tagBDSMLana and Ian

Lana and Ian


"That's fine Cathy. I understand." Lana stood at the entrance of the casino and looked out at all the flashing lights. She was supposed to be having a girl's night out with her three best friends. Before she left, Marcie had called to tell her that her daughter was sick with the flu and didn't want to leave her home alone with her husband. Lana figured that her husband didn't want to take care of their cute daughter, but she was not going to butt into her best friend's twisted marriage. Sandra had called as she drove to the casino. She was mumbling some excuse about not being able to go, but from her whimpers Lana knew that her on again, off again, boyfriend was back in town. So she figured she would have a fun night with Cathy, but then she had cancelled as well. She had not even paid attention to her excuse.

She still had money in her purse and decided that she was going to try to have fun tonight by herself. She walked over to an empty slot machine and put in a twenty. She mindlessly began to hit the buttons and when the machine began to chime, she realized she had won a large sum of money. It wasn't the jackpot, but after the chiming ended, she realized she had over a thousand credits. Lana did the quick math in her head and realized that was over two hundred and fifty dollars. She hit the credit button and the receipt spit out.

Lana was smiling wide. She had never won anything at the casino and here she was with what she considered a large sum of money. She glanced around and tried to find the cashier. It was on the other end of the casino and by the time she got there, her feet were hurting. She had bought these cute high heels, but now they were making her toes hurt. She stood in line and waited for the next cashier.

"You might be in the wrong line." Lana jumped as she felt a warm breath on her ear. She turned and was face to face with a taller man wearing a business suit.

"Excuse me?" Lana had loved the feel of his breath on her neck and realized he didn't even notice the effect he had on her. She was also confused as to what he meant by the wrong line.

"You're in the Gold Privilege line. I see you have won $250 on a slot machine. This line is for high stakes players."

Lana's face went red. She couldn't even stand in the right line. Her lip quivered and the enjoyment that she got from winning on the slot machine was slowly being dissolved.

"I'm sorry." Lana turned to leave the line. She was getting flustered.

"No. Stop. I didn't mean to upset you. Listen we'll go up together. I know Susie, who's working the cash tonight, she won't mind."

Lana just stared as the tall stranger guided her to the booth. He smiled and stood close to Lana. She handed the woman the ticket and was given the money in fifty and hundred dollar bills. She stepped away from the counter and watched in awe as the man handed her a stack of bills and in return she gave him a small quantity of chips. Lana knew enough about casinos to know that each of those chips was worth a large sum of money, much more then she could ever imagine.

"So you're just going to pocket the money and run?"

Lana blinked. She didn't realize she was staring until he teased her.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not used to seeing that much money float around. I was supposed to spend the evening with some friends, but they all cancelled."

"My name is Ian Johnston. I'm heading over to the blackjack table. You can join me if you want. I'm alone tonight and would love a beautiful blonde by my side."

Lana blushed. She never considered herself beautiful. She used the word cute with much more confidence. She thought for a moment and figured that there wasn't any harm in going with him. She was single. She had made two hundred and thirty dollars, which was going to be used for rent money.

"Yes." Lana titled her head up and smiled at Ian.

"I'm glad. Let's go."

Ian led Lana through the casino to one of the areas at the back. There were a large number of card tables and he had his eyes set on a specific one.

"Do you want to play?"

"Um, Sure. Don't I need those chips though?"

Ian laughed. She was so sweet and cute and he figured she probably didn't even realize how sexy she was.

"You can use some of mine."


They got to the table and sat down. His leg brushed against hers and she didn't move it away. He gave her some chips and she held back a gasp when she saw that each chip was a thousand dollars. She handed the dealer the chip and he made the appropriate change. The first hand was rough since she didn't know the right words to say, but knew that her cards had to add up to 21 and no more. She lost the first hand, as did Ian.

"I'm so sorry Ian."

"Shhh." Ian put his hand over hers. "Just enjoy."

Lana nodded and the next three hands she won and he lost. A few more people joined the table and when a waiter asked for an order of drinks, she casually ordered a diet coke. She felt her cell phone ring and when she went to grab it, she realized she had been there for over three hours. She saw it was Cathy calling and decided not to answer.

