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Elise walked off the stage, her body perspiring. She rushed to her dressing room to dry herself off, slip on some panties, don her robe and head back to the theater where the men both old and young were waiting for the chance to feel her young nubile body squirming on their laps. That was where the money was in this place, and it was good money. O'Farrell theater was a destination point for horny men from around the world and the dancers were the best paid in the business.

Elise had really found her element when she'd taken this job nearly eighteen months before. She was finally out of debt, had a fine little sports coupe, wore great looking clothes and got all the kinky sex she wanted. She'd had brief affairs with a couple of customers, as well as with a few dancers. Now she wanted to meet someone outside the business, someone she could see in the privacy of her own home where she could play out all of her rich fantasies. She knew instinctively that person needed to be another woman. If she were going to give in to her masochistic fantasies she needed to do it with someone who would respect her limits. Men were too untrustworthy. She'd learned that over and over during her life. And, truth be told, she never felt so excited as when she gazed down between her upturned thighs to see a beautiful woman's face poised above her genitals.

Casey stepped into the dressing room just as Elise was slipping on her robe. The new girl was coming in to begin her shift. She was dressed in black leather pants that glistened in the lights from the makeup table. Her silk blouse was knotted beneath her remarkably full breasts leaving her tanned midriff bare. This was a dancer Elise had promised herself she'd check out later. Suddenly it felt like the moment was now.

"Hi." Elise's fingers released her robe which fell open down the front, exposing her naked loins and the inside curve of both breasts. Casey's eyes followed the movement, instantly taking in the perfection of Elise's body before lifting to meet her gaze. A smile crossed her moist lips.

"I knew there was a reason besides money I wanted to work for this place." Many of the girls worked with other girls in Copenhagen Live where patrons expected to see a little action between the dancers. Obviously Casey enjoyed that particular aspect of her duties as much as Elise always did. The lush young woman stepped close to Elise, her left hand reaching out until her fingers slid over Elise's silk panties on their way between her thighs. Elise locked her hips and at the same time spread the panels of her robe to expose her luscious body completely. Casey stepped closer bringing her silk covered breasts into contact with Elise's naked breasts. Both young women stared down at the luscious caress of silk on bare skin. Sadly, the sound of high heels clicking along the corridor outside brought their impromptu seduction to a sudden end. They stepped apart, eyes still locked together.

"Later my sweet." Casey smiled before turning from her and walking toward the closet where the dancers hung their street closes. Elise's eyes took in the tight round cheeks of Casey's lovely bottom, then turned to leave, her fingers pulling her robe closed as she walked. This was definitely an interesting development.

When Casey came on stage Elise had been in the darkened theater for about fifteen minutes. Moving from lap to lap, each with its own version of an erection that prodded her firm young bottom, had added to the arousal Elise felt stirred by this luscious young woman. Elise watched Casey undulating on stage, slowly stripping off the few garments covering her perfect body. The twitching organ now wedged between her cheeks told her the nice looking young man who presently occupied her attention was equally entranced by Casey's performance.

It was a good thing about the house rules or Elise might have let this well built man slide that thing into her already wet pussy. She smiled to herself at the wicked possibility of fucking this man while eating Casey's beautiful pussy. Casey was on her knees at the moment, derriere pointing toward the audience, fingers playing across her naked genitals, spreading the puffy lips to expose the entrance to every man's desire, every woman's delight. Elise didn't resist the fingers sliding over her breasts. Instead she fantasized they were Casey's hands holding her, Casey's fingers teasing her nipples.

Casey left the stage and Elise turned on the man's lap to give him her full attention. He was about to slide his hand beneath her robe when she extended her own hand.

"Time to pay the toll mister." She whispered in his ear. Glancing down she saw him slip a twenty dollar bill out of his pocket. She slowly folded the bill and slid it into the side of her panties, a garment that never left her body when she was on the floor. She slid her arm around the young man's shoulder, her other hand pulling the silk robe open to reveal her beautiful breasts. Twenty bucks deserved a little special treatment. The fingers were on her naked body. She gave herself up to the caress, her mind floating off to the dressing room where Casey was at that moment naked. Later, my sweet.

