tagLesbian SexLana's First Taste of Milk

Lana's First Taste of Milk


This happened in the 1990s, when nursing mothers had become commonplace in the workforce, and when lactation in public had become less taboo.

Lana paid close attention as Professor McGrath drew a flow chart on a piece of paper and explained the mechanics of crime analysis. It was a private meeting in the teacher's office, just a few weeks before midterm exams.

The explanation was impressive. In those days, Professor McGrath was considered one of the esteemed female academics in the country when it came to criminal law, and Lana was thankful that she was able to get a one-on-one meeting like this.

"So there you have it," Professor McGrath said, leaning back. "Everything you need to know in a nutshell."

"It actually seems much clearer now," Lana said.

"Students learn differently. Some get by with reading. Others are fine with lectures. Others need solo attention."

They were sitting side-by-side, and Lana was amazed by the teacher's command of the law. Additionally, Lana had fully begun to notice how pretty the teacher could be. In class, she was a shark, preying on students who were unprepared to discuss the day's material. It was a honed skill as a former prosecutor. In private, the teacher was a normal, everyday woman, who was extremely pleasant to be around.

Lana nodded, focusing on the notes again. "I've been using supplemental books since the semester started and some of the concepts were difficult for me."

"It can be. Law is a different language than anything else. The good news, however, is that you'll get used to it."

"A welcomed relief," Lana smiled. "I think you're right. It's not as mind numbing as the first two weeks of school."

"I still remember what that's like. Believe it or not, I used to be a first year law student myself. There are humiliating moments, but you grow thicker skin."

"I'm sure you needed thick skin as a prosecutor too, right?"

The teacher gave a mock sigh. "Like you wouldn't believe. It's a career where you're dealing with unsavory people on a regular basis. It's a rewarding line of work, nonetheless. Why? Are you interested?"

"Honestly, I have a few ideas of what I want to do, but nothing set in stone. Your lectures are really eye opening though. I love hearing your war stories about courtroom battles. So who knows, it may be worth a shot."

"If you chose this area of law, I think you'd succeed."

"Really?" Lana asked with bright eyes.

"Yes, really. You're tough, well spoken, quick thinking, and your reasoning skills are solid. All the necessary ingredients for a successful litigator."

Lana batted her eyelashes. "You got all that from class?"

They both laughed.

"Listen, I know it's hard," the professor replied. "If you stumble in class, I don't think any less of you. I've yet to meet a first year law student who hasn't crumbled when pressed hard enough. No one is born knowing these things. We must learn them."

Lana gave a sigh of relief. "Thank you. That means a lot. And it makes me feel better hearing that from you."

"You're not alone. Plenty of bright, academic minded students feel insecure after being pressured by the professor. It's normal."

"Good. Because I cried a few times after school. Not just from your class, but from others. It's tough. But I'm adapting."

Professor McGrath reached out and rubbed Lana by the shoulder, in gentle pats and strokes, then pulled her hand back after the point was made.

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Don't be," Lana replied, showing no fear. "That happened because I was so pissed off at myself. So I kept on working harder. More and more often I was getting the answers right, thanks to diligent preparation and thinking in advance. Obviously though, I still need to work a few things out, otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here with you.'

"I like your attitude. We need more women like you in this profession."

"That means graduating from law school first."

The professor nodded. "Exactly. Now, a few notes about legal writing for exams. First, we start with the main issue, which basically means what the problem is. For instance, if..."

Professor McGrath stopped in her tracks for some odd reason. Her hands clasped together and she sort of had a bewildered look in her eyes.

"Are you okay, professor?" Lana asked with concern.

"I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just... can you give me a second please?"

Naturally, Lana was caught off-guard by her professor's small medical dilemma, or whatever it was. But the teacher seemed to immediately take control of the situation by putting on a false sense of confidence.

"Oh, okay," Lana said with a hint of confusion. "Should I just come back next time?"

The professor composed herself. "Actually, let's finish this now. This will just be a minute. Before you know it, you'll be passing every class."

