Lake Dreams


Carol nervously looked out the window at the storm rolling across the lake, the weatherman had called for thunderstorms and she hated to be alone when one rolled through. Since her divorce, she had spent a lot of time alone, although she did have the occasional date and acquaintance to bring home with her. The kids were grown and gone and she found it increasingly harder to go to the bars, not wanting to feel desperate, but at the same time, not wanting to be alone. The power went out, 'Oh great,' she thought and decided to dress and go to the bar, she could see across the lake that their power was still on. Not figuring on getting picked up on such a stormy night, she settled for the jeans and flannel shirt look, looking at herself in the mirror before leaving.

At 44, she was still very attractive, though two kids and lots of indulgences had left her with a slight paunch, her strawberry blonde hair framed her slightly tanned face and she ran a hand through it as she checked herself out, 'Not too hateful,' she thought and she grabbed her jacket and her keys. The wind whipped her hair as she brushed it back to see how to put the key in the lock of the car door and soon she found herself inside, brushing it from her face, as she looked at herself once more in the rearview mirror. It didn't matter, she would fix herself up once she got to the bar, and she started the car and backed out of the driveway and headed to the bar. The wind had sent many leaves and small branches into the roadway and she took care not to run over anything that would flatten her tires as she made her way along the lake shore drive. There weren't a lot of cars at the bar and their lights shone bright in contrast to her own house, which was still in the dark, and she pulled right up front, dashing quickly to get inside without too much wind damage, where she made her way to the restroom and straightened herself up.

Finally satisfied that she looked her best under the circumstances, she made her way out of the restroom and settled on a booth in the rear of the bar, there were not many guys here tonight. Oh well, no matter, she could have a few drinks and hopefully, her power would be back on when she went back home.

After a couple of drinks, she watched as the waitress appeared with another one, "Compliments of the man at the bar," she said as Carol tried to see who her benefactor was and he raised his glass to toast her, he wasn't too bad looking, but like her, he showed the effects of age and she invited him to join her, watching him walk over with his drink in hand. Charles, Charles Whitt," he said as he extended his hand to her and she shook it, his palm was so smooth. She found out that he ran a consulting firm in town and had a lake home as well, he too had divorced, and Carol began to size him up as a potential overnight roommate. He was witty and charming and she felt at ease with him that was a big plus and the more she looked at him, the better he looked, or was it just the drinks? He excused himself and went up to the bar and returned with two more drinks, as he set hers before her and she sipped it, the alcohol was getting to her. She felt very giddy and now seemed to have trouble focusing on their conversation as the room began to spin out of control and she dropped over onto the bench.

He quickly got up and came over and lifted her back up, but she was gone as she babbled incoherently and the waitress showed up to offer assistance, "She's just had one too many," he said and the waitress helped him get her to his car and she sat slumped in the passenger's seat as he got in beside her and started the car. It was still raining pretty heavily and the waitress didn't wait around as she dashed back inside and Charles surveyed the woman at his side, brushing her strawberry blonde hair from her face, 'I wonder if she's a real blonde,' he snickered to himself as he put the car in reverse and backed out, making his way to his house. His hand couldn't help but to graze her beautifully firm tit as he drove, a small sigh escaping her lips as he did, and he grabbed a handful of it and squeezed, her sigh turning to a moan now as they sped through the darkness.

He disliked himself for what he had become, a pervert by some standards, but he had grown tired of hearing no and had decided to not hear that again, at least not where it held any meaning to him. She was older than what he was used to, but more his own age, usually he pounced on the young college girls, they were very eager to have a generous old guy buy them drinks, several had been under age and without him, would have done without any alcohol, let alone his potion that he spiked their drinks with and then he would have had to do without their bodies.

