tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLani's Vacation

Lani's Vacation


To say it was hot would be an understatement. Lani's '73 VW beetle didn't have AC and the line of traffic heading into Sandbridge Beach was creeping along at a whopping 12 miles per hour. At least she was close. The drive from Baltimore could have been worse and this vacation was long overdue. At least it gave her time to find some good radio stations and while the sweat soaked her short wavy auburn hair, she sang at the top of her lungs with every song that came on.

The pink tank top and little black workout shorts were completely stuck to her skin by the time she pulled into the driveway of the little beach house rental that was to be home for the next two weeks. As she peeled herself from the car she new she had to have looked insane. Thankful for the carport and sand dunes to obstruct most of the view, she at least tried to reposition her clothing to be somewhat presentable. Short and curvy with massive breasts, nothing ever seemed "appropriate" but out here she really didn't care. She grabbed her purse and a duffel bag from the car and headed for the front door. The rest could wait 'til after a shower.

Standing in front of the purple door, she dug through her purse to find the email she had printed out with the code for the lock box.

"Hey there pretty lady!" Came a startling male voice from way too close behind her.

She squealed as she jumped, turned and dropped EVERYTHING. Trying to collect herself and be polite she smiled, "Hey." She attempted to smooth back her hair and readjust the tank top that was surely amplifying her tits even though they never needed their own introduction.

"Didn't mean to scare you" he said, "was just gonna ask if you needed a hand. I'm Aaron. My friends and I are staying next door. We just got here this morning."

She suddenly realized he was holding out his hand to be shaken. Embarrassed that hers was so sweaty, she accepted the greeting after trying unsuccessfully to dry her hand first on her sweat drenched shorts.

"I'm Lani. Nice to meet you."

"So do you need a hand?"

"Ummmm...probably...not sure, I haven't even managed to get the key from the box yet. Give me a second."

She turned around and bent to get her purse from where she dropped it and unintentionally gave him the best shot ever of her perfectly plump round ass. This time the email was right on top and she punched the numbers into the little box and it popped open revealing 3 keys on a single ring.

"Ha! Got em." She said and unlocked the door. As she turned to grab the duffel bag, Aaron already had it in his hand and was waving her on. "After you ma'am!"

"Oh...uh...thanks." She seemed oblivious to the fact that she just basically invited a stranger in her front door and that he was staring at her amazing ass as he followed her up the stairs to the main level of the raised house.

She was suddenly freezing. The realtor had said the ac would be on, but against her sweat soaked body it was too cold. Her nipples promptly tried to tear through her shirt. Wrapping her arms around herself she darted around to open a few windows and cut the ac back.

"Anything else in the car?" Aaron asked suddenly reminding her he was there.

"Oh my goodness! Yeah. But thanks. I was just gonna grab it after a bit."

"No worries. I like to help, and you look like ya need it."

"That is so sweet. Thank you. Maybe you and your friends can join me for dinner one night while I'm here."

"It's not a problem. And that sounds great! Be right back."

Lani walked through the house opening blinds and curtains. She took her purse and bag to the master bedroom and came out to find Aaron coming up the steps with her backpack of electronics and her box with all the alcohol she could possibly need for 2 weeks. She hadn't even noticed earlier what he looked like. When she put the box in the car, it was empty and she ran back and forth loading it because there was no way she could carry it full. He didn't even seem phased! He was tall, about 6'2", maybe 6'3", built like a football player with a slight dark beard and very sexy dark eyes. How had she missed that?? It must have been the heat. It's the only answer.

"Planning a party?"

"Huh? Oh...no. That's just for me. Options and all. I like variety." She giggled a little.

"Is this the last one?" called a strange voice from the stairs.

"Holy crap!!!" Lani yelled.

"Whoa whoa whoa....easy. That's just my boy Tj" Aaron explained, "he saw me coming in and asked if I needed help so I told him to grab the small suitcase from the trunk. Love the car by the way."

Tj was just as tall but thinner, wiry almost, with sandy hair and gorgeous big green eyes and the most adorable smile you could imagine.

She took a deep breath to calm her nerves a little now that she has been startled twice in the last 15 minutes. "Thank you. Both of you. And thanks, I restored it myself. Just wish I had put AC in it!" She motioned to how sweaty she was from the drive. "Do you guys mind if we get together a little later? I am craving a shower and a drink in the worst possible way."

