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Lana & the Love Egg


Lana carefully applied the lubricant to the Lilac love egg, she had brought the device online three weeks ago, she had tried it out on herself a few times and enjoyed the feelings it gave her, making her cum each time she used it, the various settings causing very pleasurable sensations on her sensitive body. Last week she had posted the remote part off to her new boyfriend David, they had only met a month ago after meeting online, so far they had seen each other three times and each time the sex was very intense, powerful and very satisfying. Tonight was going to be a little different, she was going out with her friends and David was going to meet up with them later after he had driven the 300 odd miles up to the Wirral. Tonight David would have control of her pussy, Lana was equally, apprehensive, scared and excited at the prospect, it was after all her idea to do this.

Lana opened her legs, carefully parted her pussy lips and gently slipped the love egg inside her already moist pussy, she was already turned on, she had been most of the day, she had even had a little play with her pussy at work, but had so far resisted the temptation to make herself cum, tonight her pussy was David's and he would decide when and how she would cum. Once the love egg was inside her she slipped on her panties, she would often go out without panties and David liked her to do that even when she was not out with him, he liked her to be vulnerable and available, but tonight with the love egg in her pussy she felt she needed the extra protection panties gave her, in reality the skimpy red thong offered her scant protection from anything!

The rest of her outfit was pretty skimpy too, it was her sexy red outfit that David loved from the first moment he saw it on her Facebook page, very short mini-skirt, and matching red basque and her new high heels, a present from her new boyfriend, red stilettos with a 1 inch platform and a staggering 6½ inch heel. Lana loved wearing high heels and she always felt so sexy wearing them, she checked her make for the umpteenth time and she was ready.

By the time David got to the club it was already 10pm, it was a long drive from Suffolk, but he was sure it would be worth it, Lana was a stunningly attractive and sexy women and very responsive sexually. He felt the control box in his pocket as he queued to get in the club, he wondered what the night would have install, he hoped the device would work, he had loved the idea from the moment Lana suggested it, tonight was going to be fun, he could hardly wait to start teasing her. Lana and her friends got to the club about twenty minutes before David, they had already been to a couple of bars. She had almost forgotten about the love egg that was inside her pussy and was only vaguely aware of it when she walked. All her friends were attractive and sexily dressed, short skirts and dresses were they order of the night, Lana and her friends always dressed sexily when they went out together and they all loved the attention their sexy outfits got from men.

It took David about fifteen minutes to find Lana, he wanted to be careful, so she would not spot him first, that would make the night even more exciting he thought, then he spotted her standing on the edge of the dance floor with her friends, all of them looking very sexy he thought to himself, lots of leg on show he was in heaven just looking at the four attractive and sexy girls, but Lana really stood out mainly because she had the shortest skirt and the highest heels, god she looked sexy, it was all he could do to stop himself forgetting about their little game and rushing up to her and throwing his arms around her and carting her off to make love to her all night long.

Keeping in the shadows David watched the group of girls carefully and not surprisingly his attention was mainly focused on Lana, he had always been a leg man and Lana had truly fantastic legs, long and lithe and perfectly shaped, the high heels she wore serving to accentuate them even more. The girls were drinking and chatting animatedly in the way girls do, checking out the guys and seeing who was checking them out, of course they had plenty of admirers, a fact duly noted by David.

After several minutes the girls headed for the bar, David was able to move a little closer, on account of the bar area being more crowded, Lana and one of her girlfriends were pressed up against the bar trying to attract the attention of the bar staff, now was David's opportunity to see if this little device worked, he reached into his pocket and twisted the dial. In an instant Lana hands clasped the bar and her head turned sharply, looking to either side as the Love Egg inside her pussy suddenly sprung to life sending a powerful set of vibrations through her body, it was over in 3 or 4 seconds but David had announced his arrival. Lana's friend asked her

"Are you OK Lana?"

Feeling a little flushed and caught slightly off guard Lana replied

"I'm fine, I just felt a shiver run through me."