"Everything O.K.?" Ian saw that Lana was a little upset and she didn't even realize that her face had fallen when she saw the caller I.D.

"Yeah, fine. I didn't realize it was so late."

"We'll play one more hand." Ian spoke to the dealer and after they both lost the last hand, they left the table. Ian casually held her hand in his. He was normally a lot more aggressive than this, but something told him that being any more assertive would scare her away. Ian led them back to the cashier and he smiled at Susie as she transferred the chips back into cash. Lana stood wide-eyed as Susie counted out over ten thousand dollars. He folded the bills and placed them carefully in his wallet.

Ian grinned, but didn't say anything. They made their way to the front entrance and were standing in the large atrium. The casino was attached to a hotel and there was a glassed in walkway connecting the two. The winters in the city were cold and it was bad for business to make the hotel guests walk outside in a snowstorm to get to the casino.

"So I'm going to come right out and say it. I find you very attractive. You're cute and beautiful and smart. I loved spending time with you tonight. Normally I would ask you to the hotel bar for drinks and hope that after a few drinks you'd be willing to go upstairs to my suite. I figure you might say yes. I'm going to skip that step and ask if you want to go up to my hotel room. You can say no, but something tells me you'll say yes."

Lana stared at Ian. She had just met him a few hours ago yet he knew exactly what she wanted. He had come right out and told her he wanted to go up to his hotel room together. He was tall, handsome, rich, intelligent, and they had enjoyed each other's company while playing some blackjack. He was so sure of himself, but it was in a self-confident way that was so appealing to her. Her last boyfriend was so wishy washy, she hadn't been able to take it more then a few months. Her girlfriends told her she was picky, but they had the greatest boyfriends. Of course, that was why she had been abandoned at the casino alone when it was supposed to be a girl's night out.

"What makes you think I'll say yes?"

"I figure you're either here to forget about some stupid boyfriend who broke up with you or you were ditched by some friends with more important things to do than spend time with their token single friend." Ian leaned over and brushed his lips against her forehead. "Just one night. No strings attached."

Lana whimpered. How did he know her so well? She just nodded and when he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, she melted into his arms. They walked the short distance to the hotel and he made his way towards the elevators. Instead of using the main elevators, he put his key into the slot of a separate elevator. Lana stared around and gawked. The hotel was finely decorated and the fact that he was using a separate elevator hinted that he had one of the suites on the top floor. They entered the elevator and he kissed her first. It was a hard kiss and her knees felt like they were going to buckle. He held her tight and pressed her up against the wall. His tongue flicked against her lips and when she opened her mouth he slipped it inside.

Ian loved the feel of Lana's lips. They were soft and wet and all he knew was that he wanted her. By the time the elevator doors opened, Lana was panting hard and Ian's cock was pressing uncomfortably against his dress pants. He stepped back and hated the feel of his lips separating from hers. The elevator had opened to the suite and Lana gasped. It was twice as big as her apartment and she realized this was only the living area. There were two doors on either side and she noticed a door to the balcony.

"Come in." Ian guided her inside and led her to the bedroom. The bed was a California King and the room had a smell of lavender and men's cologne. It was not the normal smell of a hotel room. Ian pulled Lana towards him and kissed her. It was an intense kiss and he tried to slow down, but couldn't. He backed her up against the bed and began to undo her dress. Lana dropped her arms to her side and let him undress her. As her dress slid down her body, he undid her bra. He threw it to the side and began to fondle her nipples. Dropping to his knees, he pulled at her panties and once they were down to her ankles, he removed them and threw them in the same direction as her bra.

"You smell wonderful." Ian spread her pussy lips and licked her clit gently. "And God you taste amazing." Ian pushed her onto the bed and removed his tie. He pressed his body against hers and guided her up the bed. She just stared at him wide eyed and when he pushed her hands above her head and tied the silk tie around her wrists and the headboard, she didn't say a word.

"You're mine tonight." Ian undressed quickly and settled himself between her legs. He spread her lips again and began to lick her dripping pussy. She tasted so good and each time he licked, she got wetter. He pushed two fingers inside her hole and felt her squirm.

