tagGroup SexLake House Awakening

Lake House Awakening


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of gay male sexual content.


Dan never tired of the view before him. Just off the deck, the lake spread out before him. Mountains, still snow capped in the middle of summer, could be seen all around. It was hot, swimming weather really, but there was a slight breeze that made it the perfect temperature. He preferred being here to almost anywhere else in the world.

The lake house was owned by his uncle for as long as he could remember. For whatever reason his uncle kept it even though he lived in a house on the ocean and never used the lake house anymore. There were other people that used the house from time to time, but mostly it was Dan and his wife Susan and their kids that had free reign. They would bring their own friends and extended family out every once in a while as well.

It took a while to get there because the lake was so remote, but the lack of noise and light pollution made it relaxing and peaceful and worth the trip. There were other houses and cabins on the lake but they were all fairly far away and mostly out of site. And they were rarely used. You would see a canoe or kayak from time to time, but for the most part it felt like you had the lake to yourself.

Dan felt his wife's hands wrap around his waist from behind and squeeze him, "I love this place more and more every time we come out here," she said.

"I know what you mean," he replied and leaned his head to the side against hers.

She turned and kissed him on the cheek, "the food is all put away and the bags are in the room, want to go for a swim and catch some sun?" She asked.

"When are the Joneses getting here?" He responded.

"I just checked with them and their GPS says 3 hours. I can't wait, it's been so long since we've seen them." she answered.

"Okay great, lets get undressed and jump in!" he said, reaching around and pinching her butt. She yelped and they both laughed as they headed into the house to change.

They had met Doug and Melissa Jones at their church many years ago and had become fast friends, getting together almost every week after church and during the week when they could. Susan and Melissa would get together even more often so the kids could play together. Dan and Doug got along great as well. They enjoyed going out together and getting beers and shooting the shit. They were their best friends.

But when a job offer came through for Dan, they ended up moving a few hours away. It was hard to leave and in the years since, they hadn't developed a friendship with another couple like the one they had with the Joneses.

Inside the house in the master bedroom Dan and Susan were undressing. Dan was about to put his trunks on when Susan stopped him.

"How about a little afternoon delight hubby?" she asked.

Stunned, Dan smiled. It wasn't like Susan to want spontaneous sex. Their sex lives weren't scheduled or anything but it usually happened at night in bed. After 15 years of marriage the amount of sex had lessened but the quality was amazing. They knew their ins and outs so well.

Dan looked down and saw that his dick had already answered her question and was standing at full mast.

"You've got about 5 seconds to shut me up with that cock mister" she growled.

They were church goers but that didn't stop Susan from having an incredibly dirty mouth in the bedroom. It always turned Dan on when she talked like that. During church, Dan would watch his wife sing hymns with the choir and laugh to himself, 'if only they knew what was coming out of her mouth last night, definitely not "Amazing Grace!'

They both got onto the king bed from opposite sides. Dan got to the middle first and raised up on his knees. He grabbed his shaft and looked at Susan crawling up to him on all fours. "Make this cock dissapear babe," he said as he grabbed her ponytail and shoved his cock to the back of her throat.

She gagged and looked at him in surprise. Dan usually wasn't the one talking like a sailor, or making the aggressive moves. She could feel herself get wet instantly, she loved it. She put one hand around his rod and started playing with herself with the other.

Dan loved the look of his cock going in and out of her mouth. Loved the sound of slurping and the occasional gagging. He could see her massive breasts swinging underneath her and she rocked back and forth. He reached under and massaged and kneaded them.

After a few minutes she couldn't take it anymore. She rolled back and spread her legs. "God I'm so horny, I need that thing inside me right now!" She said looking at his glistening cock.

Dan dove down and buried his face in her shaved pussy. She yelped, surprised, and pulled him in harder by the back of his head. His tongue was deeper than she had ever felt it. 'What has gotten into us?' she thought.

Dan crawled up and looked into her eyes, his nose and mouth gleaming with her juices. They never kissed after he would go down on her but something about the animal glint in his eyes triggered something in her. She grabbed the sides of his face and licked from chin to nose. Now it was his turn to be surprised again. She finished by kissing him deeply. Swirling their tongues together, tasting her juices, moaning loudly.

