tagRomanceLakeside Cabins Ch. 01

Lakeside Cabins Ch. 01


(It has been quite some time since I have written anything for Lit. Last week a very generous reader said some wonderful things about my previous submissions. Her sincere appreciation inspired me to attempt to write another story. Thank you Karen. Authors are real people that enjoy feedback, don't hold back.)

The breeze from the lake felt wonderful on her face. The sun was just at the point where one could begin to see the coming sunset. With the clouds in the western sky, it promised to be as amazing a display of color she had seen in a while. She wished he was here to share it with her, but he wasn't going to be here until after 8:00. He had sent her a text message with no detail other than traffic was at a stop on the interstate.

She was glad she had arrived early; her morning walk on the beach had been the perfect bridge to allow her the freedom to leave her cares behind. With each wave that lapped her feet, one more piece of her cluttered mind drifted away. The constant battle raging within her was now a distant memory. Her mind, body and soul were tense with the anticipation of looking into his eyes again.

Closing her eyes she let her mind slide back in time to their first time together. It was just four years ago, she had just finished her finals on a fourth degree and convinced her family that she needed a weekend to herself to unwind. She had gotten in her car and driven north, no particular destination in mind, no schedule, no plan. This was, for the most part, unlike her and it was somewhat liberating to not have a care in the world. Her watch was in her purse and her cell phone was turned off. She drove.


His hands were tight on the steering wheel. On any other day traffic on route 9 would have been sparse, but today of all days; it was bumper to bumper at five miles an hour. The radio had given him all he needed to be convinced he would be at least three hours late; an overturned fuel truck with no alternate route to the exit for the lake. His mind began to wonder to what the coming three days would entail. The embrace, the connection, the stolen moments of time they shared. His thoughts settled on their first weekend together.

He was amazed to realize it had been four years. In some ways it didn't seem that long, in others it seemed like he had known her a life time. He had been traveling between projects and couldn't find a hotel or even a motel in this desolate region of the country. The sign at the edge of the road was only partially visible, the wood was gray, the letters were faded and the words were less than poignant. "Lake Side Cabins." He pulled to a stop in front of a humble cabin with the word "Office" on the door. He was concerned that he saw no other buildings and wondered if the place were abandoned.

As he turned off his car an elderly gentleman greeted him with a smile, "evening."

"Good evening to you", was all he could think of for a response.

"Need a place to lay those weary bones", was the question from the porch.

"I do, but how did you know my bones were weary?"

"Well, I've been here a long time and lately the only guests that show up without reservations are the ones that realize there ain't no Holiday Inns or Motel 6's for 30 miles or more."

"Please tell me you have a vacancy", were his next words.

"We happen to have one cabin left, just gimme a second to leave the wife a note and I'll show it to you."

Leaving the note in the rocker, he climbed down the steps and extended his hand.After a proper introduction Hal showed him where to park and walked him down the quarter mile of dim trail to cabin number nine, "The Love Nest."

As he open the door, he offered with a smile and a wink, "Sorry for the sparse accommodations, but it is the honeymoon cabin and most folks don't have much use for the TV and all that other fancy stuff."

"This will be fine, all I need is a place to shower and a bed in which to lay my body", was his response.

"Then you're in luck, the showers are just down the trail another hundred yards and the bed is very comfortable. Breakfast is included in the rental so stop on down to the office in the morning for a home cooked meal."

After negotiating a price he paid cash for the cabin and grabbed his only piece of luggage and headed for the showers. Hal meandered back down the trail and resumed his perch in the rocker on the porch of the office. He assumed his wife would have been back from the store by now, but no matter, she would wake him when she returned. A little nap before bed was just what he needed.


Her eyes were getting heavy, the road she was on seemed desolate, the last motel had been 30 miles ago and she was starting to wonder where she would spend the night. As she rounded the bend she caught sight of a tired old sign "Lake Side Cabins." As she pulled in she saw an old man sleeping on the porch, his mouth hanging open, his hands folded in his lap.