Professor McGrath adjusted the way she sat a few times, with small movements, and gave her blazer a few tugs on the bottom to straighten it out. What the teacher hadn't intended, however, was that adjusting her blazer gave a small peak into the front of her blouse. There were two wet spots which seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

The first thing that came to Lana's mind was that it must have been sweat. Surely? But who the hell sweats in that area first? In front of her breasts of all places? It couldn't have been. Besides, there were no signs of perspiration anywhere on the teacher's face, and they were still sitting close enough to notice each other's skin. So what was it?

"Ummm....Professor McGrath?"

"Yes?" the teacher asked in return.

Lana gestured forward, trying not to be rude. "Your chest. There are wet spots."

For a brief moment, a mortified look came over the teacher's face when she realized what had happened. It was the first time that Lana had ever seen the professor look so vulnerable. But that expression quickly left as the teacher once again returned to her confident posture.

"Sorry about that," the professor said, reaching for some tissue. "That rarely happens. But things happen."

"What is it, if you don't mind me asking? A medical condition with perspiration? I've read about it before."


Lana was taken aback. "Milk?"

"Breast milk. I gave birth a few months ago. Would you mind turning around, please?"

"Of course."

Lana turned her seat around so that she faced the wall. Then she heard the sound of the teacher unbuttoning her blouse and lifting her bra up, followed by sounds of flesh being wiped by tissue.

Strangely, inappropriate thoughts came to mind. She wondered what it must have looked like. Breasts covered with spots of milk. Swollen nipples. A stained bra. Lana had done her fair share of fantasizing when it came to other women, but never with something like this in mind.

Never in a million years would she have imagined that those unruly thoughts would tilt towards her own professor either; a woman who had put her in the proverbial hot seat a few times in class, nearly making her cry.

Lana could hear the wet tissues being tossed in a nearby trash basket. There was a sound of a bra being pulled down and adjusted, followed by the sound of clothes ruffling.

"You can turn around now," the professor said.

Lana turned back and saw that the teacher hadn't finished buttoning up her blouse yet. It was only halfway done, and Lana got a nice look at the center of the teacher's chest, along with a white bra in the middle. The sight vanished as all the buttons were done, sadly.

"So, what caused that to happen?" Lana asked, purely to make conversation to break the awkward tension, then she immediately regretted asking such a personal thing.

"I was knocked up about a year ago."

Lana smiled uncomfortably. "I figured that much. I meant, actually, nevermind what I meant."

"I'm only joking. I know what you meant."

"Sorry, don't answer that."

"It's fine," the professor smiled. "I have a million things to do everyday, between teaching and some of the work I still do at the DA's office. I also mentor several young attorneys. That means I have to nurse early in the morning, usually around 5 am."

Lana nodded. "That makes sense. It must feel like it builds up sometimes when it gets closer to the afternoon since you haven't released any in a long time."

"Correct. Do you have any experience lactating, or know anyone who does?"

"I used to be a babysitter. So I've worked with a lot of new mothers. It's just, I've never seen it actually leak before."

The professor gave a curt shrug. "Well, in an ideal world, I should be relieving my breasts more often. I've been blessed with active mammary glands, it seems."

"Sounds about right. That's a good thing."

"It is. Which is why I feel horrible when I have to relieve myself on campus, or in the DA's office if I'm there."

"Do you bring a bottle with you?" Lana asked.

"Yes. Or sometimes I have to go to the bathroom and spray it into the sink. Or privately in the stall. It's an awkward feeling being a new mother and doing that to my milk. But that's the price I pay for working so much."

"Oh, I could always help if you want. I don't mind."

The offer was earnest and completely sincere. Lana was that kind of girl; always willing to help, and always offering a helping hand.

Professor McGrath sensed that and her eyebrow rose. "That would be interesting, given that you have experience working with new mothers."

"Absolutely. I know you teach other classes throughout the week so I could just stop by and assist."

"I'll have to think about it," the professor replied. "If I accepted, it could be like a job for you. I'll pay a reasonable rate. Just swing by my office in the morning and I'll let you know how I'm feeling."

"In all seriousness, I really respect you and what you represent, as a hardworking woman in a male dominated field. No way would I ever accept your money. If I assisted, it would be because it's my contribution to successful female lawyers, no matter how odd the assignment."