Carol was more mature though and perhaps she could be even more promising to him, after all, she seemed to be of limited experience in the art of bondage, at least by their conversation she had seemed innocent enough. He pulled into his driveway and sat there, staring at his new prize, they all seemed to excite him when he got them to his place, the sheer knowledge that they were his and had no say in the matter turned him on as he felt his prick grow as he watched her chest rise and fall with her breaths. He considered having her tits right there, but he decided to wait, not wanting to get himself too excited before he had her all laid out, and he got out and walked around to her side of the car and hefted her on his shoulders, she was slightly heavier than he had imagined and he dropped her onto the seat again before he shifted his balance and tried again. He had trouble holding onto her as he worked to get his key in the lock and the door opened and he almost dropped her once more.

He carried her to the back of the house, to his "rec" room as he laid her on the table and she flopped down, exposing all of herself to him, though still covered by clothes, but he would remedy that. He took his jacket off and threw it over the back of a chair as he set about revealing his newly acquired prize, working at the buttons on her flannel shirt first as each one exposed more of her nicely tanned flesh and the pale blue bra she had worn. He jerked the shirt tails out of her jeans and then lifted her up as he drew it off of her shoulders and let it drop on the floor, then he worked at the clasp on her pale blue bra and it joined her shirt as he lowered her back to the table and his hands delved in the sweet flesh of her average sized tits, squeezing up from their bases as her nipples seemed to pour out of his fingertips, increasing in size and length with his manipulations as his cock grew as well.

She had some very nice tits and although her bra had kept them erect, he had noticed a slight sag to them, no doubt a sign of aging and having bore children. He found it hard to finally let go of her tits as he worked at her jeans, pulling them down her legs and off, the answer to his earlier question now hidden by the matching, pale blue panties as he stared at her for a moment before rolling them down her thighs and was presented with a lovely deep golden pubic patch, neatly trimmed. Her pussy lips were very distinct through the trimmed curls and he ran a finger over them as he pushed slightly and they parted for him, exposing the glistening pink flesh inside and he felt his cock grow even harder.

'First things first,' he thought and he grabbed her up and carried her to the bathroom, setting her on the commode as he ran some warm water in the sink and put the stopper in, then he moved her hand into the warm water and he heard the urine splashing into the commode. He had not done this step once and had received a golden shower for his efforts, now he made himself remember to do this, as he worked to steady her and get out the Massengill Douche form the cabinet. He braced her body with his knee as he opened the douche and attached the nozzle and then worked to get it between her pussy lips and up inside of her, she moaned as he pressed it inside of her and then squeezed its contents to clean her out. He let her sit there for a few moments while the douche dripped out of her and then grabbed a hand towel and patted her pussy dry before he carried her back to the table and lay her on her back.

He set about confining her tits first, as he snaked the soft nylon rope around her upper body, relentlessly drawing her firm tits higher and tighter with each loop, until her mounds of supple flesh were slightly discolored from being squeezed and stood up hard and proud. He couldn't resist and bent forward to capture a nipple in his mouth as he toyed with it with his tongue, he had to admit, her tits were great. He had rescued a doctor's examination table from the scrap yard a few months ago, and had fashioned his table from it, keeping the stirrups, but mounting them a little farther up the table from the original, allowing the "patient's" legs to be spread much wider. He secured her ankles and then her knees into the stirrups and then worked to tie her wrists over her head to a small ring he had built into the head of the table.

He stood back and admired his trussed up prize, she was breathtaking indeed! Her pouty pussy lips oozed the remnants of her douche and he felt his cock stirring once again as he looked at her peaceful face and her beautiful body. He began to remove his own clothes and then he saw the faint traces of movement, sensing that his beauty would soon be awake, and he cut off the overhead lights, so that the only light available was the small lamp across from her and she would not be able to see him at all. He loved to watch them wake up, to see their minds struggle with their predicament and to wonder how they had gotten in such a predicament. His mind wandered briefly to the dozen or so other women who had awakened in this same situation and he smiled as his cock throbbed at the prospects of yet another night of pleasure. He watched as the movements began, first a struggling to move their arms and legs, then their eyes would flash open to find out they were naked and trussed up, then the fear, always a little fear, although he had never physically hurt any of them, other than a few rope burns from struggling.

