tagLoving WivesLana Gets An Unexpected Visitor

Lana Gets An Unexpected Visitor


Lana and I are lounging around, enjoying a lazy evening, when we're surprised by a knock at the door. I look at Lana, and she shrugs. She's not expecting anyone either.

I go to answer it, and am very surprised to see Randall standing there. Based on the look on his face, he's surprised to see me, too.

"Oh, hey. Um... is Lana in?"

Not sure what to say, I just step to the side and wave him inside. He walks in and takes a seat next to my wife. I hear him talking to her in a half-whisper.

"Umm.. I know we don't have a shoot scheduled for today... but um... I wanted to know if. umm... you know.. we could"

At this point I had to stop him, the rage beginning to boil.

"I'm sorry, did you come over to have SEX with my wife?!"

Lana seems the look on my face and hops up, grasping my hand and pulling me to the kitchen, giving Randall the "One minute" sign.

"Baby I know this is weird... but we did skip our shoot this week. Would it be so bad to do it real quick?"

I don't even know what to say. A man came to my house to fuck my wife. And SHE wants to let him!

"If you let him do it, I'll let you have my special place." Lana says, a mischievous look in her sexy eyes. Dirty mouth though she has, she can't bring herself to say "anal sex". I don't know why. I do know that I love to take her ass.

Somehow, she got her way. As she always does.

"Fine. But it has to be in the living room, and I need to be there."

"I wouldn't want it differently." Lana kisses me passionately, then bounds up and back to the living room. Randall is still seating, looking very uncomfortable. Seeking to put him at ease, Lana drops to her knees and begins unbuttoning his pants. Seconds later, his massive cock flops out, and she begins doing her best work.

I'm seated at the other end of the couch, and watch as my sexy, tiny wife quickly makes Randall's cock thicken and grow rigid. She can no longer even pretend to take it in her mouth, resorting to just licking it.

"Stand." Randall commands. Lana does immediately, and strips without further command. Her bare pussy is already dripping.

Randall strips down as well, and takes his seat back on the couch. Lana steps over to me, softly kissing me on the lips, before straddling Randall. She faces him, and grasps his monster, slowly lowering herself onto it. As it stretches her pussy wide, she moans obscenely. Soon, every one of his ten inches are inside my wife's perfect cunt, and she's riding him hard. His hands are all over her tiny tits, his mouth crushed against hers, his tongue deep in her mouth.

Two orgasms later, and she's slowing down, beginning to tire. It's all too much for me - The sight of my wife in ecstasy is just intoxicating. I quietly leave the room, and return with a bottle of lube. I strip off my clothes, coat my modest dick, move behind Lana, and press the slippery head against her tight ass.

She stops riding for a moment, and I press inside. Since our dildo purchases, it's easier to get inside, and in seconds, I have my cock buried inside her anus. Both Randall and I begin to fuck her, sending her to a third orgasm in under a minute. Once again, her amazing ass clamps down on me, instantly making me cum.

My balls finally empty, I pull out, and go to the bathroom to clean off. On my way out, I see Randall lift Lana up and put her on her hands and knees. She's in no condition to be on top anymore. He gets behind her and resumes destroying her pussy.

While I'm cleaning off, I hear Lana's moans turn to a shriek.

"Oh God! Randall it's so big! It's too fucking big! Oh God don't stop! Ahhhhh Fuck! Deeper! God I love your cock! More!"

I hurry back, and freeze as soon as I enter the room. The bottle of lube is on the floor, open. Randall is behind my wife, and his obscenely thick, incredibly long cock is planted firmly between my wife's ass cheecks. It's stretching her before-tonight-mine-only anus wider than ever before. Only about two inches of his cock was still visible, which means he had managed to stuff eight inches of his giant cock into my wife's ass.

In, out, in out, I watch Randall slowly fuck my wife in the ass.

Finally I find my voice. "What the hell? Last time I said no."

Randall looks over at me, a slightly worried look on his face. He doesn't stop fucking her while he answers, though. "I'm sorry man. I needed to know how it felt."

I look over at Lana. She's looking up at me, shame in her eyes, as tears streak her face.

"Is he hurting you?" I manage to get out.

In between moans, she says "Yes. But it's the good hurt. I'm sorry."

Randall begins to pick up the pace, and soon he's obviously close to his own release. I want to stop it. He's a prick, and went way over the line. But Lana is clearly in ecstasy.

I see her body shudder in yet another orgasm - and just like it does to me, it sent Randall over the edge. He thrust in fully, burying his full ten inches in my wife's bowels, flooding them with semen.

Satisfied, he pulls out, and hastily dressed, correctly sensing that staying would have been a bad idea.

"Thanks Lana - thanks to both of you. I appreciate it. You guys are great friends."

Lana is too exhausted to answer, lying face down on the floor. I'm too pissed to answer.

As he leaves, I look down at my wife. She's face down, her legs spread open, her asshole red, and obviously stretched wide open. Cum is leaking out of it - both Randall's and mine.

I walk over to her, and climb on her back. Against her mild protest, I press my cock easily into her well-used anus. The combination of lube and cum makes entry simple. I begin to piston in and out. I wrap my hands around her waist and thrust quickly, showing no mercy. Then again, after the giant cock she just took, I wonder if she can feel much.

I make it a good 5 minutes this time around before I'm ready. At the last second, I pull out of her asshole, and stroke my cock, spraying my load on her perfect little ass.

I don't know what the fuck happened tonight. All I know is that I got to fuck my wife in the ass twice. I think I can live with the rest.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/29/17

I would move out and

Leave the slut for Randall

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by NightGhoul06/28/17

Not Cool

Randall broke the rules. He was told her ass was off limits to all but her husband. He came bye uninvited (not cool) and they were gracious and he then violated there hospitality. He should have been kickedmore...

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by Anonymous06/27/17

Beautiful !!!!

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