"Oh God, Ian. I need to cum." Lana was squirming around and being tied to the bed was so arousing to her.

"You're not cumming until I say so." His voice was so authoritative. Lana responded by moaning. She nodded and tried hard to hold back. She had never felt so aroused and wanted to beg and plead with him to make her cum. Ian didn't stop. He brought her close to orgasm and then stopped. After the third time, she was yanking on the tie, but knew he had tied it perfectly. Tight enough that she couldn't get out, but not tight enough to cut off blood circulation.

"Cum now." Ian hissed those words and thrust three fingers deep into her pussy. The combination of his fingers inside her and his voice, demanding that she cum, pushed her over the edge. She came so hard, she gushed a bit. When she was done, Ian reached up and undid the ties. He pulled her close and grinned when she used his chest as a pillow.

"You're tired baby. Go to sleep." Ian ran his fingers through her hair as she drifted off to sleep.

Lana opened her eyes and tried to remember where she was. She felt something hard and hot against her cheek and saw Ian was kneeling by her head.

"Suck it. Now." Lana's mind was racing. She remembered meeting Ian in the line up for the cashier. They had spent the evening playing black jack together and had made their way back to his hotel room. His cock was dripping precum and he guided it into her mouth. She wasn't tied to the bed like before, but she eagerly sucked on his cock. He was forceful with her, pushing his cock deep into her throat. She gagged a bit and he pulled back. One hand was guiding his cock in and out of her hot mouth while the other was running his fingers through her hair.

"Call me sir. You're mine until I let you go. Now suck it harder." Lana nodded and got on her hands and knees. She was facing him as he knelt on the bed and as she continued to suck his throbbing member, he ran his hands to her butt. The first slap was hard and loud. Lana moaned, but didn't dare stop sucking his cock. He slapped her butt again and this time she could feel it stinging. Again and again he spanked her and by the fourth spanking, she had relaxed completely and was deep throating his cock with ease. Ian's eyes were rolling back in his head. She was such a good little cocksucker.

"Fuck me now." Lana nodded and moved so he could lie on the bed. She climbed on top and began to slide his cock inside her.

"Do we need a condom?" Ian calmly asked the question. He knew he had to ask and wished she had the right answer.

"I'm on the pill." Lana waited to see his facial expression. Was that the right answer for him? She wanted to please him so much.

Ian nodded and pushed her down onto his cock. He was thick and her pussy was stretching more than she was used to. He bucked her hard and fast on his cock.

"Ride me harder." Ian gripped her round ass and bounced her on his cock. She felt so good, he almost lost control. Almost.

"Pinch your nipples for me. Hard." Lana nodded and pinched her small pink nipples. She winced a bit at the pain.

"Harder." Ian glared at her and she was desperate to please him. She pinched them and pulled them a bit. Her breasts were a larger size, but her nipples had always been sensitive.

"No like this." Ian hated how gentle she was being. He reached up and gripped her nipples between his thumb and middle finger. He ground the two together and watched as Lana threw back her head and came. He grunted as she wiggled her hips fast against his cock and pushed so deep that his cock touched the entrance to her womb. He continued to pinch and felt her cum again. Her pussy was pulsing and gushing all at the same time. He let go of her nipples and came inside her. He swore aloud as he came. It was so powerful he felt his cock expand inside her. Lana was barely conscious as she tried to stay sitting up.

"Good girl. You're my girl. My baby." Lana could only nod as she collapsed on top of him and passed out.

Lana awoke in the morning and realized she was in bed alone. She was naked and her whole body was sore. As she sat up, she could smell eggs and bacon and wondered if Ian had ordered breakfast. She got out of bed and looked around for something to wear. The door of the bathroom was open and hanging on one of the hooks was a white terry robe. She slipped it on and thankfully didn't glance into the mirror. If she had she would have noticed the marks on her wrists from the silk tie along with the redness of her nipples from the twisting. Her butt was a nice shade of pink.

"Good morning." Ian was sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast. There was another place setting and Lana sat down and poured herself some juice.

"How did you sleep baby?" Ian was wearing his business suit, but loved how cute Lana looked in just the robe.