That was it for him. He slammed into her, easily burying his entire cock into her sopping wet pussy. She grabbed his ass and pulled him in harder every time he pushed in. "Yes baby, fuck me hard! It's not going to take long for me to cum!" she screamed.

He rammed into her like he hadn't done in years. "Fuck baby you feel so good!" he yelled.

She was close so she reached down and started frantically massaging her clit.

She came first as a giant wave of orgasm washed over her. Her scream was enough for him to thrust two more times and fill her with his cum. "Fuuuuuuuck!" he yelled.

He collapsed to her side. Both breathing heavy.

"Oh my!" She said, "its like you were possessed or something, I love it."

"I don't know what came over me, I just HAD to ravage you," he said.

"You have my permission to do that anytime hun," she said, cuddling into him.

They lay there for a while and then decided it was time to take a swim and clean off in the lake. As he started to put on his trunks she said "no way mister, we are going to get in au natural."

"What if the Joneses show up early?" he asked. It probably wouldn't go over well if their best friends from church walked up and found them naked.

"Don't worry about it, we have a couple hours and besides, they are going to text when they get to the cutoff." she answered.

He shrugged his shoulders and they both walked out to the end of the dock buck naked and jumped in. The water can be quite cold even in the summer but they were in a stretch of hot weather and the water was perfect for swimming.

They swam and floated in the water for an hour before climbing back onto the dock and walking back up to the deck. Dan pulled out a couple of the loungers and put towels on them. Susan admired his body. At 40 he still looked good. More of a dad bod than ripped, but he was tall and had broad shoulders that carried him very well. They laid next to one another holding hands and letting the sun dry their bodies. Dan glanced over Susan's body, resting on her glorious tits. She hated how big they were but Dan could never get enough of them. She had also kept herself in healthy shape over the years, doing yoga and running.

"Do you think we'll get to see Melissa's tits this weekend?" Dan asked.

Susan snorted, "ha, I would bet on it!"

Melissa was naive to say the least. Sweetest girl you could ever meet but just didn't think about certain things. Over the years both Susan and Dan had seen an inappropriate amount of cleavage and panties. It's not like she wore skimpy clothing or tried to give glimpses. She would just do things like site down cross legged on the couch with a short skirt on and there would be her panties for the world to see. Or a loose fitting top so that when she leaned over you could see her entire bra right down to her stomach. It became a running joke between Dan and Susan, casting sideways glances at each other whenever Melissa would accidentally flash them. Sometimes Melissa's husband would see it too and he'd whisper in her ear and she would adjust herself, embarrassed.

Dan had admitted to Susan that he didn't mind the little glimpses he got, in fact he kinda looked forward to it. Susan told him it didn't surprise her, Melissa was a red headed knock out and it would be weird to not look. She wasn't the jealous type.

Doug was not as tall as Dan but had a bit more muscle. He had those sinewy muscles from working at a woodshop he owned, building handmade furniture for people that could afford it.

"They should be texting in about half an hour, we should take our showers and get dressed" Susan said.

Dan nodded and they both got up went inside. Susan jumped into the shower first so Dan went to the kitchen and cracked open a beer. He stood at the bay windows and watched the afternoon sun reflect off the water, sipping his beer.

About 10 minutes later, with the beer done and Susan out of the shower, he got in himself and turned on the water. Washing the lake water and sun block off, it felt refreshing and invigorating. He thought about the afternoon love making session with Susan and how different it was from their regular sessions. Something about being at the lake perhaps? Being away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives? Or perhaps it was not having the kids out here for the first time in many years. Whatever the reason, he wanted more. Maybe they could sneak some more alone time while the Joneses go on a hike or headed into town on a date. He almost wished that they could be alone for the weekend.

He stepped out of the shower and toweled off. He rubbed the steamed up mirror and looked at himself. Happy to have kept his looks without spending too much time at the gym. He admired his cock, flaccidly hanging there, moving slightly to the beating of his heart. He thought back to the scene of it disappearing into his wifes waiting mouth and it jolted. He squeezed and stroked it a couple times. 'Mmmmmm, later horndog, you've got guests arriving soon,' he said to himself.

