tagGroup SexLana's Bisexual Boy Toy

Lana's Bisexual Boy Toy


"I love the way this cock is filling up your asshole baby," she said as she pushed her nine-inch strap-on dildo further up my asshole. "Do you like the way I'm fucking you?"

"Oh fuck yes. You know that I love it," I said looking straight into her beautiful green eyes. "Oh yeah. That's it. Stroke my big cock while you fuck my asshole."

Lana took my hard cock in her fist and started stroking it. Her beautiful face looked extremely sexy as she furrowed her brows, concentrating hard on fucking me and stroking my cock. She looked like a dark angel with her jet-black hair and tanned caramel colored skin. She leaned forward and kissed me on my lips.

"Oh baby. This cock looks so good up your tight asshole," she said and playfully bit my lower lip.

Her hard and pointy nipples were pressed against my hot skin. I caressed her soft and straight hair with my right hand. Her scent was fresh and intoxicating. I had met her only two weeks ago at my local gym. It was lust at first sight. On our first date I confessed to her that I was bisexual. Her face had lit up with excitement and she confessed that she always wanted to fuck a man's ass but was afraid to ask her previous boyfriends.

"I wish this was a real cock," she announced, "I want so much to see you get fucked by a guy with a big cock!"

She started pumping my asshole slowly and gently. Her body looked lean and very athletic. She was a professional Aerobics instructor after all. Her breasts were small. They were slightly larger than a man's, but looked extremely hot with those long and stiff nipples. She had been fucking my asshole every night for two weeks and it seemed that she could never get enough of it.

"Oh sweetie, you are such a handsome man. Look at you with your legs spread wide open and my cock in your asshole. I love your fucking muscular body. I'm going to fuck you harder now," she said and picked up her pace.

"Yeah baby pound my fucking asshole with that big cock. I love the way you fuck me you sexy slut."

"Take this you son of a bitch. Is this hard enough for you?" She was pounding my asshole as hard as she could now.

"Oh fuck, don't stop. Stroke my cock. I'm going to cum soon," I warned her as I felt an orgasm building up in my hard cock.

I watched this beautiful woman fuck my ass with dedication. Her body was going back and forth. Her beautiful hair was flowing erotically. I felt so fucking lucky to have met her. I shot my cum way up in the air and it landed on my six-pack abs and chest. She pushed her dildo all the way up my asshole and I shot another load of cum that landed on her left breast. Then another one hit her pretty face. She pulled the dildo out of my asshole and smiled at me happily. Then she took of her strap-on and lay next to me on the bed.

"Oh man, you came so hard," she said and kissed me with her cum covered lips, "I really want to watch you get fucked by a real cock. Is that too much to ask?"

"No baby. We'll have to somehow arrange that for you. We can put an ad in an erotic contact magazine."

"That would take too long baby," she said as I put two fingers in her pussy and started rubbing her clit with my thumb. "Oh fuck yeah. I love the way you do this. I have something else in mind that would be much faster."

"Oh yeah. Tell me baby," I started rubbing her swollen clit faster with my thumb.

"I've been reading about this on the net, ok? There are sex clubs in Amsterdam that arrange bisexual gangbang parties once a week or so. Would you consider trying that out?"

"Do you mean having sex with complete strangers? Sure why not? I'm up to it," I replied and rubbed her clit with full force.

"Oh yes...ah fuck. I'm going to fucking cum. God...shit, I'm cumming baby!"

Her body jerked uncontrollably for a few seconds and then she lay still. I kissed her pretty mouth and darted my tongue into it. I ran my fingers through her hair as I kissed her hard and passionately.

"You are my own personal boy toy," she said with a giggle, "I love that."

She was thirty-two and I was twenty-one years old, so I officially was qualified to be her boy toy. We rested for a while and then she got behind her computer to arrange our trip to Amsterdam.