In the shadows to Lana's left David smiled to himself, the device had clearly worked, this was going to be fun he thought. Lana on the other hand wondered if this really was one of her better ideas, she was not sure where David would go with it, she was starting to regret teasing him mercilessly two weeks ago, maybe it had not been such a good idea to keep him from coming for two days then making him cum five times in six hours.

For the next hour or so David would give Lana jolts of varying duration and intensity, making her aware of her increasingly moist pussy and in spite of the situation or maybe because of it Lana was becoming more and more turned on. David was enjoying watching Lana from a distance and experimenting with the various settings on the small control panel in his pocket, he noticed on one particular setting how it seamed to make Lana's hips rock too and fro as if she was trying to grind her pussy against something.

For Lana it was becoming increasingly more difficult to keep her emotions under control, she was enjoying the sensations the Love Egg was producing but she had reached a point of arousal where she wanted more, she really needed to cum, there was a couple of times where it was as if she had lost control of her body and she found herself moving her hips as if she was fucking an imaginary man, one of her girlfriends asked her if she was OK, Lana managed to laugh it off say she was moving with the music.

David continued to watch Lana and her friends occasionally sending little shocks to the sexy blondes pussy until he noticed her head off in the direction of the toilets, maybe it is time to say hello he mused,

biding his time he waited in the corridor outside the Ladies toilets.

Lana, entered a cubicle, lifted her short skirt and pulled down her panties, as sat on the toilet, she looked down at her panties, they were soaked in her juices, she need to cum so badly, she considered having a little play with herself, she needed an orgasm, it would not take long she thought, but then she thought, "no it is better to wait, play the game Lana" besides she wanted David to make her cum, tonight her pussy belonged to him.

Lana just about managed to pee, not without a little difficulty; after all she did have a Love Egg inside her pussy, she carefully adjusted her clothing, washed her hands, checked her hair and make up and went to leave the ladies toilet, just as she came out she was grabbed and pushed against the wall, she just had time to realise it was David before he covered her mouth with his and kissed her deeply and passionately, his tongue deep in her mouth probing and swirling around her own tongue. Then suddenly the Love Egg came to life again inside her already aroused pussy, it was the setting that turned her on the most the one that made her hips jerk involuntary, as David kissed her Lana began to grind her crotch back at David, rubbing her pussy against his leg in a most wanton and brazen fashion, she could not help herself, with the Love Egg doing it's work inside her pussy it was as if she had no control over her body. At last Lana had something to rub her pussy against instead of jerking her hips into thin air, she was getting ever closer to orgasm, her hand dropped to his crotch and felt for his cock, even through his trousers it felt rock hard, Lana thought to herself how much she wanted David's hard cock inside her, fucking her deep and hard, just the way she liked. Then suddenly the vibrating stopped, David stopped kissing her and released her, Lana was panting her body on the edge of a much longed for orgasm, but David just turned away and left a breathless and deeply frustrated Lana leaning against the wall.

Lana took a few moments to work out just what was going on, she felt so horny and so in need of an orgasm, yet that satisfaction had been denied her by a matter of just a few seconds, as her breathing slowly returned to something like normal, she tried to regain some semblance on composure. A little unsteadily she rejoined her three friends who were now joined by a group of four lads trying their best to chat them all up. Soon Lana was joining in the conversation and sexual banter between the two groups, as the drinks flowed, brought by the lads of course she began to relax a little and put to the back of her mind her horniness and deep sexual hunger, but she knew it would return sometime soon.

All this was closely watched from a safe distance by David, he was enjoying watching Lana flirt with the guys, he had no idea why it was he felt this way, most men would get jealous watching their girlfriends flirt with other men, but for some reason for David it made him horny and excited, he felt the familiar stirrings of a hard on in his trousers, not the fully fledged hard on he had when he had kissed Lana, but the start of something for sure. Lana's friends were lapping up all the attention and giving the guys all the positive signs and the drinks kept coming as David watched, he once again reached into his pocket and felt for the remote control, he set the egg going again on a low setting, Lana did not feel it at first but she soon came to recognise the soft gentle vibrating in her pussy was the love egg back in action once again, as the realisation that David was playing with her again her eyes once again darted around the room searching for his handsome face, but David had already moved out sight.

