tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLapdancing Girlfriend Ch. 05

Lapdancing Girlfriend Ch. 05


Author's Note: It is recommended to read the previous chapters of this story if you have not done so already to better understand the storyline and characters...

This chapter sort of got 'out of hand' in that I never intended it to be so long; however, I did not want to break it up as it fits my own personal timeline/agenda to have the entire week be one chapter. For those not liking the length, I have separated each day with ***** so you can stop and come back at your own reading leisure


The alarm blaring next to the bed—a loud 'beep-buzzing' which filled the room—woke Jen up with a start. She pulled her pillow over her head, mentally berating Dan for having set it so loud. He usually set the volume much quieter so as not to wake her, the mere clicking of the alarm before going off enough to wake him. Even when she had not worked the night before he let her sleep in, so her body was used to late mornings.

Then her new reality crashed down upon her consciousness as she realized Dan was not here—she was alone, and the alarm volume was set by her last night when she went to bed.

She looked at the time as she turned off the annoying beep-buzzing, the green lettering reading 7:16 A.M. Her mind rebelled against getting up so early, but she knew she had to get some breakfast and coffee into her before her limo came to take her to the airport.

Her mind still foggy from sleep, the thought suddenly brought her more awake—her limo. She was a Divine Silk Attractions Spokesmodel; in other words, a stripper and a porn actress for hire. The first thought did not bother her, as she had been stripping for years and she honestly enjoyed it; it was the second part of her new role she was being forced into which cleared the sleep from her body.

Although she grudgingly accepted the fact she had not willingly made any porn movies, Mr. DeWight—her boss and her fiancé's childhood rival—had secretly recorded her dancing naked, being felt up by construction workers, and even her sucking off one of her co-workers—which he had also manipulated her into doing. The recordings were proof enough of her new reality, the evidence posted on the DSA website for all who paid to see. It did not matter if she had been aware of being recorded or not, the availability of the videos and her reactions within them was proof enough of her new world—that of an up-and-coming porn star.

Her slippery decent had begun when she had been drugged, seduced, conned, and ultimately coerced into signing a contract with Divine Silk Attractions—the company which had bought the club she danced in. It was a legal document, ultimately giving Mr. DeWight and the company he owned full rights to her body and how it would be used and marketed.

Then the happenings of the past weekend rushed into her memory. It was like a dream, a slideshow of events, as she recalled being visited by a cop she found out to be an FBI Agent, Patrick Geiger. He had convinced both her and Dan to become informants, infiltrating DSA and reporting to the FBI on anything they could find on Mr. DeWight.

Being civilians and having no FBI training, it had been questionable if she could 'act' the part of a newly-discovered porn actress; however, Jen really had no choice—it would happen whether she helped the FBI or not per her contract. As her and Dan had learned, it was not unusual for Mr. DeWight to bribe or even force women into performing sexual acts, so Jen's future was inevitable. Even so, Agent Geiger's superiors had questioned Jen's acceptance into the role and her ability to 'blend in' and work for the FBI without being compromised.

Jen knew the contract she had signed was legally binding, and the threat of repercussions for breaking the contract would cost more than ten years' of salary between her and Dan. Knowing what they did of Mr. DeWight, he could bankrupt them forever if she broke from the contract.

Her stupidity in allowing herself to sign the contract had shattered all her resolve, placing her in a severely depressed state where she decided to allow whatever happened to her to happen, giving in to her fate as a porn star. The offer by the FBI seemed to be the only way out—a light at the end of the tunnel if the FBI could put Mr. DeWight away forever in prison.

It was pure irony the one thing she was being forced to do would end up being the only way she could get out of it.

As such, committed to her Fate, she had agreed to have sex with Agent Geiger in front of Dan, her beloved fiancé, proving she would accept her role and not betray the confidence instilled upon her. If she 'blended in' as an agreeable porn actress, it gave her the freedom to spy out DSA and possibly find incriminating evidence against her boss and the company.