She had gorgeous green eyes, he hadn't noticed that at the bar, but now he watched as she checked out her situation and her eyes focused on her tightly bound tits and how her nipples were hard and straining to reach the ceiling, then he watched as she tried to focus on where she was and he saw her mind working to retrace the evening. He turned on the overhead florescent lights and she struggled with all the light as he locked his eyes on her face, such a nice face, not a beauty queen, but he had found long ago that the beautiful ones were hardest to break. "I must say, you are very striking now that all of your coverings are gone Carol," and her head jerked in his direction as he strolled up beside her and her stare focused on his hard cock jutting out before him as he walked. "Charles, what are you doing? Untie me at once, I'll have your ass in jail so fast," and he stopped her with a finger to his lips and a "Shush," and his fingers danced on her erect nipples as she once again fought to get free, "It's of no consequence my dear Carol, you cannot escape me," and she stopped struggling, knowing he was right, "What do you want of me Charles?" she asked and he just smiled.

"Carol, you are quite the good specimen, I must say. I was afraid that your age would make you less than appealing, but I was quite surprised by what I found," and he smiled as she watched him move to a counter off to her right and return with a speculum, "I need to examine you my dear, if you cooperate and do not resist, you won't hurt yourself," and she watched as the speculum was placed between her legs and she felt the coldness of it on her warm pussy lips.

She felt it slide into her and then heard the clicks as it was expanded, "Oh yes, quite a lovely pussy you have Carol, still quite snug even after your children," and she heard the clicks a couple more times as she felt the cool air filling her open pussy. She felt his finger probe between the jaws of the speculum, her pussy welcoming him with its widespread lips as he drove it into her, stroking the walls of her pussy as it moved, causing her to get slightly wet. 'What the hell is wrong with me?' she asked herself as he continued and she felt a tingling deep inside, his finger soon buried inside of her as her pussy walls began to twitch and she suppressed a moan. It had been several weeks since she had been fucked and she felt her body betray her as his finger began to work in and out of her, then he abruptly stopped and removed the speculum as his finger returned to find her engorged clit and rub it teasingly and she was unable to suppress her moans as his finger brought her first orgasm and she shook.

"You've made quite a little mess Carol, looks like I will have to clean you up," and she watched as his head disappeared between her legs and she felt his hot tongue on her as he slowly licked the length of her slit, drawing his tongue between the folds of her lips, driving her wild with need. He was no stranger to eating pussy and she bucked at his tongue, the rope cutting into her as she did, but she felt very little, other than his hot tongue and right now she needed it bad!

She had no qualms with him at that very moment as her second orgasm burst forth, causing her some pain as her bound tits thrust to and fro and the rope tightened on her knees, it was just a hint of pain and a multitude of pleasure. When she had calmed he slowly removed his mouth and she stared at his glistening chin as he smiled, "Yes, you were quite a good choice indeed Carol," and he moved up to her head and bent over and held his mouth just above hers as she opened her own mouth to welcome his and they shared her juices.

She could feel his cock as it jabbed into her arm and she felt the slickened head from his precum as it rode over her arm and jabbed her ribs. He had taken her against her will, but somehow, she was aroused by it all, even the bindings made it sensual. He was a good kisser and their tongues dueled for an eternity before he finally broke their kiss and let his mouth travel to her engorged nipples as he sucked them and she squealed in both pain and delight.

As he sucked on her nipples, she tried to move her head to capture the hard cock that bounced only inches from her mouth, she wanted to feel it in her mouth, she didn't know why all of this had aroused her, but she was going to go with it because it felt so good. She flicked her tongue and was able to swath the head of his cock and she tasted the saltiness of his precum as she licked her lips to savor it, she had loved giving blow jobs, it was a specialty of hers, no man had ever complained about her ability to give head. He saw her struggles and put a knee beside her head as he pushed himself up on the table and put his other knee on the opposite side of her head and fed her his hard cock and she greedily accepted it, letting it fill her mouth as he lowered his body to her face and his hands went back to work on her clit and his stomach grazed her throbbing nipples. She bobbed her head up and down to suck in his cock and she felt it twitch at her mouth's work as his finger settled in on her engorged clit and rubbed it faster and faster as she felt her third orgasm approaching.

