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Land of the Giant Shemales


This story can be read standalone but it is a prequel to another one I've written, "Stiff Sentencing For A Young Man," this story delves into Tess' past. The past of the mysterious shemales who came to America for their rich supply of men and were apprehended or possibly killed in the process by authorities. Step back in time with me and learn about this once peaceful society of giant shemales...


It was a beautiful day. No one on Inacock could have guessed that this would be the day that things changed. Most lived in genuine harmony with one another and enjoyed life. These giantesses loved to express themselves, they loved pleasure, they loved and longed for sexual servicing. Sex was their one great love.

These massive shemales had equally massive hard cocks and hefty balls. This large equipment had them very horny all the time. Sex. Fuck. Sex. They needed it. The huge shemales needed it more than food and even more than air, or so it felt.

The giantesses lived in harmony because they did get sex and lots of it. Either from ships which somehow found themselves at Inacock or through actively chasing ships down and drafting men to be used for their pleasure. The day was a beautiful one which presented untold danger because this was the day where these precious butts... errr... men were lost.

A particularly overweight but pretty shemale hurried up a hill even taller than she was. Her name was Marie. She worked for the Queen of Inacock, Queen Katherine. Marie didn't have good news for Queen Katherine. No, it wasn't good news at all. Reports was spreading out over the village that a cave-in had released their reservoir of male servicers.

Ordinarily, that wouldn't disrupt life on Inacock too much. Queen Katherine would dispatch a search party to find these disobedient servicers and bring them back to the giantesses for punishment. The report went on to say that the men escaped by way of one of the shemales' ships.

Marie knew what that might mean for Inacock and checked it out for herself. The reports were true and the men had indeed escaped, with a vessel no less. Marie made it to the top of the hill and hurried though Queen Katherine's elaborate quarters before finding the Queen. Marie could see that Queen Katherine was otherwise involved with one of her personal servicers. Marie stood quietly at the doorway and watched...

Queen Katherine had spread the man's ass cheeks and with a grunt unbecoming of a Queen but completely natural on Inaocock, stuffed her long, stifling cock inside the man. He did his best not to shout out. This was only his second week on Inacock and he wasn't used to being stuffed like this. Queen Katherine got the best new booty available.

The Queen expertly snapped her hips and thrust her cock deep inside the man. He had been part of a diving mission that got lost in the vast ocean and saw the fire from Inacock, they docked to ask for supplies when he and his mates were promptly taken as property of the shemales of Inacock. Now he was one of the Queen's rumps and had twelve inches of Queen Katherine shoved into his tight asshole daily.

The shemales on Inacock enjoyed fucking so much that they'd often screw multiple servicers dozens of times a day before their swollen cocks would be satisfied. Queen Katherine was in ecstasy as the man below her clung to the bed sheets for dear life. Her dick seemed to grow even thicker as her back arched and she shot a massive load into the man's ass.

Queen Katherine turned around to catch Marie in the doorway, Marie's cock was dripping precum onto the floor. The Queen quickly kicked her cum-filled servant under the bed and covered her naked, sweaty body with a robe. She followed the trail of cum from the floor up to Marie's skirt, "Perhaps you're not getting enough if you have to sneak in and watch me take a man, Marie?" The Queen's red lips formed a smile.

"I'm sorry, Queen Katherine. I came here with news and it can't wait. The reports are true."

Queen Katherine's smile immediately disappeared and the color seemed to leave her elegant face. "How many?" She asked.

"My Queen, I'm not sure how many men escaped..."

"No," Queen Katherine's eyes shot up to Marie's, "I mean..." She looked over to her servicer who was currently sprawled out on the floor, rubbing his sore ass, "How many are left?"

Marie searched her mind for a moment, "Just the ones that are kept in homes with some girls."

"That isn't very many at all." She walked over to her servicer and lifted the surprised man up in her arms, Queen Katherine handed his trembling body to Marie, "We must share now until we set sail to find more men. You can't walk around leaking like that. Have him and enjoy."

Queen Katherine walked out of the bedroom and left Marie alone with the small man cuddled against her big, soft body. Marie gently tapped the door shut with her butt and walked over to the bed.