Elise made over five hundred dollars that night. She was happy, tired and turned on. She paused in the dimly lit lobby, watching idly as the cashier finished her count. Dancers said goodnight as they exited into the dark San Francisco night. Then Casey appeared, her eyes quickly locating Elise. Without speaking Elise stepped next to her and took Casey's arm as they walked out together. There were a couple of customers still hanging out, watching the dancers leave.

This was often an uncomfortable moment, since the Mitchell Brothers had a strict no fraternization rule and even if you were going to get together with a customer you weren't going to do it right in front of the theater. These guys were just horny. Elise felt the many eyes following she and Casey as they walked across the street arm in arm. Let them play their fantasies out, because if she had her wish, everyone's fantasy would be played out that night.

Elise kept her car in a private garage not far from the theater. The attendant would have gotten her car but she waved him off. The two women waited for the elevator, anxious to be alone. The instant the door closed behind them they were in one another's arms. There was no subtle seduction required here. These were two passionate women, well versed in the joy's of Sappho. Their lips moved together with abandon, tongues meeting, bodies pressing together, hands roaming. The sound of the bell announcing the floor caused them to separate. Elise saw the glazed expression in Casey's eyes and knew the other woman was as excited as she was. No way were they going to make it to an apartment to satisfy this desire. She saw her car and quickly led her new lover toward it. The lights were adequate but not oppressive, which was a relief.

She opened the door, and reached in to release the front seat. Casey understood instantly what was happening and slid into the rear of the coupe. Elise closed the door as she joined her new friend.

Elise's car was parked away from the main route for exiting the garage. It was also early in the morning, which made it unlikely they'd be disturbed. Truth be told, however, the way Elise was feeling there was probably nothing that would have kept her from making love with this beautiful woman at that moment. She gazed over at Casey who was once again dressed in silk blouse and leather pants. Their eyes met and held one another for a moment. Elise lifted her fingers from her thigh and extended them to caress Casey's breasts through the silk. She obviously wasn't wearing a brassiere.

"I was watching you on the stage tonight. I wanted you so much, I'd have eaten you with two hundred men watching." Casey smiled, her tongue lasciviously playing across her full lips.

"Maybe we should suggest it to Jim." Elise smiled as well. He probably wouldn't permit it on the main stage but certainly in one of the specialty shows like Copenhagen Live. But she didn't want to wait and she wouldn't be doing this for money. This was purely for pleasure. Her fingers had slipped the knot free and the silk panels fell apart to reveal those perfect breasts. Both women gazed down at Elise's fingers roaming over the naked mounds, gently teasing, squeezing. Casey leaned back against the leather cushion, her arms pulled back to lift her breasts into greater relief. Elise knew the move and appreciated the gift she was being given. Leaning over she sucked one nipple into her mouth, using her tongue to mercilessly tease the spike hard tip. At the same time she slid her fingers between Casey's thighs, nudging into the leather where it covered that delicious looking pussy.

Casey lifted her face until their lips met once again, deeply kissing, tongues slipping from mouth to mouth in abandoned passion. She felt Casey's fingers pressing into her breasts, felt her nipples stirred to erection, fingers teasing them. Then their lips broke with a gasp.

"This is incredibly frustrating." Casey peered up at her. "Do you live somewhere near here? I want to get your clothes off so I can eat you." Elise smiled at the delicious thought.

"I live in Marin."

"Shit. I live down on the Peninsula." Casey's fingers continued their tantalizing caress of her breast. Then a thought donned on her.

"We could get a hotel room?" Casey smiled.

"Smart girl."

The hotel clerk's sleepy eyes came suddenly alert when he saw these two gorgeous young woman walking toward the front desk. There was nothing demure about their attire and they carried only small makeup cases but he wasn't prepared to write them off as hookers. They were much too lovely for that, even if their bodies were to die for. He watched them walk toward the elevator, his organ swelling in the front of his trousers. Elise smiled over at Casey as they waited for the elevator, aware of the young man's discomfort. On impulse she slid her arm around Casey and leaned over to give her a quick kiss. Stepping into the elevator she glanced back toward the desk and knew she'd made the young man's day.