Aaron grinned and extended his hand again, "Not a problem pretty lady. You take care now." She shook his hand and he headed for the stairs.

"Where do you want this?" Tj asked.

"Oh you can just sit it on the couch. Thank you. And it was nice to meet you Tj. It was nice meeting both of you!"

She shook his hand as well, and watched from the top of the stairs as they left and shut the door behind them. After a few moments, she darted down the stairs and locked both the handle and the deadbolt on the door. She just imagined getting out of the shower to find them multiplying in her living room. She never asked how many friends Aaron had staying with him next door, but she didn't want to find out that way.

As soon as she got to the top of the steps she peeled off the sweaty tank top and workout shorts and headed for the master bathroom. As the warm shower poured down her skin she could feel the stress and pain from home going down the drain with it. She had a plan for this trip. One she had shared with no one at all. Her friendly neighbors seemed like they were going to be very eager, even if unknowingly so, to help her plan succeed. As she soaped up her body she washed away the pain of her husband leaving her a year ago. She washed away the pain of the baby they had lost. She washed it all down the drain. She was letting them both go. She was going to be a mother, one way or another. And she was finally going to do so on her terms instead of her controlling ex husband forcing her and then taking it from her because he found someone else. Her back still ached from time to time from the push down the stairs that ended her baby's life before it had a chance to begin. But that was all that she was going to hold onto from it. From the second she steps out of this single shower, she is never looking back. She is taking her life back and is going to embrace every bit of it. She didn't care who the father really would be. She wasn't going to keep him around anyway. He would never know. By the time she gets in that car to head back to Baltimore she will have turned 30 and she will be pregnant. She turned the water off and reached for a towel. She patted herself dryish and wrung most of the water out of her hair and wrapped the towel around herself.

She walked into the kitchen and pulled a bottle of Shiraz from the box and opened it. She took a few minutes to put the other various bottles into the cabinets and found a glass. She poured herself a full glass and carried it and the bottle toward the back sliding door. Looking out onto the deck, she was very pleased with herself for picking this house. Sipping the wine she remembered talking with the realtor. He had been concerned about her wanting to "just get away" with the tenants that were staying next door. Some fraternity from some Ivy League school up north has been coming here for reunion for the past decade. He had been worried about noise. She didn't care about noise. It was just what she was looking for. No house behind her. And the one on the other side sat further toward the road with no view into her backyard past the sand dunes.

She finished the first glass of wine and refilled it, grabbed a pair of sunglasses, dropped the towel, and opened the door. With one last breath, she stepped outside. She could feel the sun on her skin as she never had before. She walked calmly to the lounge chair in the middle of the deck and sat down. Taking another long drink from her glass she put it and the bottle on the table and laid back to wait and see what would happen. It didn't take long before the wine made her insides as warm as the sun made her skin. She wondered if they noticed her yet. She grabbed the glass and downed it again only to fill it one last time. She knew she would have to be patient. Half way through the glass, she felt her eyes getting heavy. "Well crap", she thought to herself, "I hadn't planned on passing out my first day here!"

That was the last thought she had before she stirred awake to the sensation of hands on her body. Everywhere. Still drunk she tried to get up. That's when a strong hand held her back and a sweet southern voice whispered, "relax pretty lady, we won't hurt you." It was Aaron's voice. She thought she was opening her eyes, but she couldn't see. "Maybe not so much wine next time", she thought to herself.

The sun was still beating down but there was cool water on her body. Someone was wiping her down with a damp cloth. It felt amazing. She reached for her head and realized they had a blindfold on her. A bearded mouth pressed gently against hers and she offered the tip of her tongue gently. Gradually more hands were replaced by mouths. That mixed with the blindfold and muddled by wine was sensory overload. She started to pass out again, but first the voice whispered close, "do you want us to stop?"

"No. Whatever you do, don't ever stop!"

She doesn't know how long it lasted or for how much of it she was passed out. She does know that her neighbors welcomed her properly.