She wasn't sure how to wake him without scaring him half to death, but was spared the need to try when an elderly woman came from the door wiping her hands on her apron.

"Oh thank goodness someone is here, I wasn't sure if this place was still open", she exclaimed.

"Of course we're open, we're always open...until we close", she said with a smile.

"I was wondering if you have any cabins for rent, I don't really know where I am and with the looks of that sky I think I better find a place to stay for the night", was her question.

As the elderly woman looked up she agreed, "It does look like a terrible storm is brewing doesn't it?"

They met at the bottom of the steps to the cabin and Helen introduced herself. As the large rain drops began to fall Helen advised her to drive all the way to the end of the driveway and make herself at home in cabin number 9.

"No sense us getting soaked to the skin, go have a restful evening and we'll settle up in the morning", was all that she needed to hear.

She quickly made her way up the drive and ran into the cabin before the full force of the storm arrived. The cabin she entered was perfect; pine floors, simple white curtains and even more simple furnishings, a gorgeous fire place, a very large bed and one small love seat.

She had noticed the "Love Nest" sign hanging above the door and sighed an "if only" to herself. If she were to be honest with herself, the love had long since faded from her life and her days were filled with work, school and a less then fulfilling marriage. Not that things were terrible, just, well...dead. Although she shared a bed with her husband they rarely spoke and hadn't touched one another in years.

As she lamented in her sorrow, she began to look around the cabin. On the counter was a fresh bowl of fruit and in the ice box was a chilled bottle of champagne. She laughed to herself and decided to indulge. Wasn't that the reason she had begun this trip, to relax and recover?


As he finished his shower he was startled to see that it had begun to rain. In the west dark clouds were rolling and the sound of thunder could be heard. He quickly ran the hundred yards to the cabin but stopped dead in his tracks as he reached the porch.

Parked next to the cabin was a car that hadn't been there. As he looked through the window he saw a totally unexpected sight, a beautiful woman sitting on the only piece of furniture in the room besides the bed. She sat comfortably on the small wicker love seat with her feet tucked under her, a glass of something in her left hand and a luscious bunch of green grapes hung from her right. He checked the cabin door again to make sure he was at the right one before he gently knocked on the door. Just as she opened it the skies let loose with a fury and rain began to fall in sheets. The noise on the metal roof was deafening, he had to practically yell to be heard over the staccato over head.

"Can I help you", he asked.

"No thanks, I'm fine", she returned.

This puzzled him.

"I mean, what are you doing here", he continued.

"Relaxing, what are you doing here", she offered with a smile.

"but this is my cabin", he offered.

Now she was getting perplexed.

"I just rented it for the night from Helen", she explained

"Well I rented it from Hal half an hour ago", he countered

By this time she was getting weary of trying to talk over the din of the pounding rain. She asked him to come in so they might sort it all out. With the ever harder hammering of rain he couldn't understand what she was saying and after repeating it twice to no avail, she grabbed him by the shirt front and pulled him into the cabin.

"Well it seems we both rented the same cabin from two different people" he said as he wiped the rain from his face.

"Seems to be the case", she replied

He said, "I was told it was the last one they had open, and there isn't another place for miles, I'll go down to the office and see what they can do about our situation."

"Well why don't you wait until after the rain lets up, no sense catching a cold?"

"If you don't mind" he offered quietly

"Nah, you look mostly harmless", she joked.

As he removed his wet shoes and set his bag on the counter he commented on the chill the rain had brought. She offered him a glass of champagne as she began to pour it before he even answered.

"Least I can do is offer you something to eat and drink for trying to steal you cabin", she joked.

"Well, the least I could do is build you a fire in that fireplace for attempting to steal your cabin", he replied.

As he bent to the task she watched him. Thinking about what her friends and family would say if they knew she was alone in a secluded cabin with a stranger. She wasn't sure if it was what she had to drink or where she was in her life, but the thought came to her mind... "but they don't know...do they?"

