tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersLake Ontario Ch. 03

Lake Ontario Ch. 03


Well, several months have gone by since the bikers came to town. I am sitting here wearing a pink chiffon baby doll outfit waiting. Now, I have real breasts, 38C, compliments of the biker who was a drop out med student and a locked room that contained all sorts of medicines. I never knew that there was a pharmacy in this town. My nipples firm just like a girl's and I get excited when the guys play with them.

The estrogen has even made my ass rounder. And, since cum protein is one of the major ingredients in my daily diet, I have dropped another 10lbs to 128 lbs. Oh, yes; the guys had me die my hair blonde. They seem to prefer blondes.

But before I discuss more of the present, let me tell you about some of the wilder times during the past months. For most the first weeks, the guys would come with different pictures from the alt.sex sites. Usually they would just want me to give them a blowjob and swallow there cum or fuck me in my ass. A couple of the big burly guys would pee on me. All of that was pretty tame compared to things that happened after the first month. They must have gotten a little bored and I had begun to suck so well and grind so long that it was rare for me to get a spanking anymore. It didn't take more than a couple of hot seats for me to behave. I mean, try being spanked for so long and so hard that your tears are only the beginning of your misery. There was once I couldn't sit down for nearly two days without my ass burning.

Well, the first of the more humiliating situations arose during a blizzard. Jim had decided that some days all the guys could come over and hang around till it was their turn or stay after their turn if they wanted. Well, this was one of those days when all sixteen guys were horny and wanted to take their loads. One of the guys had a picture of a girl whose asshole was wide open and he was cumming into it. Well, before long they had some bet about who could shoot the most of his load into my ass and another being who would finally full it before it would spill over?

Jim decided to sanction this change of plan by declaring everyone was using the same photo. But, they wanted a strict scientific situation and thus I found myself taped and tied with ass up in the air and my legs over my head. I couldn't move. They used something bigger than my butt plug to widen my hole. I didn't see what it was but it kept me open, I know that since I could feel the air. I knew my asshole wide open. It felt like two inches or more. Over the course of next few hours I felt semen pooling in my ass and streaks all over my ass and ass crack.

One of the guys said, "lauren you should see how much cum your ass can hold. It's way over a pint," he laughed. And at this point several decided I should keep it in me and see if I could absorb it during the day. So, they plugged my ass by pushing my dildo slowly up and pushing the cum deeper and waited for my sphincter to close around it. After it did, the let me up but said, "today we're going to stay around here. There's a blizzard and no one feels like shoveling so first lauren lick all our cocks clean.

So, the whole day was out of character. At one point I had to stand in front of them and discuss how cum felt in my ass. Why I liked it? Etc.

As the day progressed they got even wilder. Finally, they decided they would have a new game. Since my ass was full they tied me on my knees with my hands behind my back. I was tied so I couldn't fall over or back and two pieces of rubber were used between my upper and lower teeth to keep my mouth open. Their game was to see how much cum could be shot into my mouth from a distance of one to two inches.

Everyone thought this was a great idea (except me). They put on a porno flick and sat in front of me playing with their dicks. Sixteen guys and I think nearly 23 shots of cum later (some came more than once) my mouth was a puddle of cum and my face was laced with sticky cum.

But, they were having such a good time; they left me like that for a long time. It was very hard for me to swallow. I could only let a little cum slide down my throat into my tummy. It must have taken me close to 23 gulps to fill my tummy and empty my mouth. They left me long enough for the cum to cake on my face. I felt humiliated for days, but the bikers never talked about it.

A few weeks later another wild incident occurred. I had been forbidden from acting like a guy at all and that meant I had to sit and do my toilet. One day when a group of five bikers were over I asked if I could go "pee" and was given permission. (When anyone was over I always had to ask permission to do anything. The first time I didn't that was reported and later that night I got 50 spanks on my bare bottom. I cried for a long time and didn't sit for a much longer time. It was very rare that I would forget the rules after that. Oh, and the rules included whatever the guys said goes. Once I had to write 200 times, "girls are for guys to use and cum in. I am a girl. My name is Lauren."

Another time I had to say those words to every biker.

Anyhow, I went to the bathroom to pee and sat down. The next thing I knew one of the fattest bikers came in and said he had to " take a leak." (I am only allowed to say 'pee'). He unzipped his fly as I sat there and started to pee on my cockette. It was dark yellow and I could smell it. Before I knew it he peed in my face. It was so disgusting with his belly hanging out and his hairy tummy right in front of my eyes and his cock peeing all over me as he laughed.

He told me to take all my clothes off except my panties. (I was already growing breasts at this time and it was obvious with my bra off even though they were small, my nipples had enlarged and my aureoles had puffed as well. He left and shortly after I had cleaned up, I walked out in just my panties.

"Nice tits," one biker commented. I demurely smiled since not to do so would be punishable. They had all these parts on the table and also some clothes sitting there. There was a funnel and some pvc pipe and hose. Also tapes, couplings and many other things were out. The funnel was attached to some _ inch pvc pipe (as you know I knew about HVAC etc.) Well let me explain what it all became and then you'll understand. Within about 30 minutes I was standing there with a funnel that held my chin with a cutout rubber seal and therefore head up straight. My face was somewhat in the funnel and chin was a couple of inches from the bottom. The pipe was in connected to a saddle of some sort that wrapped around to my back and held it tight to me. It continued down and then curved into a connection that fit into some homemade butt plug, which had a flow valve. (A flow valve would only let it into me and not back out. It's a flap that moves with the flow and then if an opposite flow tries to move it seals itself and doesn't let that happen.)

They had cut a hole in my panties so it fit through and also into a black slinky dress, which I was now wearing, with stockings and high heels. Oh, I also had red lips and nails. So there I was in this contraption. It didn't take me long to realize what kind of day I was going to have. They showed me a picture from alt.sex.urine of 5 guys peeing in a funnel in a girl's ass. They explained that they had come up with a better idea.

So, my job was to get them beers and when one of them had to pee he'd call me over and I would kneel, unzip him, pull out his cock and point it in the funnel. There was an air release valve in the pipe so the pee pushed the air out and then when I felt it spray me I was to reach under my dress and turn a knob that would stop the hole and open it into my hole.

During that day I felt so much pee shoot up my hole. They even had a plunger so they could push a little down the funnel bottom and shove an extra pint or so right in me. They most humiliating part of this was they were the fatter slob bikers with big beer belly's full of 'piss.' I had to unzip them and see their hairy balls and belly and when they were finished thank them. Some of them wanted me to open my mouth and let it fill with pee before it went down the funnel. As the day progressed I felt my ass fill and my tummy push out pregnant with their piss. Only one of them wanted to cum that day and he did it right in my face. They loved feeling my 'tittys' and slapping my ass.

But finally the time rolled by where I am now. Fully developed breasts and always extremely feminine and submissive I've become a part of their group. Today they asked me if I would like to be their biker chick. They are going to leave in a week. If I want to travel with them it would be okay Jim said. He even said that at some point they would get me a pussy. There would be other girls along the way. Some who would side up with one of the guys but I would remain available to all.

I think I'm going to go with them. What do you think?

The End

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