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"Ok, so I'll meet you at my Lakehouse at 7pm?"

"Sounds great," she replied.

Oh man, I couldn't wait for her to get here. I've had a nice evening planned for us for a while now. I had a couple of good movies ready for us, her favorite wine and I ordered some Chinese to be delivered. I even got some candles to accent the room. I surveyed the room, making sure I wasn't missing anything.

Being on the Lakehouse had it's advantages, lots of windows but lots of privacy also, no one lived near me. I loved the waves coming up on shore just below the house. It was so peaceful at night, the waves could almost put you to sleep.

I finished getting everything ready and before I knew it, it was almost time for her to arrive.

After she parked the car and walked up the steps, I met her at the door.

Before she could say anything, I gently grab her face and gave her an invigorating kiss, I love those sweet lips of hers. I pulled away slowly, looking at her lips, gave her a smile and again before she could say anything, gently put my finger to her lips.

I gave her a glass of wine and asked her to sit down. She was speechless and I could see the anticipation written all over her, I had told her I had a special night planned for us.

Dinner had just arrived and we sat to eat, drank some wine and watched some TV. I always loved just sitting with her and talking. We always had wonderful conversations and it never seemed rushed. There weren't those uncomfortable silences and it would just seem to flow.

We finished eating, cleaned up the kitchen area and sat by the TV.

"Take off your clothes baby." She just looked at me and gave me her sexy smile. So I started taking my clothes off which led her to hers. "Here, let me help you."

My clothes were off and as I helped her with the last of hers, my semi hard cock rubbed against her. She looked down, looked up at me with raised eyebrows and a smile and said, "So, what's the plan?"

As I was touching and admiring her beautiful hair, I told her I had a couple of movies to watch and then we go to the water.

"A couple?" she asked?

"Well, didn't say we'd get through them both," as he laughs. "Here are the rules sexy."

"Oh, rules, hah?" she asked.

"Yes love. We sit here on the couch, naked, watch our movie, drink our wine and such. And there is no touching one another, at all," he stresses.

"What? Are you serious or crazy?"

"All in the anticipation love," as he strokes my chin and holds his hand out for me to sit back down. He sat next to her and turned the movie on.

The movie was excellent. I made sure it was a hard core sex one to really get her wet and it was so hard to keep my hands off of her. I had my speakers all over the room so we could hear the moaning and groaning from all angles. That seemed to really intensify things. I know her pussy must be very wet by now.

"Ok, you have pre-cum glistening off your cock, and I can't suck that off?"

"No baby, after this episode, we'll go to the water." Damn, this is killing me, but it will be worth it I said to myself.

The movie finished, I turned the TV off, held my hand out for her and grabbed the blanket and my bag I had ready.

"What's in the bag?"

"Just some accessories," I told her.

It was an incredible evening. It was warm but had that slight breeze every so often which made it just perfect. The moon wasn't too bright but gave just enough light.

We arrive to the edge of the beach, I laid the blanket down and we sat down. I brought our drinks and glasses and some snacks, we might need some energy later.

Her nipples were hard and I know her pussy was super wet. "Lay down baby." When she laid down, I gave her a sweet kiss, then ran my tongue along her throat. I moved her hair aside and licked her all over, softly sucking on her. I moved down to those gorgeous nipples and sucked away. I licked and sucked on both of them until they were nice and hard.

"No one's around baby, you don't have to keep quiet." She didn't need any more coaxing and the sound of her moaning was intoxicating. I sucked her nipples a bit more and moved down.

I kissed her taut belly and moved to her thighs. Softly rubbing them, running my tongue close enough to her pussy but not yet touching. "My my my, are we a little wet?"

My mouth found her pussy and it was very hard to keep myself from fucking her right then and there. I can eat her pussy all day long.

I licked and sucked on her lips, just caressing them with my tongue. My tongue went inside and I slowly just ran it and around her lips. By then, she was squirming, begging me, raising her hips towards my face.