His thrusts increased also and she knew he would soon cum as well as she tried to time them together, but his finger was getting faster and she was unsure she could wait for him. She loved it when her and a partner came at the same time, it was just perfect, as his cock entered her throat and she struggled to breathe through her nose. Just then she exploded, her body thrashing beneath him as his finger never let up its pressure on her clit and she felt his cock grow and then the first spurts of his cum into her throat first and then he pulled back and they hit the back of her tongue as she gulped and swallowed his load down. She sucked his cock like a straw, as she emptied all of his remaining cum and then licked all around it to get any she might have missed, then he climbed off of the table and smiled at her, "That was truly excellent Carol."

She stared at his softening cock as he stood there, his taste still prevalent in her mouth as she licked her lips and wondered what he had in store for her next. She watched as he went back to the counter and returned with a large vibrator, bigger than hers, she could see and she felt its low hum as it was applied to her pussy and felt it vibrate on her electrified clit before it was worked inside of her, making her moan with pleasure. He worked the vibrator in to its hilt and left it there as he moved to untie her tits and she watched their flushed color turns rosy as they filled once again with blood and they tingled. Once he had them free, his mouth admonished them once again as he swirled his tongue over her nipples and she watched her nipples dance before him, the vibrator causing a need once more.

He kissed the flesh around her nipples as he worked over her aureoles and then on to her stomach as he kissed her paunch and dipped his tongue into her belly button, making her giggle, before moving down to capture the vibrator in his mouth and moving it in and out of her with his teeth, she was going mad now! No one had ever shown her this kind of pleasure before and she was enjoying every minute of it. Tonight had certainly not ended up how she had imagined and his nose hit the crack of her ass as his teeth drove the vibrator into her and she moaned even louder at the sensations he was causing. Orgasm number four shook through her as his teeth never let up on the vibrator and this orgasm lasted longer than the previous three had, her eyes fluttered as she tried to cope with all the feelings this man had summoned up from deep within her.

He left the vibrator embedded in her and licked at her clit as she groaned out at the pleasure and then he raised up and looked at the contentment on her face, "Charles, my arms hurt. Could you let them loose, I promise I'll be good," and she shot a puppy dog glance up at him as she stuck her bottom lip out and he untied her hands. Her arms ached slightly from being bound in the same position for so long and she rubbed them to build her circulation back up and she watched as he let her legs loose as well. She closed her legs slightly and felt the vibrator move in her pussy and she began to open and close her legs as her actions drew it in and out and she looked up to see him smiling at her experimentation.

She grasped his semi hard cock and began to stroke it as she looked up at him with a look of need in her green eyes, "Fuck me Charles. I want to feel your cock explode inside of me," and he crawled up on the table as she withdrew the vibrator and replaced it with his hard cock, feeling it slide into the moist hole he had created with her last orgasm. His cock felt even more wonderful than it had in her mouth as he slid up and filled her completely, his hairy groin connecting with her neatly trimmed pubic patch as he sank his cock in to the hilt and held it there, smiling at her before capturing one of her nipples in his mouth and sucking hard enough to make her wince.

Although it did hurt slightly, his cock began to move in and out and she forgot about any pain whatsoever as his thrusts increased and she found herself meeting them as her ankles pushed against the stirrups to cause their hips to clash with a resounding thud. He switched tits and now her other nipple ached as he sucked and fucked her and she could feel her fifth orgasm of the night build, her loins feeling like they were on fire as he plunged deep into them and she could hear the sounds of her juices as their bodies met and she knew it wouldn't be long before her screams would drown out any other sounds in the room, she could feel it building. His hands mashed her tits together and he sucked both nipples at once as the room began to spin and she let go, her screams and arched back welcoming his cock deep inside as she felt her own orgasm wet the path for his cock and his pace quickened and she fucked back hard, wanting to make him cum.

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