The biggest snag to the plan was Mr. DeWight knowing Dan. They had grown up together, their families even going on vacations together. But even though their families may have been close, the two boys had never gotten along from Dan's perspective. Mr. DeWight had made Dan's life miserable. After Dan had graduated from college and moved away, thinking he was truly free of Mr. DeWight's torment, it was a sick twist of fate to once again be faced with his childhood rival once—as his fiancée's boss!

Mr. DeWight had been thrilled at meeting up with Dan again—even offering him a job. He did not know Jen and Dan knew each other, let alone the fact they were engaged, and they decided to keep it from him in the hopes Mr. DeWight would not use her to get at Dan.

If both of them were to pull this off, Dan had to act completely complacent if confronted with Jen acting out her role as a porn actress and possibly having sex in front of him. The FBI knew this, and they knew of Dan's past relationship with Mr. DeWight, so they were skeptical of them being viable informants. As such, being fucked by Agent Geiger in front of Dan had been as much a test of his resolve as hers.

Jen was mortified to discover her body had enjoyed its use.

The only way to mentally cope with what had happened was for her to accept she enjoyed sex, but was in love with Dan. With him she made love, while her role as a porn actress would be nothing but fucking, a physical act. It was nothing as beautiful and caring as what occurred between her and Dan.

Finally awake, she got out of bed, although her mind continued to flash back to the day before where she and Dan had visited an abandoned warehouse the FBI set up as their temporary headquarters in the city, used towards putting Mr. DeWight in prison once and for all. The city and site had been chosen because DeWight had recently purchased two clubs in town—the first clubs he had bought in years—so they expected him to be around town more in order to get the clubs in order.

As her mind wandered, Jen sat down at her vanity and brushed her hair, mentally listing all the things Mr. DeWight was wanted for by the FBI—racketeering, embezzlement, organized crime, tax evasion, rape, sexual and physical abuse, slavery, and even murder.

They had visited the FBI safe house for her and Dan to meet the rest of the team assigned to the case, as well as brief them on the types of evidence the FBI was looking for. They also were provided with surveillance gear to facilitate acquiring any evidence of Mr. DeWight's crimes. Jen's equipment had been disguised as jewelry, containing highly technical recording and camera equipment. To Jen, it all seemed very 'James Bondish.'

Brushing her hair, she mentally shook her head in disbelief recalling how she had agreed to have a space-aged tattoo placed on her which could vibrate under her skin like a cell phone. It could be used to warn her of danger or provide a silent means of communication between her and the FBI agents without anybody knowing.

Jen had always wanted a tattoo, but spending money on one was frivolous when her and Dan were trying to save up for their wedding and her schooling, so when one of the FBI agents—Nick—had asked what design she wanted, she had already known.

Thinking of the tattoo she lifted her arm, twisting her torso in front of her mirror to see the black Chinese lettering down the back of her ribs spelling her stripper name, 'Diamond.' There was only slight reddening around the letters, and she tenderly touched it, surprised it was not painful. It had been serendipity to be asked to get the tattoo, although she had never dreamed technology could cause one to vibrate from a remote trigger.

Then her mind flashed back to what else happened at the FBI safe house. It was as if her mind was purposely keeping events in her subconscious, slowly easing her into what had happened.

"Oh God," she whispered, recalling the young FBI agent who had given her the tattoo, and how he had fondled her on the table, ultimately getting bold enough to fingered her, bringing her to orgasm in the room while Dan had stood right beside her completely unaware!

The flood of images continued as she recalled the events afterwards, of her sensual stripping routine in front of the agents and then letting the branch chief of the team fuck her.

Dancing for the agents had been her idea, and it seemed logical at the time. Nick—the computer geek and agent who had given her the tattoo and fingered her to orgasm—needed to test and calibrate the surveillance equipment jewelry she was wearing in a mock strip club environment. As she would be moving all over the stage and pole, it made sense the sound and video needed to be adjusted not only from her movements, but also the surrounding noise of a club.