It was dark when she woke up fully. The blindfold was finally gone. She was in the bed too. She doesn't remember getting there. She had glimpses of memory from the afternoon. She had initially assumed it was Aaron that began kissing her mouth because of the beard. At one point though, both mouths on her nipples were bearded as well. She remembered being wet. So very wet. She remembered fingers inside her dripping pussy. She remembered begging someone to please fuck her. She remembered cumming so hard she passed out again. That was all early. Then there were flashes of memory. In horror she reached down to touch her ass. Yep. That had happened. For the first time. And she doesn't even remember it. She remembered for a second someone strong holding her up like a child but while he had his cock buried deep inside her. Oh my god. She actually did remember at that point someone was behind her as well. It was too much. It was easier to go back to sleep. She told them not to stop. She gently touched her pussy. It was so swollen and sore. Carefully she slid a finger inside. She wondered if they came inside her. She hoped so. But it didn't feel like it.

Rolling over she reached for her phone to check the time. It was only 9:30. At least it didn't seem to last too long. She contemplated a shower but decided to go jump in the pool instead. It was still warm outside and the water felt great on her bare skin. She started to wonder why she had even brought clothes at all! This was going to be an all naked vacation.

Her tummy began to rumble and she remembered she hadn't eaten since she left Baltimore. So she climbed out of the pool and headed for the house to order Chinese.

"Hey Lani! You ready for another round already?" The voice came from the raised deck next door. It was Tj.

"I have got to get something to eat. I'm starving and apparently I used up a good bit of energy while I was unconscious!"

"We just ordered pizza, come join us!"

"Ok. Let me get dressed."

"No need for that, just use the gate. There isn't anyone out front right now."

She thought about it for a moment and then decided "fuck it, it's supposed to be my naked vacation anyway", and she walked naked out her gate and all the way to their front door and knocked. She couldn't believe she was actually doing this. Just as she was about to freak out and run back home, Tj opened the door. "God you're awesome. You seriously don't give a shit do you?"

"Am I supposed to? And if so why?"

"Well there is that whole legal aspect, but whatever. Come on in."

She suddenly felt exposed now that she was inside their place. There were guys everywhere. Just guys. No other females at all. And they were all fully dressed. She was not.

"Let me introduce you to everyone" Tj said.

"This is Paul, Rodney, Kevin, and Max. Out back is Tyler, David, and Andrew. Aaron you know, and the rest of the guys went out for a bit.

"Hey pretty lady!" Aaron said from behind her as he leaned down to nuzzle and kiss her neck while grabbing her ass right at the crack with a finger pressing straight against her sore hole.

"Hi." She said shyly. Looking at Tj, she asked "so how many of these guys have I already 'met'?"

"Telling you that wouldn't be any fun now would it?"

"Were you there?"

"Hell yeah!" He said and pinched her nipple reminding her just how naked she was. "Want a beer?"

"Sure! And you mentioned pizza?"

"It's not here yet. But you can get it when the guy gets here!"

She rolled her eyes at him.

"How ya feelin'?" Asked a stranger.

She looked at him with confusion, trying to put a name to the face quickly.

"I'm Max. We met earlier but I doubt you remember."

"Oh. Ok. Ummm...I'm still a little out of it. Wish I could remember everything."

Max was shorter than Tj and Aaron. Slightly pudgy, but his red hair and full red beard were definitely appealing.

"Well, since I am not quite as big as some of the others, I fucked your ass first." He was so casual about it. This guy took her anal virginity and he didn't seem to give a damn. "You were so tight. I wasn't sure you liked it at first because I think you were crying. But I wasn't sure if it was from that or because you were gagging on Tyler's monster dick at the same time. Maybe it was a combination of the two. All I know is I opened ya up real good for the other couple of guys that took turns there. You just kept cumming all over yourself then."

All she could think is that this guy is an idiot.

Just then the doorbell rang.

"Pizza!!!" All nine of them yelled at once!

"You're up!" Tj grinned at her and ushered her to the front door.

She painted her confidence back on her face as she opened the door to pizza delivery boy about 18 or 19 years old, in her full naked glory. He didn't even look up at first, just read off the receipt,"6 large pepperoni, 2 large sausage, and 2 large supreme is $114.87." As he started to look up, he stopped when he saw her massive bare tits right in front of him.