We arrived in Amsterdam on a Tuesday afternoon. Our hotel was within walking distance from the infamous Red Light District. We took a short nap in our room and then we set out to discover the city of sin. There were women posing in sexy lingerie behind windows on both sides of the street. We could not believe how pretty some of these legal prostitutes looked.

There were adult bookstores, live sex show theatres and those infamous cafés that sold legal drugs all over the place. But we were just window-shopping and saving ourselves for the main event. Finally when we got tired of walking around we went to a pub and ordered a couple of beers. The bartender was an extremely handsome man. He looked like a professional model.

Lana started chatting with him. He told us that he was a model but that he made some extra money working as a bartender. He also told us that his name was Paul and that he was gay.

"So Paul we are looking for a swinger's club with bisexual gangbang parties. Do you have any suggestions?" Lana asked Paul playfully.

"Yes as a matter of fact I do," he replied excitedly, "There's a new club outside Amsterdam. They have bi-nights every Wednesday. I have just started working there actually."

"Oh you are bartending there as well?" I asked looking into his beautiful blue eyes.

"Er...no. My brother and I work there as gangbang boys," he replied putting a fresh pint of Amstel in front of me,

"What's a gangbang boy?" Lana asked.

"Well there are many single men who visit the club. There are also some cool couples. The good thing about this club is that they pay for high quality and good-looking models to be available for gangbangs. That's the main attraction of bi-nights."

Both Lana and I were listening carefully to this blonde stud. I could tell that Lana was getting all excited over what she was hearing.

"Here are the directions to the club," Paul continued, "and you should rent a car since you have to drive back here late at night. If you mention my name the girl at the door will let you in for free."

We sat there and chatted with Paul for another hour or so, we then thanked him and went directly back to our hotel.

"Baby I'm so excited about tomorrow," Said Lana when we were in bed, "I'm also very horny, but we should save ourselves for tomorrow."

"You're right baby," I replied, "let's try to get some sleep now."

Next morning I woke up from a ticklish wet feeling on my nose. I opened my eyes and saw Lana's wet pussy right in front of my face. She was gently rubbing her clit on the tip of my nose. The nice and strong smell of her pussy filled my nostrils. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked it in forcefully.

"Oh yeah. Suck my fucking clit. Make me cum hard. Please baby please!" she urged me.

I sucked on her swollen clit violently. In a minute she started jerking her hips and her pussy juice flowed into my mouth. She got off my face and went to take a shower. We got dressed and started calling around to rent a car. After we ate breakfast at the hotel we sat in our new car and drove off to locate the club. We found the place easily by following Paul's directions. It was located on a country road and we believed that was a good thing. Meaning that a more selective crowd of people would find their way to this place as opposed to the downtown crowd.

We drove around for a few hours. The Dutch countryside was absolutely amazing. We had heard about the Tulip farms and the windmills, but now seeing them with our own eyes was the most beautiful experience. This was the scenery that inspired Van Gogh's art. It was simply amazing and a huge contrast to the roughness of the Red Light District.

Back in our hotel we took a shower and then changed. The dress code for the club said sexy underwear, so I wore Jock Straps and Lana wore a black Garter Belt with black stockings and no panties or bra. It was 8 pm and the club opened its doors at 9 pm. So we got in our car and drove to the club.

We arrived at 9:15. We were both nervous and excited. My mouth was dry and I could feel my heart beating very fast. A very sexy girl welcomed us at the door. She gave us a couple of wristbands with locker room keys and explained the rules of the club.

"Of course there are plenty of free condoms for your safety," she said to us. I won't bother you with the details of using condoms in this story.

We went inside and straight to the locker rooms. After we changed we met in the hallway.

"Honey you look so fucking sexy in those Jock Straps," said Lana, "Look at your sexy butt! Anyone who wants to fuck you will have easy access to your perfect asshole."

"Stop it," I replied, "you are just making me more nervous. Let's just go to the bar and have a couple of beers to calm down our nerves."

