tagTransgender & CrossdressersLance Transformed into Lana

Lance Transformed into Lana


Just popped over to the neighbor's to water their plants. They'd asked me to keep an eye on things while away on a combined business/pleasure trip. No big deal. Now, I admit to extending my invitation on occasion and exploring Kathy and their daughter Lana's lingerie drawers - purely a social experiment, of course, nothing nefarious or sexual (wink) and on this bright Saturday morning with my own wife away at her mother's for the entire weekend, the idea did cross my mind again. What might I find? But first, to my chores. I let myself in to their kitchen door and tossed the keys onto the counter and reached for the watering can as I thought of Lana's lingerie. She was away at college, but I knew she'd left a few things behind. All laundered, unfortunately, but still erotic to see and to hold and to imagine her slight frame and her scented body filling them.

It was a sunny Saturday morning in suburbia, nowhere to go, nothing to do but let my imagination roam. As I filled the watering can, I thought I heard a sound upstairs and turned off the water. Adrenaline pumped as I went into threat mode. No one should be home. Mike and Kathy were on an extended trip, not due back for two more weeks, Lana and their son, Lance, were both away at college. No cars in the driveway, though of course, I hadn't checked the garage. I quietly put down the watering can and listened. There were definitely footsteps upstairs. Maybe Lana, I wondered, or Lance... or an intruder?!

I tip-toed to the bottom of the stairs, then quietly up toward the top. I listened. Sure enough, there was some humming coming from down the hall, from Lana's room. Fuck, what to do? Finding her here alone, certainly a fantasy... but was I now the intruder? No, I was doing a job. Fuck, fuck, fuck. What to do?

I slipped back downstairs, picked up the watering can, then quickly and quietly back up and after taking a deep breath at the top of the stairs, I strode down the hallway, my footfalls dampened by the thick carpet. The bathroom was still slightly steamy, a pile of clothing, teeshirt, shorts on the floor and there was a wet towel on the counter, so whoever it was had just showered. At the end of the hall Lana's door that was partially closed, she must be inside! Nervous, excited, I peered through the crack and could see her make-up on the desk, a faint whiff of her perfume in the air. I stood tall and pushed open the door and turned into Lana's room.

There she was with her back toward me, standing tall with her arms in the air just as her dress fell down onto her shoulders. I just had a second to take it all in, a glimpse of her, and it was sexy and confusing. Pointy, open-toed heels, dark stockings held up by garters, a swishy black dress, and long, curled blonde hair falling down her back. But Lana had short, sandy hair.

I cleared my throat, "Lana?" I said. I knew she'd know me, my voice, we'd lived next door to each other for years.

She gasped in surprise, turned on her heels, and our eyes met and something was off but I couldn't quite define what it was.

"Lana, hey, sorry to scare you, I was just over watering the plants, I heard a noise. Didn't expect anyone to be home..." I gestured to the watering can.

Her eyes were wide and then she opened her mouth not to say anything but just to stutter some "uh, uh... uh..." and I realized in an instant what was wrong! It wasn't Lana standing there in front of me, it was Lance! Dressed in his sister's finest!

"Mr... " he got out. "You..."

"Lance?" I stated the obvious. "Or should I call you Lana?"

"I... I... " he stammered.

The adrenaline that had flowed through me when I thought I'd first heard an intruder instantly changed into some sort of curious arousal. I felt my entire body flooded warm as my blood flow surged through me. It was as if everything was laid out before me in full color.

"Lana. Wow. This is a surprise, though perhaps I should apologize for surprising you. I didn't expect that anyone would be home. Anyway..." Lance looked at me with a mixture of fear and shame. "I'm going to call you Lana because that's who you are, or who you want to be, isn't it?"

"Please, Mr. Smithee, please don't tell anyone!" he squeaked. "I had a free weekend and... I... well..."

"No explanation necessary, Lana. I know." I stepped toward him... her... put the watering can down on the chest of drawers. I could feel myself growing inside my jogging shorts.