The women were so turned on by the time they finally got into this private hotel room that they wasted not a second in stripping off their clothes. No fancy teasing here, no need to create a scene, to seduce a partner. They simply threw their garments on the chair and fell naked on the bed, their bodies quickly finding comfort next to one another.

Casey took the initiative, rolling above Elise as they deeply kissed. Breasts massaged hers, thighs entwined with hers. Then that wonderful mouth moved down her body, lingering at her breasts before tasting her belly, nuzzling the rich curls above her loins, then licking intently between her shuddering thighs. The table lamp gave enough illumination that she was able to watch this gorgeous woman working with such skill at her aroused genitals. Lips slick with saliva, tongue darting, eyes heavy with excitement, hands cradling her bottom as Casey lifted her body toward that marauding mouth. She'd never had better loving from a woman.

Then Casey turned her on her stomach and those lips and tongue were playing between the round cheeks of her upraised bottom. Now this was something new, something she'd never before experienced. That tongue was devastating! Elise felt herself losing control. Her hands clutched the bedcovers, her hips lifting toward those hungry lips and tongue which seemed intent on penetrating to the core of her being. Fingers had joined Casey's talented lips and tongue and she felt her pussy invaded, first by one then by who knew how many digits. Her groans filled the space and she jammed her fist in her mouth to keep her scream from bringing the police.

Then she was rolling again and before she knew what was happening thighs settled on either side of her face and Casey's wet genitals were spread before her mouth. Elise needed no invitation to taste this gorgeous woman's delights. Instantly they were eating one another, hands clutching round bottoms as tongues and lips worked their magic. Their bodies were slippery with sweat as they heaved against one another, breasts rubbing against bellies, thighs scissoring as hips lifted and fell. They came together, a gut ripping release that shook Elise to the core. She groaned into the wet genitals spread across her mouth and collapsed.

She had no idea whether it was a few minutes or a few hours before she wakened. Her head turned to the side as her eyes opened and she saw her lover lying naked on the disheveled bedcovers. Casey asleep was even more beautiful than she'd been awake. There was an innocence, a sweetness in her vulnerability. Elise rolled on her side and gazed at her gorgeous lover, whose full breasts, slender waist, long thighs and curvaceous legs drove the men at the theater wild with desire. If only they knew what a wonderful lover she was. Of course, they might be disappointed that Casey saved her most serious loving for other women. Elise smiled at her good fortune. Perhaps she wouldn't need that personals ad after all.

Casey Takes Two Lovers

Casey read the ads as she finished her breakfast. It was two in the afternoon and she was still sleepy. She was okay in the middle of the night when she got off work at the O'Farrell Theatre, but by the time the sun was shining she was exhausted. It was a strange world she lived in. Some would call it exotic, exciting. She felt that way often, but even sex can get old if you have too much of it. She'd been an exotic dancer for nearly three years and it was getting a little old. It seemed like time to settle down. For a while she thought her affair with Elise would turn into a committed relationship. It had been a surprise to Casey when they hit it off so well. Casey had had a couple of brief dalliances with women though her normal gender of choice had always been men. But Elise was incredibly hot, incredibly beautiful. Yet she'd never had luck with people in the business. It was too easy to get upset by a partner's sexual encounters with customers and other dancers. Dancers were notoriously polyamorous.

So maybe someone outside the profession would work better. The ad suggested that Casey might be able to satisfy all her desires with this one couple. The woman's description fit her to a tee. It would definitely be nice to feel those full breasts caressing her own as they made out. A woman like that would certainly attract a gorgeous man. She hadn't felt a man's organ in her pussy for more months than she could remember. That would be nice too. She clipped out the ad and made a mental note to call right after her shower.

Rich lifted his head from the pillow, his eyes opening, then focusing on his wife's beautiful face, on her full lips spread around his saliva smeared organ as her head slowly rose and fell. Her deepset eyes were heavy with excitement, long curving lashes fluttering. He watched her tongue swirl around the sensitive rim of the crown now lying on her lower lip. Her eyes had found his as they shared this sexually charged moment. Their years together had taught each of them how to give maximum pleasure to the other. He was pleased that she loved sucking his cock as much as he enjoyed her skillful caress of mouth and tongue. More often than not at this stage in their relationship they found release through oral sex. Fucking was nice, especially when they risked doing it in a public place, but lips and tongue were now the primary instruments of pleasure. His hips jerked off the bed as his orgasm erupted. He watched his wife swallow his cum, her mouth continuing its unrelenting pressure. Oh yes! He closed his eyes again and rode the waves of release.