Tess walked through the village. The sex-filled tranquility had taken on a frenetic new feel. The mountainous shemales bounded through the village for confirmation of the reports they had heard. It didn't sound good. Shemales yelled back and forth throughout the village trying to find out how many men were left and what they were going to do about it.

Tess made her way through the bustling village until she could see the sloping hill where the Queen's home stood. Queen Katherine and Tess had a long history. Tess believed in the Queen and was ready to lead a ship to look for more men. They couldn't last like this for long. She was relieved to see the Queen already out of her home and briskly walking down the hill. The Queen's two sisters followed on either side. They met up where the slope ended and hugged tightly, their oversized breasts mashing together.

"Is it true, my Queen?" The hug broke and Tess bowed before Queen Katherine in a show of respect which was usually reserved for formal occasions in favor of just a hug.

"I'm afraid so, Tess. I'm going to the stage for a village discussion."

"I will pledge myself to any expedition for acquisition of more men to line our bedrooms."

The Queen shook her head appreciatively and set off for the village with her sisters. Tess and the Queen's sisters shared an uneasy relationship. They were brutes compared to Queen Katherine and a bad influence on the village. They were steadfast proponents of harsher treatment for the men they plundered. Queen Katherine, Tess and many more villagers felt that using them for gratification whether they liked it or not was enough.

Queen Katherine ascended to the stage and called out to the woman of the village. They trickled into the modest stadium quickly. Tess saw a friend of hers, Jessica, and sat next to her. That may have been a bad idea because Jessica was young and naive and very fearful that the giantesses' honey hole had run dry. Jessica saw Tess with the Queen and pestered her for answers.

"Is everyone that can make it seated? Great." Queen Katherine stalked the stage, flanked by her sisters. "I must start by telling all of you that the rumors you've heard today are true. Marie as well as many of you have seen firsthand that the men we stored for use were freed last night and escaped on one of our ships." A huge gasp washed over the entire crowd of shemales.

"Don't worry. The situation is under control. Tess has already graciously offered to lead a ship with the sole mission of getting us more men. Until then, I urge everyone still in possession of men to share them. Share their wonderful flowers with your neighbors and their neighbors. We will get through this unfortunate moment in time. I promise you."

"She's promised a lot of things!" Someone shouted from the crowd.

Tess immediately recognized the voice. It was Donna. She was a particularly nasty shemale who had long been at odds with Queen Katherine. People in the audience were surprised at the disrespect but said nothing. They didn't want to get on the bad side of Donna. She was the biggest shemale in the village at eight feet tall and a great deal of girth. Donna was enormous. She knew how to use it too with the men she terrorized.

Queen Katherine paused before speaking, "Let us not let the voices of a few get to our heads. This is a time to work together and make due with what we have," she calmly asserted.

"They're keeping all the men for themselves. You'll all see. We won't have enough. Our horny cocks will suffer while theirs grow fat in the tight rectums of secret servicers!"

The Queen's sisters would have escorted anyone talking back to the Queen like that out of there but they strangely stood quiet. It was Queen Katherine who was done.

"That's enough! Report to Tess if you'll join her on a ship to find fresh meat out there on the ocean... and get in contact with Marie if you have any men at home you're willing to share so that she can coordinate a time when we're all allowed turns."


Tess set sail with a group of other giantesses but came back after three days fruitless. Not even one peach. Tess and her women did the same thing the next day and extended their journey to a fourth day but found no trace of other ships. The village was getting restless. There wasn't enough booty to go around. The huge shemales' full balls hung heavy.

Then the worst happened. Men were being brutally screwed upwards of twenty times a day and being so filled motivated them to plot their escape. They knew that since the other men had escaped before it could be done again. It was a week after the cave-in that freed the reservoir of men that almost all the men escaped on a small ship. All men but those wrapped in the massive arms of their owners and the Queen's personal servicers had gotten away.

Restlessness turned into something worse. Violence had broken out. There were reports of shemale-on-shemale sex, such was a last resort and highly frowned upon. The giantesses couldn't control their needy cock and sought relief with one another. Amid all this uncertainty, Queen Katherine held another village discussion and urged an end to this shemale fucking which had been taking place. She asked for more time.