As the fire began to burn he turned and caught her watching him. The smile on her face was beautiful. The look in her eyes was as if she were a million miles away. He watched her watching him, waiting for her to realize he was watching back. When she finally came back from where ever she was her cheeks flushed and her voice failed her...she tried to speak, but nothing came out.

He rescued her by offering his name.

"Hello, my name is David", he almost whispered.

"and my name is Elizabeth", she offered as she handed him his glass.

"Well, Elizabeth, we may be here awhile from the sounds of that storm, why don't you come sit by the fire and tell me your story?"

Still feeling somewhat at a loss, she joined him on the floor in front of the fire and asked him just what story he wanted to hear.

"Well, you could start with what a beautiful woman is doing alone in a secluded cabin and work backwards from there", he suggested.

As she began to talk a warm contentment came over her. She related many things about herself to him and was amazed at the level of comfort she felt. Although she had intended on keeping her distance there on the floor, somehow, with every readjustment made to get more comfortable she found herself very near to him. She honestly couldn't tell if he had moved or if she had.

As she began to divulge more details about her life, her marriage, her frustration tears began to fall from her eyes. His hand found her back and began to gently stroke her spine; first one hand and then awkwardly two. She repositioned herself to be seated directly in front of him. His strong hands felt so gentle on her back. She stopped talking and allowed him to touch her...to feel her...to relax her. Her tears stopped, her body gave in and her mind drifted.

He slowly brought his hands up her sides, his finger tips grazing the sides of her breasts. He paused. She shuttered with a gasp...and to her dismay, a moan escaped her throat. He still wasn't certain he should continue, but as she leaned back into him his hands engulfed her breasts. She sighed. His lips found her neck and she laid against him, contented, soothed, slack in his embrace. They sat like that for what seemed like an eternity until, without a word she stood. He joined her on his feet and looked down into her eyes.

Looking up at him she asked,"What would happen if I did this?", as she reached and unbuttoned his top button.

"Well, if you were to do that, I would have no choice but to do this", as he reached and unbuttoned her top button.

"and this?", she questioned with another button.

"this.", he answered with a similar act.

Soon they stood facing each other, both of them with open shirt fronts. The fire dying, the lights dim, her chest a crimson red above her bra.

"Are you sure?", he asked

"I am", she said

He slowly walked her backwards toward the bed. As she felt the bed against her legs she stopped. He opened her shirt and began to kiss her body; her neck, her lips, her cheeks, her shoulders. He dropped to his knees and unclasped the belt holding up her skirt. As it fell to the floor she sat down on the bed and lifted her feet to allow him to remove it from around her feet.

As his lips found her legs, she fell back on the bed, allowing her body to feel things she had thought long dead. His lips found her thighs, gentle nibbles, and as if of their own accord, her thighs began to spread. She felt the heat growing between her legs, the pressure building, the desire come alive.

His lips found the edge of her panties...slowly putting pressure on that secret place of hers. Her breath was getting ragged, the sounds from her throat continued to surprise her. He gently pulled the damp material to one side as his tongue began to touch her...taste her...tease her. Slowly up one side and down the other, his breath so warm his tongue so wet.

He paused long enough to reach beneath her and liberate her from the soft pink panties that had somehow become very wet.

His hands were underneath her as he resumed his touches, her mind a blur, the need within her growing. As the realization of what she was doing swept over her, it was met by another sensation rushing over her, through her...within her. His warm lips exploring her, his tongue teasing every part of her intimacy, his hands held her tightly. The waves began to build faster and harder...intense...her body clenched...her back arched...her legs wrapped around his head and she sank back into the bed...spent and satiated.

Somehow during the course of action she had shed her shirt and bra and she lay there before him naked, exposed, and feeling absolutely lovely.

He stood above her with the hint of a smile on her face. Desire overtook her, a desire to please...a desire to give of herself...a desire to delight him...to cause the same intense feelings to flow through his veins.

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