The teacher shook her head. "No. There must be consideration. Think like an attorney, Lana. Bargain for exchange. And given the sensitivity of the matter, there must be something that binds us to secrecy. Since after all, matters of my breasts are highly confidential, especially on campus."

"How would that work?" Lana pondered.

"For starters, tell me something about you. Something secret. That way, we'll be more trusting of each other."

Lana thought for a moment. "In the eighth grade, I stole a frog from the school science room. They never knew it was me, but I felt so bad that..."

"No, no. Something more personal. If you're going to be dealing with my breasts, then I want to hear something about yours."

It was a fair trade, Lana thought, and she noticed a subtle change in the professor's demeanor, as if the teacher was letting her guard down. Could it be? Is this what an aroused professor looks like? Lana wondered. And Lana wanted to play that game too. So she thought of something appropriate for the conversation.

"I used to pose nude with a college roommate," Lana said tepidly. "It was all for fun. We pretended we were big time fashion models or celebrities. We'd do sexy poses and laugh all night. Over time our clothes would disappear and we'd be naked. We'd also shred the pictures to a million pieces afterwards so no one could ever see them."

Professor McGrath lifted an eyebrow and pursed her lips. "So, breasts and nudity are nothing shocking to you."

"Nope," Lana gulped.

"Good. I'm glad to hear that. I like open mindedness. And from what I can see, you have a great body."

The teacher's eyes did a brief once-over on Lana's neatly crafted appearance, which almost felt like x-ray vision. The teacher's moment of weakness and eye gazing had the surprising effect of making Lana moist.

"Maybe we should discuss figures now," Lana said, slightly suggestive. "I can swing by your office before criminal law each Wednesday to see if you need any assistance. And I can do the same, before or after my classes throughout the week, if you're still in your office. In exchange, we can work out a suitable fee for my efforts."

"Now that's thinking like a lawyer. And I agree with your proposal."

Lana took a glance at the chest she'd be working with. "What now?"

"Now, you keep your eyes back on the paper and we'll finish up our discussion on essay writing."

"Oh, right."


Criminal law was held on 9 am, each Wednesday. Lana arrived at 8:15 knowing that the professor was always there early preparing for class. Deep down, Lana hoped that those breasts were filled with milk and were in urgent need of care, despite the fact that their roles weren't exactly defined yet.

Anything could happen, and Lana was eager to find out what that would entail.

She had unabashedly spent the weekend fantasizing and masturbating underneath her blanket while her new roommate was in the other room. She had spent her free time thinking of all the naughty little things she'd like to do with a woman nearly twice her own age, with far more stature in life.

It wasn't like anyone would ever know, or anything like that would ever happen with the professor in real life...

As she suspected, Professor McGrath was in her office reviewing the case book and her notes for class. The door was wide open.

"Good morning," Lana said, trying to sound extra cheerful with perfect posture.

"Morning Lana. Come in. I've been expecting you."

Lana smiled. "Great. That meeting last week really helped. I've been working on a few practice exams and I can really see the difference."

She stepped into the office, then suddenly the professor held out a hand to stop her.

"Actually," the teacher said. "Close the door first. I don't want us to be bothered."

"Got it."

Lana closed the door; a simple, everyday act which somehow made her pussy tingle with excitement. When she turned to go sit down, she saw that the professor had now stood up.

On this particular day, Professor McGrath was dressed in the same attire she typically wore; a long office skirt, a blazer, and a buttoned up blouse. This time, however, the top two buttons of the teacher's blouse were left undone, which bared the top of her chest. A fashion flub like this seemed incredibly unlike her, since she was so well mannered and particular about her appearance.


"I was thinking about your offer," Professor McGrath said as they nearly stood face to face. "I'd like to take you up on it. But I still have some concerns."

"What kind of concerns?"

"I could be ruined if anyone ever found out. Not just my teaching career, but everything. You have to understand that."

Stirring words. Lana thought the 'job' would be simple, menial tasks, like bringing paper towels, washing things, or anything of that nature. But the professor clearly had other things in mind for those milky breasts of hers. If it was enough for her to lose her job over, then surely it must be something more taboo than your average cleaning duty. That notion made Lana giddy inside.

