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Lancaster's Man


"S-sir...I assure you this is just a mis-misunderstanding...as soon as you let me free, I'll see to their pun-punishment!"

Joel Lancaster surveyed the other man before him. Erin had been tied to Joel's very bed, hands bound by a scarf to the headboard and blindfolded. Joel was sitting on the edge of the bed, fingering the gag that had been previously held between the younger man's lips. As always, Dr. Lancaster was silent as he studied the situation. It would appear that the guards had somehow discovered it was his birthday, judging by the tag wrapped via a ribbon around Erin's bicep.

"Happy birthday to our favorite crazy scientist! We thought you might like a little 'personal' service and left your little housewife trussed up just for you!"

He narrowed his eyes slightly. He didn't enjoy the joking tone but still. The young man before him was vulnerable and to top it off, whipped cream had been left just above his belly button and cherries trailed up the line of his firm stomach. Of course, the whipped cream had melted and left a sticky, creamy, white mess on the poor boy's stomach but Joel eyed it for a moment before leaning over his assistant and tying the gag back in place. Erin froze underneath him and Joel could feel the corner of his mouth twitch up.

He knew Erin was in love with him and, though he didn't understand it, he could never fail to find just the smallest bit of entertainment in it. Erin was now fighting against the gag, trying to pull his hands free of the scarf but Joel's men were thorough and skilled. Erin wasn't getting loose until Joel wanted him to. The blonde moved between Erin's legs, pulling them apart rather easily and watching his squirming cohort with perhaps just the smallest spark hidden deep in his normally frigid gaze.

'Its a power play,' Joel thought to himself as he leaned forward, picking up a cherry between his teeth, 'To see another man squirming and mewling underneath me is powerful. A proof of my domination over his body and his mind.' This was a man who could shoot a fly between the wings from yards away. Erin had unerring aim and drive, even if it wasn't necessarily directed in the best manner. Joel picked another cherry off of Erin's stomach, watching the muscles twitch and contract, as though Erin were trying to get away from him. The corner of his mouth picked up again as he found the puddle of melted cream and lapped at. Erin shuddered underneath him and Joel felt just the smallest excitement.

It took him several minutes to clean up the mess and by the time he was done, there was sticky residue on his chin and he was physically aroused. It was an unusual state for him but one he knew how to deal with. He was not, by nature, a messy man but he didn't bother with cleaning himself yet. There would be more mess to deal with, he knew. He watched each twitch of Erin's body as he unbuttoned and unzipped his slacks. He knew Erin could hear him, hear each click of his zipper and he watched in mild fascination as Erin grew more and more aroused.

The smaller man had more length to his manhood but Joel was thicker. He tilted his head as he guided Erin's legs over his own, smirking once more when there was no resistance, only small whimpers from the back of Erin's throat. He was blushing, his teeth worrying at the gag in his mouth as Joel rubbed the slick head of his cock over Erin's entrance. He had a sudden impulse, to see Erin's eyes. The boy had grey eyes, like a storm and as Joel lifted the blindfold, he saw they were wide and heated, excited but slightly frightened too. Joel stared at him for a moment and then lifted the other man's hips up to meet his own as he thrusted inside of Erin in one swift motion.

Erin threw his head back with a guttural moan and Joel grit his teeth. It never failed. Erin as a fit trim young man and he was incredibly tight and hot inside. Joel kept a hand under Erin's thigh as the other supported him, braced over Erin's shoulder as he began to buck into the smaller man. Erin's eyes went hazy, half-lidded as he gave whimpers and moans from behind his gag. Joel gave small puffs, fascinated by the twitching and rolling of Erin's muscles as he took the other man forcefully.

It was building fast, the heat in Joel's lower stomach and he grit his teeth again, scowling at the baser instinct but unable to resist moving faster and harder within Erin's tightness. The brunette panted and moaned, writhing underneath Joel and making pleading sounds. His erection bobbed against his lower stomach, dribbling a line of precum .

Erin wanted to cum, Joel knew it but he wouldn't allow it. Not yet. The hand on Erin's thigh drifted down to grip the base of Erin's shaft and he squeezed, bringing Erin's hips into a furious bucking. Joel let slip the smallest of moans at the rough bucking but quickly bit back any further sounds as he continued forcing his own shaft in and out of the smaller man. It was going to happen quickly and he began stroking Erin's cock out of instinct, closing his own eyes and gritting his teeth as he suddenly burst! His hips met Erin's buttocks as he gave another low sound, sinking as deep within his young assistant as he could.

He felt Erin's cum pour over his knuckles and he panted, leaning over Erin for a moment's respite. He could feel both their cocks softening and he glanced at Erin's face again. The younger man's complexion seemed to have gotten pinker and brighter and Joel scowled. After sex glow was annoying, he'd found in that it made him wonder if he shared a similiar side effect. He sincerely hoped not. It was such a ridiculous thing, really, even if it did make Erin's eyes look so calm and loving. Joel resumed his normal apathetic expression as he pulled away from the younger man and released his bonds. Erin immediately pulled the gag from his mouth, taking a deep breath.

He knew his limits though and this was certainly one of them. Slowly, and carefully, he sat up, wincing only slightly as he rubbed his lower back, "My apologies sir. The men will be met with a severe punishment, I assu-"

"Let them be. For now, return to your quarters and clean up."

Erin hesitated but then nodded slowly, locating his pants at the foot of the bed and half-pulling his shirt on before he turned to Joel. He seemed to fidget for a moment before leaning over, pressing his lips to Joel's cheek. Joel felt a brief moment of surprise though it didn't show on his face as he turned his gaze towards Erin who only smiled brightly at him, per the usual, "Happy birthday Dr. Lancaster."

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