When the music changed to slow numbers it was natural the girls were asked to dance, Lana was reluctant, but as all her friends were very keen,

"Come on Lana, it's only a dance." They chimed

With their encouragement she allowed herself to be lead onto the dance floor by one of the young lads all this was of course observed by a smiling David, this would give him a great opportunity for more mischief and teasing of his girlfriend. As David watched the guy embrace Lana on the dance floor he reached into his pocket again and felt for the controls, he switched it up a couple of notches which quickly became apparent to the already aroused but sexually frustrated Lana. As she danced with the young stranger Lana felt the Love egg inside her increase in intensity, as if in a trance she moved closer to her dance partner and began to rub her pussy against him, such was her arousal and her need to feel something against her sensitive sex. David loved to watch Lana when she was aroused and she was clearly very excited, the way she was moving against her dance partner was of course having an effect on him and the young lad very quickly developed a pronounced erection, he pulled Lana tightly to him and began to rub his cock up against her, Lana sighed as she felt his hard cock against her leg, she had always enjoyed getting men hard and loved to feel their arousal and tonight was no exception, she moved herself so her pussy was rubbing up against the guys erection, the fact it was the second hard cock she had felt up against her made her feel delightfully naughty and very, very horny, with the vibrating in her pussy from the love egg and the throbbing of the hard cock against her she thought she just might be able to achieve the longed for orgasm. David's own cock was rock hard from watching his girlfriend dry hump the young lad and his cock gave a little jump when his hand moved round to cup one of Lana's breasts, he had one hand on her shapely arse and the other on her tit. As much as David was enjoying watching his girlfriend get felt up on the dance floor he felt it was time to make his move before things got out of hand, he reached for his mobile and wrote a text, selected Lana's number and pressed send.

To Lana's great regret she was not able to reach that desperately longed for orgasm as the music changed and reluctantly her dance partner released her and they walked back to their friends, not before Lana had given him a big kiss and placed her hand over his throbbing hard on and given it an affectionate squeeze.

As they walked back to her friends Lana caught sight of David and her heart skipped a beat, he was holding his hand to his face with his thumb to his ear and his little finger to his mouth, like he was holding a phone, Lana immediately knew what he meant and reached into her bag for her phone, she saw that she had a text, she smiled to herself when she saw it was from David, by the time she had read

"Meet me outside now xx" and looked up, David was gone.

Lana made her excuses to her friends, they were a little confused by her behaviour as was her dance partner who thought he had a good chance of fucking the horny blonde who had made his dick hard. Five minutes later Lana was leaving the club, Lana knew David was close by as the love egg inside her pussy had continued to throb but the intensity was reduced, Lana was thankful for that, but she still needed that orgasm very, very badly and knew she would do just about anything or anyone to get it, hence her dry fucking of the young lad on the dance floor. Lana saw David waiting for her across the road, she waved at him, waited for a couple of cars to pass and then started to cross the road. She had only made a couple of strides when David switched the Love egg full on, to the escalating climax mode, Lana felt the egg inside her pussy unexpectedly come to life, sending a sexual throbbing surging through her body, she felt suddenly unsteady on her feet, every step she took heightened her arousal. If she had not been halfway across the road she would have stopped still and given into her deep sexual desire, but she carried on until she was in David's open arms.