The bar looked clean and very cozy. There were a few single men sitting at tables having drinks. A couple in their mid forties were sitting at the bar and chatting with the bartender. A very handsome black man was sitting next to them on a barstool and a young blonde man was stroking his big black cock.

I was holding Lana's hand and she clenched my hand tightly as we went to the bar and ordered two beers. The couple introduced themselves as Hans and Nadia. The black stud was their friend and lover Lorenzo. They said that they lived in Spain and like us they were visiting Holland for the sex.

"Oh I love your nipples honey," Nadia said to Lana, "do you mind if I suck them a little?"

"No please go ahead," replied Lana, "I love your big breasts too Nadia."

Nadia looked Middle Eastern with black hair and black eyes. She was a very beautiful woman indeed. She put her hand right above Lana's pussy and took her left nipple in between her teeth. She twirled her tongue on the tip of Lana's nipple. Lana put her elbows on the bar and leaned backwards, giving full access of her body to Nadia.

"Do you mind if I suck her other nipple?" Hans asked me. He had a deep voice and his accent sounded German.

"No go ahead Hans, be my guest," I replied to him.

Lorenzo politely told the young guy to stop stroking his cock. Then he got up and walked over to me. Without saying a word he put his left hand on one of my nipples and started pinching it. With his other hand he took out my cock and started stroking it. I did the exact same thing to Lorenzo. We were standing, facing each other and stroking each other's cocks.

"Oh fuck yeah. That looks so good. Play with each other's cocks," Lana urged us excitedly.

I looked over at Lana and saw that the bartender was kissing her neck from behind her. The young man who was playing with Lorenzo's cock was now licking and sucking Lana's pussy. Lorenzo's cock must have been at least eleven inches. It felt very big and strong in my tight grip. Hans and Nadia were making loud noises as they sucked on Lana's erect and long nipples.

"Oh Jesus. Oh fuck. I am going to cum soon," Lana announced loudly.

She turned her head to let the bartender kiss her mouth, but her eyes were still fixed on Lorenzo and me. The DJ was playing some sort of cheesy music with a woman moaning in between Trance riffs. Lana finally exploded in a massive orgasm, thrashing her beautiful hair from side to side.

Suddenly the music stopped and the DJ announced something over the speakers.

"The main orgy room is now open," the bartender translated for us, "feel free to fuck the gangbang models as much as you want."

Lorenzo and I put our cocks back in our underwear and all of us headed for the main orgy room. There were mats on the floor all over the place and a Sex Swing set in the middle of the room. Paul was suspended from the Sex Swing. His well-tanned body was covered in massage oil and a woman was in between his wide spread legs, fucking him with a strap-on.

About thirty men and women quickly formed a line and started waiting for their turn to fuck Paul's ass. Two men went over to Paul and started shoving their big cocks into his face. He stroked one cock and sucked the other one, switching his mouth between the two cocks. The woman who was fucking Paul withdrew from his asshole and let the next man in line take her place.

"There you go honey," she handed the strap-on to Lana, "You're the next girl to fuck him."

I suddenly felt a big cock rubbing up and down my ass crack. I turned around and saw that it was Lorenzo. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. A balding man with a huge stomach was now in between Paul's legs and fucking his asshole with frenzy. I found it strangely erotic to see an out of shape man fucking a younger athletic guy like Paul. After only a minute or so of fucking he grunted and came all over Paul's sexy six-pack abs.

The two men fucking Paul's face also came and were quickly replaced by two other men. The whole scene was like a nasty erotic dream. Lorenzo started kissing my neck and shoulders and grabbed my balls from behind me. The crowd would applaud and cheer every time a man shot his cum on Paul's body. His face and entire body were soon covered in hot man juice.

It was now Lana's turn to fuck Paul's ass. She fucked him really hard and to the rhythm of the music that was playing by the DJ. When she was done she did not move away from Paul. She waited for me to get in between Paul's legs.

"I want to watch you fuck him honey," she said to me and grabbed Paul's hard cock.

