tagBDSMLana's New Playmate Ch. 01

Lana's New Playmate Ch. 01


I knocked on the door for the third time. I'd been there for nearly 10 minutes already. Still no answer. I fumbled with my phone and double checked that I was at the right place. I was. I sent another text.

'Lana it's Damien. Are you home?' I wrote. I looked around to see if any other of the apartment's other tenants had seen me. No one had, but I was still nervous. I had met Lana on a hookup site. Casual encounters only. She was looking for a man to fulfill her domination fantasies. I knew I wasn't the first guy to fulfill the role which meant her neighbors may have an idea of what she was up to. The thought of getting recognized as a sub made me sick to my stomach.

Finally I heard the rattling of a door trying to be unlocked. The door opened. Lana held a glass of wine and had the other hand on her hip. She had on soffe shorts and a loose fitting baby blue tank top. No bra. Her dirty blonde hair fell past her shoulders. She was looking me up and down and laughed a little to herself. My face grew red. What was she thinking?

"Alright," she smiled. "On your knees."

"Lana..." I whispered. "I'm not even inside your apartment yet."

Her smile disappeared and she took another sip of her wine.

"It wasn't a question." she spat.

"Let me come inside first...please. Someone could see us."

Lana stood there staring at me and took another sip of her wine. I was at least 6 inches taller than her, but suddenly felt no bigger than a mouse. I looked to my left and right. Luckily the hallway was still empty. Slowly I got down to my knees and looked up.

"Now that wasn't so hard was it, Damien?" she laughed. I knelt there motionless hoping that she'd soon let me in. After what felt like eternity she nudged my shoulder with a bare foot.

"Kiss it." she said. I hurriedly took her small foot in my hand and kissed the top of it.

"Good boy." she laughed again. "Now follow me." I started to get up when put a hand on my shoulder. "Crawl." she said.

As humiliating as it was to crawl, I was willing to do anything to get inside. I followed her through the door. As I crawled I looked around in awe at her apartment. Large windows took up the entire back wall revealing the city skyline. The giant room contained her kitchen, dining room, and living room. Exposed brick and high ceilings gave it a cool modern feel. To my left I saw a hallway which lead to, what I assumed, were her bedroom and office. I had heard Lana was rich, but I didn't realize she was this wealthy. She was only 30 and a VP of some new tech company.

Lana took a seat on her large black couch and set down the glass of wine on the table beside her. I knelt at her feet awaiting instruction. She gently rubbed her hand across my check and then took ahold of my chin. Lana moved my head around as if to examine me at different angles.

"Strip. I need to see what I'm working with." I started to remove my t-shirt. I could feel myself growing hard at the thought of her seeing my dick. I clumsily tried to take off my pants while still kneeling.

"It's ok," she said. "You can stand for this part."

I nodded and stood to finish removing my pants. Lana got up from the couch and started walking around me. Occasionally she'd squeeze my ass or slowly run her fingers down my chest. By this point my cock was rock hard. Lana took hold of it with a tight grasp.

"Now what's all this about?" she laughed. "Is it because I've been mean to you?" she mocked. "Does your little cock like it when I'm mean?"

I didn't know what to say.

"Lesson one, Damien. When I address you, you answer me."

"Yes." I stammered out.

"Yes, Miss Lana." she corrected.

"Yes...Miss Lana." I said.

"Good boy. You're learning." Lana finally released her hand from around my dick.

"Unfortunately I didn't get all my work done today, so you're going to have to keep that cock of yours in control until I'm finished." Lana walked to kitchen and took her laptop off the counter. She returned to the couch and began to work like I wasn't even there.

"At least make yourself useful," she said, not looking up from the screen.

"Miss Lana...I don't know what you mean."

"Hands and knees. I need to put my feet up." I got back on the ground and onto my hands and knees. I positioned myself in front of Lana and she took no time to put her feet on my back and use me as a footstool. There she was probably sending important emails to associates as I was on her floor naked being treated like nothing more than a piece of furniture.

It felt like it had been ages, but I assume it was less than half an hour Lana continued to type away at the keyboard. My cock was still hard and yearned for any type of attention. I wanted to be good, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to stay focused. I couldn't ask her to hurry, that wasn't my place. Dammit. My cock was throbbing.

I carefully took one hand and brought it to my cock and started to jerk off. I wasn't going to let myself cum, I just needed to do something. Lana must have felt my move. She kicked me in the side- not enough to hurt, but enough to cause me to topple over.

"Do you have no self-control?" she yelled. "Did I tell you that you could touch your cock?"

"No Miss Lana, I'm sorry." I whispered. I was truly embarrassed by my lack of self-control. I did want to be good for her.