"I got a call this morning from someone who sounds worth checking out." They were lying naked next to one another, both recovering from their orgasms. Rich turned on the pillow, sliding his hand over Becky's flat belly, thumb grazing the underside of her oversize breasts. It had been her tits that first caught his attention, quickly followed by her sweet young ass. Her tits were still incredible and her bottom showed no sign of age. He was one happy camper, though he'd been fully behind her suggestion that they add some variety to their already interesting diet. Actually, she'd been on her knees at the time, encouraging him to fuck her harder.

"Did she say anything about herself?"

"Yeah, she works at the Mitchell Brother's theatre downtown. She said her vital statistics are pretty close to what I included in the ad when I described myself."

"I don't think they hire too many dogs at that theatre."

"You've never stopped down there?" He lifted his eyes from her breasts to meet her gaze.

"A couple of times, but that was before I scored big time in meeting you." Becky smiled, her fingers sliding up his thigh to wrap themselves around his flacid organ.

"You do say the nicest things." He felt his cock respond to the gentle pressure.

"So did you make plans for us to meet?" He groaned, his eyes following the fingers slowly stroking him.

"Next Monday. She doesn't work that night." Becky leaned over and kissed Rick on the lips, a slow, deep kiss that announced her willingness to re-engage. They did.

She picked them out immediately, leaning against the rail overlooking the shops below and peering down toward the crowd milling about. They'd decided to meet at Pier 39 for a drink. It seemed a safe way to Casey to check out her potential lovers without putting herself at risk should they prove to be other than advertised.

Becky was wearing form fitting jeans and a tight tank top. Her round bottom was made for jeans, Casey mused as she walked toward them. Her husband, whose name was Rich, if she remembered correctly, looked equally good in jeans. At just that moment, Becky peered over her shoulder and caught Casey's eye. The older woman nudged her husband with her elbow and then slowly turned, offering Casey a delightful view of gorgeous breasts that longed to be touched. Then Rich had turned, a stud if Casey had even seen one before, tanned and handsome in a rugged way. She felt their eyes surveying her body, a phenomenon with which she had lots of experience, though usually she wasn't wearing any clothes and the audience was almost always men. It stirred her juices to have a woman checking out her body, a woman who might some evening be licking her pussy. Becky stepped from the rail and extended her hand.

"You must be Casey." Their fingers touched and slid together in a delicate hand shake.

"And you must be Becky." Becky stepped to her side, the fingers giving up her hand suddenly sliding around her waist and the older woman turned to introduce her to Rich. Casey did not miss the firm breast touching the side of her bosom as she took Rich's hand.

"You'll pardon me for saying this is a pleasure I won't soon forget. You're a beautiful young woman." Casey smiled at his courtliness.

"If I read your ad correctly, its probably safe to say the pleasure will be mutual." Becky's hand drew her body closer as she spoke.

"No doubt, our intentions are clear. I'm glad you understand them so well." Casey lifted her arm and extended her hand around Becky's waist, returning her casual embrace.

"I'm suddenly feeling we should have met in a place more private." Her eyes moved down the length of Rich's body, pausing at the bulge protruding from the front of his loins.

"We don't live too far from here, if you'd care to stop by." Becky's thigh was warm against hers and that breast touching her own couldn't be ignored.

"Let's be on our way then. We can make more thorough introductions there."

"That's a wonderful idea my dear."

There home in the Presidio announced they had money, big money. Casey thought this new arrangement might have some benefits she hadn't expected. A number of men visiting the theatre had offered arrangements that would have made work unnecessary but they'd always lacked an essential ingredient. None of those men were offering to make it a threesome with another beautiful woman joining them in bed. She wondered whether Becky and Rich might fancy such an arrangement. She was ready for a slightly more sedate life than what working in the sex trade offered.

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