tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersLake Ontario Ch. 01

Lake Ontario Ch. 01


Let me introduce myself. My name is Loren. When I was 22 years old I had a job similar in some respects to the Shining. I was working on a novel and found a job that had all the right characteristics. There was a small resort on Lake Ontario. It was only open from May through October. The first day in November it was closed and only needed a caretaker during the winter season. I had spent last year doing it and knew the routine. The snow would come and I would enjoy the solitude of the place and work on my novel.

There was another reason that I enjoyed myself there also. I had entry to all the stores and homes in the town. There were 32 homes, a small grocery store and general store, which was combined. Actually it carried a lot of things.

But what I enjoyed was my secret. I would dress up and be a woman during that time. I could walk in the street after the snow came. I could shave. I could do whatever I wanted until the 3rd Monday in April. That was when the shopkeepers would return. I would usually stop shaving my face the last week so they wouldn't guess. My hair was already long when I arrived. It was auburn and when I washed it out and curled it after they all left it was a perfectly feminine shoulder length coif. By April it was a lot longer, but when they came I kept it like a masculine ponytail. No one knew. No one guessed. And, I had the pleasure of enjoying my secret without any consequences.

I had a cell phone for emergencies and there was even a generator at the General Store. My apartment was upstairs. There was a bedroom, kitchen and sitting room. Some of the houses were quite large and well kitted out. During my last year there, I had found at the Merchanson's home (it was the largest one on the lake) quite a bit of hot Victoria Secret and Frederick of Hollywood clothing. Mrs. Merchanson was my size. Oh, I'm 5'5" and weigh 138 lbs. My skin is very pale, a creamy white. I believe it's because I spend most time inside. I like to write, cook and dress up. So, I don't get much sun.

In order to get to this little vacation spot, you had to exit the highway 5miles before the road North. Nearly everyone turned south and drove into the two which was Southwest of here. It wasn't even paved for the last 10 miles after turning North at the farmer's house that owned all the land from the highway to the just outside this little community. The farm had been closed for the last two years and was for sale. It had been a dairy farm but you couldn't dairy farm locally anymore. The economics were terrible. The closest town of any size was 24 miles away. Sometimes before the heavy snow of November came I would go there to the movies or if I needed gas during the January thaw. After the snow it was my PC Internet connection and/or the cell phone for socialization. The DVD on my PC was for watching movies.

Often the landline would go down and once it took nearly 6 weeks to be repaired. Mr. Adams who owned the General Store would contact me by email or if that didn't work he would call me. He had left me a list of instructions that I had taped to the front of the refrigerator in my kitchen. He was so anal he had written every detail with a number before each one. When he would email or call. The day he came back. Which key went to which house etc?

Anyhow, I had been there about a week and the weather report had said it was going to snow for the next three days. Even the Farmer's Almanac had called for a bitter cold winter. The first light flaking was flittering through the sky and I had already shaved my body the other day. I shave everything except for a little patch above my penis, which I shape the way the girls do in the girlie magazines. I decided to get dressed and walk through the town in my black skirt, high heels (which I couldn't use when the snow got heavier) and a white blouse and matching ribbon in my hair. I was quite daring since I had been there the year before and knew no one would come and where to hide if someone did.

I loved putting my makeup on and had gotten quite proficient at looking very feminine with the right eye shadow and lipstick. For this outfit I had painted my nails and lips a bright sexy red. I would even wear a tampon in my ass with the string hanging out so I would wiggle more as I walked. I just loved this time together with me.

An empty glass of wine sat on the table next to me as I finished. Actually it was my third glass and I could feel a little flush in my face from both the wine and the excitement. I had planned to walk to the Hanover's house and then sit on their sofa and make believe while having an orgasm. They have a stereo with some very romantic Italian music. I would bring the rest of my wine over there and enjoy the walk and sway getting there.

I got up, looked in the mirror, and with my reds lips pursing said, "You look marvelous." Then I checked the weather and news on my pc. The weather report was even more severe saying perhaps as much as 24" of snow was forecast to fall. It didn't bother me. I would be snug as a bug in my private paradise of homes and store. The news was much the same. The market was down; some bikers had raped a girl at a college that was about 150 miles from here. The lottery was over $24,000,000 and so on.

I picked up my glass, filled it and walked down the stairs from my apartment through the general store picking up the key for the Hanover's. I never locked the store or even closed the door to my apartment. Why bother? But, I always kept the owners homes locked. I put a shawl around my shoulders, pulled my hair out over it and walked out into the crisp early afternoon sun and snow. I loved the walk the feeling of my skirt swaying and the cool air blowing up over my stockings against my naked thighs until it reached the satin of my panties. All was well. The Hanover house was just two blocks from the Store. My perfume mixed well with the autumn coolness. It was a strong feminine smell of rich summer flowers.

Sauntering up the small walkway I wiggled my butt, accenting one of my best features. I also had great legs or at least I always thought so. I had never shared my secret with anyone else so I only knew from the Polaroids I had taken last year and kept. They were in my bottom drawer with all my other secret things. Except of course for the items that were in the closet or the makeup on the shelf. As you can see, I was not scared a bit since I knew the isolation out here. I wondered what I would do if someone did come. Last year I was so cautious. When I was out I would practice what I would say if I came across someone. I had figured out a story that my husband and I were care taking and hope the person would be on their way.