As the slideshow of events filled her head, it was not the stripping—which she had done for years—bothering her. No, what her memory had released in a sudden flash of images was what had happened afterwards—of her sucking off the branch chief of the group, Agent Vogel, and then allowing him to fuck her in his office.

What the hell had she done? She was engaged for Christ's sake, and had acted like a slut letting a stranger fuck her.

At the time she had been thinking of being forced into her current porn actress role, so had let things happen in order to prove to the chief she would not betray her 'cover' and accept her new role. She knew she needed to accept her Fate, so conceding to being fucked by the FBI agent was more like a controlled situation—one where she knew she was physically safe—in order to prepare her for what may eventually happen as Mr. DeWight ordered her around.

Add to those reasons was the circumstances of her body already primed by the finger fucking she had received getting the tattoo, so having sex in a strange twisted cause of events had not been an issue.

But that was last night and she now was having day-after remorse.

What had she been thinking, she once again thought, letting the fat, overweight man have his way with her?

She was not shocked because a law enforcement officer had taken advantage of her—again, she had been stripping for years and knew what kind of pigs men were, whether they were normal customers or wore a badge. No, what frightened her was not somebody in as elevated a position as an FBI agent would be depraved enough to fuck an informant, but at her own body's response. As with her sex with Agent Geiger the prior evening, Jen gruesomely admitted she had enjoyed Vogel's use of her body. She had actually orgasmed repeatedly as he fucked her, her own body betraying her while the obese, sweaty man used her.

What the Hell had she been thinking? And what would Dan say?

Thinking of her fiancé, Jen looked around the room, taking note of the blatant absence of Dan and his things. The agents had removed everything of his out of the house in case Mr. DeWight came over, to hide her and Dan's relationship. As her address was known to everybody at the strip club and DSA, it was Dan who had to be relocated, remembering Agent Geiger telling her last night they had set up a place for him to live, with records proving he had stayed there for years—all in case Mr. DeWight investigated his background.

In the back of her mind she wondered if this separation would end up being permanent, Dan leaving her due to her predicament and not wanting anything to do with a woman who had signed a contract to fuck strangers for money. He was sympathetic now, but how could any man faced with the fact of his woman fucking other people for money want to be with her?

A loud buzzing caught her attention and she dug into the bundle of clothes she had worn last night and thrown in the corner, finding the strange cell phone Agent Geiger and Nick had given to her.

Answering, she almost burst into tears hearing Dan's voice.

"Heya Baby, I wanted to call and make sure you were up, and to tell you I love you. I'll bet anything you are sitting there thinking all sorts of morbid thoughts about what you're getting yourself into and me leaving you, so quit that shit right now," his voice said over the phone.

Jen burst into tears as she laughed at the same time, telling him that was exactly what she had been thinking.

She stared at her naked self in the mirror, her mind in turmoil at how her life had reached rock bottom, but Dan's voice was reassuring, a lifeline pulling her out of a depression she had been falling hopelessly into.

"See, this is what it means to be a couple, to be supportive, even at the worst of times. I know you may have to do some things that would cause most relationships to crumble, but I love you, and nothing will change that. If we can put that asshole away once and for all, we can put this behind us and get on with our lives. Just keep your mind on that, and know I will always love you," his voice said to her, easing her heart and dark thoughts.

They talked a bit more, mostly Dan reassuring her, until they reluctantly hung up. Dan had to go to work—a job he would be quitting to infiltrate Mr. DeWight's organization—and Jen needed to get ready for her trip.

As she set the phone down, the morning sun shining through the bedroom window caught her belly piercing, the bright sparkle drawing her attention to her flat stomach.

She looked at her naked body in the mirror, her 36D breasts jutting from her chest as if floating in space. Their firmness caused many to think she had implants, being perky even without wearing a bra; however, she was proud to correct them and let them know they were 100% natural. She attributed their resilience and toning of her body to dancing, which she did even on nights off, her own daily work-out keeping her entire body firm.

Her eyes moved down her slim waist, admiring her smooth skin, her gaze drawn down the slanted lines of her hips to her smooth crotch, having shaved last night in the shower.