My lips were sucking and I was licking all her juices. She arched her hips towards me again and I opened her lips and put my face right in her, sucking fiercly and my tongue entered her pussy. I tongue fucked her for a bit then I put two fingers inside that treasure and fucked her with my fingers. I grabbed her clit with my mouth, sucked on it good and with my fingers fucking her she was cumming in no time.

I spread her legs wide and shoved my cock inside her, stroking her nice until she urged me to go faster, in which I was happy to comply. When I'm inside of her, I get such an energy rush, I want to fuck her so hard and fast. Her pussy is so tight, warm and soft and I can't get enough of it.

I didn't want to cum yet so I laid down besides her and she took my cock in her mouth, licked and sucked and stroked it. My cock loves her mouth, she's so good with her mouth and her tongue.

After I couldn't take any more of her mouth on me, or I would be cumming, I helped her up and we moved to the water. We got in about waist deep and I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around me and slid on my cock, it was easy to move like this in the water.

She moved up and down on my cock and her tits were rubbing on my chest, I was fucking her as fast as I could. With her head back and her hair flowing down her back, the light from the moon made it a perfect picture. That made me fuck her harder.

"Lay back baby like you're floating." She laid back and I moved back a bit so I wasn't totally immersed in water, perfect level, straight into her pussy. I grabbed her hips and fucked her so hard and fast and I couldn't believe how good she felt. I wanted to cum but I had to wait.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me!" Who am I to not give her what she wants? I grabbed her hips and as I pounded my cock inside of her she came all on my cock. It was so warm and it felt so damn good as I fucked her.

"Yes baby, cum all over me, give me all you got!" I picked her up and brought her so she was riding me and she rode me like a champ, grinded her pussy against me and I came all inside her pussy and it felt like it wasn't going to stop.

I kept her right there, just standing there in the water, slowly moving her and I knew it wouldn't take long to get me hard again. I turned her over and told her to hold herself up and I fucked her doggystyle in the water. Damn, she's got a beautiful ass!

I slowed down and put the head of my cock on her ass. She looked back at me and I wasn't going to give her time to discuss it, I knew she wouldn't mind.

The water from the ocean gave me all the lubricant I needed and as I imagined, I would slide right in, and did I ever! As I was entering her, her voice got louder which was more encouraging and I was all the way in before I knew it. I just sat there for a second to enjoy the feeling.

Her moans and screams turned me on and I was then pounding her ass, over and over again. She was moving her arms like she was doing the breast stroke, so I knew I had to move fast or she would get to tired.

"Damn it baby, that's it, fuck my ass!"

Damn it, I can't get enough of any of her, she's so fucking hot! I unloaded my cum in her ass like there was no tomorrow. I set her down and the sexy smile of hers was all the thanks I needed.

I went to the bag I brought, got the soap out to wash my cock off because we were no where near done.

I kissed her and went to the water. After I washed, we both laid down for a minute to recover ourselves.

"I am so wet and full of cum baby, and I want to be more wet and be fuller of your cum."

"Oh, you don't need to worry about that," I assured her.

I was getting ready to get up and get start again when I heard a voice.

"What the?" I said.

"Who's that?" she asked me.

"Looks like a friend of mine, known her a while, haven't seen her in a while too." What the hell is she doing here, damn it!

As she approached, I could see she was wearing an oversized sheer white shirt that went to her mid thighs and by the looks of it, nothing on underneath.

"Amber, hi, didn't expect to see you here," he said with a slight smile. Damn, Carrie is going to get mad and that's going to make me pissed.

"I know, it's been a while and I wanted to see you. If you want me to leave, I will, I did not mean to intrude."

I looked at Carrie and she said it was ok if she stayed.

As the both of us are sitting here naked, which was awkward, I gave her a drink and we sat there and chatted for a while. I thought everything was going ok, despite the interruption.

"I'm going to jump in the water you two."

She took her clothes off and walked to the water. The moon light was shimmering off her glorious body as she walked to the water. She was swaying intentionally, knowing we were watching her.

"Carrie, I'm sorry, I had no idea she was coming. I haven't seen her in ages and she has a bad habit of just popping in when she feels like it."