He opened the door to the hallway and pulled the towel over his head to dry his hair. He stepped out and turned to go into the master bedroom one door down, not looking.

"Uh hemm" he heard Susan clear her throat in front of him.

Without removing the towel from over his eyes and still drying his hair he said "hey babe, did the Jones' text yet?"

"Um Dan?" a woman's voice said in a whisper. Then he realized who he heard was not Susan at all. It was Melissa...

He froze for a split second and the pulled the towel down from over his eyes. Standing before him, just past the master bedroom door were Doug and Melissa, holding their bags. They were both staring at his semi-erect cock, shocked looks on their faces.

Just then Susan walked out of the bedroom, naked as the day she was born and turned toward him, "no they haven't called or texted." She didn't notice the Jones' behind her.

Melissa yelped at the second naked person to enter the room.

Susan's eyes went wide as saucers and she spun around and screamed. Now Dan and Melissa's eyes were jumping between Susan's massive rack, shaved pussy and Dan's cock. The whole scene took all of about 5 seconds. Dan finally unfroze and quickly threw his towel around Susan and then used both hands to cover himself..

They all stood there for what seemed like an eternity when Melissa spoke.

"Maybe my text didn't go through?" she said. Just then Susan's phone chimed letter her know she had a text.

Dan started laughing first, uncontrollably. Forgetting that he was still naked he brought his hands to his face and laughed into his palms. Then Susan, Melissa and Dan started laughing as well.

Through tears and laughter Dan said "so how are things at church?"

That started another round of laughter.

The laughter died down and Susan look over her shoulder at Dan, "Dan cover yourself!!" she yelled. Dan quickly put his hands back over himself. Noticing that both Doug and Melissa were looking at his cock again.

"I'm so sorry you guys" Susan said, red in the face. "Let us get dressed and we'll be right back out for hugs and hellos.

Dan and Susan scampered back into the room. He closed the door behind him and looked at Susan.

"That was so embarrassing," she said "and you just stood there, big dick swinging for the world to see!" She smiled at him.

Dan stood there gathering himself and thinking about what had just happened. He looked down at his cock, thinking about how not one but two people had now seen him naked. And their best friends from church at that. Only Susan had ever seen him naked as an adult. After a couple seconds he looked up and stared at Susan.

She recognized the look on his face immediately.

"I'm so fucking turned on right now" he whispered.

She looked down and gasped. If she didn't know it was impossible she would have sworn he was bigger than before. His cocked pointed straight out and veins were pulsing along its length. Dan by no means had monster cock, an average 6.5 inches and above average girth. It had always satisfied her without a problem. But to look at it now you would have thought he was took a magic pill. She didn't say it out loud, but she was surprised herself that instead of being ashamed or embarrassed, it also turned her on that their friends had seen her naked. 'Are we exibitionists?' the thought. She had always thought of herself as respectable and modest. Maybe Dan and Susan seeing them naked triggered something inside her she never knew about herself or her husband for that matter.

She opened her mouth to say something but Dan put his finger over his lips, shushing her. He walked over to where she was sitting on the edge of the bed. She happily took his throbbing cock into her eager mouth. He started earnestly fucking her face, looking into her lustful eyes. She grabbed one ass cheek and with the other cupped his balls. He was more turned on than he could ever remember. It took all of 15 seconds of thrusting before he put his mouth over his arm to stifle his moan from the earth shattering orgasm. He filled her mouth with cum and she gladly took it, sucking and stroking every last drop out. He put his hands under her arm and pulled her up to him. Before she could swallow his seed he kissed her deeply. 'Oh my god, he's never done this before' she thought, it turned her on even more. She grabbed his hand and guided his fingers into her waiting pussy. He easily slid two fingers in and started fingering her g-spot. It took next to nothing to send her over the edge and she moaned into his mouth as she orgasmed, their tongues sharing his salty cum.

They broke apart, breathing heavy, and looked at one another. They both swallowed and at the same time said "What the fuck is going on?"