Suddenly her eyes were drawn back to the navel ring, remembering what it really was—a high tech camera. Her heart skipped a beat realizing Nick or who knew what other agent, was seeing exactly what she was seeing in the mirror—her naked body, her hands moving over her ribs!

Although being a stripper had conditioned her to men seeing her naked, she was in her own home, having her own private thoughts, so the sudden awareness of being viewed felt like an invasion to her privacy. Turning around, she quickly went and put on a robe—the same one she had worn in front of Agent Geiger she realized—the material covering her 'belly cam' as it had been nicknamed.

Jen knew it was probably a disappointment for whoever was watching, but...

Suddenly she jerked, the sensation of three sharp vibrations coming from her tattoo like a weak electrical current. Laughing at some agents' frustration, she spoke to the empty room, "Live with it boys," knowing they could hear. She knew they could still see everything, having placed hidden cameras and recording bugs throughout the house, but it was a small victory for her to at least cover herself up from their prying eyes.

Again, it was all in case Mr. DeWight or somebody visited, in the hopes of them saying or doing something incriminating. Shuddering again at the thought of some of the heinous acts her boss was wanted for, she tied the sash more tightly over her waist.

Looking back in the mirror, Jen once again admired her body, outlined by the short white robe. The silken material barely extended past her ass and crotch, the thin cloth wrapped tightly across her erect nipples, hard and rigid from the morning air, as she looked at her smooth toned and tanned legs.

Seeing the time, she turned and grabbed her overnight bag before remembering the voicemail message Mr. DeWight had made last night going over her flight arrangements, as well as telling her the driver would be bringing her something to wear for the trip. As such, she did not need to pack. Mr. DeWight had told her anything and everything she would need would be provided on her trip.

That being said, she was a woman and still needed make-up and such, so quickly put together a small carry-on bag containing her toothbrush and other essentials, as well as the additional surveillance equipment given to her last night.

Once finished, she went downstairs to make coffee and get something to eat. Jen did not know what type of outfit Mr. DeWight would be sending, so she did not put on any underwear, instead waiting to see what the clothes would be before choosing what she would wear under it. Besides, after stripping for so many years, she was comfortable being naked—especially around the house.

All she knew for certain was whatever Mr. DeWight sent would undoubtedly be revealing—her boss would not shy away from flaunting her body in public as some sort of sick advertisement, as well as his passive aggressiveness to prove his dominance over her.

Although comfortable with her body and not too worried about her wardrobe being pre-ordained, even if it were by some pervert, she would still be in public, not in the setting of the club. As such, she had some reservation on what to expect, but reasoned whatever Mr. DeWight sent still had to be legal for her to walk around in public at the airports.

Another part of felt a thrill to show off her body, as she enjoyed the attention. It was one of the reasons she stripped, so the fact she would be having to dress sexy was no different than if she were out working.

Sipping her coffee, her mind once again filled with thoughts of the past week, pouring through everything that happened, particularly the contract. Going over everything she had read in her mind, she once again came to the conclusion complying with the contract and working with the FBI would be the best way to get out of it.

Her mind lost in thought, she still noticed the quiet of the house, once again missing Dan even though he had only been gone for a day. Although he was an early bird riser, he often worked from home until she woke up so they could spend the morning in each other's company before leaving for work together, so being alone in the house was rare. In fact, she had not been this alone since Dan had gone to college.

Thinking back to that time in her life, she placed much of the blame on everything happening to her now and her own issues when she had been alone. It h ad been a bad time for her mentally, testing out drugs, depressed, having severe mood swings, even sleeping around on one night stands. As usual when she thought about that time, she thought about the time she had gone out with one of the short order cooks she worked with—Todd—who had set her up for a threesome with one of his friends without her knowledge.

Everything had spiraled out of control after that, until she had finally sought counseling and discovered from her therapist how most of her control issues—including her hyper-sexuality—were related to border-line bipolar disorder. She had taken medication to stabilize herself, but eventually had been weaned off them, ever since getting back with Dan.

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