"I slept great. I'm a little sore though." Lana's face went red. She was embarrassed to admit she liked the feeling of being sore. She wanted more, but knew that their arrangement the night before was a night of no string-attached sex.

"I'm glad. I slept very well myself. I'm sure being fucked senseless by a firecracker-blonde helped things along."

"Firecracker?" Lana had never heard that term before, but was comfortable enough to ask.

"Yeah. You're short, petite, and light. You're easy to carry around and bounce on my cock while at the same time wild and sexy. I loved it."

Lana's face turned another shade of red. She was normally calm and romantic during sex and as the memory of the night before flashed before her eyes, she realized a side of her she didn't know existed. Lana didn't respond. Instead, she began to eat her breakfast. She was hungry and figured all the extra curricular activities the night before had burned off calories.

"So I know I was forward last night and I know I said no strings attached sex, but I changed my mind. I'm in town for a few days and would love to explore this submissive side of you if you'll let me."

Lana thought about it as she chewed her eggs. She had been single for only a few months, but had missed the intensity of sex. She also had never felt so aroused before. There was no relationship, just sex. She could do that.

"Of course. Do I have to call you sir?" Lana grinned and when Ian laughed, she knew the answer.

"Only in the bedroom. Or wherever we happen to be fucking. I have to go to the office for a few hours. I'll be back around one. I want you showered and naked. Lie on the dining room table and wait for me."

Lana nodded. He kissed her on the cheek before leaving the hotel room. Lana had no idea what she had gotten herself into, but she knew she'd like it.

As he requested, she showered and put her blonde hair in a ponytail. He was gracious enough to call as he entered the hotel and by the time he entered the suite, she was laying on the dining room table.

"Mmm baby. Rub your pussy for me." Lana obeyed and watched as Ian walked over and sat at the head of the table. Her legs were spread open wide for him. She licked her fingers and then slid them against her clit and began to rub. She knew exactly what she needed to do to get herself off and quickly was moaning and panting.

"Don't cum. Stop touching yourself." Lana stared wide-eyed at Ian. She moved her hand and took a deep breath.

"I want to cum."

"You only cum when I let you. Now, suck my cock." Ian stood up and undid his pants. He spun her around so she was on her back with her head hanging off the table. He guided his cock inside her mouth and thrusted.

"You're a bad girl. Very bad." Ian smacked her pussy and waited for a reaction. She whimpered and so he did it again.

"Bad girls get punished." He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pulled up. Her mouth was tight around his cock and she wasn't stopping her cock sucking for anything. He wanted to cum in her mouth so he thrusted one last time and grunted. Lana tried to pull back, but couldn't. All she could do was swallow the hot salty fluid that was flooding her mouth. At last, when he had finished spewing his cum in her mouth, he pulled away.

"You're a good little cock sucker. I think you deserve to cum." Lana's eyes were pleading. She desperately wanted to rub her clit. The roughness Ian used with her was such a turn on and she knew that the moment she touched her clit, she would come.

"Can I cum? Please?" Lana was begging as she sat on the dining room table. Ian stared at her blankly and waited. He loved how submissive she was acting and from the puddle under her, he knew she was aroused.

"Come." Ian grabbed her wrist and yanked her to the bedroom. Before she knew it, she was tied to the bed again, this time on her stomach. He spread her legs and spanked her left butt cheek. The smack echoed in the large room and he did it again. Lana didn't dare cry out, she just buried her head in the pillow and moaned with arousal.

"My bad girl deserves a spanking. Tell me why you're a bad girl."

Lana was barely listening. She was desperate for something to make her cum and the more she pulled on the ties that held her hands together, the more frustrated she became.

"Tell me why you're a bad girl or I'll stop." Lana jerked from her daydream.

"I'm a bad girl for wanting to cum. I'm a bad girl for not listening to you." Lana spit out the words and prayed that he would touch her.

Ian grinned. He had pushed her enough for today. He sank his cock into her pussy and fucked her doggie style. He wrapped his hands around her ponytail and yanked back. He slammed into her over and over again and felt her cumming twice in a row. She was silent as she buried her head in the pillows. Finally, he thrusted and came inside her.

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