I had even worked on my voice so long that it seemed feminine enough to me in the recordings I had on my PC. But no one ever came. Who was going to drive down a road that said DEAD END for over 10 miles? It looked desolate. There were no signs about the community down here. They liked it that way just a quite little peninsula jutting out in Lake Ontario. So I jiggled a bit up the steps and opened the door. All the houses were kept warm by gas heat. But only 4 of them kept them up in the high 60's. They were the Merchanson's, Hanover's, Balick's and Dunkirk's. They also had the nicest furniture. The Balick's had a Steinway in their house. I was pretty good with HVAC; my dad had owned a business when I grew up. It was one of the reason's I got the job. Actually, HVAC is really easy. There just a few things you need to know and a few spare parts. The whole town had used the same brand of equipment. Some was older then others but none that I had seen were even 10 years old.

I put on a wonderful CD. It was that Italian singer. The one who did "Romanza". And I sat down so carefully and sipped my wine. I liked to listen to his music a bit loud and the more I have drunk the louder I put it. And today, it was nearly blasting. That's why I never heard them. I mean the sound of the motorcycles. I was two blocks away and the road to town was on the other side of the General Store. But I should have heard it. Especially when it turned out there were sixteen motorcycles. But I didn't. Nope, there I was quietly sipping my wine listening to the music sitting in my feminine attire when the door flew open and two brusque and burly motorcycle guys came up to me. One flipped off the music and the other grabbed me by my wrists. He was so strong I snapped right up out of the chair.

"Come on girly. Come with us," he said. His voice raspy from what I thought must be drink and smoke. I was so unsure what to do. But also, I realized I was also powerless. There was nothing to do but go with him and the other biker. As we walked they each held me by my wrists and one grabbed and goosed my ass. I was shuddering with fear as my heels glided over the snow. It was falling heavily now and the street was cover with over an inch.

We came to the General Store and I saw all the motorcycles. I was hoping they just needed a little help or something and be on their way but inside I knew this was not what was happening. As we entered the store I gulped as I remembered the news story on my computer. The next thing I knew I was inside the store standing there in the midst of more than a dozen bikers. They ranged in nearly all sizes except small. I without a doubt was the small one. A couple of them looked like they were 300lbs with big beer guts. Some of the others were in terrific shape and then one six foot four guy motioned for me to come over to him. Obviously he was the leader. I walked over.

He looked at me and asked if I liked bikers. Nervously and in the most feminine voice I could muster I answered that bikers were nice guys. I didn't know what I was going to do. Then he put his hand around the back of my head pulled me forward and kissed me. He pulled back with a little laugh and asked about how I felt sucking biker dick. I was so afraid of what they would do if they knew I was a guy. I shook in fear and stuttered and nothing came out.

He reached down with his hand and put in on my ass and asked again, "girls like to suck dick don't they?" I tried to be a little courageous and move his hand off my ass and say, "that is a private matter." But he slapped my face hard and I thought of those bikers wanted for rape and I started to cry.

"Girls like to suck cock. Do you like to swallow?" he said with a smirk and reached and grabbed my ass. My face was stinging and I was crying. I didn't dare try to stop him but I was terrified of what the consequences would be. He squeezed my ass cheek and continued, "We're going to be here for quite awhile and since you are the only girl, well, and we just want to know?" I just began to cry and whimper saying I wasn't a girl, I was a guy and "please, please let me go." He just started laughing so hard as I sank down in tears. "We know who you are and everything else. We've been to your apartment and read the note on the refrigerator. We've found your butt plug and clothes and we are staying here for the next few months and you are the only girl. So, do you like to swallow?" he asked.

The other bikers were laughing, as I answered no. To which Jim, as I learned his name later, said, "too bad since you will be swallowing gobs of cum." His hand rubbed in my ass crack and I tried to pull back again but this time he slapped me so hard I fell backwards over his hand on my ass and landed with my stocking legs splayed in the air and my panties visible to those nearby who laughed and said, "just like a girl to be such a slut to show her panties."

Jim told me stand up and listen and at this point I wasn't going to argue anymore. I was dejected and broken. He mentioned how they had already reviewed my computer and had seen the news groups I had subscribed to. The alt.binary.pictures.transsexuals and the alt.binary.pictures.oral, also facial.cum, spanking, anal and finally he said he had seen how I liked alt.binary.pictures.urine. I cringed as I heard him say that. I was fascinated, yes from a remote prurient idea, just like I dressed up in secret. But, now my secrets were out. All of them were out and known by 16 bikers who were not known for being either courteous or worrying about what others wanted.

He explained I was to be deferential to the bikers and to accentuate my femininity. Because if at anytime I showed my masculinity the bikers would respond with what they would do to a man who had broken into their world unwanted. He said I wouldn't want this alternative. It didn't take me a minute to figure out I didn't want that to happen and I even found myself trying to stand more alluringly. He must have noticed because he said "good," and continued.

All the bikers gathered round him as he told them they would spend some time hear until the "heat died down." He didn't know how long that would be but fortunately this was the perfect place, there was plenty of food and one good slut. In order to maintain some discipline he said they were to go to the computer and find what they wanted from the alt.picture sites that I had subscribed to. Print the picture that they were interested in and then hand it to me. Each picture was to be in order of arrival and I was to have them signed and rated after I had performed them. At the end of each day they would be reviewed and I would either be given a reward or punished with a spanking. I was to accomplish all the sheets each day or else. The "or else" sounded so dire, like the other situation regarding not showing my masculinity, that I feared not accomplishing what I was to do. On the other hand doing what I was going to do would be also terrifying. I hadn't come out of the closet I had been dragged out. All those years of acting feminine and dressing up were now the only thing that remained between me and perhaps my life.

My other job was to cook and clean. He said we would move to the Merchanson's house everything but the computer and cell phone which would remain here guarded. Also, I would make a list of what I needed to "keep house and keep myself pretty", but I was only allowed to venture out from the Merchanson's house with two of the bikers with me. "Oh, and by the way," Jim said as I was being escorted out the door to my new home and duties, "your name will be Lauren now."

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