I slid my cock easily into Paul's asshole. His asshole felt warm and he started to clench my cock as soon as I was all the way inside him. This boy knew what he was doing.

"Oh God that looks so hot. Fuck him harder baby," she ordered me as she started stroking Paul's cock fast and hard.

"Oh Paul man. You're so fucking good. Clench my cock with your rectum buddy," I urged Paul as I fucked him even harder.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming Lana," Paul announced and shot his hot load of cum on my stomach.

I came shortly after Paul did and shot my hot cum all over Lana's face and Paul's abs. Now I wanted to watch Lorenzo fuck Paul's asshole. His massive cock slid into Paul's already stretched asshole slowly. It took Paul about three minutes to just take in half of Lorenzo's massive cock. He started fucking Paul's asshole slowly but firmly.

"Pound his damn asshole Lorenzo." I urged him and started squeezing his muscular butt cheeks from behind.

Lana started sucking and biting Lorenzo's right nipple. He started fucking Paul faster and harder now.

"God damn girl. Bite my fucking nipple. I'm gonna cum," Said Lorenzo and shot a massive amount of cum all over Paul's body.

The three of us had to make room for the rest of the gang to bang Paul's eager asshole. Nadia, Hans and their young friend approached Lana. The young guy introduced himself as Frank and asked me if he could fuck Lana. I told him to go for it. Frank and Hans lifted Lana together and put her on a barstool. Nadia stood behind Lana to support her back. She also reached down with her hands and started pinching Lana's nipples.

"Oh yeah fuck my hot pussy Frank," Lana said as Frank started pounding her wet pussy.

Paul got behind Frank and started lubing up his asshole with two fingers. Then he put his cock into the hot stud's asshole and started fucking him from behind while holding Frank's hips.

"Oh Frank. Is Hans fucking you good?" asked Lana, "shit this is so hot. Hans pound his asshole harder."

Frank came all over Lana's breasts after five minutes of hard fucking. Hans put a new condom on his cock and got in between Lana's legs. He started lubing up Lana's asshole with two fingers. Lana did not protest to this, so Frank pushed his big cock up her asshole and started pumping her hard.

"Oh baby rub my fucking clit," Lana begged me, "this feels so fucking good. Fuck me harder Hans."

I rubbed her swollen clit with two fingers and told Nadia to pinch her nipples harder. Hans was fucking her asshole as hard as he could now. Drops of sweat were falling from his flushed face onto Lana's hot body. As Lana shouted that she was cumming, Hans came too and shot his cum all over Lana and me.

"I want to watch Lorenzo fuck your ass now baby," Lana told me as she got off the chair.

The six of us walked over to one of the mats on the floor. I lay on the mat on my side with Nadia right behind me. Frank knelt in front of my face and put his cock into my mouth. Nadia bit on my neck and pinched my nipple.

Hans lifted my leg and put it over his shoulder, then started lubing up my asshole and fondling my balls. Lana took Lorenzo's huge cock and led it into my asshole. Lorenzo pushed his monster-cock past my anus. It hurt a bit but I relaxed my anus and let him push his cock further up inside me.

"Ah God damn it feels so good," Lorenzo exclaimed. "Your asshole is so fucking tight. Shit man I love this."

Lana took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. Frank was fucking my mouth fast and hard now. The feeling of five people enjoying and playing with my hot body was amazing. Lorenzo started pounding my asshole like there was no tomorrow. Hans' hand felt nice and warm on my balls.

"Oh shit man. I'm cumming," Lorenzo shouted and shot a massive load on Lana's face and my body. I came shortly after that inside Lana's sexy mouth. Frank also came. He shot his cum on Nadia and me.

"Oh honey. This was so fucking amazing," Lana said to me and leaned forward to kiss my lips.

We kissed each other's cum-covered faces for a while. Then we decided to rest in the club's sauna for a while before we returned here for some more fucking action.

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Made me very hard

I had to rush to the bathroom with my 12inch dildo and imagine it was Lorenzos cock inside my arse.

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