Now dressed in shorts and tank top, Dan reappeared into the main room. Doug and Melissa were standing in front of the bay windows sipping beers they had helped themselves to.

Dan walked over to them, "well that was interesting! I'm so sorry, we were waiting for that text and just weren't thinking!" he laughed. He walked over to Melissa and gave her a big hug, he noticed she squeezed a little harder and held a little longer than normal.

"That's totally okay Dan!" she said, "we must have been in a dead zone when we sent the text."

He stepped over to Doug and gave him a big bear hug. "How you doing bud!?" Dan said as he lifted him off the ground, he was startled to feel Doug's hard on through his jeans press into his now flaccid cock. Dan let Doug down and Doug looked a little embarrassed. 'Did our little show turn them on too?' Dan thought to himself, 'I wonder if Melissa is wet?' The thought made his cock stiffen.

Dan mentally smacked himself, 'what the hell is wrong with you! These are your best friends! From church no less. Get it together.'

"I'm d d doing great Dan," Doug stuttered, gathering himself, "thank you again for inviting us up here, it means so much to us. The shop doesn't bring in a ton of money and we can't afford a super nice vacation. Certainly not what this would cost if we had to rent house on a lake!"

"Don't mention it, we are just so excited you guys could make it up here again," Dan said as he walked over to the fridge, grabbing a beer. He lingered in front of the fridge, hoping that the erection that had started in his board shorts would go away. "And this time no kids, just relaxing and having a good time."

Doug laughed, "you have no idea much we are looking forward to this, we really need it."

Susan walked out and over to the fridge. Dan handed her a beer and she glanced down and saw what he was doing. She took the beer and winked at him. Dan noticed she was wearing one of her favorite light flowy shirts, except she had the top three buttons undone, clearly exposing a large amount of creamy cleavage. Something was definitely happening, she would never dare to expose cleavage like that at any other time. This was not helping the situation in his shorts.

She ran over into the open arms of Melissa and gave her a quick peck on the lips, surprising Melissa.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you Mel!" Susan said, "I can't wait to hear about everything that's happened since we left. Can you believe it's been over a year since we saw you last?"

"It feels longer!" Melissa replied, "we have so much to catch up on."

"Well let's not waste anymore time then," Susan said. She quick hugged Doug, who couldn't help himself from staring at her rack, and then grabbed Melissa by the hand and started leading her outside. "We'll go outside and soak up the last bit of sun while the boys prepare dinner and make us drinks." They stepped outside and sat on the deck chairs around the table.

"I guess we are catering tonight then" Dan said, "I'll start getting everything ready for burgers on the grill if you can make everyone some margaritas?"

"Sounds good to me!" Doug said, walking over to the kitchen table and unpacking the drink supplies they had brought.

Dan and Doug caught up with each other on work and home life. While they mulled about the kitchen, Dan noticed Doug would steal glances at his crotch. Even though Doug was a guy it was still flattering that he was looking. 'Does Doug have some tendencies that I don't know about?' he thought. Of course why would he know about them? The church doesn't exactly smile on those sorts of things and guys aren't ones to freely give that kind of information. The thing is, it didn't bother Dan. He still loved Doug no matter what thoughts were going through Doug's head. And besides, now that he knew other people seeing him naked was a turn on regardless of their sex he wasn't opposed to Doug seeing him naked again. He could take that built up horniness and fuck his wife silly with it. Even thinking about it was giving him a semi hard on again that was clearly outlined against his shorts. He was enjoying teasing Doug.

Dan put all the supplies on a tray while Doug ran the first two drinks out to the girls. Then Doug came back in and got the other two margaritas and they both walked out to the deck. Doug fired up the grill to let it warm up and then sat next to his wife.

Dan stayed standing. "Hun, why don't we go change? It's too hot to be out here in jeans." he said.

"Great idea," she said getting up. She walked around and leaned down and gave Susan another hug. "Thank you again for having us, this is going to be a wonderful weekend," she said.

Dan watched as she leaned down, her shirt hung low and he could see her bare breasts. He quickly turned his head away and stupidly looked at Doug. It was obvious what he had seen, he was afraid Doug was going to be angry but Doug just smiled as he walked by and into the house with his wife.

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