"You bastard." She exclaimed in the moment just before David's mouth covered hers, kissing her deeply and passionately. Lana melted into David's arms and kissed him back with all the passion she felt deep within her sole, the throbbing and vibrating in her pussy continued and Lana was wantonly rubbing her crotch up against David's thigh, moving slightly Lana felt his hard cock against her pussy and sighed to herself, she wanted his cock inside her, any cock inside her would do, she needed to be fucked, she needed to cum. Suddenly and almost without warning Lana felt an orgasm approaching, so close, she held onto her long distance boyfriend, gripping his arm with one hand and his neck with the other, her long fingernails digging into David's flesh, but he did not mind at all, he had always loved to make women cum, he took great pleasure in slowly building up their pleasure until they gained release and Lana was perfect, he loved to make his highly responsive girlfriend orgasm and had spent many a long hour between her thighs licking her to orgasm after orgasm. Lana was now grinding her pussy hard against David in a most obscene way, she was completely oblivious to her surroundings, unaware that people were walking past, she was lost in her world, the only thing of any importance was reaching her orgasm, the orgasm that had been building all night, she had lost control of her body, at that moment her pussy was the centre of the universe. The pulsating of the Love egg and the friction was enough to take her over the edge and Lana gripped David even tighter as she let out a deep moan into his mouth as shattering orgasm overwhelmed her body, pulse after pulse surged through her body centring on her pussy, Lana's knees went weak and David had to hold onto her as the powerful orgasm enveloped her whole being.

David slowed down the vibrating in the Love Egg as Lana came down from the highs of her orgasm, after a minute or two he switched it off completely as Lana's breathing returned to something like normal and she slowly regained her composure, she had just enjoyed one of the most powerful yet she still wanted more, she needed to be fucked, she needed a hard cock inside her, sensing this David said

"You need to be fucked don't you Lana?"

"Yes." She replied in a whisper and kissed David deeply

"Ask for it then?" David said when they broke their kiss

Lana thought for a few moments, was he really going to make her ask for it? The bastard he knows I want it so bad, she had no choice, she reasoned

"Please fuck me." Asked Lana in a husky whisper

"Take your panties off then."

"What here?"

"Yes here."

"I can't, people will see." Implored Lana

"Just do it!" Said David sternly

Despite herself Lana felt a tingle at being made to remove her panties in the street, she reasoned she would be able to slip her hand under her short skirt and slip them off without anyone seeing. She moved away from David slightly and had a nervous look around to make sure no one would be walking past and quickly slipped her hand under her skirt and slowly eased her tiny thong down her shapely thighs and down her long legs, defiantly she let them let them settle at her ankles, making no move to take them off completely. David smiled inwardly to himself as he saw her panties down around Lana's high heels, he bent down and gently lifted each of Lana's legs in turn and slipped the flimsy garment over her high heels as he stood up again he was holding her sexy red thong in his hand like a delicate piece of china, he raised it to his face and breathed in deeply, Lana's womanly aroma filled his nostrils and made his cock twitch in his trousers.

"They are very wet Lana," He observed "and your pussy smells delightful"

Lana cringed a little, but was also very excited at what David was doing to her

"Now the egg please Lana"

Lana looked at him, her eyes almost pleading

"Please don't make me do it, not here." She implored

"I can't fuck you with that still inside your cunt can I?"

Lana knew she was beaten, but in truth in a strange way being made to do these things in the street excited her in a way that she never even considered possible. She shifted her legs slightly apart, holding on to David's shoulder with one hand for support, her other hand slipped up under her short skirt once again, her delicate and well manicured fingers searching for the string that dangled from her pussy. David lent in close and kissed her and began to fondle her tits, making it difficult for Lana to concentrate and locate the string attached to the Love Egg that had tormented her and also given her so much pleasure tonight. David leant back slightly and allowed Lana to regain some composure as she located the sting attached to the Love egg, slowly and gently she pulled at it and with surprising ease it slipped out of her pussy, Lana could not help herself but let out a little sigh as it left her body, whether it was a sigh of relief or disappointment she could not tell. She held the egg up for David's inspection, he took it from her and brought it to his mouth licking and sucking all Lana's juices from one side of the egg with great relish. He then presented the other side of the egg to Lana, offering it to her to lick, for a moment Lana was dumbfounded, not sure what David wanted her to do, then almost without thinking she stuck her tongue out and licked the egg and tastes her own juices on it. It was not something she had done much of before but found for some reason she liked it.

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