"You look very pretty in that dress. It fits you so well, as if it were tailored just for you." The blonde wig was different, but her eyes were the same, the mouth, the hollow in the cheeks, even the small breasts and flare of her hips. Lance transformed into Lana.

"Thank you," she said and lowered her eyes, and I realized in that submissive move she'd allowed herself a glance at my package. I'd been planning on going to the gym later, was wearing only a thin tee-shirt and jogging shorts, the kind with the built in underpants, and nothing underneath. "Please, please don't tell anyone that I'm here. That you saw me... like this," she said.

"You're such a naughty girl, Lana," I said. "So naughty. Coming home when you are supposed to be at school, dressing up so sexy on a Saturday morning. What should I think of all this?"

"Please," she whispered.

"I don't know," I said, insinuating that I might have to take some action.

"I'll do anything you ask," she said, "just so long as you don't tell. Please help me keep this secret." Her voice broke low, quiet, serious, afraid, submissive. She slowly raised her eyes to meet mine. "Anything."

As I indicated earlier, I've harbored fantasies about Lana for a few years, and I knew a few things about her. And now she stood in front of me, only it wasn't Lana, it was Lance, but Lance was Lana and it was... arousing as hell. God. I wanted her. Him. Her. I wanted that ass I'd just seen. I looked at her and almost without thinking, as if instinct was taking over, I reached for the wooden chair at Lana's make-up table and turned it and sat down in it and immediately reached for Lana's arm, soft, white, fragrant and grabbed it and pulled her toward me and around and down right over my knees!

"Oh no!" she gasped!

I looked down at her, struggling but in this position without much leverage, her wig covering her face and her ass raised up high and her toes trying to gain purchase on the slick carpet without much luck. "You've been a naughty girl, naughty, naughty, naughty. And you deserve a spanking!"

"Oh no, no, no, please!" she whimpered.

I had one hand between her shoulder blades holding her down, and with the other I smoothed her black dress, the fabric so sleek, over her ass. Such a fine ass.

"Please no! Please, please, please! I've never been spanked before!" she cried.

"Clearly then, you deserve it," I replied coolly and with an open hand, I swatted her fine ass through her dress. I let my fingers linger there, feeling the shape of her.

"OH!" she squealed.

And then again and again and again. Three more swats in quick succession, and then I just couldn't help myself and I let my hands feel her sweet ass through the fabric of her dress. And I felt myself growing, my cock rolling, expanding inside the thin fabric of the jogging shorts and pressing up against her. And I felt something else, too.

She weeped, not likely from pain but from humiliation.

I had to see her ass. I had to see it. And I lifted the hem of her dress. I lifted it slowly over her stockinged thighs. I exposed her garters. I lifted it higher. Her creamy smooth thighs sleek, hairless. I lifted it higher still. At the top of her thighs, the crease of skin at the confluence of her thighs and ass, and her round ass cheeks peeking out beneath the scalloped elastic edging of her panties, satiny, tight, revealing.

She moaned as the cool air touched her. One of her hands for support on my ankle, squeezing.

I lifted her hem higher, her panties silver-gray, the lace trim soft white, her cheeks tensed, taut, the crack between them showing dark and mysterious and inviting through the thin fabric, and then the hem of her dress was all the way up around her hips and her matching garter fully exposed. I sucked air in between my teeth. "God," I moaned with desire.

She whimpered.

"Still so naughty," I said and smacked her again, hard, across the cheeks. Then let my fingertips linger and explore. "So sexy, so naughty." Smack! Soothe. Smack! Soothe. Smack! Soothe.

Lana was sobbing now, but also moaning. Sobbing and moaning. I could feel her rock hard clitty against my own swelling hardness.

One last spanking, three times fast, and then I pushed her thighs apart and let my fingers explore down deeper, down there in between her cheeks, into the hollow at the top of her thighs. I pressed my finger into her through the sheer, slippery fabric.

Lana moaned. "Oh god yes," she moaned. I reached down even further and cupped her, gently squeezing. "Oh," she moaned again.