Lana gulped. "What did you have in mind?"

"It depends. What are your comfort levels?"

Lana resisted the temptation gesturing to the teacher's breasts and crotch with her eyes; a subtle way of showing that she was comfortable with virtually anything attached to the teacher's body.

"I'm flexible. As a former babysitter in high school, I've had numerous tasks, ranging from running errands, to..."

Professor McGrath cut the student off. "Have you ever cleaned breasts directly?"

Would it really come to that? The question nearly made Lana's heart freeze.

"No," she replied in a squeaky voice.

"Then obviously you've never nursed from a lactating breast before."

Was that really what the teacher wanted? If so, Lana felt a shortness of breath and wondered to herself if she could actually do it. And the answer was, of course she could. The thought had never occurred to her before, that a mature, sophisticated woman would ever want such a thing. Lana had always appreciated the size and shape of a lactating nipple, but she had never imagined taking one into her mouth. Most of all, she had never considered tasting that sweet nectar known as breast milk.

"I haven't," Lana said, then censoring herself before she could say more.


Lana took a deep breath. "But, I'd be willing to try it. Assuming, that's what you want me to do."

"Why not? It's perfectly clean and healthy. Having you nurse from me before class would be a welcomed relief, instead of having to scramble at the last minute to relieve myself in the bathroom. It's more professional this way, I think."

Lana nodded, trying to hide her eagerness. "I think I agree, too."

"There are still some hurdles though."

"Like what?"

"Secrecy. How do I know you won't gossip to your friends? Before long, everyone will find out?"

Lana shook her head. "No way. Never. I'd be just as ruined as you. My parents are very strict and they're paying for me to attend this school."

"Still, I need more assurances."

That last word was accentuated by the professor in a way that sounded a bit suggestive. Lana could play that game too.

"I can provide you all the assurances you need," Lana replied with her own, less sexy form of innuendo.

Professor McGrath crossed her arms and thought for a moment. Or maybe she was pretending to think and already had this whole thing figured out. She looked over the student from head to toe, not bothering to hide the fact that her gazing was so obvious.

"If you're going to have a view of my breasts, I'd need a view of yours first," the professor said. "Why don't you get naked now."

Lana's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "What? Here? Now?"

"Yes. You'll see my breasts and have my nipples. It's only fair that I have something equal in return. I feel more assured that way, since both of us will have incriminating knowledge of the other, so to speak."

"Ummm....will anyone see us?"

"Stand by the wall," the professor pointed. "That way, no one looking through the small window on my door will see this happening. I'll also put up a sign that'll say I'm busy. Get to it."

Professor McGrath had a no-nonsense approach to all this, and immediately looked for a sign on a table. She grabbed it and was about to place it on the outside door handle.

"Well?" the teacher asked.

"Oh, right."

Lana nervously began to undo her clothes and the professor swiftly opened the office door and hung a sign on the knob which said not to disturb, then shut the door.

Piece by piece the student's clothes came off. Lana wondered if this was all a wet dream she was having, but the more she undressed, the more she'd feel cool air against her skin, letting her know that this was reality.

All the while, Professor McGrath was turned away as she prepared to be nursed in her office. She prepared some paper towels and gathered her things for class later.

Finally, Lana was down to her bra, panties, shoes and socks. Her arms were crossed and the professor looked when the undressing noises stopped.

"Lana, I said to get naked," the teacher said in her teacherly voice. "That means everything. Including your shoes and socks."

"Yes professor."

As Lana reached back to unclasp her bra, she couldn't help but realize how their relationship had evolved so weirdly. For the past few months, everything was strictly academic. The week prior, it felt as though they were becoming friends. Now, what was this? A teacher/student relationship? A work relationship? Or was it something far more sexual? Maybe it was all of the above.

It felt like a bizarre combination as Lana had removed everything, standing there with her body exposed. Breasts which looked like firmly shaped round globes, with light brown nipples. Shapely hips too. The girl had curves in all the right places. Obviously she hadn't expected to be naked for this meeting, so her pubic hairs had formed a slightly messy bush (which was fairly common back then in the 90's).

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