Donna rudely butted in again, "It was your decision to store the men in that reservoir in the first place! You didn't prevent the rest of the servicers from escaping either! Another expedition will do nothing. Those men went home and warned their comrades about Inacock!"

Shemales argued back and forth and some shoving occurred. Young Jessica clung to Tess' arm.

"CALM!" Queen Katherine's cut through the crowd and made her sisters, who were presently doing nothing, jump about a foot in the air.

"Tess will set sail again tomorrow. There will be no more shemale-on-shemale fucking. We must keep it together, girls!" She warned.


Tess did set sail again the next day with the same result. Things got worse after that. Friends were starting to turn on friends in their desperate need for booty to screw. Tess returned with her band of horny shemales to this situation. Young shemales were being picked off first by Donna and her allies in the village. They were manipulated and tricked into sex. Tess kept a close eye on her friend, Jessica.

She took Jessica up the hill to break the bad news to Queen Katherine. Marie buzzed around the room with a big smile. The room smelled pleasantly of sex and Tess saw a servicer leaking cum on the floor and surmised that Queen Katherine had just let Marie have a taste.

Queen Katherine looked hopefully at Tess who cast her eyes down the floor. "Perhaps Donna is right. Perhaps the men who escaped did warn their countries not to sail here." the Queen said.

"It can't be true, my Queen. We're going to get lucky like Marie just did." Marie giggled. Tess and Queen Katherine shared a knowing smile.

"Maybe not. I know what Donna is doing though. She'll split up this village if we're not careful, Tess."

"That can't happen."

"That's why you're going back out bright and early tomorrow. For a week this time. I would like to tell you to stay out there until you come back with men but I'm afraid I may need your counsel."

Tess readily agreed to the Queen's wishes. "And before you two leave. I should offer you a go with my friend on the bed over here. I know it's been a while, Tess. Your restraint amazes me."

Jessica jumped at the chance but Tess grabbed her arm and said, "We must prepare for this long journey and it must be a success, Jessica. There's no time for this." Jessica pouted her pretty lips all the way down the hill from the Queen's residence.


Tess, Jessica and the rest of their party set sail next morning. They spent a long week in a ship on the ocean. Harsh waves beat against the boat and made their journey a perilous one. They were unsuccessful in finding ships to board and men to take back to Inacock but they survived. It was dark when they made it back.

Tess and Jessica followed the beaten path back to the village from where they docked their ships and they heard mysterious sounds. They hurried closer and realized that the sounds were cheers. Screams and shemale roars could be heard as they saw smoke from the fires. Just on the outskirts of the village they saw Donna approaching them. She was fully dressed in an odd outfit closely resembled ones Tess had seen that shemales of generations past wore during warring. Jessica hung on Tess' arm.

All three walked until they met, "Good to see you back, Tess," her eyes flicked to Jessica, "and who's this?" Donna licked her lips.

"This is Jessica, my friend and a great ally on the ocean."

"I don't see any men with you though. Are they still on the ship?"

"We didn't have any luck." Tess told her dejectedly.

"Oh well. Better luck next time. Well, it was nice meeting you, Jessica." Donna opened her arms to hug Jessica which shemales often did when they met, but Tess didn't think it felt right under the circumstances.

Jessica held onto Tess' arm so hard that she was almost losing circulation. Tess gently steered Jessica in Donna's direction and she reluctantly embraced Donna, whose open arms wrapped around Jessica. Donna was over a foot taller than Jessica and a lot bigger around. Tess could see that Jessica wanted out of the hug but Donna held it. All of the sudden, Donna's hands slid down Jessica's back and cupped her big butt cheeks through her skirt, Donna's lips moved closer to Jessica's ear, "I mean it was really nice meeting you." Tess pulled Jessica away to Jessica's great relief.

Donna had a big bulge in the strange skirt she wore which hadn't been there before the hug with Jessica, "I better get back. We heard something and I went to check it out. That's when I found you two. All three of us are missing a good show back at the village."

Tess was puzzled, what was going on back at the village? She grabbed Jessica's hand, who didn't want to be within ten feet of Donna, and dragged her back to town.

What Tess found back at the village shocked her. Fires were lit all around the stadium and they lit up the dark sky. There had to be at least fifty shemales out there. Tess recognized the Queen's sister on stage. Two shemales stood side by side in front of the stadium, looking up at the Queen's sisters.

