs, and I soon filled the space. I knelt on the floor and pulled her legs to me and over my shoulders. Her pussy was already wet, and I licked her sweet nectar off of her lips before going after her clit. I rubbed her folds and her pea sized clit emerged.

Knowing my wife, I did the slow and steady job of stimulating her. This gets her every time, and she was soon arching her back and pushing her crotch into my face. I didn't want her to cum yet, so I took her to the brink and stopped. I instructed her to then get on her hands and knees, and she did so dutifully. All I had to do then was stand up and guide myself in. I watched our new friends faces as all eight inches disappeared into Julie.

Zach and Michelle were holding hands, occasionally looking at each other to exchange glances, smiles, or whatever silent communication that couples do. I could see Michelle's nipples poking through her white bra and shirt, and Zach definitely had a bulge in his pants. It turned me on to know they were turned on, and I refocused on Julie.

There was a lot more theatrics involved with people watching, so I made sure to pump her hard, and she was moaning quite a bit more than usual. Julie's pussy was dripping wet, and was so lubricated that I could thrust faster and faster because of the limited feel on my dick. Michelle was now rubbing Zach's crotch, and his hand was cupping his wife's breast.

Julie and I had decided that we would just do doggy style so there was a better view, so I reached down and began to rub her clit while I continued my pounding of her. Within ten seconds of touching her sensitive clit she cried out in orgasm. Her cumming always sets me off, and I pulled out and shot my load on her wonderful round ass cheeks.

Michelle and Zach were holding hands again now, and both of them uttered a "wow" after a moment to drink it all in.

Zach was clearly horny, and his comments reflected on that. "That was so hot. I'm not gay, but you have a nice dick. And Julie, you look amazing, and I love watching your tits bob while Jim was pounding you. Absolutely amazing, wasn't it, honey?"

"That it was. I'm glad we finally got to see someone do this. I am so hot right now. Julie, you have such a beautiful body, and I loved watching how Jim knew just what to do to please you. Thank you both for letting us share this wonderful moment with you. Do...do you guys want to watch us?" she asked timidly, but also with passion in her voice.

"We would love it, wouldn't we Julie?" I said.

"If you are positive you want to do it, we will for sure watch you."

They looked at each other one more time, then they both said that they did. Julie and I stayed naked, and we traded spaces with them. Too bad you can't see this on Trading Spaces. Heck yes I'd bang Paige. Right, back to the room. So we sat down, and they stood in front of us.

Their approach was different, but equally erotic. Zach totally undressed Michelle, and I stared openly at her tight body. She may have been older than Julie, but her body was tight and still youthful. Her tits were maybe a small C with large light pink areolas. The nipples were dime sized and stuck out about a quarter inch. She, too, had shaved her pussy, and her lips were neatly tucked in with glistening wetness already on them.

I was already hard again seeing her, and she giggled and said she was glad that I liked it. A smile was my answer, and she started with undressing Zach. He was in really good shape, and I could tell that Julie liked his hairy, toned chest. When his underwear came down both of us looked closely. He was maybe seven inches at the most, but was very thick.

"Whoa," was all Julie could say, and both Zach and Michelle smiled at her. Michelle slid down his body until the floor met her knees, and she opened her mouth as far as it would go to take his bulbous head into her mouth.

"Damn, you are big," I said to him.

"Thanks, man, but I'm not as long as you."

"I think I'd trade you length for girth, though. Would you like that, honey?" I said to Julie.

"Yes. Girth is good, but I love yours too, dear."

"Good answer," I said in reply.

We all had a good laugh at that, and Michelle continued doing her thing to his big dong. They switched spots, and I watched closely as he began to tongue his wife. I'd obviously never seen anyone else do it, so I was intrigued. Michelle's clit was big, and for the first time I saw one that stuck out. Hers was what I have always heard described as a female penis, and it did indeed stick out when it was stimulated.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Zach asked me.

"It is, I've never seen one before. Can I take a closer look?"

Michelle nodded, so I leaned in and checked out her pussy. Julie did too, and she mumbled something about wishing hers did that. I kissed her cheek and told her that I loved hers just the way it was.

"We both have considerate husbands, don't we?" Michelle said to Julie.

"That is true. I wouldn't trade him for anything."

I was waiting for the chorus of "awwww"s, but instead Zach got ready to mount her. We sat back down, and Julie stroked my dick slowly as we watched his big, thick cock part his wife's vaginal lips. It was amazing to see her lips spread like that, and when he pulled back out we saw the wetness on his rock hard shaft. They were slow love makers, and she loved it as his cock slid slowly in and out of her pussy. Zach kept one hand on her nipple, and gently tweaked it while thrusting into her.

All of a sudden Michelle's body started to contort, and she cried out loudly as she came. Zach didn't stop, and moments later she was wracked by another orgasm. I had heard of women who have multiple orgasms, and I couldn't believe my eyes that I was getting a chance to witness it. She had five orgasms before he finally tensed up, pulled out of her, and shot a huge load all over her back and butt.

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen," I honestly told them. "I feel bad that poor Julie has to put up with my little dick. I wish I could trade with you, Zach."

"Thanks, but you can go more places than I can, and you are pretty darn big yourself."

I still had an erection, and eventually after talking for a while I suggested that Julie and I finish off with a missionary style romp for them. My lovely wife wasted no time as she climbed on the bed and spread her legs for me. I joined her and easily slid into her. We went slowly this time so both couples could enjoy it, and after about 10 minutes they asked if they could do it next to us.

Yes was quickly uttered by both, and the next thing I know I am making love to my wife with another couple doing the same a mere foot of so away. I stared at Michelle, while Julie and Zach kept eye contact. Michelle's tits swayed nicely as her husband worked in and out of her, and all it took for me to go was seeing her biting her lip in pleasure. I cried out and filled Julie with my load, and I collapsed on top of her, where we watched until Zach finished too.

A few minutes passed by before anyone really spoke, and this time it was Zach who broke the ice.

"Hey, I think we all clicked here, and I'm pretty sure I can speak for Michelle too when I say that we would like to spend some more time with you guys. Is that something that sounds good or bad to you?"

Julie and I exchanged a quick glance, and we gave him his answer. "We would love to see you again. Next time should be at our place, though. We'll invite you over for drinks, and if this happens again, then it's meant to be," Julie answered.

"That is so great. We don't really have many friends in the area, and I know we all hit it off today. Even if we don't get to watch each other again, I know that we'll be good friends from this. I can just feel it," Michelle told us.

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