"You horny slut!" she exclaimed. Lana took the her half-empty wine glass and finished the rest with one gulp. "Well...if you are going to act like a horny slut then I am going to treat you like a horny slut. Follow me, and don't make me have to remind you to crawl this time."

I followed closely behind her. I didn't complain that the hardwood was beginning to hurt my knees. She led me down the hallway and to the very back room. Unlike the other white doors in her house, this one was painted a sleek black. Lana pulled out a key from her pocket and opened the door.

Fuck. It was her dungeon and it was incredible. No expense was spared. A selection of whip and cuffs lined the wall. There were pieces of bondage furniture that I didn't even recognize. Numerous chairs and racks and tables and cages for her new playmates to be secured to. There was even a bed which had been modified with places to cuff her partners.

It was unlike anything I'd ever seen. While most dungeons were dark and grimy, this one was surprisingly bright and clean. The floors were a soft gray plastic-y material. The furniture was black, but accented with a silvery color. It was industrial like the rest of the house. Practical yet beautiful.

Lana led me to the corner of the room that was filled with numerous restraints and toys hanging on the wall. She examined two pairs of mitts before settling for the smaller pair.

"Hands in a fist, Damien." she said. I obeyed and held out my arm for her. She secured each hand inside and tightened the strap around the wrist.

"Alright," she began, "These will help you not touch your cock when you're not supposed to. Now I want you to try to take off these mitts so that I know that they work."

I began to try to pull my hands out of them with my teeth. No luck. I tried to use one mitt to slide off the other. Again, no luck. My hand was trapped in a fist inside which made it more difficult to try to get any grip. I put one hand between my knees and tried to pull my hand out of the glove. I began to panic a little when I realized that I was actually stuck in them until Lana was done with me.

I looked up at Lana. She appeared to enjoy watching me struggle trying get out of the gloves.

"I can't get them off, Miss Lana. I tried my best." I said.

"I know you did, sweetie. It's good you can't get them off. It means we don't have to worry about that stupid little slut brain of yours making you touch your cock when you're not supposed to."

Lana turned to her wall of toys and took something else off of the wall. I couldn't tell what it was at first. Lana knelt on the ground next to me with the thing in her hand.

"Damien, for punishment for you disobeying me and touching your cock earlier you are going to fuck me with this until I cum." she said very matter-of-factly. I could finally see what it was. It was a gag with a cock protruding from both sides. One side to go in the wearers mouth and the other that stuck out that could be used as a dildo. I had never been gagged before and was nervous and excited at the same time.

Lana put her thumb on my bottom lip and opened my mouth. She put the cock gag in my mouth and secured it behind my head.

"Now if at any time you want to stop I want you to hum three times in a row, ok?" she said. I nodded yes.

"Good boy, now once again I want you to try to take off the gag like you did with the mitts."

I clumsily tried to use my hands to take off the gag. I definitely couldn't undo the buckle so I instead tried to pull it out. Unfortunately it was on too tight for that. I looked up at Lana to see her staring at me intently. She needed to know that I was entirely dependent on her.

Lana began to walk to another part of the room with a leather chair. I followed behind. She didn't even need to remind me to crawl this time. Lana slipped off her shorts and I saw her pussy for the first time. She had a neatly trimmed bush which surprised me a bit. Most women I had been with shaved completely so this was a welcome change. She sat in the chair and spread her legs and began to rub her clit as she watch me.

My cock was harder than it had ever been. All I wanted to do was fuck. It was driving me crazy and she knew it. Lana motioned for me to come near her and I eagerly crawled forward. I knelt between her legs and let her guide the gag's cock into her pussy. I could smell her wetness. I wanted to taste it. I put my hand on my cock only to realize I was unable to grab it with the mitts on.

Lana grabbed my head with both hands and guided me in and out of her until I found a good rhythm. She went back to rubbing her clit with one hand and gripped my hair with the other.

"Oh...yes..." she moaned. "Yes!"

Lana's hips began to buck as she tried to fuck me faster. I increased my speed and was bobbing my head as fast as I could. I wanted to do good for her. Lana began to shake and I knew what was coming. When her orgasm began she held my head into her crotch. I could feel her pussy contracting through the gag. The contractions faded and she let out a big sigh.

"Good boy," she smiled and caressed my face. "The fun is just beginning..."

[to be continued...]

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by Anonymous

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by willowind05/13/18

No messing.

This story gets straight to the point. I hope the chapters come out fast and furious like the writing.

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by mrwidehorizons05/12/18

Great start!

Can't wait to see how else she uses him!

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