I reached even further up underneath her and she lifted her hips to accommodate my hand and I felt her, the length of her long clitty and its swollen head and I pressed my fingers along the length of her and squeezed and, God, did she moan and writhe. I stroked as best as I could in this posture, and she humped and ground against my hand.

"That's it, baby, you've been so naughty, but now I want you to feel good." I felt her twitch, begin to contract, tighten her core muscles, and I pushed her off of me and onto a heap on the floor at my feet.

She landed with her legs apart, one knee up, her skirt up at her hips, and her panties staring at me. Showing me everything. My cock lurched inside my jogging shorts. We both noticed, her eyes upon me. The outline of me pressing against the thin nylon fabric.

"Come here," I said and Lana knew exactly what I wanted. She got onto her knees between my spread thighs and I grabbed her head with both hands and rubbed it all over my cock. Back and forth, all over, the hair of her wig between my fingers.

"Take it out. Take it out and suck my cock," I ordered.

With one sweeping motion, Lana's hands went to the leg hole of my shorts and pulled the stretchy fabric, tugged it, tugged it over me and my cock and balls fairly sprang free, my blood pulsing and within a few heartbeats she stared, her face only inches away, as I grew to full erection.

"Suck my cock, Lana, baby, suck my cock so good."

And I leaned back and thrust myself at her and Lana took me with both hands and guided me into her mouth and began to kiss and lick my precum and to suck on my swollen knob and slowly began to gobble me up and I wanted everything, I wanted everything and I wanted it right now and with both hands I grabbed her head and shoved my cock all the way into the back of her throat and she gurgled and gasped and choked but then regained herself as nature took over and I fucked her face as she sucked me, watching my shaft slide past her red lipstick lips and disappear deep down into her mouth and within moments I was pumping my cum deep down her throat. It was like nothing else. Ever.

And she released me and looked up at me with dizzy eyes. I immediately stood and grabbed her beneath the arms and lifted and threw her back onto the bed and she fell with her legs open and I lay on top of her and kissed her mouth and tasted my own cum on her lips and then I felt my way down her body until I got to her panties where I took her clitty into my mouth through the satin and sucked until she writhed on the bed. Then, as she'd done to me, I pulled her panties aside and her clean-shaved clitty sprung free and I sucked it vigorously into my mouth, all of her, and I sucked and I sucked and I sucked as hard as I could until she released her slick fluid into me, just as I had done to her.

But I was still hard.

And I wanted more of her.

And I pulled her panties down and off and reaching down grabbed both of her thighs and I flipped her over and said, "get on your knees, Lana. Give yourself to me."

And she got onto all fours then put her face down onto the blanket and reached back and with both hands spread her cheeks and she was already slick with our lovemaking and I bent down and I spread her clean cheeks with my hands and leaned in and licked her tight hole, but that only made me want her all the more and I got up and I pressed my cum-slickened cock against her.

She panted, "I've never..."

And I pressed myself into her as she pushed back and something happened that is beyond explanation and I was fucking her and she was fucking me and we both came again, longer this time, electric bliss.

And after we collapsed and slept in each other's arms for a few hours.

That weekend, I had Lana dress in every outfit we could think of, and we were like rabbits until we were both beyond exhaustion.

"Next weekend?" she asked as she stood in the garage by her car early Monday morning.

"Next weekend." I confirmed.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/18/18

So sweet and lovely....

I love them both, okay? Lance and Lana are both so...vulnerable. His cock is big enough for me, and I could eat out her sweet/salty cunt and kick her clit until both of us came. There, I've said it.more...

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by alicia0807/13/18


I was caught dressed in sexy underwear by a neighbour of my parents when I was a teenager, this story is so close to my own experience with this man

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by LanaBehave07/11/18

Yes he caught me...

When the neighbor, Mr. Smithee, caught me, caught Lana just finishing my...transformation, it was one of those whirlwind moments of spinning, flying emotion that just immediately seem out of control. Immediatelymore...

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by Anonymous07/11/18

worth another chapter

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by Anonymous07/11/18

hot scenario...

your story was a huge turn on...but you rushed through the sex details too fast...

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