"I believe you. I'm ok with it, might make for interesting evening."

Wow, is she serious! I never expected this from her and I had to think of something else because my cock was giving me away.

Amber had just dipped in the water and she stood up, hair all wet, the water glistening off her body. She had nicely tanned skin and her breasts were quite big with some incredible nipples. She walked towards us, again swaying her hips, water dripping off of her with that look in her eye. Amber has always been on the wild side but I was not so sure about how Carrie would feel about this.

She stopped right in front of us and stood there, all wet, her hair slicked back.

"Listen, before I came down here, I saw you two from the house, I was watching you for a bit. Was wondering, would you mind if I joined you for some late night fun?"

I was speechless, literally. I had to close my mouth before something flew into it. I casually looked at Carrie to see what she might say. I was afraid to speak, fearing my voice would give me away. I raised my eyebrows, my way of asking and she actually said she was fine with it.

"Really, I mean, are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm ok with it, might be fun," as she gave me a quick kiss and looked at Amber.

Wow, this is amazing and my cock was giving my emotions away, in which they both noticed.

"Thanks Carrie, I promise, you won't regret it," as she winked at her. "Carrie, may I?"

Carrie just shook her head, allowing her to lead the way.

Amber told him to lay down and she immediately spread her legs and put her pussy on his face, not wasting any time apparently. She told me to come over to her and her hands cupped my face and kissed me. First time I've kissed a girl but she was hot! We pulled away, she was softly grinding her hips on his face and that and his moans were making me hot, again.

I decided to go one step further and I put my mouth on her nipples and sucked on them and she put her hand behind my head to bring me closer. She then put her other hand between my legs and I heard her moan and she said soflty, "Ummm, nice and wet," as she put her fingers in her mouth to taste me.

I grabbed her nipples a little harder and I heard her tell him that she was going to cum and his answer was a sweet moan.

After she came on his mouth, he lifted her hips and put her on his cock and she slid right down. As she was riding him, I took her place on his face and I was facing her. Amber had one hand on her breast and the other caressing her clit and the sound of her wet pussy slapping against his cock was driving me crazy. His hips were meeting her halfway and my pussy was getting wetter and it wasn't long before he was lapping up my cum as well.

Amber stopped riding for a second, she had the head of his cock in her pussy, rubbing it back and forth. She had her lips just wrapped around his head, rubbing and rubbing, back and forthand then I saw her cum running down his cock. Wow, that was hot!!! Apparently he thought so too because he grabbed my pussy with his mouth.

After she came, we all shifted and he laid her down, spread her legs and drove into her and was fucking her hard. Amber, while moaning and yelling, told me to come to her, she wanted my pussy. Who am I to say no so I gave it to her. My pussy was just as wet as hers and she seemed pretty good at eating pussy because she was doing a damn good job.

The sound of him fucking her, hearing the wetness, all of our moans, all of it was about to drive me overboard. I moved my face on her pussy back and forth and told her I was going to cum, wasn't sure if she wanted me to but she grabbed my ass and brought me even closer. Her mouth was covering my pussy and I gave it to her and I swear I couldn't stop cumming, she didn't seem to mind though.

After I came, she licked my pussy and that felt good. He pulled me off of her and brought me back so he could fuck me from behind. His cock was so hard and the thought of him just fucking her and her juices being all over his cock, I couldn't think much right now.

Amber turned herself around, put my clit in her mouth and sucked as best she could and then my face found her wetness. He then reached in his bag and gave me a vibrator. I turned it on and put it in her pussy and sucked on her clit. She had her mouth on my clit still and I could hear and feel her moaning. I fucked her with that and sucked on her and I could see her cum leaking out again.

His cock felt so damn good inside of me and I could feel myself about to let loose on him also, I love cumming on him. As my cum ran on him, I felt him clench up and he gave me a load of his deep inside of me.

He then told us both to lay down next to each other and he spread my legs wide and played/sucked/ate my pussy until I came, once again and then he did the same to Amber.

He did that to both of us a couple of times and damn was it intoxicating!

We definitely made plans to do this again...soon!

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