"You, who both promise yourselves to this war pit, using only your bodies as weapons, will do battle, " her sister added, "You, who both promise yourselves to the outcome, whether winner or loser. The winner to not injure once the battle is done and the loser to submit yourself to any and all desires of the winner."

Both women uttered "Yes."

Tess recognized one as an old friend from school, Amber, and another woman who sold chicken in the town square, Veronica. They were a long way from Tess' memories of them. Battle? Did Queen Katherine know about this?

The Queen's sisters lit a fire on the stage which must have signaled that it was okay to fight. The crowd went wild. Tess watched the display. Big boners bobbed under the skirts of the two women. Veronica scratched Amber across the face. She was tackled and they punched and kicked each other on the dirt floor.

The crowd cheered loudly. Veronica threw Amber against the stadium and the assault continued. Amber countered and they continued to scuffle. Tess couldn't believe it but continued to watch. Finally, Veronica threw Amber to the floor, her old friend cried out and begged for the fight to stop.

That was fine with Veronica who dropped to her knees. Tess' old friend was lying on her stomach, her face to the crowd. The crowd was uproarious, Amber dropped her head to the dirt. Veronica lifted up Amber's skirt and revealed her ass. "You scratched me!" Veronica spread Amber's firm butt cheeks apart and dug her cock inside her little butt hole. Veronica roared loudly over the crowd and immediately started a string of thrusts inside Amber whose head had been pulled out of the dirt.

"Bounce that fat ass back against my cock, that's it!" Veronica's cock disappeared inside Amber's asshole and reappeared again. Veronica moaned and spanked Amber's ass, though she followed the rules and didn't hurt Amber.

Tess looked down and realized that her cock was erect. Shemale-on-shemale sex was such a taboo thing but here was half the village cheering about it. Tess looked over and saw that Jessica's cock was hard as a rock as well. Tess couldn't stop watching Veronica's big balls as they slapped against Amber and Amber's bubble butt being screwed. She took every inch of Veronica's dick.

Veronica's back stiffened as she cried out, unloading what it looked like she'd been saving for days. Amber grunted while her insides were filled with the sticky mess. The Queen's sisters quickly escorted a satisfied Veronica and woozy Amber off the stage. Tess watched as both of them were ushered into a hut, Veronica dug her nails into Amber's butt cheeks as they entered. I guess it doesn't stop at one fuck in front of the crowd, Tess thought.

Donna walked out in front of the stadium and quieted the unruly crowd. She spoke, "I will take my turn now that Veronica has found a happy ending with Amber," the fire was bright enough that Tess had a perfect view of the big smile on Donna's face when she turned toward them, "I will challenge Jessica to a round in the war pit with me!" The crowd roared.

The Queen's sisters walked toward Tess and Jessica. It didn't look like this war pit was much of a choice and Tess knew that Jessica had no chance against Donna. Tess threw her arms up and stopped the Queen's sisters, "Continue your fun, Donna. Jessica and I must see the Queen and inform her of our journey!" The crowd let out a sigh and the Queen's sisters looked back at Donna for direction. Donna shook her head and Tess took off for the Queen's residence with Jessica almost stitched on her arm.

"Thank you, Tess. Thank you so... so much."

"Don't worry about it. We've got to talk to Queen Katherine."

"Do you... do you think afterward maybe we could see if Veronica will give us some alone time with Amber?" Tess didn't answer.

They made it to the Queen's residence and found her sitting in a big chair. A servicer on either side. Queen Katherine seemed to be watching the fire solemnly. "We've returned, my Queen."

"... And brought nothing."

"My Queen?"

"I know what's going on in the village, Tess. I know that and I know you were unsuccessful."

"Your sister's were there too. They were following Donna's orders."

"I said I know. They can't be trusted anymore. Always were bad seeds... right?" She chuckled.

"What's going on? Why are they doing this?"

"They're damn horny, Tess. They're listening to their cocks and their cocks need asses and throats to fuck. It doesn't matter so much whose. There's nothing I can do.... nothing anyone can do."

"You can't say that. The village is falling apart. This isn't right! You have to stay strong, my Queen."

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