"Wait...they didn't pay already? No one gave me money. They just wanted me to answer the door. I guess they thought it would be funny. Hold on." And she turned to look for Tj who seemed to have vanished. "Are you kidding me?" She thought to herself. "Come on in with them" she told the kid. Walking to the kitchen she realized they were all missing. "Where the hell did everyone go?"

"Looks like they left you to pay!" said the kid pulling the hot boxes from the bags and putting them on the table.

"Oh yeah, right, let me just pull the cash from my pocket," She snarled sarcastically.

"I think you have more than enough," He said reaching out to lift one of her massive tits. She rolled her eyes as it hit her what was going on.

"Ha, ha, guys. Very funny! Come on now and pay the kid so he can get back to work!" The boy now had both hands squeezing her breasts and his rough thumbs were rubbing circles on her nipples. She wasn't surprised at all when they got rock hard as if in invitation for him to taste them. He leaned down and took first one and then the other in his mouth before stepping back to look at her. He smiled and rubbed his crotch which now obviously bulged with his hard on pressing against his jeans. Lani sighed and rolled her eyes and couldn't believe she was going to do this.

"Fine", she said, "what's it gonna cost me?"

"How about you get it wet a little, and then let me titty fuck ya? I've always wanted to try that!"

She plopped on an ottoman and held out her hand as if waiting for someone to pass a remote. The awkward kid scrambled with his belt and zipper and hobbled toward her as his pants and underwear settled around his knees. She didn't even look at him, but spit in her hand and grabbed his dick and started working the moisture up and down. With a few more spits, she got on her knees on the ottoman to make herself the right height. She pulled him close and wrapped her tits around his young cock. He started fucking away like she knew he would. She remembered boys like this from when she was a kid herself. He had no rhythm whatsoever but it didn't matter. He was going to make himself cum using her tits. She squeezed tighter and smiled up at him. Biting her bottom lip she looked at him with the sexiest blue eyes he had ever seen and he just lost it. He poked her chin over and over as he grunted and shot his load all over her.

As expected the room broke out in applause as all the guys came back in. Someone handed her a roll of paper towels which she accepted as she stood up off the ottoman and began cleaning herself off.

"Y'all suck!" She snapped.

"Best tip ever!" Beamed the kid who was high fiving everyone else. He passed the credit card slip to Aaron who grinned at Lani as he signed it and handed it back.

"You owe me!" She yelled as she went to find the bathroom to wash off.

"Yes ma'am!" Aaron yelled after her. "See ya later kid" he said to the pizza boy as he ushered him back out the door.

Lani decided to actually hop in one of the showers to rinse off before going back out to find food. After drying off she walked into a bedroom and grabbed a t-shirt that was just laying on the bed and pulled it over her head. It was pretty big and she felt a little better not being quite as exposed for a bit. She made her way back down the hall toward the smell of food. She had almost forgotten that that was what she had come over for!

"Nice shirt! Looks better on you than it does on me!"

She spun around to see Tjs adorable grin and bright green eyes smiling at her. "Yeah well, it's the least you could do."

"Fair enough. Now grab some pizza! You've earned it."

The mood relaxed more as everyone ate and had a few drinks. Simple conversations about where everyone lived and what they did for work. Mixed in were little bits about who did what while she was passed out. She learned that they had all used condoms when they fucked her. She apparently swallowed a few loads of cum though as well as taken one in her ass. Most had fun cumming all over her pretty face. She now understood why her pussy was so swollen and sore. Upon saying as much, the plain looking guy she learned was called Paul, took an ice cube from his drink and reached with it between her legs. The cold actually felt really good on her hot pussy and he held it in place cupping his hand around and shoving two fingers deep inside her.

"Oh! Well that escalated quickly!" She said and just relaxed to let it happen. She soon realized however that they all began moving closer like they were done with pizza and ready for dessert!

"Hold up!" She spoke up and stood to make it clear this wasn't happening like this.

"I am all about having some more fun, and hopefully I will remember it this time, but to be perfectly honest I am not all about greasy pizza hands all on and IN me. How about we slow down a little? Wash up. Clean up. And y'all can show me this amazing beach a block over. How's that sound? I will gladly make sure everyone is happy tonight before I turn in, but let's go slower. I want to experience it all WITH you this time!"

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